Customer Reviews: ECW: One Night Stand (2006)
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VINE VOICEon June 12, 2006
Last year's ECW PPV was more of a homecoming tribute, and turned out to be an excellent event. This time, ECW is brought back with an another solid presentation, and plenty of "F-You"s for those who don't believe in it. The WWE Superstars battle the ECW Hardcore Wrestlers - Read on:

1) Tazz vs. Jerry Lawler
---This grudge match was conveniently short...about 30 seconds, I think. I'm not incredibly upset about this one, because I can't say it's a bad match. I can't really say it's a "match" at all. Enough said.
"No Grade"

2) Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle
---Angle is the perfect catalyst to launch ECW's division of technical wrestlers. And Randy Orton, in my opinion, is one hell of a superstar. Unfortunately, this one starts off a little slow and doesn't really pick up until the end. I think it's because Orton has ring rust, and the Hammerstein Ballroom crowd clearly thinks so. This isn't a bad match, but if Kurt Angle wants to give ECW a new face, he's gonna require more suitable competition.
"6.0 out of 10"

3) Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke vs. Super Crazy & Tajiri
---Now this is an ECW match that gives fans warm nostalgia, and will educate the newcomers. This type of high-flying, hard-hitting contest is what gave ECW its reputation. It's a good clean fight with some wicked spots that WWE rarely shows. A very good Tag Team match!
"7.5 out of 10"

4) World Heavyweight Championship
Sabu vs. Rey Mysterio (champion)
---I had my doubts about this one because Sabu's body has been beaten beyond description, plus I'm sure he has the all-time record for botches. Boy, was I wrong! This match is excellent! You want fast-paced action...check. You want tables broken...check. You want sick chair spots...check. You want a great finish...sorry, too bad. I can't tell if this match's ending was planned or not, but I will say that it is the only bad part. Sabu and Mysterio pull off a great table spot, and then the match ends via referee stoppage. If you can just go easy on the finish, you'll probably still get into it.
"8.0 out of 10"---("9" for the action, "5" for the Finish & time length)

5) Mick Foley, Edge, & Lita vs. Terry Funk, Tommy Dreamer, & Beulah McGillicutty
---The original two-on-two match becomes bigger when the two women decided to jump in. Well not really, because Lita and Beulah don't do much, but rest easy as you will see a "CATFIGHT!". As for the four veterans, this match definitely more of a spot-fest than an actual competition. In other words, the individual moment is more important than the overall story and outcome. I'm not sure either team was really trying to "win". There are some tough spots to watch here, particularly the barbed-wire and burning-weapons moments. I think this brutal showcase, as awesome as it is, seems too choreographed. But I give tons of credit to four gladiators who are willing beat their own bodies for our sadistic pleasure.
"8.0 out of 10"

6) Balls Mahoney vs. Masato Tanaka
---It is great to see Balls back in action, and Tanaka is tougher than anybody else...PERIOD. This is your typical short-but-sweet ECW match with solid wrestling and chair violence! I wish it were longer, but it doesn't disappoint. It's the roughest main-event cooldown I've ever seen.
"7.0 out of 10"

7) WWE Championship
Rob Van Dam vs. John Cena (champion)
---If you wanna see this main event to watch John Cena get booed out of the building, it delivers in spades. If you wanna see a good hardcore match, it's adequate. I have never seen such a rabid crowd since Hogan/Rock at WRESTLEMANIA X-8. Literally every move gets a loud reaction, most of which are so obscene that nobody can print them. The match itself is solid, as RVD and Cena do some sweet moves and keep the things going. But the crowd makes the match even better. As shocking as the finish is, to me it was kind of a jip. Just like Chris Jericho didn't get a proper push as the Undisputed WWF Champion, RVD's push is tainted. But make no mistake, the crowd has to be seen to be believed. This match will go down in the books, I promise you that.
"7.0 out of 10"---(physical match gets a "6", the crowd gets a "100!")

