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on June 20, 2013
I've used my trusty old Dyson DC07 for many years, but finally decided to upgrade to the newest model (my old one still works great, but I've been seduced by the ads showing off their new Ball technology). Dyson was having a sale on all models, so the time was right.

When it arrived, my husband put it together. I didn't hear any angry exclamations or confused mutterings from the next room, so it must not have been too difficult to figure out. I peeked at the instructions in the user manual and it's mostly a bunch of pictures and arrows; none of that "insert Tab A into Slot B" crap.

I took my new DC41 out for a test drive and I have to say that I was impressed. I did the "vacuum with my old machine and then with the new one to see how much the old one missed" test, and sure enough, the DC41 pulled up a significant amount of dust, dirt, and animal hair. (Considering it's ~10 years newer, it better outperform the old model!)

Compared to the DC07, the DC41 seemed to have about the same level of workmanship and sturdiness, but updated (the features are a little better thought out). I liked that the cord length was the same (possibly longer). The DC41 was much quieter, lighter, and smaller, especially at the front of the vacuum; this means I can finally vacuum underneath the cabinetry in the living room (the DC07 was too bulky to fit underneath). And of course, the DC41 is much more maneuverable due to the ball.

One reviewer complained that the cord must be completely unwrapped to use attachments because the top cord hook is attached to the hose. That was true for DC07 too, but at least on the DC41 you can simply twist the top cord hook 180 degrees to immediately unwrap (dump) the cord.

Another reviewer noted that the DC41 throws off a lot of heat. This doesn't bother me much, as I generally only vacuum one room at a time, but it could be an issue if you try to vacuum your whole house at once.

The air filters are HEPA, despite what another reviewer said. The manual does say that the air filters should be washed out every 3 months.

As for the accessory tools and brushes, this Complete model comes with several. Unfortunately, there's only room to store two of them on the vacuum itself. They do provide a rather nice fold-up bag to hold the remainder of the accessories, with room for acquiring more. The user manual does not explain the accessories, so here's a quick rundown:

* Combination tool - a 2-in-1 tool that effortlessly transforms from a debris nozzle to a brush tool for dusting and back again at the push of a button. This tool is stored on the vacuum.
* Stair tool - a small attachment tool with 2 red felt strips on the underside to attract pet hair. It is used for removing dirt and dust from corners and the vertical edge of stairs. This tool is stored on the vacuum.
- Tangle-free turbine tool - a large tool with 2 rotating brushes and 1 red filter wheel (?), all visible from the top of the tool. This tool is used for removing pet hair and dirt on upholstery, stairs, cars, and confined spaces without tangling up.
- Soft dusting brush - a large, elongated soft-bristle brush with clear plastic on top. It is used for dusting shelves, lights, electronics, and other delicate items.
- Stiff bristle brush - a small brush with stiff bristles. It is used for dislodging ground-in, stubborn dirt and dried mud.
- Multi-angle brush - a large attachment that kind of looks like a brush on the end of a U-shaped plastic tube. This brush is used for high-reach cleaning (ceiling fans, overhead lighting, etc.).

Basically, if you want a powerful, durable vacuum that never loses suction, then you should buy a Dyson. There are no bags to buy or replace, the timing belt is warrantied for 5 years, and the HEPA air filters are washable and guaranteed for life. It sucks well, maneuvers well, and works on carpet and hard flooring. Yes, you'll pay for this quality up front, but to me, it's worth the money to not be frustrated by my vacuum. You need the proper tool to do a proper job; it'll make your life a whole lot easier. I'm glad I bought this vacuum, my second Dyson.

**Update 7/19/13: So I've been using my Dyson for a little while now (~2 months), and I have to say that I'm still very happy with it. Even my husband, who is not prone to compliments, made positive remarks about it. My favorite features are the ball mobility and low profile at the front of the vacuum; vacuuming takes much less time and effort than it used to. A few more things I really like (not mentioned above):

- Vacuuming a room with multiple surfaces is much, much easier now. My old DC-07 had a manual switch on the base that you had to flip every time you switched from carpet to hard floors, and vice versa. My husband forgot to flip the switch most of the time; using the wrong mode greatly reduces its sucking power. The DC-41 automatically switches for you so there's nothing to remember and you can vacuum a little more effortlessly.

