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on November 26, 2010
Well I say all the time that I am going to divorce my husband and marry my iphone because I love it so much. When I do marry my iphone, I'm going to cheat on it with my Dyson! I love it just as much as my iphone!

I have been vacuuming for the last two hours with my new Animal. First, I had no idea my house was so dirty. Suction is fabulous! Picks up my 85 lb Lab's hair like a dream. Also, I live in Florida by the beach so sand is continuously being tracked into my house. I was shocked at how much sand was in the canister. I had no idea. Second, The ease of transferring between different floor types is a breeze. Third, transitioning to using the wand is also a snap. Fourth, emptying the canister is as easy as it touching the icky stuff. Fifth, the ball is a dream, I didn't realize how heavy my old vacuum was or how hard of a chore vacuuming was with my old vac until I used my Dyson. Sixth, This vacuum is easy to carry upstairs, When I tried lifting the other Dyson Animal (non-ball) it was too heavy. The ball is very manageable.

The only gripe I have is the use of the wand. While vacuuming the stairs it is difficult to achieve the right angle on the hose attachment because the wand itself is a solid rigid piece and seems too long to me. It's almost like you have to back away from whatever you are vacuuming to vacuum it comfortably. And when I pull on the wand/hose to move further up the stairs, I seem to pull the vacuum itself closer to me on the tile floor (needs a brake!). I wish the wand itself was more flexible and that would make it easier to achieve the right angle for suction.

I read all the reviews before I purchased. Some people mention the size of the canister...I don't see this as a problem with regular vacuuming. The first time I vacuumed with it, I emptied the canister 9 times for a 2200 square foot home. I guess that is a testament to how much more this vacuum picks up with it's awesome suction! My old vac obviously couldn't keep up!

The other complaint from other reviewers was the cord length. Personally I think that if the cord was any longer it would be a burden to keep off the floor and out of the way of the vacuum while I was vacuuming. With that said my house is an open floor plan with a combined living, dining, kitchen and den with no it's very easy to move between rooms.

All in all, if I had to spend the money all over again...I would buy this vacuum again, and again or at least until Dyson comes out with the next new improved version and then I'll buy that. It's not perfect but it's as good as it gets.
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on November 9, 2010
This review is for those who already own a Dyson and are looking to buy one as a gift or to replace an older model. For those who have never bought a Dyson.... stop reading and buy the DC25! Ok, for the rest of us.... I would like to compare the DC25 Animal to the DC07 (one of Dyson's earliest models). Our DC07 broke down... RIP old friend.

Good points on DC07:
- Cord length is awesome. I can vacuum the entire living room/dining area without changing outlets.
- Bucket size is bigger than the DC25 and is easier to empty. It is also easier to put back into the cleaner.
- Bigger motor. (Although the DC25 is supposed to be more efficient.)
- Quieter. This is because the DC25 has 2 motors (one for the main motor, and a separate one for the floor bristles). Turn the bristles off on the DC25 and they are about the same.

Good points on DC25:
- Much more efficient. I steam cleaned the carpet last week, then used the DC25.... OMG there was a ton of dog hair! I didn't even see it on the floor!
- Narrower. This is a benefit because you can go between chair legs (I couldn't before).
- The ball. Need I say more? The ball is awesome. You can turn on a dime. The form factor also allows you to go further under couches.
- The Animal has a cool vacuum attachment for the arm extention. Although they didn't include a spot to put it on the cleaner. :(
- Two additional filters that can be hand cleaned.
- You can turn off the bristles on the floor suction. There is a separate button.
- Lighter.

Bad points to DC25:
- The arm extention is clumsy. The DC07 wasn't great either, but the extention on the DC25 appears heavier and is much shorter in comparison.
- Cord length is too short.
- The bucket seems cheaply made and doesn't easily snap in when you put it back into the vacuum.
- The cool vacuum attachment doesn't have a place in the cleaner.
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on July 28, 2014
We've had this about three months now and we love it. It is a little heavier than our Electrolux, but sucks dirt out of the rugs with ease. I was impressed with all the dirt that came out of rugs that had been thoroughly vacuumed with the canister vac. After about four vacuuming episodes, the rugs no longer yield the fine dust and when raised, show no dirt underneath. It works well enough on bare floors, very well on oriental rugs. Although pricey, it should save many times its cost in wear to expensive rugs.
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on December 30, 2008
Very impressed with this vacuum so far. The first time we used it (having just vacuumed with our old vacuum a couple of days earlier) - we had to empty the canister three times.