ECW ONE NIGHT STAND 2006 is almost as good a PPV as last year's, but a somewhat different experience. The quality of the matches was about equal compared to the 2005 ECW PPV. The ECW spirit has never been more alive. I guess the only criticism is that last year's WWE angle was an might've annoyed you, but you were supposed to be angry at it. This year, WWE kind of reared its safety helmet on the title bouts, which may bother some ECW faithful. Regardless of those minor nitpicks, if WWE is serious about giving ECW a fresh start, this is a more-than-worthy way to do it. The passion is still strong, the fans are still rabid, and the physicality is still entertaining. When the DVD comes out, every wrestling fan should check this out.

ECW's first PPV from 1997 --- BARELY LEGAL --- is included in the 2-disc set. Big props to WWE for giving one of their best PPV DVD bonuses ever. There are some pretty good matches on here. Rob Van Dam is an impromptu replacement to face Lance Storm, and then later cuts a killer shoot promo. There's a solid opener between The Eliminators and Kronus/Saturn. Terry Funk competes in a violent 3-way match, and gets his ECW Title shot against Raven immediately afterwards. But the real treat of the card (in my humble opinion) is a Michinoku 6-Man Tag Team contest. I don't really know where this card came from, but it appears that ECW paid 6 overseas veterans to put on an exhibition bout to give fans a dose of variety. In short, it's one of the greatest Tag Team matches you'll ever see. I know I'm forgetting a few other contests, but overall, ECW BARELY LEGAL is an excellent trip down memory lane.
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VINE VOICEon August 3, 2006

The previous year about about a reunion, this year was about establishing the third WWE brand. You saw elements & some talents from the original ECW mixed in with new elements in what was titled "A New Breed Unleashed" as there were some established WWE superstars who were aligned with ECW as well. All the matches were held under "Extreme Rules" (the new name given to a no rules hardcore match) with Paul Heyman opening the show & Joey Styles doing the commentary to later be joined by Tazz while special appearances from ECW's Sandman, RAW's Eugene & SmackDown's J.B.L. were made throughout the night. Also as a bonus along with this event is WWE's release of the original ECW's first PPV event in Barely Legal. Now there are some differences between this & the Pioneer Home Video version in that all the backstage interviews are on here, Shane Douglas' speech is unedited, all non-WWE owned ECW music is removed (no "Enter Sandman"), and some of Joey Styles' commentary is redone.

Tazz vs. Jerry Lawler - Nothing much here past it being Tazz's last official match & Jerry "Extremely Crappy Wrestling" Lawler paying for his constant taunting of Joey Styles.

Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton - Orton kept going to the outside whenever Angle started to have an the advantage as he was dominate with takedowns & taunts like slapping him across the head while he had him down to the point where Angle even offered his head for Orton to headlock before Orton was finally able to get some momentum due to a mistiming by Kurt leading to a series of countering holds between the two along with exchanging uppercuts. They traded momentum with Angle heavily relying on suplexes such as 3 germans in a row while Orton delivered his own armdrags & dropkicks as both men continued to counter each other's signature moves such as the AngleSlam, anklelock, top rope crossbody, and RKO. This was a competitive match between both men as Angle was more serious & resorting to grounded wrestling than we've previously seen him due to his identity as the "Wrestling Machine."

Tajiri & Super Crazy vs. F.B.I. - These men met last year in a three way dance & now face off once again but in a tag team match with Tajiri returning to WWE for the first time in months for one night only while Big Guido was in the corner of the F.B.I. with both teams started out with grounded wrestling with such holds as Mamalukes's keylock, Crazy's front face lock, Tajiri's strong kicks, and Guido's fujiarwa armbar takedown. The action started to pick up with double tree of woe corner dropkicks & an asai moonsault onto multiple people on the outside with the speed picking up & the hits getting harder such as Tajiri kicking the legs out from under & one guy knocked into the front row along with various double teaming including double tarantulas & fisherman's buster. This was a fast paced hard hitting encounter but stay tuned as the newest member of the ECW roster (complete with long overdue new theme music) was the last man standing.

