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on May 3, 2014
As a whole, the vacuum does what it should do very well, but the design needs improvement. It works great, has wonderful suction and everything is on board and handy. But if I had seen this, instead of ordering it on line, I would have chosen a different model.

One issue is the hose. It's always in the way. if I leave the vacuum out, the hose sticks out where we constantly bump it. There should be a place to hook it to the unit so it's more compact. Also, the part I guess they call the extension wand, when not in use it fits into a slot on the vacuum. It fits so loose that if I move the vacuum at all, it falls out, and isn't easy to fit back in because the cleaning head flops around and gets in the way.

I would also like to point out, the picture that shows the canister on a hand is VERY inaccurate. It is about 4x that size. It's still small for what it does, but the picture misrepresents the size. It actually reaches from my hand, to the inside bend of my arm.

I do like many features.
The canister is small and lightweight in comparison to older canisters.
Emptying the vacuum really is a one hand, push of a button.
I always like a retractable cord and that works great.
It reaches and extends as far as I've needed it to go.
It's lightweight and easy to carry, or hold in one hand as I clean stairs.

It is an excellent cleaning machine, but not so easy to maneuver because of the hose and extension wand. I just remove the telescoping wand when I leave it out, but then I had to remove the on-board tools which slip over the connection. With what I paid for this, I will make it work for me, because it is overall a great vacuum, and that's why it got 4 stars. Not for the design.
Update 2/11/15, downgraded to 2 stars.
After using this for a while now I am very dissatisfied.
The retractable cord has less and less pull. Now I have to straighten out the cord about 5 times so it will go in, and feed in the last couple feet.
As it shows in the picture, the long wand sets into the vacuum and stands up. But the hose sticks way out and is always in the way. If I bump it at all the whole thing falls over and the wand and hose fall off the vacuum.
One of the biggest issues for me, is cleaning a clog. With most vacuums, if something gets stuck you take the hose off and push it through. But with this, there is a hard plastic part attached to the vacuum, a 90 Degree bend. And the hose doesn't detatch. It is extremely difficult to clean.
And finally, as I use it more I find it doesn't clean as great as I originally thought. It isn't clogged. It just doesn't have the suction it had a year ago.
I would not buy this again. Definitely not worth the big price for a Dyson.
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on January 9, 2014
Don't get me wrong; this is a nice vacuum. For all intents and purposes, it gets the job done in my 500sf office space, both on wool rugs and hardwood floors. And, it is compact enough that it is easy to store out of the way when not in use.

However, I just get a sense that it is underpowered when you need the power the most. Using the turbine head (supplied with the unit) when vacuuming my wool rug provides lackluster suction (when the hose/handle is at full extension), causing the turbine in the head to slow significantly, if not stall. I've figured out how to move the turbine head on the carpet to keep it spinning, but it takes some forethought... This even extends beyond the vacuum experience. When trying to retract the cord from full length, about half the time the cord only retracts 70% and then stalls. So, I have to help it along until it is fully retracted. Granted, no big deal. But, I shouldn't have to worry about such things with a premium vacuum like this.

I have two Dyson vacuums -- this and an upright DC41 Animal. At first, I was quite enamored of these devices, even though the build quality seemed "squeaky and flexible". Now, after a little over a year, I am starting to question their durability. The DC41 failed a month ago when the port-side ball wheel bearing yoke literally disintegrated while I was vacuuming, and now I'm getting a sense that this DC26 will suffer a similar fate, as the build quality is decent, but far from "bulletproof". The vacuum body, the handle, the parts all seem to flex a little too much, seem to squeak a lot, and I just don't get a sense of durability that I expected after having shelled out nearly $300 (Amazon) for this product.

I will continue using both Dyson vacuums until they are no longer viable (or until I can pawn them off on one of my kids). After that, I will be seriously considering a mid-level Miele Kona as a replacement. After trying out a Miele at a local vacuum store (actually, when I was getting the Dyson fixed under warranty), I was absolutely blown away by (a) how quiet it was, (b) how substantial the build quality felt in the hand, and (c) the performance of the Miele, which (subjectively) did a better job of picking up small particles on the test carpet. The Miele appears to be the "Apple MacBook Pro" of vacuums with perceptively solid and aesthetically pleasing build quality and super in-hand experience, and great vacuum suction. And, you will pay dearly for that experience, but for some of us, it is worth it. I can honestly say, as a Dyson owner, that the Dyson products don't even come close to providing the same level of experience.

So, this Dyson DC26 gets the job done, but it will also be my last Dyson before I migrate to Miele.

