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on November 15, 2011
This is the first review I have ever completed. My router stopped functioning approximately two weeks after I bought it. The port just went out for the internet. Initially, it was going in and out I had to reset the entire setup a few times over about 3 days. I did not want to believe it was this router, which cost more than three months of internet service. I probably should have just completed an RMA through Amazon, but like an idiot, I contacted CISCO hoping that maybe it was something that could be fixed quickly. After detailing to the representative all the things I did such as restarting the machine a few times, restarting my computer then the machine, and telling him that the light was out on the internet port but on the other Ethernet ports, I STILL had to stay on the phone with the guy for over an hour redoing all the things I had previously done until he finally accepted that the light being out on the port meant the port was defective. He said I had to have the RMA from him to get Amazon to refund, but since I was within 30 days of purchase, I did not. So frustrating. In any event, I returned it and bought a medialink router. Though it is noticeably slower than the Linksys, at least it works. My case ID with CISCO was 111102-006834.
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on October 24, 2014
Poor router. High performance it's not, on either band. Difficult to configure, and once configured very hard to connect to again to administer. I've set up dozens of different routers and this I would rate in bottom 1/3 of the group. The interface is generally well-laid out, but the main reason I bought this router was to connect a network printer and network storage/FTP site.

Neither feature worked. I managed after a couple hours of trying to get the home networked drive to work, but whenever I added a folder or a share for FTP it would crash the interface when the router ran the apply.cgi/configure.cgi scripts. It didn't matter what browser or computer I was using, connecting directly or wirelessly.

Most of the time after the router had been configure with new password/connect via https it was very difficult to reconnect to it, either via the slow Cisco connect software or directly via the web interface, even when connected directly to the router. it's not that the configuration settings made it impossible to connect, because occasionally it would. The only real option was to reset and set it up again.

Also my computer wouldn't connect to the router to configure it by plugging into the Internet Ethernet port of the router, but one of the other ports. Maybe because I didn't have a crossover cable (it would work right away if I did though).

If this were a $50 router I could live with these shortcomings, but I expect a LOT more from a $150 range router.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on June 20, 2011
First off the router is working just fine. I have a pretty high level of expertise with these kind of products as my primary job is Information Technology. So I can say someone of a high skill level could have this up and running in less than 30min. My primary reason for rating it as just "OK" is because you're paying for a premium price, but not getting a premium product. The things I don't like about it:

The wireless range seems to be a little less than my old router. My old router made it out to every corner of my garage, with full signal and no interruption in service. This noticeably degrades in speed as I get to the far ends of my garage.

It can't be wall mounted without getting very creative. My house is wired for networking. I have spent hours upon hours making sure it's wired to a good location and every other router I have had in the past has the wall mount slots on it, but not this one. All the wires come out the back of the device so a shelf up against a wall means you have to pull it off the shelf to get at the back of it so you can't tie down cables or do any kind of good cable management. It just something I have always used on other products that this one doesn't have so it makes it less fantastic.

Next the reset button is on the bottom of the router. Would you buy a toilet seat that has a flush handle under the toilet.... Same logic should apply here. So now after you have your router all plugged in and you have it on your shelf you have to grab the router/flip it to get to the reset button.... and anybody knows that with home ISP service the button is used more often than you would like. So I wish they would have put it right up front on the device so you can just get your paperclip and push in the reset easy breezy... but no, somehow under the rock was a good idea to the designer.