World Champion Rey Mysterio vs. Sabu - You had a clue where this match was going with both men had a dueling chairs battle early as they were able to use the chair in ways such as a springboard for a leg lariat & frankensteiner, drop toe hold into it, and just having it launched straight at the head before both men went aerial with moves like a top rope moonsault, second rop legdrop, springboard leg lariat, triple jump moonsault, Sabu's arabian facebuster with a chair & Mysterio's seated senton through a table while both men showing why it's called "high risk" as they didn't always connect with their aerial offense & one attempted maneuver ended up sending both men through a table on the outside. This was built up as a dream match between both men highly known for their high risk aerial offensive which they did showcase here while implementing the elements of the chairs & tables as well with the only real negative here being the finish.
[ECW: Extreme Rules]

Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk, Beulah vs. Edge, Mick Foley, Lita - It was during this time that Foley had aligned himself with Edge & Lita to the point where they resurrected the retired Hardcore Championship & declared themselves co-champions but this originally scheduled tag match was turned into a six "person" tag when Beulah challenged Lita after she kept getting involved in the prior weeks while Foley came into the match with a black eye thanks to Funk & did a funny pre-match promo referring to a period in the history ECW that all the fans truly hated. All four men started brawling both in the ring & on the floor with various weapons coming into play such as a cookie sheet, Dreamer doing a baseball sliding a trash can into Foley & Dreamer hip tossed onto a ladder by Edge before Funk did his classic airplane spin with the ladder before Foley pulled out a barbed wire board that came into effect as everyone took a hit into this board at one point. Edge & Foley got very violent using the divide & conquer strategy using the barbed wire to have Funk bleeding from the eye, Dreamer taking "Barbie" between the legs, and even Beulah getting a taste of Mr. Socko but they fought back resulting in Foley being on fire with both him & Funk falling into the barbed wire board, Dreamer using the a barbed wire crossface, the traditional ECW "catfight" before things ended in a pin attempt that was so sleazy that even the referee went "what the hell are you doing?" This match was the EXTREME violence you would expect from a show with the letters "ECW" attached to it.
[Mick Foley's Greatest Hits & Misses: Hardcore Edition; ECW: Extreme Rules; Edge: Decade Of Decadance]

Balls Mahoney vs. Masato Tatanka - Tanaka came out with his right shoulder taped up with Balls starting out in control with a powerslam & series of punches before they eventually ended up on the outside fighting & back in the ring exchanging superplexes before reliving their infamous "dueling chairs" battle. This was too short to make anything relevant.

WWE Champion John Cena vs. Rob Van Dam - Rob Van Dam came in to a hero's reception while Cena was booed out of the building to the point where the crowd showed that they refused to anything to do with him while you clearly saw the sign of "If Cena Wins, We Riot!" & the crowd being very vocal about his lack of wrestling ability & staleness. Both men hit some big moves in the first part of the match like the cradle suplex & a big sidekick & trading fist before taking the match to the outside with Cena dropping a top rope axe hammer to RVD on the outside only for RVD to respond with a moonsault press off the guardrail followed by fighting in the crowd. Both men began taking things to the extreme bringing a chair into the match for various offense like RVD's skateboard into the corner & Rolling Thunder on onto the chair while Cena used it for a DDT & catapulting RVD directly into it as they continued to trade momentum countering each other's offense with things starting to get more out of control with the referee getting too emotionally involved, steel steps & a table involved in the match, and men who had both issues & alliances with the participants getting involved as well. While this match is mostly remembered for the crowd reactions & the result, the match itself was really good as both men played off each other very well.
[John Cena: My Life]

(Bonus Match) WWE vs. ECW Battle Royal - This was a 10 man battle royal that had 10 members of each team competing against each other with the last team standing being the winners in a nice battle royal but really wasn't anything really special past Edge being the "ultimate opportunist" lurking on the outside & getting involved on the apron but never officially entering the ring so we wouldn't get eliminated but this all about how "ECW had no idea what it's going to get" in the end.
"WWE vs. Head: Head To Head" June '06

(Barely Legal) Tag Team Champions Dudley Boyz vs. Eliminators - Dudleys attacked from behind after Sign Guy helped with a distraction (and payed for it) with them hitting some hard hitting moves like the Bubba Bomb & diving headbutt before Eliminators started making a comeback using their educated feet for various kicks & aerial offense such as the moonsault & various splash from either a backflip or 450 position along with executing both kicks & splashes from a springboard position. This was a hot opening match that saw both teams showcase their array of offense with Eliminators diverse offensive style leaving an impression.