- The attachment hose wand thing simply extends from the base now. The old DC-07 required you to completely remove the wand, flip it 180 degrees, and then re-insert it. Using attachments on the DC-41 is much quicker and easier.

- Dyson moved the cord clip (the thing that keeps the cord from unwinding when you're done vacuuming) from the plug itself to just above the plug (on the cord). I couldn't understand why they did this until the first time I stepped on the plug with bare feet (my husband had left the vacuum unplugged with the cord all over the ground). It didn't hurt! Before, with the DC-07, the clip on the cord stuck up at a 90 degree angle from the plug. If you stepped on the plug, it was like stepping on a Lego piece - *OUCH!* Simply moving the clip to the cord itself ensures that the clip almost always lies flat in a harmless manner. Also, the plug no longer has any corners or sharp edges on it; it is round and smooth now.

These are all great examples of how the Dyson engineers are continuously tweaking and improving their vacuums. The cord clip on the DC-07 worked just fine, but had a minor inconvenient aspect that they obviously worked on and refined over the years. If the engineers were willing to put that much time and effort on such a minor feature of the vacuum, then how much time did they put into the most important features? This is a huge reason why I love my Dyson!

If you found my review helpful, especially the detailed description of the accessory tools and brushes, then please click on the "Yes" button below so it can help others too. Thanks!
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on November 2, 2014
My first Dyson was a DC14 Animal - purchased about 8 years ago. Loved it. Unfortunately after years of my husband using it to clean up construction messes and several years of my kids dragging it up the stairs (banging it all the way), I finally began to notice its suction becoming less impressive. Since my first lasted through 8 years of abuse, I stuck with the brand I trusted and ordered this higher end model.

Once my DC65 Animal arrived in the mail, I did what any Dyson lover would do: I compared it to my old one. :D This photo will show you what you want to know. I used my old DC14 Animal vacuum on my 15ft x 15ft family room and got the first pile of dirt. I then immediately vacuumed it again with my new DC65 Animal and got a 2nd...much larger...pile of dirt.

For anyone who has a love-affair with cleanliness: make the purchase. You'll never regret it.
Oh, and even though it weighs 17 pounds - you don't feel it. It gently pulls itself perfectly. My DC14 weighs 18 pounds, but is not as easy to push or steer as this new DC65.

My only "complaint" is that the tool attachments aren't quite intuitive to me. I will have to actually reference a manual.
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on April 1, 2014
A very expensive vacuum with some definite pros and cons. I have two Newfoundland dogs (that's 265 pounds of very hairy dog) and my main need is something that can handle a serious amount of hair. My previous Dyson animal DC28 lasted 5 years. I could have repaired it but the updates to the DC65 convinced me to upgrade. I have about 60% wood floors, 40% carpeting.

Pros: This vacuums my wood floors 100x better than the DC28 did. It gets right up into the corners without blowing hair around (which was a problem with the DC28). The tools are great. Vacuum is pretty lightweight and maneuvers very easily. It did a great job of cleaning the carpets. With a clean beater bar, it can do a complete carpeted room and pick up all the hair. Great amount of suction and average amount of noise. The housing around the beater bar is much easier to access than the DC28. Controls are great - on and off, then an on and off switch for the beater bar brush. The cleaner head auto adjusts to floor/carpet height which is great.

Cons: I have to clean the beater bar 3-4 times during an average house vacuuming, although that's just a part of my life that I've accepted with two Newfs. It's easier to access the bar, but there are these tiny little wheels that I can't get the hair out of. Doesn't seem to be affecting maneuverability or suction yet. You have to push the button on the back to release the hose. The ease of just pulling it out and using it was better on the DC28. The canister is also narrower. It doesn't appear to affect suction, but upon emptying the canister I have to physically reach up there and pull out the hair/dirt/dust that's in the canister, it doesn't just fall out like it did with the DC28.

The reason I'm giving the vacuum 4 stars is related to the very high price and the beater bar. If I don't clean it at least 3 times during vacuuming, the vacuum does not get all the balls of hair off the carpet. It's doable, but inconvenient. Please keep in mind that my dogs produce a lot of hair, so for your average short-haired animals or average-sized animals, this vacuum would probably be amazing. Hope this review helps!
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on August 29, 2013
...I'm so glad I did!