Anyone interested in a good, used DC26 for cheap?
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on January 7, 2016
I cannot complain about this vacuum as it picks up dirt and dust off the ground unlike any other vacuum I've ever had. In addition, I especially like using it to pick up hair that gets collected in the bathrooms and on carpets. I shed very easily and this vacuum picks it up without a problem! I've also had friends and roommates borrow it to vacuum unwanted pet hair on carpets and furniture. It comes with many attachments that make the possibilities endless.
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VINE VOICEon July 11, 2014
This is my third Dyson since 2006, and I am fairly happy with their products. One of them (handheld model) died after two years, and that was disappointing, but my second one is still going strong and sucking everything on the carpeted second floor.
I bought this one to use on the hard wood floor on our first floor, and it's been working well so far. It collects lots of dust and hair from the wood floor, and it's fairly easy to empty and clean the canister. Handling and maneuvering is also easy and simple. I also like how this vacuum blows the sucked air upward instead of downward (that would create too much dust blowing).
Various accessories came with this vacuum, and I can use them on almost any surface. I especially like the little pointy brush one because it is useful for getting the dust off the delicate surfaces.
However, there are also a couple of things I was not satisfied with this vacuum. One is the short power cord. It is long actually, but I don't think it is long enough. I can just unplug and replug when vacuuming around the rooms, yet I just wish it had a longer power cord. The other thing is that even though I only intended to use this for hardwood floor, there's a section in my house that's covered with carpet. And when it comes to carpet vacuuming, it does not work as well as on the hardwood floor. It vacuums ok on the carpet, but I wish it performs equally on the different surfaces.
Nonetheless, this is a quality vacuum that is easy to handle and sucks fairly well. I've tried different brands before, but I am mostly satisfied with the Dysons I have now.
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on May 26, 2014
There are so many vacuums on the market and it is really hard to shop for one. I bought a few that just didn't work out, so finally I decided to shell out the cash and go for a Dyson. Out of the box this vacuum is very attractive. It seems to work great on hard wood floors, and I haven't had any issues. But having used many other versions of hard wood floor vacuums, I was not exactly blown away or anything. Though this vacuum is very compact, I got it to fit into a corner in my room, but due to the way the stand is made, the hose sticks up very high, and it is wider because of the way it fits on the stand. Bummer because I really wanted something I could have out of sight, and now I have a big hose sticking up. But of course the real test of any vacuum these days is how long it will hold up, so I am giving this 4 stars because it is too new for me to vouch for that. If it does hold up, then it is worth the money, because so many others just don't.
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on January 3, 2014
Purchased this when it was significantly discounted for a one day sale on Amazon. At the normal price can't say I would have purchased it otherwise, but in retrospect I think I would. It is a great little vacuum at any reasonable price. We have only hard wood and tile floors for which it is the perfect size. It comes with 3 additional attachments which complement the function of the vacuum well. You can tell a lot of thought went into engineering this vacuum. It turns and glides well on the floor and can easily reach into otherwise tough to reach areas. It's bag-less and is easy to dump unlike other bag-less vacuums I've used. Bottom line is I'm a dude and I like to use this thing like it's a power tool or something. So much so I think I annoy my family with how much I like to use it.
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on March 4, 2014
I did a lot of research before deciding on this vacuum for my 2 bedroom city apartment. I have new hardwood floors and rugs in each room, so I need a vacuum that can handle both with ease. Unit arrived quickly from Amazon.

Upon unpacking/assembly the vacuum wouldn't start, checked all the obvious multiple times and still no go. I must have tried everything I could think of 10 times. 30 minutes later it decided to start working for no apparent reason. Feeling less than confident in the purchase, I decided to put it away and deal with it later, which led to the next problem. The power cord retractor was not functioning - at all. After fiddling with this for another 10 minutes I gave up and called Dyson support (as instructed in the materials).

The helpful gentleman indicated that he could direct me to a local repair centre, so I could take my brand new, unused, non-functioning vacuum to be repaired. I enquired about a replacement and was advised that this was not an option. So I gave up on Dyson support and returned it to Amazon. I thought long hard about a replacement or my money back. I had done the research and read the reviews, so I opted for a replacement unit, which arrived in 2 days (thank you Amazon).

No problems at all with the replacement, so figured I just lucked out with a lemon first time round.

The vacuum does a great job on my hardwood floors, and the attached tools also do a good job of dusting sofas, shelving, electrical and anything else that needs it above ground level. No more dusting cloth and airborne annoyances.

I have a mixture of very low and medium pile carpets. It does just an ok job on the carpets. Nothing special and definitely no better than the old $80 Hoover than the Dyson replaced.