(Barely Legal) Lance Storm vs. Rob Van Dam - This was originally suppose to be Chris Candido vs. Lance Storm but RVD replaced Candido after he suffered an injury with Storm always remaining one step ahead in the early exchanges before RVD was finally able to catch him before both men had an aerial attack with holds like the leaping somersault dive, top rope back elbow, and moonsault press on the outside. RVD got more aggressive to the point where he brought a chair into play & threw it in Storm's face quick like a bullet followed by the running chair dropkick in the corner & frog splash but Storm kept fighting back catching him in submissions like the boston crab into a single crab before using the chair himself for holds like a Tiger Bomb & top rope legdrop onto the open chair. This was a solid match & they would go on to have better quality matches as Storm still wasn't comfortable with the ECW environment yet (as you could tell by the chairshots he gave) but this was more about the infamous speech afterwords where RVD addressed the crowds chants of "You Sold Out!"
[Rob Van Dam: One Of A Kind]

(Barely Legal) Great Sasuke, Gran Hamaada, Masato Yakushij vs. bWo International (Taka Michinoku, Mens Teioh, Dick Togo) - This was a representation of the working relationship with Michinoku Pro Wrestling promotion in Japan to the point where Taka's team were the international members of the bWo. The bWo started out with double & triple teaming offense while also taking to time to keep posing & taunting their opponents while Teioh was able to showcase his power with moves like the delayed vertical suplex but the other team was able to make a comeback with very fast paced offense such as a baseball side into head scissors takeover on the floor & Sasuke countering a powerbomb into frankensteiner & later a double clothesline into a moonsault press. They traded momentum constantly with Teioh showing his strength like countering a hip toss into a DDT & later delivering a chokeslam into a powerbomb, Hamada with a top rope frankensteiner, Taka's missle dropkick to the back of the head, Sasuke with a mid-air dropkick, and the bWo continuing to double & triple team including a spike piledriver & triple man powerbomb. This was very fast paced high speed athletic action from start to finish.

(Barely Legal) Television Champion Shane Douglas vs. Pitbull #2 - This match had a special stipulation that the masked man who had been taunting Douglas for months would unmask himself if Douglas wins as Pitbull #1 was sitting in the front row while Douglas & Francine was escorted to the ring by a riot squad. Pitbull #2 used power moves like clotheslines & spinkicks while trying to work over his neck from a front facelock & wrenching side headlock but Douglas was able to recover & work over Pitbull's neck with moves like the snapmare, a dropkick to the of the head, and camel clutch before Pitbull was able to launch Douglas over the top rope & through a table when Pitbull #1 made his presence known as Douglas continued to use dirty tactics along with weapons like the guardrail & a chair however Pitbull #2 continued to keep shaking off the pain with power moves like the shoulder block & powerslam causing Douglas & Francine resort to almost every single dirty tactic & weapon they could including breaking a piece of board over his head twice & Chris Candido making an appearance. This told a good story in regards to both men focusing on each other's necks at one point along with Douglas throwing everything but the kitchen sink thrown at Pitbull who was refusing to fail but the biggest story of the match wasn't just who was the guy that was taunting Douglas for months but who was the guy under the mask that night.

(Barely Legal) Sabu vs. Taz - This was called "The Grudge Match Of The Century" as this match was build for over a year dating back to their issues going on 2 years earlier to the point where Sabu came straight to the ring without his typical entrance. Both men went back & forth wrestling with Taz even daring Sabu to take his leg at one point before catching him in a body scissors with vicious crossfaces that ended up breaking Sabu's nose. Sabu used this daredevil offense like the double jump springboard into the crowd followed by brawling in the audience while Taz was sticking to this wrestling like the freestyle bow & arrow stretch while also countering Sabu's offense like throwing Sabu off a swinging DDT attempt that sent Sabu through a table. Taz made his clear that he was going after Sabu's previously injured neck with his various Tazplexes that landed Sabu directly on it while even Sabu tried to beat Taz at his own game applying the Tazmission at one point. This did come off as a grudge match with how hard & stiff each other were going after each other but it was the aftermath that had everyone talking as it changed both men's careers forever.
[ECW Unreleased Vol. 1; ECW: Extreme Revolution]