For years I've been going through about one vacuum per year, always buying the cheap 'Sprawlmart Specials' and just holding my breath to see how long it will last thinking I'd just save myself the money instead of buying a 'high end' vacuum... When I actually did the math and realized I was spending roughly $150/$200 per year on these cheap vacuums I decided to break down and actually buy what was as close to top of the line as my pocketbook could afford.

When shopping and doing the research on what I should buy, Dyson of course comes to the top of the list when it comes to 'high end' so its where I started my research. My mother actually owns a legacy Dyson and was one of the first people to come to me and actually warn me away from getting one, she told me they were overpriced for what you get and generally just not worth the money.

So, I borrowed hers...admittedly...I was less than impressed.

The problem I have is that living in Arizona we have a huge dust problem, the desert is bad that way, and what most people don't realize is that it not only get onto and into everything, it also saturates your carpets. Mix that in with having a 20 pound cat and I really needed something I felt could cut through the dust and fur and give me that 'clean' feeling I wasn't getting from my cheap Sprawlmart specials.

While shopping at Target one night, I saw the DC41...the model I had been researching. Needless to say when I noticed it was almost $200 more expensive than the Amazon price I was rather shocked... I decided I should just finally bite the bullet and give it a try...

Amazon's extremely fast delivery later (thank you Prime!) I was unboxing and opening up my new Dyson.

First off, don't expect to pull the DC41 out of the box and use it. This thing was in about 47 pieces when it was delivered and it actually took about 10 minutes of reading the directions before I figured out which tab fit into which slot...kind of an embarrassing thing for an IT guy! I actually think Dyson ships them like this for one realize just exactly how many add-ons, accessories, parts, and items you're getting for your money. Not only do you get all the accessories that keep a gadget guy happy, but Dyson includes a hanging 'garment bag' type item to store your accessories when not in use, a nice high-end feeling touch.

The next morning after I work I whipped out my crappy Sprawlmart special and ran it over my living room floor (low carpet, the garbage new home builders tend to use in houses now a days) and then broke out the Dyson. I wanted to see if the hype was true.

Holy crap. After 5 minutes of vacuuming, the container was full of dust, dirt, and cat hair that the other vacuum had missed just minutes before. I was astounded. I was also amazed how the 'ball' design of this allows you to navigate and turn the Dyson in almost impossible angles just by moving your wrist, it's truly a work of art that has taken a lot of the tedious nature out of vacuuming.

I'm a guy, Vacuuming has always been one of those items I put off and put off as long as I can and the Dyson has taken a lot of that out of it for me as now I can quickly get through my entire house (thanks to the light and maneuverable feeling) in half the time it use to take me and to boot when I'm done the carpet has been 'restored' a bit and feels much more 'new' than when I started.

I'm overall extremely impressed with this Dyson and am considering one of the handheld units to supplement the DC41 on my staircase and for quick cleanups.

When you look at the price, yes it's obscenely high for something most of us don't even think about...but it genuinely is worth it.
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on April 3, 2015
It was definantly worth the price it picked up so much dirt and fur from the carpet it was amazing. I would have never believed all that was just in the hallway it was crazy.
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on November 4, 2015
I never expected to love a vacuum cleaner. Even admitting that makes me feel like the child inside me has died a little. This vacuum cleaner, however, makes the whole house smell cleaner. After replacing an old vacuum given to me by my mother, I bought this version because we are planning to add a dog to our household, and I have long hair that has clogged vacuum cleaners in the past. This thing sucked three canisters of dirt from our one-bedroom apartment in the first pass, apparently grabbing all of the dirt left behind by our ancient vacuum.

I have always scoffed at Dysons for being overpriced, but this vacuum cleaner is easy to maneuver, easy to use, and easy to clean up. It sucks up more dirt in a single pass than I ever thought possible.

My only complaint is that the flat furniture cleaning attachment that comes with it is very small - about four inches long. I would have liked to see a full sized furniture cleaning head included with a six hundred dollar vacuum. Of course, you can buy the spare attachment, called the "Dyson Mattress Tool" for another thirty dollars, but it feels like it should have been included in the top-of-the-line, most recent Dyson model.

