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on February 10, 2016
This is NOT a paid review. I paid real money for this thing.

I just can't stop updating this review, because I think this ONE flaw in the design is ludicrous. It's like they didn't even test it on pet hair longer than 3". See the pictures, but basically, over use, the hair gets pulled under the brush bars and under the spindle/post that holds the brush bars in place. This then gets so clogged up and hot that it MELTS the plastic and hair. This hair was packed in there in this picture from probably a month or two of use, but I've now experimented with just vacuuming my living room 3x over a week and there is already a burning smell/hair globbed under the spindle. Terrible design, and I'm not even an engineer... You can see t he gap below the spindle where the hair gets sucked in (there's got to be a better design).
Dyson called me back to offer more support (that's nice..), and basically there's nothing they can/will do about it. The vacuum is great for someone with dog hair that is shorter than 5" or hard wood or no pets at all.
I have recently been calling my house that smells like burning plastic/hair the "Freshly Vacuumed Dyson Smell". Sad.

I really want to like this vacuum, but I'm on the 3rd head Dyson sent me because, despite cleaning the brushing head every month or two, I kept getting a burning smell. I finally bought a Torx (non-security head) kit and took the freaking thing apart. I'm no engineer, but there's got to be a better design. See my pictures of the brushhead motor below. What would happen is dog/human hair would get wrapped around the brushes, but it also gets pushed deep in to the motor. You can see the Picture #1 with the brush heads off. Picture #2, I removed the "studs" that hold the brushes in place with a Torx T9 (here is where the hair clogs and [perhaps] slows the motor, but more importantly, melts the plastic and you get the burning smell. Picture #3 shows the open "gear/belt assembly" that turns the brushes (some hair even in here). Picture #4 is upclose of the cover of the gear/belt assembly. Hard to see, but notice the hole isn't perfectly circular, that's because the hair that was clogged in Picture #2 gets so clogged and hot it melts the plastic!! I hadn't used this vacuum in a couple days and I could smell the burned hair/plastic smell still.
I put it all together after cleaning that clog in Picture #2 and it's working again. I wouldn't expect any average user to disassemble this every couple of months, nor pay $50-$80 for a vacuum tech to do it. Really disappointed in this purchase. Maybe Dyson can run their tests at my house next time... (the rest of the pictures of from my original posts below. OK, done rants).

See below for my original review, but I've had to update it from 4 stars down to 2 (almost one, but I don't HATE it). Here is why (also see the last pic of the plugged up motor spinner):
I bought this to replace a DC25 orange ball I had. We have since added 2 Australian Shepherd dogs. I thought, "Dyson's best vacuum and called Animal, it must be awesome." It'd be awesome if you had hard floors and short haired dogs.
The suction IS awesome. But now, only 4 months in, I've got a burning smell and a cleaner bar that is really tight. Come to find out, you're supposed to remove 4 screws and the purple cleaner bars and clean the hair out of the black posts (there is a black bar in the middle of the cleaner bars that is part of the motor assembly and the main function for making them spin). "It says it right in the manual." - the Dyson Expert Support person told me, and "You'll have to take it to a service repair center and pay to have it cleaned out properly". Well, that's interesting, I didn't get a manual in my brand new box, I only got a quick start guide with cute little pictures (and which does not show you how to unscrew the entire cleaner bar head, only to remove the quick release outer perimeter piece and pull the hair off the cleaner bars - I even went through multiple times to make sure I didn't miss anything).
Needless to say, that is partially my fault for not cleaning out those bars. Not my fault is the poor design of this, and the fact that is is marketed as an Animal vacuum. Did they ever try vacuuming up pet hair on carpet before with this for more than a test or two in a lab environment on lab (probably new) carpeting? Should it last longer than 4 months without a cleaning? I've never had to disassemble my vacuum head this much before to clean it out every month, or ever for that matter, even the DC25 never had this issue (different design). The support rep told me to do this every month. I have tried pulling the hair, but most of it just tore and the real clog is internal to the black post motor section, see pic.
I am thoroughly disappointed with Dyson. I was also hoping this vacuum would solve my issue of pet hair in my carpets, and while it does do a pretty good job, there is still hair left in the carpet (thicker) after passing through once, even twice. For being their top model and listed as an Animal vacuum, it leaves a lot to be desired, in my case.

Dyson's support is good. This is not the first time they replaced the entire head though. I had this early on after 2 months of use, and they didn't tell me to do this extra step of removal. That new head lasted 4 months without my knowledge of deep cleaning it. Now, after 5 support calls, they are sending me another new head, and now I know to deep clean those posts...

My dog's hair is between 2"-7" in length and our carpet is pretty thick. I've used my $130 Bissell carpet cleaner ProHeat and it gets more hair out of the carpet than my Dyson does, but it could be because it uses water and the hair sticks to that.