Emptying the dust bin is not as easy as described. Dust accumulates/balls and gets stuck between the motor unit and the outside edge of the dust bin, requiring me to slide something around the inside of the dust bin (usually a plastic chop stick) to completely empty it.

Unit is compact and stores easily in tight spaces. The storing stand for the hose/arm attachment only works with the carpet tool attached (not the hardwood floor tool). This is annoying, because I mostly use the hardwood tool.

I have read complaints about the length of the power cord. I plug mine into a central outlet and find I can reach about 80% of my apartment without the need to move the cord.

I would not recommend this vacuum to someone just looking to do carpets - there are better units out there. It's strengths are hard floors and dusting and its compact size for tight spaces.

1 star off for Dyson support experience, and another star off for the price (it's over priced).
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on August 9, 2013
Lives up to hype. Has the power of a larger vacuum. The carpet attachment works well can use on both hard and carpet. They provide you with a hard surface only attachment which is nice depending on your space. Also includes two more attachments, long narrow nozzle and a smaller basic head.

Great for apartments or small spaces or cars (ie the cord is good for these spaces otherwise get an extension or different vacuum). It is pretty easy to empty the bucket, would make sure it is fully in the trash can to make sure dust does not fly out. Taking it apart to clean is fairly simple comes with a good manual that explains cleaning.

Only think that is slightly annoying is standing the arm up on the base of the vacuum. I find that the hose is very tight and can cause the arm to fall over but this really doesn't matter as I store it horizontal in my closet.
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on December 13, 2013
I really wanted to love this vacuum ... I've never owned a dyson before - but have heard great reviews from friends who have them. Unfortunately, I was swayed by price (Lighting Deal for $179, which was a fraction of the cost for the same model at Target.) My home is hardwood with area rugs. I have two dogs that shed moderately. (Meaning, I have to vacuum on a daily basis to keep it under control - although they aren't long-haired animals.)
I was really impressed with the ease of assembly out of the box. I was really impressed with the simplistic user guide. I wasn't so impressed with the performance of this little guy. The effort to vacuum the entire 5' x 7' area rug was a bit ridiculous. I had to empty the canister three times and still didn't feel like I got all the dust, pet hair and dirt up. I have an upright bagless that I have been using and can visibly see much more debris when I empty it as compared to this dyson.
I'll probably keep it ... I think it'll be moderately good for the one set of stairs in my house and for use on hardwood. The reviewer that talked about storage is right on - as the canister part is small enough to stow away easily - but then there's the somewhat ridid, bulky hose to contend with.
In retrospect, I would've saved my money and purchased a different model...As it stands now, I don't really see myself owning another one though.
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on December 27, 2013
Hate is strong, too strong. But I am VERY disappointed to the point that I may wipe off the little bit of dirt that this canister has picked up and take the trouble to ship it back.

Here's my context:

I have two types of carpet. Upstairs is basic. Downstairs is plush.

I also have a refurbished Dyson Animal that I bought off of Amazon about 4 or 5 years ago. I'm not a big vacuum-er so it has held up pretty well. I did have to take it to the local vacuum repair shop earlier this year when I sucked up a shoe string by accident. But after that visit, it was good as when I first got it.

Like its name, it's a BEAST. One swipe across the floor and you instantly see a difference. The power propels it along the non-plush carpet wonderfully, so I'm not doing a whole lot of work. Not only that, but both carpets look amazingly conditioned; all fluffy and groomed. It's old and by some standards heavy to lug upstairs and downstairs. But delivers just as Mr. Dyson said.

This canister, the DC26? I got this as a holiday special and thought what I would do is see where it worked best. And to not "shock" it on its maiden voyage, took it upstairs to try on the plain, non-plush carpet. (It was a pleasure to carry compared to the Animal, though.)

Well, it's the opposite of its older relative. It's a lot of work for a little return. I push and shove this thing over the same spot and it finally picks up particles. It makes almost the same amount of noise as the Animal but doesn't have the same suction.

If size matters, then that makes sense. That mechanism, I don't know what to call it, that sits in the tube to do the sucking? It's definitely smaller than the Animal. (It's adorable, though. Like looking at a baby Dyson.) But doesn't do much for me or the simple floor. I won't dare try this on the plush carpet. Though I've never seen one in person, I would guess I'd get the same result if I had a Roomba, except that I wouldn't be standing over micromanaging it.

And just to finish my comparison, I pulled out a 20 year old Dirt Devil Broom Vac, my vacuum before the Dyson. And, yes, it did better.

This probably works very well on non-carpeted floors. But I don't have much of that and can either pick that up with a broom and dustpan or even the Animal.

So, I think I've talked myself into sending back my personal Christmas gift. Again, disappointed.
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