(Barely Legal) Terry Funk vs. Sandman vs. Stevie Richards - Tommy Dreamer & Beulah joined Joey Styles on commentary for this match with the winner getting a shot against ECW Champion Raven afterwords. Sandman was in control in the early part of the match by making teams with both men at one point only to betray his partner right away before going to the back & tossing a ladder tossed into the ring nailing Funk in the head & it continuing to be used as a weapon such as suplexing it onto Stevie, Funk attempting a moonsault off the top of it, Sandman coming off the top rope with it onto Stevie & later tossing it onto Stevie on the floor, the classic Funk airplane spin, and Stevie using it as a see-saw on Funk & Sandman. More weapons came into a play such a trash can wrapped in sheet metal that nailed Funk in the head when tossed in the ring & Stevie suplexed on top of it along with barbed wire that Funk used to whip & Sandman later wrapped himself in it as a human battery ram while all three men continued to beat the hell out of each other in what was definitely an "extreme" triple threat match between all three leading to....
[Bloodsport: ECW's Most Dangerous Matches]

(Barely Legal) ECW Champion Raven vs. Terry Funk - ...this match with Raven attacking right away with the championship & eventually busting Funk open with Raven continuing to attack that cut while also driving Funk through a table on the outside as Raven's nest came out to inflict more damage while also taunting Dreamer at the announce table causing Dreamer to take matters into his own hand. The match wasn't much due to time restraints limiting what they could do but it was all about the emotional moment of if Terry Funk's could complete his comeback & become champion.
[Bloodsport: ECW's Most Dangerous Matches]

One Night Stand would go on to be the last great PPV under the ECW banner & in many ways the last true sign of what fans remembered what the original ECW was as we would see the direction the brand would go to & later ended up being reduced to over the course of the next 4 years as the show had good wrestling & hardcore action mixed together well. All of this along with the bonus of the Barely Legal PPV makes this set in itself going out of your way to see.
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on June 14, 2006





1. Tazz vs. Jerry Lawer- This was a wierd choice to kick off the show. Was not a wrestling match i think it was just to get the crowd off to a hot start with tazz chocking out lawer. Neither can wrestle ant more because of injuries and age. It is hard to rate becuase it was for entertainment but i cant pass it. Winner tazz. Match Rating 3/10.

2. Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton- This was a decent match and told a good story as well. Angle moved to ecw was a big surprise but it could help out the compeny in years to come. Reminded me of eddie vs. beniot last year except a little longer. Most of the begining was slow but than picked up the last 6 minutes and put on a good match for everyone to watch and the crowd was all over orton. Winner Kurt Angle. Match rating 7.5/10.

3. Fbi vs. Tajiri and super crazy- This was also a nice surprise on the card. SOme might not agree nut i think this was a litlle better than last years triple threat. Great to see the fbi back together and tajiri as well. SOlid cruiserwieght action hear really non stop and given a good 12 minutes of soild action. A surprising ending and a good one were they let the fbi get the win sience nunzio has not got a win in like a year. Winners Fbi. Match Rating 8/10.

4. Rey Mysterio vs. Sabu in an extreme rules match for the WHT- This was way abouve my expectaions that i had for this match. Just an awsome match by both men. Sabu is in great condidtion and we saw it here and rey was his old ecw way and put on alot better of a match than he did last year. Some awsome table spots were sabu jumps off a rope and hits a running ddt through the table which has to be seen. A nice chair spot and another nice table one but the ending took a little bit off of this becuase they could not finish that sucked cudos to both men. Winner no contest. Match Rating 8.5/10.

5. Terry FUnk and tommy Dreamer and Bulla vs. Edge and mick foley and lita in an extreme rules match- This was also an awsome match. For funks age i did not think he would be even able to move and he still put on a awsome hardcore match. Started off with some trash cans and street signs. They pulled out a ladeer as well. LIta and bulla were added to this match before it started but did not play a big role. There was a sick spots were barb wire was invovled. Foley was acualty caught on fire which has to be seen good effort by all of these men. Winners Edge and mick foley. Match Rating 9/10.

