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on June 29, 2014
I have a 2 bedroom apartment in the very dust SW. Did I say VERY dusty? I use this brush to dust everything. I never thought I would get so excited over a vacuum accessory or any other cleaning accessory, but with this brush I can clean faster and more completely. The way the soft bristles are angled it will slide in to tight places, fit around corners and angles, and almost everywhere. I dust furniture, doors, baseboards, books in bookcases, shelves, TVs, stove, refrigerator, counters, virtually everything in my apartment.

I've found by dusting exclusively with the Dyson vacuum instead of traditional rags and cleaning fluids my apartment collects very little dust between cleanings. I still occasionally go over surfaces with an appropriate cleaning product.

The brush is big enough to make quick work of large surface areas, but small and flat enough to slip into tight areas. The bristles are fairly soft.The brush reduces the suction enough that you can safely dust around light items or over them without sucking them up.

You can dust in half the time with this brush and do a better job or dust VERY thoroughly in the same amount of time.
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on November 8, 2013
I was very very skeptical at first, but it works. I have wood blinds, but they collect dust daily. I used to have to use a damp cloth or wand to clean them. This little brush saved me so much time. I clean blinds in a quarter of the time I used to. I hook this up to my DC50 and it cleans fairly well. Its imperative to make sure the bristles swipe the dust and you apply enough pressure, if not nothing will be sucked up. The suction is also based on the vacuum you have. My DC50 is smaller and better for small areas, but you may have better suction on the larger model Dyson vacuums.

I have been able to brush pictures, blinds, wood and metal surface, etc. It works on almost everything, leaving me my old cleaning supplies for touch up. I only paid $19.00 with Prime for this and I feel at that price it was well worth the investment. I wouldn't recommend paying anything more than that because the construction is plastic. Also, the bristles can bend easy. Store it there brush where nothing will lean against it. My bristle are bent from items leaning against the bristles over time. It is fine for dusting though and shouldn't get damaged during those times.

Overall, a great time saving product that works. It took me a few times to try it out and get used to it, see how it works. Many may claim it does nothing, but give it a few tries and see how much pressure you need to apply, and how many times you might have to swipe over the same surface.
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on July 16, 2012
This is an absolute must-have item for anyone who uses their Dyson, either upright or canister, for dusting around the house.

The unit is made in clear plastic, but does not feel cheap or flimsy. As mentioned by others, it has angled brush bristles at the perimeter with a flat area at the center lined with a plush anti-lint brush type material. First off, the attachment works like a charm for general dusting. I use it to dust furniture, lamps, shades and blinds, hanging pictures and electronics like computer keyboards, even dusting my stereo equipment as well. It works extremely well by not just pushing the dust around but by actually sucking it up.

One of our bedrooms is constantly dusty so in the past we dust 1 to 2 times a week with Swiffer type dusters. What a difference with the Dyson tool. Using the Swiffer, I see we weren't actually picking up the dust but just putting it back into the air, where it would eventually settle back on everything. Not with Dyson. The tool pulls the dust in and it's gone - deposited in the dirt container on the vacuum. We're actually dusting less because the Dyson tool is helping to remove the dust, not pushing it around and sending it airborne. If you have anyone in the family with dust allergies, this tool is a godsend.

I was hesitant ordering given some of the negative reviews. Now having the item, I can honestly say the negative reviews are unduly harsh. This is a great tool and worth the money. You won't regret it.
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on June 24, 2007
I love the brush, it fit everywhere i tried to put it, it sucked up the dust from the TV display, the computer keyboard, the pleated lampshade, the flat smooth lampshade, the answering machine, the guitar headstocks, under the guitar strings, dust from speaker covers, and anything else i took on. It was able to pick up well without forming suction, even from a small distance. I am really happy with my Dyson experience.

I am frustrated with the lack of written instructions with any of these products (i got two other tools and am waiting for a third to be delivered). One of the things i like to find in instructions is how to take care of the item, and do's and don'ts. That is lacking. But I'm very very satisfied with the dust brush.

Someone said it was about a foot long. The one i have is under 8 inches from one end of the brush tips to the other. I love the size, not too big, not too small. But i think it is the same brush, it's called "Soft Dusting Brush" for all models of vacuum cleaner.

A big (passionate) ditto to the person who complimented Dyson on the plastic packaging that doesn't require a major ordeal and special cutting tools to free the item, like most things i buy. I have no clue why companies do that. I find it to be quite dangerous and risky. Thank you Dyson. The other tools i bought have this same advantage. After reading reviews here, i was afraid to get the Dyson Mini Turbine tool, so, on advice from some reviewers, i got the Eureka Power Paw--it works very well. I just want to mention that it has the same kind of easy to open (and reuse) plastic container as Dyson. THANK YOU

