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Top Contributor: Golfon March 19, 2018
This review is going to be a comparison between the Shark Ion Robot 720 and ECOVACS DEEBOT N79S. I personally own both and purchased both of them within a few days of each other. I have used both of them for about a month on a daily basis (sometimes twice on a daily basis) while running them together as a comparison.

Both are equally good at transitioning from hardwood floors to rugs, but neither are great at high pile rugs.

The Sharks front side spinning brushes are designed slightly different and are not as long as the Deebot and seem to do a better job of not slinging things across the floor before it is able to be picked up. However, the Deebot does a better job picking up particles around edges because of its longer reaching front spinning brushes.

Both dust bins are almost identical in size and look.

The Shark’s remote does not offer directional control where the Deebot does.

The Shark’s brushroll has a slightly different design that requires less maintenance and doesn’t get hair tangled on it as easy as the Deebot.

The Deebot is slightly better at maneuvering and cleaning on carpet and in my opinion it’s brushroll design is better suited for carpet than the Shark.

The Deebot runs for about 15 minutes longer before needing a charge and heading to its dock.

Both are equally good at being able to find its dock and return to it (neither has failed to return to their dock).

The Shark comes with a roll of magnetic boundary strip. The Deebot does not and isn’t capable of recognizing a magnetic boundary strip.

The Deebot offers more features such as iPhone or android app control, edge mode, spot mode, and other modes and app control options that the Shark does not.

The Deebot is a sleeker and more sophisticated looking machine.

Both are manufactured by Ecovacs.

The Shark is about $50 more than the Deebot.

Amazon and other retailers don’t sell replacement parts for the Shark. Instead you have to buy them directly from Shark.

Amazon sells replacement parts for the Deebot at a reasonable price and it comes with a Amazon coupon code for 25% off accessories.

The amount of noise emitted from both is about equal, but both are extremely quiet in comparison to a iRobot Roomba 690 which sounds like a freight train going across your floor.

The front wheel on the Shark has a larger inner cavity and seems to get clogged up with pet hair more easily and requires more maintenance than the Deebot.

Both are very good at cleaning the floors of dirt, debri, and large amounts of pet hair.

Both have easy to access filters, however, the Shark has a more durable filter that should last longer and most likely filters better.

I’ll let you decide which to buy, but my opinion is that the Deebot is the better value since it cleans equally well, has more features minus the lack of boundary strip ability and costs considerably less.

Update 3/24/18:
After noticing cosmetic similarities between the Eufy RoboVac 11+ and the Ecovacs N79S, I did a little research and discovered that the Eufy is manufactured by a company that is owned by Ecovacs. I haven’t used the Eufy 11+ yet, but it appears to be identical to the Deebot N79S minus the WiFi ability. Right now the Eufy 11+ is on sale for $170. If I didn’t already own two great robotic vacuums that are manufactured by Ecovacs, I’d be buying the Eufy 11+ because of the much lower price.

Update 4/8/18:
I experienced the Shark having erratic behavior such as stopping for no reason in the middle of the floor while beeping and flashing its lights. I discovered that the reason was due to debri and pet hair obstructing the sensor lenses under the front wheel. It was easy to remedy once I pulled out the wheel assembly and cleaned inside the area where the sensor lenses are located. The Deebot does not have the additional sensors located under the front wheel. I’m not sure of the purpose of the sensors located under the front wheel, but I’m glad the Deebot doesn’t have them because the Shark has required more maintenance because of them. My overal impression of the Shark has changed substantially since my initial review. I no longer would put it in the same quality category as the Deebot. The Deebot, in my opinion, is a higher quality product that requires less maintenance and is more reliable.