6. Ballz Mohoney vs. Masto Tanka- This was not the awsome vs. Tanka match from the year before but it was not all that bad either. Kind of short and i was expecting a little more chairs and near falls but it seemed like this one was a filler. Not much to say. Winner Ballz Mohoney. Match Rating 6/10.

7. Rvd vs. John cena for the wwe title in an extreme rules match- This was also an awsome match. The crowd was off the hook and all over cena which was awsome to see the crowd boo the hell out of cena. So many anit cena fans i loved it. Not to many items involved in this match but more soild wretling and about a good 18 minute match. A nice table spot in the match were edge comes in and spears cena through a table. A very good main event. Winner and new wwe champ RVD. Match rating 8/10.

Well that raps up another. I would give One night sdtand 2006 a grade of 50/70 which is a 71% which means this is a awsome ppv. This was a great use of 40 dollars and i would recomend this to people to buy when it comes out. If you can tell me if my review was helpful or not i would appreicate that. Thanks for your time.
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on January 16, 2013
If youre looking for a an old school ecw show you may want to look elsewhere. The production quality being so much higher is even a bit strange to watch and one of the matches is stopped (sabu and mystery) as a result of injury but the funk/dreamer - edge-mick match continued to a point it was almost hard to watch. The fans are worth buying this one all by themselves. Its the old ecw chants in severe overkill and is great all buy itself. The other matches are kind of a fun walk down memory lane. Id buy it just for fun. Keep an open mind.
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on April 22, 2012
Most of the matches were pretty good, but I felt a little cheated with the Sabu/Mysterio match and the fact that they wouldn't let RVD get the clean win he deserved. It was a great DVD and the addition of Barely Legal is an awesome bonus. My biggest issue was that I watched it with my 9 year-old sister and had to try to talk over the crowds chants. The crowd was radically different from what I've grown used to, even watching through the attitude era. But, it's exciting and was still great to see some of the old ECW guys, even if it was in an odd context.
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on February 18, 2008
I have been a wrestling fan since 1996 and have watched all kinds of wrestling. I have a wrestling DVD/VHS collection spanning over 50 all together. This is the most complete and accurate review of this DVD you will find. I hope you find this review helpful; remember to vote helpful or not helpful. (Note-Each DVD I review has a "Match of the DVD" award somewhere in it.)

ECW One Night Stand 2006
This One Night Stand event is different from the first in that it feels less like an ECW event and more like a mixture of WWE and ECW. This event is fresh and is extremely different compared to any other ECW or WWE PPV you will find. It takes place at the Hammerstien Ballroom, and seats some of the most rabid wrestling fans in the world. The show is always electric from top to bottom. Nothing in this show is less than great. If you are looking for the original, more ECW-like, event, it is ECW - One Night Stand.

Before the show begins, Paul Heyman comes out and gives a speech. He thanks the fans for their support and plugs the new ECW on Sci-Fi.

Tazz VS Jerry "The King" Lawler
This match is over within 30 seconds. You did not expect much so it was pretty entertaining anyway. Joey Styles gets involved and Lawler is choked out.

Tazz joins Joey Styles on commentary from this point of the show on.

Randy Orton VS Kurt Angle
Even though Angle is not a real ECW guy, the fans love this guy. The crowd is into this match and eats Orton alive. I prefer their second encounter at WWE Raw Presents: Vengeance much more, but this match and solid. I have always loved Kurt Angle's intense gimmick because the crowd loves it and gets really into the match.
RATING- 8/10

F.B.I. VS Super Crazy & Tajiri
This is a fantastic tag team match. The match is very fast paced and you see many moves you do not regularly see in WWE matches. It is nice to see Tajiri back in an American ring. After the match, Big Show comes out and destroys everyone.
RATING- 8.5/10

Between these two matches, JBL addresses the crowd. He says he is taking Tazz's place as commentator on Smackdown.