I do have some minor gripes. It wasn't something I noticed prior to purchase - but unlike a lot of vacuums - the DC25 does NOT have a light on the front. It would definitely be useful in corners / under hard to move furniture. The hose attachments provided in the box are good - but none worked amazingly well on the stairs. The brush attachment wasn't stiff enough, and the other just didn't pickup all the animal hair - so I'm about to purchase the $20 stiff brush to see how that works. Lastly, the power cord could be a little longer.

As per another review, the hose design did take a minute to get used to - but is very space saving and to my surprise was long enough to do our stair case without dragging the vacuum half way up the stairs.

I'm still rating this vacuum as five stars because it does an excellent job of cleaning carpet, is easy to manoeuvre, and is a lot lighter and less noisy than my old vacuum.
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on May 14, 2014
We've had this vacuum since 2009 so we have lots of experience. It works well, although I wouldn't say it's way superior to other similar vacuums. The ball swivel head is outstanding. The ease of emptying the canister is very good. The filters can be changed readily (I recommend buying an extra set and then swapping them out since they have to be washed and then left to dry which takes a while. I don't think the construction is the best. We've had two breakages, all under warranty, Something you might want to consider is the location of a Dyson repair facility. The closest repair shop to us is 80 miles away, 160 RT. You have to drop it off and then pick it up later so that's 320 miles RT for two trips. The other option would be to ship it; not an easy thing to do even if you have the original box since it would have to be broken down.
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on March 21, 2017
Bought this Dyson in October and just purchased a plush pile large area rug. Impossible to vacuum forward. Directions for use are minimal and nothing related to adjustable height. Called Dyson and was told this model does not adjust and will not vacuum high pile carpeting, only newer models do, and I should have bought directly from Dyson, because they don't carry this model anymore. I hate it when I'm taken advantage of.
Needless to say, I'm totally dissapointed with my $500.00 vacuum and myself for believing all the hype.
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on May 31, 2011
After reading many reviews (including Consumer Reports) and trying this model in a store, decided to purchase. We have 3 cats and were going through a fresh vacuum bag every other week (and at $5 a pop it was adding up). The DC25 handles very well once you get used to it. You can push/pull like a regular vacuum (sometimes I still do) but once you embrace the ball this thing really goes anywhere.

-easy to push/pull
-great job on pet hair (OMG watching the fur in the bin is funny)
-very good job cleaning (great suction with tools)
-neat little touches like the easy-to-remove hose/extension wand, removable roller and easy assembly

Lows (you've read these before and they are true):
-short cord (we have a small house so it's no big deal but it is noticeably shorter than our old vacuum's cord)
-small dirt bin (has to be emptied every time after vacuuming the house)
-could have come with more tools (I'm going to buy the dusting brush)
-the dust bin is easy to empty (but sometimes fur gets stuck "up" near the top so you have to use a wooden spoon to knock the clog loose)

I would recommend this for anyone that likes an easy-to-use vacuum!
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on October 23, 2010
Vacuum reviews are not very meaningful unless the reviewer has had some time to use it for awhile, rather than reviewing on the same day they use it for the first time. I have used my new DC25 Animal for a month now, hopefully I will be as happy with it in 5 years after the warranty expires as I am now. The good outweigh the bad for me (so far). Ultimately, a great vacuum is all about great suction, and this vacuum has it and does not lose it.

The Good:
-Suction. It passes my suction test. With the hose it can easily lift and hold a size 11 men's tennis shoe off the floor. It can also nearly suck the curtains completely off from the curtain rods if you're not careful.
-The ball. At first I thought this would be a gimmick. But it really does make vacuuming easier. It practically steers itself in all the hard to reach areas.
-5 year warranty. Enough said.
-Easy to remove canister.
-Easy to wash filters.
-Brush on/off switch (as long as vacuum is not locked upright - see the bad below).
-Brush extremely effective.
-Excellent carpet performance.
-Excellent bare floor performance.
-Feels relatively durable, despite being all plastic.
-Online product registration easy.
-Online support looks above average. Although hopefully I won't actually have to use it.
-Vacuuming is actually a bit more fun.