Last and this might be a universal complaint about all newer devices. I hate the AC adapter for this product. Maybe I just live in some black hole in Colorado where nobody sells vertical power strips, but the AC adapter for this thing covers up a total of 3 power plugs and the wire makes the 4th in line difficult to work with. So on a normal 8 plug horizontal power supply you could have this and CISCO's 8 port switch and you would be out of power plugs. The most common power supplies in big box stores, hardware stores, and even most electronics stores is the horizontal. The last thing I want to do is have to go buy another power strip just because of power AC adapter design. CISCO isn't the only one at fault here and chances are they are just getting their AC adapters from some factory overseas that has no idea how much I hate their design, but consider this an official customer complaint ( that nobody at CISCO is going to read. ;-) A lot more thoughtfulness could have gone into the product design.
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on June 17, 2013
Bought this router to "upgrade" my home network to accept N-based devices and provide some dual-band bandwidth management capabilities; replaced a still-functioning (and great router) WRT54GS. The E3200 router "crapped out" (a technical term) in less than 1 year, but after a few phone calls to various folks in Cisco Customer Service I received an RMA and subsequently a (refurbished) replacement (with a non-functioning power supply...but they eventually replaced that too). So Kudos to Cisco for upholding their 1-year warranty - scary part is that I had about 20 days left in the 1 year period. The router is fast enough and the internal menus are reasonably simple with ample help. I'm not sold on the internal antennae approach and the range appears to be less than the older WRT54 (at 2.4Ghz). So 3 stars for an "OK" router (subtracted for range @ 2.4Ghz), which failed within a year; and 3 stars for Cisco Customer Support (which was neither painless or simple). Think I'd look elsewhere if the router had failed outside of the warranty period - BUT to be fair the price-point is pretty good for what you get.

UPDATE 7/13: Replacement router crapped out after about a month (internet connection port died) had to go through entire troubleshooting/replacement process again, which Cisco supported - but certainly does not speak well for the quality of this product. So - now on router #3 - more to follow.
I should point out to those folks having issues with the 5Ghz band "dropping" - after some research on this issue I determined the solution was to set the channel (vice leaving it on "auto") - this has cured the router of the N-band dropping off on this particular model.

UPDATE 10/13: (Dual-band network established) At this point, I'm using the router's 5Ghz band to stream both internet (Netflix/Hulu/etc) and local (1TB USB drive) media to an LG "smart" HDTV. Tried to connect the USB (1TB) drive directly the router and it was recognized - no problems - but realized I could not keep it encrypted in this configuration. The router is, however, hard-wired to our network printer and the media server-configured PC/Laptop. All other devices in the home network (3 or 4 PCs/Kindles/phones/etc) are connected to the longer-range 2.4Ghz side. I've also flashed the old WRT54GS with "WRT" and configured it as a "bridge" to push the 2.4Ghz zone out into the backyard/pool/etc when required (using home-made parabolic reflectors on the antennae). So far, so good - bandwidth sufficient for streaming HDTV from both net and local network sources, and sufficient bandwidth left over (@2.4Ghz) for the rest of the networked devices. If the router does not crap out again it's doing what I purchased it for.
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on January 14, 2017
So this was my first Linksys device after Cisco bought them, and I have never had a wifi router so frustrating. The 5Ghz constantly drops out, so I ran everything on the 2.4, but then it randomly decided to slow down. Each firmware update made both problem worse, and now it has been over 18 months since they bothered to update it, so the current firmware is apparently their best effort. I scripted another machine to just trigger a weekly reboot, and that was the closest to stable operation I ever got with it, but that was on the previous firmware.

As a long time Linksys guy, I will never buy another product from them.
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on July 16, 2012
I bought this item because I have added quite a bit of networked devices since I bought my old trusty Belkin G router last decade. I wanted a simultaneous dual band router with gigabit lan, and specifically to support airplay because I've been using that functionality w/ my Apple TV and other iOS devices quite a bit. THe Reviews seem to indicated that this is the best one, so I got it when the price dropped to $79.99. Most things performed as expected *EXCEPT* airplay. I didn't find any complaints here about airplay, but when I noticed that airplay stuttered badly the iPad was set on the 5 Ghz network, I looked a bit more. Lo-and-behold there were quite a bit of rumbling about this on the web in general. Contacted tech support a couple of times but was sent through the regular scripted response of trying different frequencies. But I still couldn't get it to work. There were some info about updating firmware and turning off a specific feature, but I didn't have time to do this. Currently the best workaround is to use the 2.4GHz for airplay support, and anything else at 5Ghz. The other thing I noticed was that web downloads on my desktop computer using the wired network seems to have slowed, even though claims it's faster. I haven't had time to investigate that either.
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on October 15, 2013
I've upgraded my WRT54G, simply because I needed an upgrade. I've had my WRT54G for 6yrs and it has worked flawlessly without any issues. NOW, this E3200 is not the latest router out there, but it is a MAJOR upgrade to what I have had previously. I didn't use the Cisco Connect software simply because I didn't need it. As an IT personnel, I can set these devices up manually, which probably
took me like 15 minutes. The guest account, gbps ports, USB port, 802.11n, and parental controls are specs that best suit my needs. After the setup, I noticed web browsing was much quicker and streaming quality was on point, as I streamed MNF and MLB from my laptop with no lag. My wife was also surfing the web on her laptop and noticed the browsing a lot quicker and lets not forget our smart phones, wireless printer and game consoles are all supported. NOW!! The default Firmware is 1.0.02 (sept 1, 2011), which is buggy. You will need to upgrade to the latest firmware 1.0.04 (Jan 2012) I believe. I will perform this upgrade in a couple of days. That being said, EVERY software needs or requires updates to patch things up and it doesn't deserve any lesser rating due to this. Cisco Wireless routers have been good to me and I recommend.
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on January 7, 2014
I like this router for the price I got it for. I had the original E4200 which was a really good router but it died on me after two years of heavy usage for a price of 199.99 at the time. I decided to go with this router (E3200) considering that I've never see the original E4200 hit that 750Mbs claim it advertised.