World Heavyweight Championship- Extreme Rules
Rey Mysterio(c) VS Sabu
A dream match-up in a lot of wrestling fans minds. This match is fast paced and both wrestlers work hard. There are some brutal spots including the last spot, which is sickening. The only complaint with this match is that it was a little short.
RATING- 9/10

Mixed Extreme Tag Team Match
Mick Foley, Edge, & Lita VS Terry Funk, Tommy Dreamer, & Beulah
Wow. What a match these six had. Lita and Beulah have very little involvement in the match. The other four work their butts off to give everyone one of the greatest brawls I have ever seen. Barbwire and fire both come into play during this match. Terry Funk looks like he is going to die at one point during the match. This is not just random violence though; everything was well done and well paced.
RATING- 10/10

Balls Mahoney VS Masato Tanaka
This was more of a slow down match. The fans are still into it and it is a great match. Balls spits beer in Tanaka's face. Good match overall.
RATING- 7.5/10

Eugene enters the ring to tell the fans how much he loves ECW. This goes on for a few minutes before Sandman shows up. Sandman gets tore up by the crowd though, everyone is hanging and pulling on him. He plays it cool though, gets to the ring, and beats up on Eugene. Good segment.

WWE Championship- Extreme Rules
John Cena(c) VS Rob Van Dam
This is one of the most emotional matches I have ever seen. The crowd gives a reaction to every single move. Cena is hated so much by the crowd. When he throws his shirt to the crowd, they throw it back...multiple times. They do not get lazy just because the crowd is into it (like Triple H VS Cena at WWE WrestleMania 22); they give you a great show.

Extras include-
WWE VS ECW Battle Royal (From WWE VS ECW: Head to Head)
Post- Show fan comments
Opening Segment of ECW on Sci-Fi
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on May 25, 2012
I first started watching wrestling at the beginning of 2006 where I was a huge WWE fan but when I first watched this live on Pay-Per-View it made me become a HUGE ECW fan and introduced me to new wrestlers I've never even heard of or seen wrestle before and I was very impressed!

1. Taz(ECW)vs. Jerry Lawler(WWE)- There was a plus and a minus in this match. The plus is Jerry being choked out, and the minus being it was really super short.5/10

2. Kurt Angle(ECW) vs. Randy Orton(WWE)- This match was a very good technical match between the two with Kurt's submissions and Randy's skilled signature moves. Randy starts off kinda scared by getting out of the ring every time they locked up but then finally got in there and then thats when the match got underway where there were suplexes, RKO's, and Angle slam's with Kurt beating Randy with the ankle lock.7.5/10

3. F.B.I(Little Guido and Tony Mamaluke)(ECW) vs. Super Crazy and Tajiri(ECW)- This was my first glimpse at some original ECW action with some perfect high flying Lucha Libre action which was awesome because of Tajiri's kicks and acrobatic moves and super crazy's "CRAZY" jumps made them a perfect team to fight the FBI's double team manuever's just made this an excellent match. At the end big show came out to make his ECW debut by beating up everyone.8/10

4. World Heavyweight Championship Extreme Rules match: Sabu(ECW) vs. Rey Mysterio(champion)(WWE)- The second match where I got introduced to a new wrestler(Sabu) where in this match you got a mixture high flying and hardcore action where they used chairs and tables and sabu did his signature sringboard off the ropes a couple of times and his chair throwing and at the end sabu jumped on Rey who was standing on a table propped up by the ring and barricade where they both went hed first through the table and could not continue. 9/10

5. Extreme Rules tag team match: Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer(ECW) vs. Mick Foley and Edge(WWE)- This shouldn't of even been called an extreme rules match because this more than extreme, ultraviolent is the name for it. They used trash cans, street signs, serving trays, ladders, a piece of plywood with barbed wire on it, a baseball bat wrapped with barbed wire, a length of barbed wire, and a 2x4 wrapped with barbed wire. This was amazing and because I've never seen Tommy or Terry wrestle before I thought it was just going to be like the sabu/Mysterio match with just chairs and tables but this was a huge shocker when I saw this. Ok so in the middle of the match Terry got really beaten up and bloody so he had to be taken backstage but came back with the 2x4, lit on fire and hit Mick foley with it who fell into the plywood then Terry following by getting pushed by edge. At the end, Edge got the lengthed of barbed wire and put it in the EYES of Tommy! And then spearing Beulah to pin her. Note: Beulah and Lita were in the match but didn't get involved much until they started a catfight between them. 10/10