The bad:
-The price, even though Amazon had it for $100 less than everywhere else.
-Short cord. All the other reviews are right. I didn't think it would bug me, but it does.
-Canister a bit small.
-Brush automatically shuts off when vacuum is locked upright. That is not ideal for vacuuming carpeted stairs.
-The wand and hose can not be used unless you completely unwrap the cord from it.
-The hose can not detach unless you have the wand lifted completely out.
-Assembly and operating instructions are a bit confusing. No text, all vague pictures.
-Mini turbine head is weak. The majority of suction is used to spin its brush, leaving less suction to pick up dirt. The DC25 Animal was actually cheaper than the regular DC25, so no loss here.
-For the price, it really needs one of two more additional on-board attachments included besides the two little ones that are.
-Animal hair clings inside canister, does not empty from canister so easily without shaking rigorously or using hand to pull it out.

In short: I still love this vacuum despite all the improvements in could use.
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on December 10, 2010
I just purchased this vacuum. It's my second dyson. The first a small DC24 (all floor; light weight) has done a WONDERFUL job over the 4 years I've owned it. I have 2 persian cats and wanted the animal to help with cat hair on the posts and also being larger than the DC 24 I have, this house is much larger, something that can handle all my needs. I kept the DC24 for light jobs when we have a 2nd story house, etc. (we are military so we move a lot).

At this time the DC25 sucked up a full load of what the Hoover I bought just under 60days ago did not ( I took back the hoover). I was trying to be cheap and although I knew that the Dyson was better, I thought that the price savings would make up for any inferior vacuum the hoover would be. Well it did not make up for anything! The hoover is AWFUL and I took it back! Amazon has the BEST price on this vacuum which retails for $550+.. I paid $438 no tax, no shipping.
I could NOT be more pleased. There is NO comparison to the dyson. I know it's a lot to spend for a vacuum but it's worth every penny. Sucked up years of cat hair off the post. The hoover belt already smoked, bottom plate popped off ( I had the hoover windtunnel pet for under 60 days).

I missed the ball too with the hoover. My DC 24 has a ball and so does the DC25 Animal. With the ball, you can literally vacuum with ONE hand and the flick of your wrist!!!! SOOO easy it's Amazing. If you've never used a dyson w/ the ball, you are in for a MUCH better experience to vacuum! Flick your wrist it moves, push it and it's comparable to a self propelled lawn mower to a non self propelled mower (all non ball vacuums; non dysons)! It moves SO easily! It sucks VERY well, yet does not mess up the new carpet in our house! The hoover tears up the carpet, and I have several clear plastic strings coming up from the hoover being too rough. Yet, the dyson gets more dust, dander, and lint/hair than the hoover did, it's much easier on the carpet. Glides along vs tugging. The chord is long enough.

Overall, quality is just "it" .. you do get what you pay for.. shop around, will always have the best price. Even if you do not have a pet the "animal" has features that might be useful to you vs the all floors: it includes a MUCH better accessory with it's own brush roll, attachments, and what I feel is a better overall vacuum

I noticed another positive for dyson: both this DC25 and my DC24: nothing can touch the bare floor quality, it goes from my rugs on the kitchen floor to the vinyl to ceramic with EASE. The hoover I had to lift up and manipulate to get it over a rug, the dysons: NO problem! EASY to get from a rug, to bare to carpet... A neighbor borrowed my DC24 and she was AMAZED at the bare floor suction... dyson's are also lower and I can get RIGHT up to my baseboards under kitchen cabinets, no rubbing, etc...
My son gets asthma like symptoms and technically could be diagnosed with asthma; "allergy induced bronchitis" that sometimes requires nebs and inhalers as well during the spring. This vacuum is accepted by the allergy and asthma institute certified. He's not allergic to cats, however, this vacuum does cuts down on hair and allergy airborne particles that bother him. HIGHLY recommended!!
Heidi Weaver
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on May 26, 2017
Bought it almost 6 years ago and liked it while I had it, but the motor failed recently after only being used sporadically (we're not filthy--we just have a lovely cleaning lady who prefers her own vacuum) and we were told by the Dyson service center that it will cost over $250 to fix. That's an expensive vacuum to fail that relatively young and require that much money to fix, so buyer beware.
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