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on March 13, 2016
I bought a pair of these shoes, size 45, in September 2009 and just now replaced them in March 2016 (both times at a local shoe store). The pair I previously bought were a shade narrow at the start, so I wore them intermittently (with a previous pair of Eccos) for about about two years before I started wearing them every day in my job where I stand most of the day. The new pair seems to be the correct width for me out of the box. The old pair was marked as made in China, the new pair is marked as made in Slovakia. The materials in the old pair were suitable, and those shoes would still be suitable for wearing with jeans but look a little beat up for wearing with the khakis that I generally wear to work. The soles wore quire well for the amount of walking that I did with them, as my employer rewards us for taking at least 7000 steps per day, but with $200 shoes, I was very mindful to not drag my feet and wear them out prematurely. This is perhaps why I like them so much--they're lovely shoes whose cost forces me to put some spring into my step.
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on April 29, 2017
You can add me to the one-star list for this shoe. I have been happily wearing an earlier version of this shoe for almost five years - and it looks like I will be wearing it a while longer. I was really excited about this newer version, but as soon as I put it on, I knew that what I had read about Ecco's quality issues was true. In short, "What the heck is wrong with this company?" While the shoe is very nice looking, its tongue dug into the top of my foot. It felt as if I had a rock stabbing me every time I took a step. Nothing worked to fix the issue (tongue pad, re-lacing, etc). The other issue with the shoe is that it puts incredible amounts of pressure on the forefoot. After merely cleaning the house while wearing it the day before, I woke up with an injured Achilles tendon.

This shoe is poorly designed, and it is a waste of money. I am very disappointed with Ecco; shame on them! The only bright side to this is that I was able to get a full refund of my purchase. Don't be like me: avoid this product at all costs!
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on August 8, 2012
I've now owned this pair in Bison color for nearly 20 months and it has held up well. These have been my office and casual shoes and I wear them daily. Wear them to the office or hiking equally. You can setup the laces where these shoes slip on and its very convenient to have at the airport while going through security. I have not had any issue with the sole disintegrating like some of the early reviews. The stitching is solid and there is no fraying, they can polish up nicely with some leather cleaner. In the last few months I had to get some inside shoe liner as those wore out after a year of daily use. The ECCO Track II are water resistant and the only way you can get water in them is if your foot is submerged. Walking through small puddles will not be a concern and you'll only have to worry about getting your pant leg dirty.

The only thing I can say negative about these shoes is that they only come in medium width. Note the sizes are European. Euro size 44 is about US size 10.

Comfort: 5 out of 5
Arch Support: 5 out of 5
Foot Stability (test by standing on one foot): 5 out of 5
Motion Control (ankle roll): 4 out of 5 (only very few running shoes get 5 out 5)
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on September 24, 2014
I just bought another pair of the ECCO Track IIs — my fifth pair in about ten years. They're an approved uniform shoe where I work, so the company keeps paying for them and I keep getting them because they look good and are comfortable (while they last).

That said, if it were me instead of my employer paying for them, I'd never buy them. Like other have said, the soles basically just disintegrate and crumble. All the Track IIs I've worn over the last decade have behaved exactly the same — good looking and comfortable, but within a year, the soles start falling apart and become unwearable within two years. The leather uppers stay in perfect condition and would likely last for many years, but the soles always decay, disintegrate and crumble off in chunks.

I dug my first pair out of the closet, took a photo of the soles and linked to them below. As you can see, they totally fell apart in a way I've never experienced with other shoes. Remember that this pair is about ten years old, was worn for about two years and that each pair my employer has subsequently purchased for me has ended up looking pretty much the same after a couple of years of office duty. In all this time ECCO has still not corrected the problem, and I have no expectation that they care to do so or that my just-purchased pair will wear any differently.

Here's the link to the photo: [...]
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on December 10, 2013
I was very excited at the prospect of getting an Amazon Prime membership, and using it to buy some relatively expensive Ecco shoes, as well as for my holiday shopping.

I wasn't saving any money on this one pair compared to what I would spend by driving 50 minutes to a local shoe store, but I was saving the time, the gas, and the procrastination factor of getting around to it.

Much to my dismay, when I opened these shoes, they were defective. One shoe was missing a grommet, and there were numerous flaws in the leather of the shoes. Are these factory seconds, without telling me they are? Those shoes should have been marked half off if Amazon wants to pawn them off on someone.

I've gone from being excited about Amazon to being very disappointed in them. I now have to think twice about whether something I buy through Amazon will be as good quality as if I drive to a local store.
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on May 18, 2016
TOO BAD THERE IS NO 0 star rating .....


Good afternoon,

Thank you for your email. We do regret to learn of your recent experience with ECCO shoes.