6. Balls Mahoney(ECW) vs. Masato Tanaka(ECW)- This match was just a basic brawl with just chairs being used very good because they both REALLY know how to swing a chair. At the end Balls did the hardest chair shot I've ever heard and saw on Masato to pick up the win. 8/10

7. WWE Championship Extreme Rules match: Rob Van Dam(ECW) vs. John Cena(champion)(WWE)- This was not better than the sabu/Mysterio match and definitely not better than the Terry,Tommy/Mick,Edge match because they did the same, tables and chairs but Rob's martial arts background and John Cena's technical wrestling made this very good. In the end Edge came out and speared John through a table and Rob five-star frog splashed Cena with Paul Heyman coming out to count the pin for Rob to win the championship. The plus is Rob winning the title and the minus is Edge spearing John to help. 8.5/10

On the extras menu I encourage you to watch the battle royal because it reveals a "huge" surprise and shows the WWE losing to ECW. And the Barely Legal disc is good because that showed me some original ECW matches, the three you should watch is the Japanese six man tag because that is very high flying and athletic match I have seen. Then the three way dance for a shot at the ECW Championship between Terry Funk, Sandman, and Stevie Richards where they use ladders, trash cans, and a length of barbed wire. And finally Terry funk vs. Raven for the ECW Championship where Tommy comes down and helps Terry beat and humiliate Raven.

Overall, this event was good because it showed me some new wrestling talent and now makes me want to watch original(before they went out of business in 2001) ECW events. 110/100 best Pay-Per-View of 2006!
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on July 7, 2006
This DVD also includes a BONUS DVD "ECW Barely Legal:"

This is packaged in a 2 disc amaray case. It was a night where champions excelled, alliances crumbled and emotions exploded. Extreme Championship Wrestling leaped into the future on April 13, 1997 with their very first Pay-Per-View. Held at the world famous ECW arena in South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, it was a night so EXTREME it was BARELY LEGAL! It is approx 146 minutes.

ECW One Night Stand 2006: With Rob Van Dam cashing in his Money in the Bank title opportunity in an arena packed with rabid ECW fans, is John Cena's WWE Championship about to go Extreme? Will the maniacal Sabu claim Rey Mysterio's World Heavyweight Championship in his latest reign of terror? Which duo can claim the Hardcore mantle - Mick Foley & Edge or Terry Funk & Tommy Dreamer? It's the return of ECW and its special brand of violence at ECW ONE NIGHT STAND.



MIXED EXTREME TAG TEAM MATCH: Tommy Dreamer & Terry Funk & Beulah vs. Mick Foley & Edge & Lita

Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton

Balls Mahoney vs. Masato Tanaka

Tazz vs. Jerry "The King" Lawler

F.B.I. vs. Tajiri & Super Crazy

Approximate running time: 3 hours.
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on March 24, 2006

Mikey Whipwreck vs. Two Cold Scorpio

Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten vs. The Impact Players

The Mexicools vs. The BWO vs. The FBI

Mike Awsome vs. Tommy Dreamer

The Sandman vs. Sabu

Masato Tanaka vs. New Jack

Terry Funk vs. Cactus Jack

Apparently there is a rumor going around that Rob Van Dam is going to win the MITB ladder match and cash in his contract at ECW One Night Stand. There are several ways of him winning the world title if he does win at WM, but here's the match that I predict will happen...

Rob Van Dam vs. Rey Mysterio

Expect another WWE invasion because Vince still isn't convinced that ECW can put on a hell of show without the help of WWE superstars in it. I just hope Cena is there so the ECW crowd can tear him a new one like they were chanting last year.
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on July 11, 2006
This is a great deal for any wrestling fan. the Barely Legal dvd it comes with is pretty good. There are a couple things bad about it tho. First the Cussing is Edited out except for the fans. Second some of the original themes have been edited out. Now on to the One Night Stand dvd it's self. There's not alot of extras on this dvd, kind of disapointing. But over all this dvd was well worth $16 at the local Wal-Mart.
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