I waited awhile to post this, so I could get used to it. A bit of back story: I had an orange ball DC25 before this for years, it worked well, but when we moved, we now have 3/4 of the house with carpet. We also added two Australian Shepherd dogs since then ("medium" shedders, one with long hair and the other with short hair, both with endless hairy undercoats). The DC25 was not cutting it anymore on the carpet. I dropped about $500+ on this top end Dyson at Kohls over Black Friday + $140 back in Kohls cash (best deal around) and sold the DC25 for $100. Of course, now I see they dropped their price to $559 on Amazon.
My complaint review (I don't know some of the official names of parts, so bear with me):

- With this much dog hair, it doesn't do a flawless job on carpet. In fact, for this price, I would hope it would do a perfect cleaning job, but it does do better than the DC25.
- The removable hose attachment is awkward. There is no handle to grip it when you pull it out, just the hose "tube" (the DC25 main handle came off with the hose for control). There is also a red button to slide it back in when you're done, which I always forget to depress (the DC25, you just had to slide it back in, no "stopper" button).
- There is no attachment holders on the vacuum besides a strange, "thin" hose attachment which doesn't even fit in the main hose opening! It comes with a nice carry bag, but I'm not carrying all the attachments around the house.. Again, the DC25 had 2 holders, so you could keep the step tool with the vacuum. Two would be nice for commonly used tools.
- On the motor head (which comes off easily and which Dyson has already sent me a replacement for due to a "burning" smell), there is a strange plastic piece in the middle (see pictures), which I assume gives the "spinner bar" some support. The problem is, it leaves an "unvacuumed" line in your vacuumed carpet, so I always go over it twice.
- Also, a lot of dog hair got stuck in a small hole above this plastic support (see picture) after 3 uses.
- The dirt canister drops dust on the ball when you pick it up (see picture), without even opening the bottom of the canister yet.
- May be a bit heavy and bulky for some (like my mom for instance)
- The canister is bigger, but the distance between the inner wall and the cyclone thing is smaller than the DC25, thus, when gobs of dog hair are in there, I have to pull it out each time, it doesn't just fall out when I empty it (or maybe it's just sucking up so much more than the other that it's denser).
- I wish they'd make a small tight-space nozzle to fit on just the flexible tube hose (not the straight stiff arm) so that you could clean in tight areas, like a car. Still impossible to get to some places with the 2-3' stiff arm on the hose.

- Quiet. Some people complained it was loud, but it's quieter than my DC25.
- Lots of different attachments.
- It's a Dyson, so the customer support is really good (sent a replacement complete head quickly)
- Suction is insanely good, which is really the best reason.

Pictures are of:
The motor head and plastic support
The stuck dog hair in a small hole above the support (after 3 uses)
The handle-less removable hose
My carpet post-Christmas tree droppings and one pass over it with the Dyson
Dusty big ball below the canister from removing canister
review imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview imagereview image
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on October 8, 2017
This is my second Dyson. My first Animal, which was most likely the first edition of this was purchased in 2003. It still works great. However, we moved into a new home with all new carpet and have 4 cats, so we wanted a new vacuum. I love a lot of things about this including the attachments and no filter. The ball action has taken me some time to get used to but that along with a slimmer head has allowed me to get into more spaces. What I DON'T love is how the vacuum releases to lay back and stand up. You really have to work to get it to stand up and lock. I am concerned that this may be an issue later on. This part may need to go back to the drawing board, but overall, I still recommend a Dyson over any vacuum. The really cool thing? I paid the EXACT SAME AMOUNT for this 2017 Dyson that I did for my 2003 Dyson. Way to go Dyson for keeping it reasonable.
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on May 20, 2016
I manage a housekeeping crew at a small quaint resort with a restaurant,mnine beautiful cabins and eight lodge rooms on the Green Springs mountain. We've always used Dyson vacuums. I bought this one for my home use. It is, by far, the best vacuum I've ever used. We live on a ranch with dogs, cats, kids and people in and out of the house constantly. This Dyson picks up EVERYTHING. Well worth the cost!
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on August 21, 2015
The machine is a beast, it cleans like no other, it has a switch to turn rollers on and off...very nice for possible sensitive hardwoods? There is a complaint that you have to dig out the contents/fur or trash out of the collection container, which is true you will probably have to (mostly fur/cat/dog hair) which I wanted to knock it down a star, but we have another Dyson (for 10 years) (its going to be the upstairs vacuum now) that don't have that problem (DC16 Animal)...and its really not that big of a deal to me. This machine is a engineering masterpiece, you won't be disappointed. No filters to clean ever!!! It does seem to get warm, no biggie to me again. Lots of attachments that are very useful, you get a bag to store them in too!, if you have one of the newer Dyson handheld vacuums (we do), the attachments from that fit also. Dyson is durable and worth the money!
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on January 27, 2018
I absolutely love this thing. The single wheel did take a little getting used to initially but once I got the the hang of it, I love how maneuverable it is. It's also outstanding at cleaning dog hair and dirt out of the carpet. I do wish the canister had a little more capacity, but not enough to take away a star.

The assortment of attachments that come with this thing are extremely useful.

