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on July 22, 2013
I've had the Dyson pedestal fan for about 5 days now.

[1] Unique design -- no reluctance to keep it out in the open.
[2] Relatively quiet. On maximum, it definitely makes a bit of a "roar", but not really noticeable except in a completely quiet room (with the TV or music or conversation going, it's not a problem).
[3] Moves a good amount of air around the room.
[4] Because it sucks air in from the base, where the air is theoretically cooler, it's a great way to distribute all that cold AC that's hovering above the floor.

[1] You'd never know the silver plastic isn't real matte aluminum -- until you touch it. For this kind of price, I think there should be some real aluminum on it.
[2] It's a little wobbly when you move it. It's well made....but, again, for the price, I'd expect it to be just a bit more rock-solid.
[3] The remote should really be RF at this price. Alternatively, the IR receiver should be mounted toward the top of the fan, as opposed to 1" from the ground, where's it's not always easy to aim.

Anyway, love the fan. And I'm not complaining about it's price -- I purchased it with my eyes open, knowing full-well Dyson (like Apple) charges a significant premium for awesome, unique design. But unlike Apple products, which generally feel as premium as they look, Dyson comes up just a little bit short. A little disappointing, but not so much to make me regret the purchase.
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on July 15, 2013
This is a good fan. And that is all it is. It looks fancy and high-tech. But, it is just a fan. It works great, and cools the room. Thus, the 5 stars. However a standard fan would do the same. Like a standard fan, this blows air from the room, tilts up and down, and can be used either stationary, or with the "head" moving side to side. You can also adjust the height up and down. Here are some reasons it might be better than a standard fan for some people:


-No blades, so no chance of hurt little fingers that poke through the cage.
-No cage, so no rattling as the fan gets older.
-Even, steady noise. This fan produces a nice even noise that is good for people who have a hard time sleeping with rhythmic or random noise. Somewhat like a white noise machine.


-It is quite loud at it's highest setting.
-Draws air in at the base so you can't put this fan in front of a window and "pull" cool air in from outside.
-It's not really "blameless," as there are fans inside the base. You just can't get to them w/o taking the thing apart.

For me, the pros do NOT outweigh the cons, especially at this price. We have side opening windows, that open outwards with a crank. So I was looking for something like a window or portable air conditioner, since window and portable air conditioners require sliding windows. This is not it.

I wish I had just purchased a regular fan.
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on October 10, 2016
I wanted to purchase this fan at a lower cost Just in case I didn't like it. I got a refurbished 1 for under $300. I received it today and I've had it running for a few hours. It works Great (so far) & there were a few minor (2 be expected)scratches, but nothing I can't live with. I absolutely LOVE this fan & plan on getting another 1 only New this time for another room. It isn't too loud IMO and I Def feel the breeze from it. I will update if anything changes, but I Totally recommend this Fan & it looks SO Nice!
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on August 7, 2011
I bought this fan on a bit of a whim. I live in San Francisco so it never gets incredibly hot but a fan is a welcome addition when we do have warmer days. So far this fan has performed better than I expected. The fan is definitely expensive but is easy to see where your money went. The unboxing reminded me of buying a Mac computer. It was elegantly packaged, concise and easy to understand. Putting the unit together took less than 5 minutes and has great fit and finish (like you would expect from a $300 fan).
It has a nice industrial feel with the plastic and aluminum housing. The weight is light enough to be portable but also sturdy enough to hold the fan in place on max speed. The fan has many speed settings and can be set easily by the remote or the actual base. As far as noise on normal settings its relatively quiet, but if you do turn it all the way up the swoosh of the air is audible. To give you an idea if I turn the fan to max and stand about 10-12 feet away it generates around 8-9db of white noise (my flat with windows open is at 51db and the fan at full was 59).
So one question might be can you tell a difference with this choppy air claim, and to be honest I really can't. It may feel a bit softer but that could be placebo. It will generate a good amount of air though.
The fan itself is easy to adjust, less obtrusive than a traditional fan and unless you step in front of the air flow path you wouldn't even know its on. I personally like the fact that when in operation only a circle around the power button faintly glows blue.
If you like minimalist, don't want your view blocked, or enjoy "mac" style engineering this probably is a safe bet for you.
Just as an FYI the power cord termination has a fuse built in so it might be wise to get a spare or at least be aware of it if your fan stops working.
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on September 10, 2012
Arrived on time. Very well packaged. Assembled quickly and easily, although reading the instructions more thoroughly is advised. Do NOT remove blue tape until totally assembled. Fan works well with 2 caveats. First, magnet for remote is on very top only and remote must be curved-side down or remote will slide onto floor. Second, fan is very tall, even without extending it. It won't sit on a table, etc.
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on May 17, 2013
The price of these things was intimidating, but this "fan" is great. Well worth it. Quiet, steady stream of air, smooth oscillation, and much more effective than the tower fan we had in that spot. Amazing piece of hardware, and very easily assembled. I mean very.
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I live in the mountains, so the temperatures aren't high enough to justify air conditioner in the house. Last summer I purchased 2 units. One for my bedroom, for my side of the bed to be exact, and another one that stays by my arm chair. Love it! Easy to clean, quiet and the remote control is little and doesn't take much space on my side table. Thanks to Dyson fans my summers will be a breeze!
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on November 6, 2011
I had a great floor fan with remote for several years and was very happy with it, but, alas, it died. I purchased this Dyson, because I have been pleased with their vacuum cleaners. And it is a technological marvel.