Ecco offers a 12 month Limited Warranty against manufacturing defect on all ECCO footwear with your proof of purchase. We do not offer a comfort guarantee and this warranty does not cover wear and tear. If you should experience any defects in materials or workmanship, please bring the shoes along with your receipt to the point of purchase for immediate assistance, beginning with inspection.

We thank you for wearing Ecco shoes.

Kind regards
Customer Service

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on November 15, 2014
I see I'm not the only person who loves this shoe. They go well with jeans, and they go well with khakis. You can even wear them to go hiking.

I recently bought a second pair to replace the pair in which the soles looked in bad shape. Yes, they don't wear especially well, but I can afford to replace them every two years. No other shoe is as comfortable.

All Eccos are cut larger than their stated size.
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on November 25, 2013
I had a pair of Ecco Track shoes for ten years. Lots of wear. They wore out naturally. I loved them. So a year ago I replaced them with a new pair, since the old pair were so comfortable and fit so well. On these, the soles fell apart into pieces in a year of relatively light wear. Listen to the others - the soles of these shoes are defective.
Note added later: I called Ecco and complained - they said "Yes - we know of the problem. There was an incorrect chemical mix to make the soles during one period." They replaced my shoes without question (although I had asked for a refund). The new shoes are fine after a year, wearing gracefully.
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on December 2, 2016
I usually only write reviews if I love something or hate it. In this case its a love/hate relationship. I love the way these felt when I first started wearing them. But after a few days the right shoe began to dig into a tiny little spot on the top of the right foot. Its the location where the tongue, bottom grommet/eyelet, and upper are sewed together. I cant tell for sure because there is an inner lining covering this area but there is something protruding into the top of my foot. It makes it unbearable to walk. I have tried loosening the bottom laces but nothing helps. Unfortunately I cant send them back because I wore them for several days before the problem appeared. I read where another person had the same exact problem. They stated where they took the shoe and put it on an anvil and beat it with a hammer to try and smooth this out. Seems a little extreme but the only other option is to take these $200 shoes and throw them in the garbage. Bummer for sure. I took a gamble spending $200 on these and lost.

Edit - upon further inspection I can see where they used a ribbed grommet/eyelet on the bottom row for the laces. You can see where this rib has put a permanent mark on the leather right where the stitching is located. This is exactly where I have a pencil eraser size bruise on the top of my foot a an extremely sore spot. Its hard to believe that this little thing can cause so much discomfort but it does. They should have never used this type of grommet/eyelet with a protruding barrel. I will probably try to beat this flat or put it in a hydraulic press and see if it helps. If not maybe I can take it to a shoe repairman and have him fix my brand new $200 Ecco mens Trac II shoes so they are wearable. See pics for details.
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on January 10, 2013
This is a bit of a complicated review. I'll be commenting on:
-Ecco and the Track II shoe
-The company from which I bought the shoes, Footwear King in Union City, Kentucky.

ECCO gets 5 STARS!!!!
Ecco. I cannot say enough nice things about Ecco. Shoes area personal item, and what fits my foot may not work with yours, but let me say that I have owned at least 5 pairs of this shoe, and I've loved every one. They last a long time, and they are exceedingly comfortable. They are my daily shoe. After getting beaten up for a while, I get a newer pair, and use the old pair in the garden. I should say that I'm a winemaker, and frequently in the fall when washing cleaning up after the crushing or the pressing, are in a lot of water. Not once, never has one of the shoes leaked, regardless of how old the shoe is.

Footwear King 1 Star!
Footwear King
Since I know this Track shoe well, I can spot errors. The insoles of the shoes that were sent were not glued down. I would be forgiving if it was only 1 insole but since both were not glued down, clearly something's wrong, and Footwear King probably knew this. I'm guessing it was in essence a "2nd"/damaged, and they were trying to pawn this off on an online customer. If they're going to sell damaged, or less-than-first-rate shoes, they should make that very clear. They didn't. Therefore, I would warn everyone away from this company. The products you get from them are suspect at best.

Amazon. 3 Stars!
I have been a customer of Amazon from the beginning. I like many aspects of them, and I frequently order from them. The short story about the refund is that I had to call 3 times, and each time I had been told by the Cust Rep that they would watch the progress of this and contact me by email. Never happened. They were always pleasant, but... Net, net on the 3rd call when I was asking about the refund, the Cust Rep (with my OK) essentially applied the refund to a credit on Amazon for me when I order the next time.

While I would like to give this review a 1 Star, just to catch the attention of Footwear King, it doesn't seem fair, so I blended the reviews to a score of 3 Stars.

Hope this helps - and remember, the ECCO shoes are great.
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