Oh, it also took me a little bit to get used to standing it up on the retracting wheels, but again after a little practice I find it intuitive and easy now.
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on July 12, 2015

So, I vacuumed about a 3ftx10ft part of the hallway with our old vacuum(eureka boss), then I went back over it with this, and its amazing how much more it picked up just in that little area. I would say about 1in^2 of extra dirt it picked up. So, if you could imagine the whole house all the dirt being left behind by the old vacuum...well lets just say it was satisfying knowing I'll be living in a much cleaner house now.

This is one quiet vacuum when compared to my old vacuum. The old vacuum you'd have to yell to talk to someone else, with this you could easily hear just by talking normal or a little louder than normal.

The Power of this thing must be Amazing. The carpet actually feels like its been rejuvenated a little after using this. We have berber carpeting, and you can see the high traffic areas(very flat and worn down looking), but after vacuuming with this, the high traffic areas feel/look more fluffy/less matted is probably the best way to put it.

I did read some reviews about it just pushing big items around, and not sucking them up. Well i was vacuuming popcorn, a whole frenchfry, pretzels they all went right into the canister no problem. The thing even lifts stickers stuck to the carpet(ahhh toddlers). Not to mention you can see all the videos of it picking up chunky stuff.

My biggest gripe about this is the way it locks up. You can push it back up and it will click but its not actually locked in the upright position. So, you have to push it up again and hope it locks.

My second grip is one half of the ball wobbles, it doesn't affect the performance so its just a minor thing IMO.

All in all I'd give this 4.5stars, but since we can't do half stars I'll round up to five. If i have problems with this in the future i'll update my review, but until then know its going strong and nothing has changed.
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on April 12, 2015
I would have liked to rate this a 4.6. I feel 5 is a perfect product which this is not but a 4 start rating wouldn't do this product the justice it deserves. Expensive but great vacuum. We bought to replace our 10 year old Dyson DC5 that finally gave out and lost most of its suction. I have terrible seasonal allergies and we have a Siberian Husky which sheds two coats in the spring causing a blizzard of hair so we were looking for a powerful vacuum with a great filter. This vacuum is fantastic. Very powerful, HEPA technology, with no filter to clean! From the research I did, there are better values for the money but this is the best vacuum overall on the market.

There were a couple of small things I was disappointed in.
1) It required assembly out of the box. Not a difficult assembly by any means but for what they charge I think it should have been pre-assembled.
2) Going from the upright position to the vacuum position is awkward...it makes a weird "clunk" noise and has an odd feel to it which I understand is perfectly normal but this could have been designed a little better. Putting the vacuum back to the upright position is just as awkward.
3) Moving the vacuum from room to room over floor molding or whatever will take some practice as you can't simply do a "wheelie" onto the back wheel and scoot it around quickly because this motion will cause the vacuum to unlock from the "upright" position.
4) Because of the powerful suction and the drag caused by wheel design (or lack thereof), the vacuum feels heavier then most. This isn't a problem for me but my wife's arm gets tired if she tries to do our whole house at once.

Overall, I would buy this again in a heartbeat!
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on October 29, 2015
When I was 12 my dad bought a Dyson vacuum and I loved it! It worked so well. For the last 14 years I have dreamed of owning a Dyson (never purchased because it was always out of my budget,) no other vacuum I owned ever compared. Last night I received The Dyson Animal plus Allergy in the mail and could not wait to use it. I know it would get the hair and some dirt from the carpet, but I had no idea it would literally get every piece! This is amazing and exceeded my high expectations! I will never buy anything other than a Dyson product.
The picture I have attached is from one quick pass in the living room, that was just passed by a Hoover vacuum. The living room is maybe 12x12 and has large furniture. At this point in the picture I have yet to move them. This area is used by a cat maybe 2 times a week. My boyfriend is highly allergic to cats and can not be around her for long periods of time. I am trying everything to make it comfortable for him in his own house and so he is able to breathe normally. I have high hopes this will do the trick!
review image
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on February 23, 2018
I think that overall this vacuum is okay. It's touted as "Animal Plus" and I have 2 dogs and a cat. This means that we have a lot of pet hair to vacuum up. The pet hair gets stuck up in the canister (the empty container that catches the debris.) I need to use a skewer or long stick to coax the debris out of the container--a process that can take 5 minutes and make a huge dusty mess as I try to skewer the hair and scoop it out of the container. I clean the canister out every time I vacuum--it is not overly full--it is just a poor design. I have had this vacuum cleaner for 4 months and initially was happy with it, but I would not buy it again. I had a cheaper, smaller Dyson previously. The container was much easier to empty out.
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on January 27, 2017
This thing is an expensive piece of junk no where near the quality of the old Dyson vacs. First of all it is kind of hard to control. Second the warranty is extremely short compared to the old Dysons. Ours broke a week after the warranty expired. The roller no longer spins. When we called, rather than even make suggestions on what may be wrong, they said sorry out of warranty take it to a repair shop.

I won't buy another Dyson product after this.
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