However, there are a few things perspective buyers should know: it is called an "Air Multiplier" not a "Fan" per se. The difference is there are no blades to move the air. Dyson says this "eliminates the "choppiness" from fan blades". The best way to describe the difference in air movement is with a regular fan you feel the air being "fanned" upon you, with the Dyson Air Multiplier you feel the air just blowing on you. Imagine the difference between someone "fanning" you with a leafy palm branch vs. just blowing air on you). I have come to realize that I prefer the "choppiness" of fan blades because the more the air is agitated
as it is augmented, the more your skin feels the air currents and the better for the evaporation of sweat and the disipation of heat. But that's just my opinion on the best cooling air movements. It is quieter at lower speeds, but noisy (like a jet engine whine) at top speeds. The remote is very small and has only three buttons, one for on/off; one for variable fan speeds (just up or down, no pre-set low, med, high); and one to oscillate. (My old fan's remote was larger and included a temperature gauge to tell you the room's temperature and it also had a light for night use). But the worst design flaw in this product is that the remote's receiving sensor is in the base of the unit(right down on the floor). So, because I have a rather high bed, I have to sit up in bed and aim the remote down towards the floof to adjust the speed or turn the unit on of off, etc. That really seems to me to be a glaring design flaw in a fan that costs over $350 dollars.
BOTTOM LINE: It's not a FAN, it's an "Air Multiplier", that blows on you instead of fanning you. I would
recommend waiting until they improve the design of the remote control.
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on July 19, 2013
As much as I love the aesthetic and how easily it can be clean and even the packaging was very cleverly throughout. the fan turned out to be very Fragile. The connecting part, the hinge, where it allows you to til up and down the round head, broke with 2 months from I first purchase.
The customer service was very efficient, since I have 2 years warranty, I was able to have the replacement part ship to me without extra cost. I'm looking forward to my "New" fan again and hopefully it will be break as easily this time.
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on February 15, 2013
I've had more than my fair share of fans. Some of the reviews I've read on Amazon and other websites were inaccurate when it comes to the noise level and quality of this fan. I do agree with the overall majority that this fan is overpriced, but I wanted one. In the dog days of winter, I assembled mine in less than 5 minutes and I didn't have to look at the instrucion manual. The plastic components do not feel cheap and horrible as stated in other reviews. It feels more expensive and weighs more than those cheap plastic 18 and 16 inch pedestal fans from Walmart. I have owned fans that were waaaaaaaaay louder than this one such as the following, (Lasko Air Director, Lasko 18 inch Pedestal Fan, any traditional high velocity fan, and any box fan ranging from vintage to today's garbage). I can tolerate a loud fan, just as long as it is blowing more than a weak, gentle breeze. This fan puts out as much air as a traditional 16 inch pedestal fan. I don't regret my purchase. I just wish it was available in white here in the US like over in the UK. I'm a person who has horrible allergies. For this reason, I don't see myself waiting for the holes located on the bottom of this thing to become filthy before cleaning it. Although the fan is child-friendly, I still wouldn't allow any child to play around it because it cost too much darn money to risk any type of freak accident. Irregardless of the fact the fan is indirectly bladeless, it is still an electrical appliance and should be treated as such. If you're one of those people who like things that are out of the ordinary, have bad allergies, hate having to clean fans and/or a person who can afford and does not mind spending the $$$ for a fan like this, go for it. Otherwise keep it moving, period.
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