The E3200 is pretty much a step below the E4200 but the price I got it for was less than half of the E4200. It had everything I needed, 1gbs ports, 2.4GHz and 5GHz, USB Port, Guest Account. I mostly use it to run video files over Ethernet at 1080p and it does this to four rooms in my home at the same time without any problems.

The WiFi-N 2.4GHz has a pretty strong signal considering I have solid concrete walls. I live in a three story home and I find that if the router is placed on the second floor and I'm using the laptop wifi on the top floor I get a very strong signal but if I go to the first floor the signal is much weaker but still acceptable. Now if I place the router on the first floor, the second floor works great but on the third floor the signal is very weak. Therefore the best setup for me was the middle floor to get the best all round signal.

I have several wifi devices such as smartphones, ipads, laptops and media players (I do not use the wifi to run the media players because the signal speed is not enough to run it efficiently with other devices such as laptops etc.) When the wifi is used to run videos as large as 1080p the entire wifi 2.4GHz is reduced to a crawl for other devices even though the signal strength is perfect. The videos run to one of the media devices fine without any delays, I find that two of them on the same wifi 2,4Ghz channel is an over kill and would not recommend it.

Trying the router to run videos over the 2.4Ghz and the 5Ghz channel at the same time will work but the distance of the 5GHz is a problem. The 5GHz signal is less than half of the 2.4GHz range and therefore does not work for me due to the distance of the rooms from the router. Anyway, with the combination of the Gigabit Ethernet for the media players and the wifi for the other devices and I mean quite a good number of them running at the same time, I'm quite pleased with the performance of this E3200 router.

I've never had to reboot the router since i've connected it and its been over 4 months running without any glitches so far. I would definitely have to say my E3200 WiFi router is doing really well considering the continues load it's under. A matter of fact it runs just as good as my first version E4200 (The very first ones that came out).

In regards to the newer model routers that are now being shipped. I believe that Cisco/Linksys should really resort back to how they were building the older models. My friend has one of the newer ones (E6500) and he's going through tons of headaches with it. I believe it's the new fancy cloud configuration setup that they want you to install on your hard drive that maybe giving folks a hard time. Give the older E3200 such as this a try and see if it works for you!


UPDATE (November 20th 2015)

The E3200 which was purchased on Oct 10th 2013 and first reviewed in Jan 2014 has finally bite the big one (I prefer to actually run the product for a couple of months after purchase before making a review).

At the moment the LAN Ports are working fine and we can connect to the internet via wired ports and wireless signal. However, after transferring a large file through the wifi signal, the router errors out with a network failure and drops the mapped drives connected to our NAS - Network Attached Storage (There are 4 independent Western Digital MyBookLive DUO RAID NAS on the network) all 4 independent NAS are still present on the network using a wired connection but the connections using a wifi signal on all laptops and tablets are gone. To get the mapped drives back on the wifi signal, a complete power down of the router is required. Once the router is rebooted, the mapped drives become present again until some on the network transfers or opens another large file.

One strange thing is that the internet is still connected and everyone can still browse the web but cannot connect to these mapped drives unless we use an Ethernet cable and connect the laptop to a wired connection will the mapped drives re-appear. Strange! I can duplicate this problem over and over. Opening or copying the same large file on the wired connection does not have any problems at all.