In summary, i love the size of the brush, the texture of it, the effectiveness of it--i have no complaints other than lack of any information about how to care for it. Obviously not a big deal with this particular tool though.
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on April 15, 2011
I was rather skeptical buying this product at first. I mean seriously, can anything be faster and easier than just plain old dust cloth or microfiber cloths? Turns out the answer depends on what you are using it for. I found the dusting brush quite useful to clean up furniture, desks, blinds, window sills and any other flat surface around the apartment. Furthermore, I recently moved to another apartment in NYC and although everything was pad wrapped or boxed, lot of my stuff had dust and dirt on it. After starting with a dust cloth and with one swipe getting smear of black dirt on it, not to mention a bout of coughing fit from dust rising from the cabinet I was trying to clean, I went and fetched my handy Dyson DC-25, attached the brush and viola in less than a minute my entire cabinet was clean. And a short time later I had gone around and dusted all the furniture and the rest of the apartment, including all the empty kitchen cabinets etc (which made it easier to unpack and put in all the items). It was faster than using the dust cloth, my hands did not get dirty and I saved time not having to launder a whole stack of dust cloths. I obviously still use the Dyson brush for dusting frequently and it works great for flat surfaces; it gets pretty dusty in NYC. I also find it easy to dust all my books. What it is not great for is obviously stuff like lamps, vases, antiques, art work and crowded spaces (like inside my entertainment cabinet where space around electronics is limited) which I find easier, faster to dust with a cloth. I also do not use it on screens of plasma, LCD TV or my multiple computer monitor screens; but it does work great around my work desk and to clean the multiple monitor stand and the back of the monitors, computers etc (just not the screens). The final question is- does one absolutely need this? Well - no, not absolutely; it is not like the flat out tool or the crevice tool which are must haves unless one wants to get on hands and knees and try various body contortions to reach those awkward hard to reach spots. Am I glad I bought the dusting brush? Absolutely. I like it, find it quite useful in my cleaning chores and happy with my purchase.
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on August 1, 2013
I have blinds on every window and louvreed doors throughout the house. They are a pain to dust, but this dyson tool makes the job go faster. It cleans large surfaces without throwing the dust in the air. This soft duster isn't much help with knickknacks because of the parallel rows of short bristles. Best get the more conventional round dusting tool with longer bristles for that. I shorten the wand and use a flex hose extender for this tool. The shorter hose and longer wand just didn't seem to work well together with the dusting tools.
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What a difference this tool makes and it works for things that weren't getting attention before. It's not for everything, but is better than anything for these. Because of its long shape the tool doesn't get into some small areas and I thought the soft bristles wouldn't be all that helpful, but didn't count on the soft lint removal pad inside the bristles which adds to the tool's effectiveness and makes it gentler against various surfaces.

This tool is perfect for lamp shades, better and gentler than anything I've tried. I have some silk shades that I want treated gently and one that is pleated and nothing has cleaned that properly before. That shade and a couple of others I have are very old and delicate so I've just been using a wool duster, but the improvement with this tool was immediately visible. Same with artificial flower arrangements. Most vacuum attachments are too harsh for those and are better at ruining them than cleaning them. The dust had really stacked up on mine, more than I realized and now they look nicely refreshed. This tool's soft bristles and suction holes just in the front and rear offer cleaning power that doesn't harm the soft flower petals.

This is the ideal tool for computer keyboards, too, and other equipment in my office, brushing the surfaces clean without missing spots or pressing buttons I don't want pressed. I've cleaned the surfaces and frames of hanging pictures without disturbing them and cleaned my curtains and valances.

Having those things clean is great and worth the tool's price, but that's not the best part. I was mostly using those disposable fluffy fiber wands for dusting surfaces or the wool duster and got more and more frustrated that I had to repeat that activity so often and it never seemed to stay clean. After dusting those same surfaces with this tool on my vacuum, they are still perfectly dust free after four days and counting. So I wasn't really removing the dust with those other methods, just stirring it up into the air. Now I'm really getting rid of it.

The tool is great for chair rails, baseboards, wicker things and other basket woven surfaces. It's ideal for dusting books in the bookcase and in fact any surfaces that have intricate carving or cutouts or just an uneven surface with lips or crannies that gather dust--think the front of dressers or even cabinet doors. It's easy to swipe this tool over large surfaces like a panel door where dust collects only is certain areas. I also have an antique hand mirror on my dresser that has an intricate metal worked design on the back. Nothing has been able to clean that properly before I got this great tool.

Now, all that said, I found it wasn't ideal for completely cleaning the top of a chest that rarely gets attention and has a serious dust built up. It helped, but I will still have to polish it with a cloth and dust remover spray. It wasn't as good at getting around and between items as a smaller tool, so I had to pick the items up to dust the surface, but I suppose I should have been doing that anyway. At least I'm not just pushing the dust around. The tool works best for me attached to the hose of my DC25, but will also fit on my Dyson handheld unit.

I consider this tool well worth the money and am only sorry I didn't buy it sooner. Highly recommended.
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on August 4, 2017
After I ordered an adapter I love this. I use this on my blinds, behind things. I have a very old Dyson so I needed the adaptor. It seems very quality well made and should last a long time.
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on October 21, 2013
I bought the soft dusting brush because I thought it would be helpful with my wooden blinds and dusting the stereo/home entertainment components. What I found it doesn't do either of these particularly well.

My feather duster does as good a job on the blinds and is considerably faster. Although I agree this won't capture as much dust as the brush would, I'm not sure the extra effort is worth the small amount of difference.

Also, the hose attaches at an angle that makes it jut upward, so the duster doesn't fit well in locations without a lot of overhead clearance. The electronic components I wanted to use it for are in a cabinet and there isn't enough height to reach the tool all the way to the back so I end up having to use a dust cloth anyway.

Even on hard, flat surfaces where the tool should be at its most effective, it does not dust as well as Endust and a clean cloth. I don't see how this tool is the best solution for anything except perhaps light dusting of fragile items like lampshades.

You might also want to read a review I wrote of the Dyson DC41 Animal which includes some discussion of the limits I found with using any of its hose attachments. I won't repeat everything I said there, but will mention that the vacuum is very limited in the tools you can carry onboard and if you want to carry this one you will have to leave behind the combination tool, which seems far more useful to me.

I'm tempted to just return it but probably won't because it's not so expensive it's worth the hassle.
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on February 15, 2014
It is great for day-to-day dusting. Works better than I thought it would. The brush is not too stiff nor too soft. I've used it to clean the screen on the TV, but I do so lightly because I'm a little afraid it might scratch the glass - though I've never scratched it. Also pretty good for vacuuming the dog during shedding season. Just have to clean it really well afterward.
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