I hope my review was helpful!
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on March 20, 2018
I bought my robot on March 5th. As soon as I received it, my husband put it together, and said, that he had no problems at all, setting it up. I downloaded the App, but I do not use it often. My 19th year old autistic son named the robot: Amber. I love Amber. She saves me so much work. She gets stuck sometimes, as she tries her hardest, when she does the edges, and she does not take no for an answer, when I tried to put some obstacles in her way, in order to protect the electrical cords. She mistakenly takes my obstacles, as edges, and she pushes against them, trying to clean them. She does the edges very well, by the way. I found that her cleaning is pretty thorough. If you want the maximum result, allow her to roam around, and do her work. She will eventually pick up that dirt, that you think, that she has neglected. Her pattern is random, and she is not in a rush during her run. I usually let her do her thing, and I get busy, doing something else. Her charge can last close to 2 hours. She does not do well with dark furniture, and she bumps into them. She is gentle, however. I have not seen any damage. When she is persistent in her edge cleaning, she moves things around, and she beeps when she is in trouble. At first, it took her awhile to get back to her base, especially if she is vacuuming an other room. But if she is in the same room as her base, she will find it. Since I have a large great room, she gets confused a bit. She has gotten better, though. I love Amber. She does not complain, and she never talks back. I think that Ecovacs Robotic has greater potential in the robotic cleaning industry. They have been able to provide to someone like myself, a very easy to use robot. I am not into complicated features, that I may not even use, and I have the feeling, that they will be coming out with more outstanding and more sophisticated features, for the special group of buyers who want them! The most important thing should always be Customer satisfaction, and every industry should thrive for that. "If you build it, they will come."
NOTE: I did not get paid or received a discount for my opinion! I just love my Amber.
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on March 16, 2018
Did a LOT of research on robot vacuums before finally purchasing this one. LOVE IT for many reasons:
- cleans better than expected
- navigates the rooms in our house very well
- can go over a pretty steep threshold between our living room and kitchen
- cleans carpets very well
- finds its docking station pretty much every time
- slim fit means it goes under every piece of furniture we own - and I hardly ever cleaned under these (yuck!)
- simple and useable app on my iPhone - can schedule it to turn on whenever you want, any day of the week. Also, you can turn it on from anywhere!
- quiet - not too intrusive even when watching a movie in the same room

So for these reasons I would HIGHLY recommend this little guy! Still remains to be seen how durable it is - so far so good but it's pretty new still.
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on April 9, 2018
I bought this against my wife's wishes. She said that we didn't need a robotic vacuum. However, we are both disabled and vacuuming the main level of our house was very tiring on her because of knee problems, and I have back problems. We received the Deebot N79S on the date that it was expected. I promptly opened the package, got the charger station set up, attached the brushes which was very easy to do, downloaded the app, and put the Deebot onto the charger to let it charge to reach full battery strength. I believe the battery might come already charged, but I left it on the charger for 4 hours.

When I went to set up the Deebot onto my wifi Orbi system which creates one network name for my entire house, I was unable to connect it on that strong network. I believe this is because of the wifi's 5 Ghz system, and it will only set up on a 2.4 Ghz system. Fortunately, I have a wifi extender that is not part of Orbi that is still connected and I was able to connect my Deebot to that.

The Deebot comes with a remote that you can use to get it going, so having the wifi set up is not as important, especially those with no internet. Setting the time on the remote was very easy and that was all that I did with that. It was late at night (I am a night owl), and I pressed the auto button on my Deebot and it started going to town. I watched as the Deebot as it went from area to area. I have hardwood floors, low pile carpet, carpet runners, and linoleum in the downstairs of my house, and the Deebot was able to handle them all.

After the Deebot was finished it found itself back to the charging station to start recharging. I can say that Deebot performed very well. All of my carpeted areas were great looking and it cleaned the dust on my hardwoods. When I went to empty the collection bin, it was quite full. It was easy to open and to discard into my trashcan. Some of the spinner brushes had been warped out of shape in the process of maneuvering around objects. It comes with a spare set of brushes, but I left the current ones in because they were not terribly warped. I might change them out after my third vacuuming. I would highly advise that you get the accessory kit with the extra spinning brushes, the filters, and a spare brush roller. I have that on my order list to get this week.

Overall, the Deebot works great!! I am giving it 4-stars because of the need to change the spinner brushes more often than you would expect. The spinner brushes are its one flaw. I would highly recommend the Deebot N79S to anyone who hates vacuuming and who does not have high pile, or shag carpets. If you found this review helpful, please click the YES icon.

Just to note, I am an Amazon prime customer and I have not been compensated, nor have I been provided a free product in relation to this review. It is my own opinion on the product and may not reflect other's opinions. If after a few months use, and I find that the Deebot is not performing as spectacularly as it did during the first and second vacuuming. I will come back and update my review.
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on March 10, 2018
I don't really like to use the phrase "life-changing", but this little guy has seriously fit that description. I have 3 cats (med to long hair) and two dogs. Our dogs track in so much sand from the yard that we were having to sweep 3-5 times a day just to keep the tile floors from not turning in to a beach. Cat hair tumbleweeds were commonplace no matter what we did. I run our deebot (whom we have named Dobby) twice a day and the difference has been night and day. No sand anywhere, no hair, the air feels cleaner. It's saved me a ton of time. The noise doesn't keep us from being able to converse, can easily still watch TV with no problems. I made sure to go around initially and look for any stray cords and so far the deebot has not gotten stuck on anything, but it does push our medium pile throw rug around. The app is great and easy to set up. I don't feel there is a huge difference between my sister's lower end roomba and the deebot on functionality and performance... huge difference in price though!
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on March 31, 2018
I was really excited about this product especially after doing my research and reading all of the reviews. Let me start by saying that we have a pretty large open concept home so when people say that it's best with a smaller houses, follow the advice because it's true. This drunk bot will run forever in no particular pattern and miss many spots where I can see dirt and hair. Broken down by pros and cons:

1. Creepy cool product, I mean, it's a robot doing your housework!
2. Entertained the cat which entertained us
3. Got underneath furniture without an issue and on and off rugs pretty well
4. Does really well on hard wood floors

1. Some settings don't work in certain houses; the single room setting does not work in an open concept as we don't have the ability to close off spaces since there are no doors between rooms
2. Didn't venture into other rooms much; like seriously this bot fell in love with my living room rug!
3. Couldn't find home to save it's life. It could be right around the corner from the dock and hitting home would send it off on a wild adventure two rooms away. We had to pick it up every time and put it right in front of the dock to get it to go home.
4. Would leave random dust bunnies behind even though we emptied it, which was pretty counter productive.

So in summary, I would recommend this for someone with a small space but not for large homes and definitely not for open concepts. Unfortunately for us this little guy is going back to the workshop and we are going to move on to a different model, hoping for a better outcome.
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on March 18, 2018
Absolutely love this thing. I have it set to run at 1:30am while the family sleeps and boy does thing (I named mine Suckatron), do its job! I got this on sale for $199 on here, but I don’t see the need for Alexa connectivity. The app does just fine. These people crying about it, seriously, it’s stupid.

I’ve had it for about two weeks now and it’s finally not filling up as much on the overnight cleaning, which makes me happy. It blows my mind the amount of hair and dirt this thing picks up. We have two dogs and a cat, along with a 2 month old and a 2 year old. I just have to pick up any loose items and wires in the living room, dining room, and kitchen and block the bottom of the fridge (it tends to get jammed under the door and gets stuck), and this little wonder cleans up like a champ

This guy is mighty and worth every penny. If I manage to keep this for over a year, which I’m sure I will, this thing will have cost me less than a $1/day and I can’t put a value on my or my wife’s time that we save with cleaning. I could go on and on, but I won’t. It awesome. You’re silly if you don’t buy this guy. The N79 version probably does just fine, I just happened to catch this one for practically the same price, so that’s why I went for it.
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on March 8, 2018
Our "Beeboot" as my wife has renamed it is awesome!! Way exceeded our expectations. I did a lot of research and compared pros and cons with various brands and models and this was truly the best(especially for the price)! It has WiFi for app control, it connects with Alexa, and comes with a remote. My wife vacuumed with our Dyson before hand to tidy up a bit and not overwhelm Beeboot. We still had to empty out his dust bin twice that first time. Keep in mind we have 4 German shepherds and a cat. So now we run Beeboot nightly to clean and he does his own thing while we watch tv. My shepherds just lay around until Beeboot comes around and know enough to move when he comes their way. My cat just hides until Beeboot is done.
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on March 17, 2018
I love Rosie the Robot! I have her set up to vacuum every day before I get home from work. She does tend to get stuck under certain items easily so I sometimes have to rescue her. However, if I check it from the app I can usually change her direction easily with the remote function and she goes right back to cleaning. The WiFi works great and I’ve never had an issue with the connection. The package includes a remote and cleaning tool as well.

I have 2 dogs, 1 cat, and 2 chinchillas so daily vacuuming is a necessity it my home. After she’s done her chores I empty the container and I’m always amazed at how much dust, dirt, hair, and debris she picks up! She does have difficulty getting back to the charging station though. It would have been nice if there was a stronger signal connecting the vacuum and the charger so it wouldn’t turn around in circles searching for the base. It’s not a deal breaker for me as I have a small home but it would be frustrating in a large house to have to go searching for her. Overall I’m really pleased with this unit. My chinchillas kick a lot of debris out of their cage and this helps keep my living room tidy. I’ve also noticed my home feels cleaner and smells fresher from the reduced dust in the carpet. I’m living The Jetsons life with this amazing little robot!
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on March 20, 2018
I have all hardwood floors in the house. The main floor is about 1200 sf. On the main floor this robot will go under all the chairs, couches, dining table and do a good job cleaning up dog hair and dirt. It will occasionally wedge itself under a low spot in the bathroom's vanity. I had to move the charging station around several times to find a spot the robot could easily find when it was time to charge.

The top floor is about 1000 sf. I just carry it up there, hit the auto button, and walk away. This robot cleaned under all the beds and even some of the furniture. It does a pretty good job. When I come back I carry it back downstairs to the charger. Its a big time saver.

Here is why I didn't give it 5 stars:

1. It does get wedged under things from time to time.
2. It will suck up something to big, like a nerf dart, and then just stop and beep.
3. Its louder than I expected. Not as loud as our canister vac but not far away.
4. Programming and scheduling options are very basic. For instance I can't program an edge cleaning on one day and an auto cleaning on another.

Overall I'm really happy with this robot. I paid about $200.
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