I removed the e3200 and placed a borrowed router on the same network and had no problems using the same file and laptops which leaves me to believe that the problem lies with the e3200 router. I duplicated this process three times and then changed the router and the problem was gone. Oh well, I'm positive it's the router now and looking to purchase another one.

As far as I could remember, I've been buying Linksys routers all the time and now i'm wondering if they only last 2-years or is it just my bad luck or are they really only to last 2-years..! I had the following Linksys routers:

Year 2008 - 2011 Linksys WRT54G (Purchased Price @ 99.99
Year 2011 - 2013 Linksys E4200 (Purchased Price @ 199.99
Year 2013 - 2015 Linksys E3200 (Purchased Price @ 96.99
Going To Purchase 2015 Linksys WRT1200AC (Purchased Price @ $121.39)

I'm going to try the new Linksys WRT1200AC wifi router next and see if it will last the same amount of time as the rest. After getting burned with the expensive E4200, I believe that a decent home router should cost about $80.00 the higher end should cost no more than $130.00 because of added features such as usb 3.0 ports, gigabit LAN connection as well as dual band technology. Anything over a $130 bucks in my opinion seems like wasted money unless you're going commercial/business grade equipment.

Anyway, I'd have to downgrade the 5-stars to 4-stars .. Even though the E3200 did a great job and for a lower price than the E4200, I feel we should be able to get at least 3-years out of a home router.
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on July 2, 2012
I purchased the E3200 to replace a WRT54GS that was my workhorse for the past 8 years. Although still working the number of wireless routers present in the neighborhood and the 9 devices that were sharing the network were creating interference and too many disconnects.
My plan was to use the 5GHz frequency from E3200 to stream Netflix and Amazon movies using a ROKU and the 2.4GHz for internet use. Just for reference, the E3200 uses the wireless N standard and has 2X2 channels available for transmit/receive, which is half of the final capability of the N standard which is 4x4. So in a couple of years, when the the 4x4 is available, I consider an upgrade, for now the price/performance ratio for the E3200 is just right.

All in all, E3200 is easy to setup and the instructions are well written. My steps were:
(1) Use an ethernet cable to connect to computer directly.
(2) Chose the web based installation at
(3) Did a firmware upgrade before starting the configuration. If I remember well, when a firmware update is being done the present configuration is erased, so upgrade the firmware first.
(3) Configured the wireless to give access to only the MAC address of the devices I own, the rest are rejected.
(4) Configure a separate guest network with its own password.
(5) Set WAP2 encryption and password.
(6) Save/backup the configuration on the computer.
(7) Done.

Just as everyone else noted all your devices have to be wireless N to benefit of the top speed. I had two older laptops and I had to go and buy tow adapters EA2500 (dual band) from CISCO to avoid running the Ferrari behind the Yugo, if you know what I mean.

Another great router from CISCO. I recommend E3200.
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on May 21, 2012
This router advertises a USB printer port and Mac compatibility, but I was unable to print using a Mac. I could not find any useful troubleshooting information in Cisco's online help or their customer service forums, and their live chat customer service was unhelpful to the point of being insulting. Bottom line: If you want to print wirelessly to a USB printer from a Mac, DO NOT GET THIS ROUTER. I returned this item and bought a Mac Airport Extreme instead and within minutes all computers in the house were printing wirelessly through the Airport with no problems.

In addition, Cisco's live chat customer service was unhelpful and insulting in the number of upsells they immediately starting pushing on me. As soon as I described the problem, instead of offering any kind of solution the customer service rep asked when I had bought the product and then warned me that I only had 27 days of free customer service left, but that could be extended if I gave him a credit card number. No thanks, I said. When we discussed the problem further, he still didn't have any solutions and said this was a computer configuration problem, not a router problem, and said he could transfer me to another tech support group that might be able to hep if I gave him a credit card number. At this point, I decided to give up on the product and try the Airport Extreme, which is more expensive but actually works in the way I hoped it would work. Overall, this experience makes me want to avoid Cisco products, as customer service should be about solving problems and getting a product to work the way customers expect it to, and not about craven grubbing for my credit card number and for a few extra bucks.

Cisco: You have lost my business because of false advertising and horrible customer service.
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