Overall, I am pleased with how the vacuum handles, how it cleans, and how much cleaner it is keeping my home.
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on July 6, 2015
Love it!!! I've had 3 Dyson vacuums: DC 16, DC 25 and now this one. As an owner of an animal hospital, and 3 large dogs and 6 cats at home, the Dyson caves cannot be beat!
I was concerned about the transition from stationary vacuum to the ball, but happily found it very easy to maneuver. It weighs much less than my previous Dysons, allowing my arthritic body to vacuum my 2200 carpeted square foot home easily and with no pain.
I did a test between the DC25 and the DC65 and after vacuuming my bedroom with the DC25, I vacuumed with the DC65 and was astounded with how much more dirt and hair this unit picked up!!!
Some have complained that they feared the lighter plastic felt cheap and would not be durable, but again,the lighter weight makes vacuuming a joy, rather than something I must brace myself to do because of the pain inherent with pushing heavier vacuums. It also boasts an extra long cord ( yay! ) and terrific bonus tools.
What can I say, it's a Dyson: smart technology, durable( you cannot kill these vaccs. My older models found homes with my daughter and at our animal hospital ), advanced design, easy maneuverability and the most powerful suction on the planet!
I'll be a Dyson owner for the rest of my life.
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on April 26, 2014
This vacuum was clearly designed by men who have probably never vacuumed a real house with real furniture in it.

I bought my Dyson after hearing my niece and her friend rave about theirs. I have mostly hardwood floors, two large area rugs, and three shedding animals. When I first used it, I was thrilled with how much it sucked out of the rugs, plus the canister was very easy to remove and empty.

However - I quickly realized that the giant ball prevented me from reaching the areas under tables, shelving units, chairs, the couch, etc. I decided to order the Flatout Head tool for these areas (another $50).

I was very excited to receive my new Dyson attachment. At last I could really clean the house! I eagerly attached the Flatout tool to the hose, and that's when the real battle began. As soon as I turned the power on, the vacuum did its absolute best to suck that hose back into itself. On top of that, it was apparent that the wand portion of the hose is WAY too short. I am about 5'8", and in order to vacuum under anything, I have to almost get down on my knees, all the while fighting with the vacuum to keep the hose extended. My lower back is not happy. I could probably deal with either a short wand OR a rebellious machine, but not both.

I called Dyson and was told there are no attachments to extend the wand. What they need is an adjustable wand extender as long as their stick vacuums, at least. The suction power on this vacuum is great, they just need to make it easy to use.

**UPDATE**I have been using this vacuum for 4 months now, and the hose attachment is still extremely difficult to use. The hose will not stay extended as long as the power is on; it's a constant battle. I am now regretting the purchase of this vacuum.
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on December 18, 2016
I have had a Dyson 07 Animal for so many years I can't even count. Not once have I ever had anything go wrong on the machine. However, I have wanted to get a newer one and try out some of the technology. I really thought nothing could ever work better than my trusty old Dyson.

It was very easy to put together right out of the box, other than the wand attachment is a little different to attach to the vacuum, so had to check the directions on that! Otherwise really simple. I decided to do what some of the other reviewers did and vacuumed my whole house with my old Dyson and then vacuumed it again with my new one. It pulled up a considerable amount of dirt and fiber that was left behind by the other vacuum. I was impressed.

I am really surprised how easily the Dyson 65 is to use with the ball. It took a little getting used to, but I really like it. The vacuum is lighter than my old 07 is, which makes a huge difference on my body. My back and arm didn't hurt after vacuuming (but I am not going to tell my kids that, or they will think they don't have to vacumn for me anymore). I really like the lower profile of the brush bar, it makes it easier to get under the edges of the furniture and other tight places.

I immediately tried out the turbine upholstery attachment on my brown recliner that my cream colored cat likes to sleep in. Cleaned up that chair like a dream, I am going to love that attachment for sure.

My only complaint, and it is a small one, is that the release to empty the debris container is now a button type release that takes some effort. That is hard on my poor arthritic hand. I much prefer the release on my old 07 which was more like a trigger release. So much easier.

My son is now begging me for my old vacuum!
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on September 27, 2016
Considering the price of the unit it is disappointing.

1. Good suction
2. No bags required
3. Washable filter
1. One of the worst latches ever put on an upright vacuum. Returning the unit to the upright latch position is a struggle to get it to lock.
2. The On-Off switch is absolutely horrible. If you do not push it just right it will not engage-disengage.
3. The hose and attachments are not user-friendly. When you try to extend the hose to clean you can topple the unit. You have to remove the wand to use the hose where it is flexible and install an adapter to use the attachments. Putting the wand and hose back into position after use is a pain.
There are just too many negatives to justify the price of this unit.
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