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on May 4, 2013
I used to have a Miccus Mini-jack RX: Bluetooth Music Receiver but when I got a new car with built-in bluetooth, I gave it to my husband. But then I found I wanted a similar device for myself to use with headphones and other speakers. Since I have a LifeProof Case on my iPhone, it is not easy to access the headphone jack, so I like to use bluetooth whenever possible. This device serves that purpose well enough considering the price, but it definitely has some quirks and annoying aspects.

First off, the charging port looks like an ordinary micro-USB port, but there must be something special about it, because EVERY time I have used a charging cord other than the one that came with it, it has killed the device. The first time this happened I thought it was defective, and I arranged for a return through the seller. But as I was packing it up to return, I noticed it had a couple of small holes--one on the top, and one on the side--like those found on many devices to perform a 'reset' by inserting a paper clip into the hole. I tried this, and the receiver turned on and worked again!

After that, I tried all the Micro-USB cables I had, and all of them caused the same problem except for the short one that came with the device. Putting the paper clip in the side hole always brought the device back to life, but I don't want to risk damaging the device permanently by using other cables. I'm not sure what the hole on the front is for.

I mostly use this receiver with ear buds for listening to audiobooks. In most apps, pressing the button once will cause the audio to pause, but then pressing it again does not always resume the audio playback. With some apps it will resume and others it won't. Pressing the button twice quickly will skip to the next track in some apps, but not all. I don't think these functions are documented.

One very annoying feature of this receiver is that it beeps--LOUDLY--when you turn it on and off, and when the battery is getting low. It's dangerously loud if you have it connected to earbuds or headphones. I have to be careful to remove the buds from my ears when turning it on and off. And when the battery is low it also emits a very loud, obnoxious beep. The warning beep is every few seconds so you can forget about using it until you go and charge it. It does work while being charged but since the charging cord is so short it usually isn't practical to do so.

The indicator lights on the receiver are part of the button. This makes it difficult to see the what the lights are doing as you are pressing the button. Bad design decision. I have to press the button with my thumbnail in order to see what is going on with the indicator lights.

I found the directions were not entirely accurate about turning it off and on. To turn it on, I press and hold the button for about 5-6 seconds, until the blue light starts flashing slowly. To turn it off, I press and hold the button for about 7-8 seconds until the blue and red lights both appear, and then you have to immediately release the button, or you'll end up turning it back on again if you hold it for too long.

When you plug it in to charge, it will display a solid red light while charging, and then a red and blue light after it is fully charged. I've never timed the battery life, but it's probably around 5-6 hours, which is about half that of the Miccus BluBridge.

Helpful hints:
- Only use the short charging cord that came with this receiver.
- If the receiver will not turn on, try resetting it by inserting a paper clip into the small hole on the side for a few seconds. Then try turning it on.
- Remove any attached headphones from your ears before turning it off and on.

For my limited use, this worked out okay for the price, but if you don't mind spending a little bit more, the Miccus BluBridge Mini-jack RX is a better device. It has better controls and indicators, longer battery life, works more reliably in various apps, and seems to be of higher quality. If I was using this receiver in the car, I think the annoyances would be too much to put up with.
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on November 26, 2012
So i really wanted to enjoy my music and podcasts in my car that does not have a bluetooth option but it does have a aux plug so i bought this adaptor.

shipped quickly and was as described, pairing was very easy and delivers what it promises, i can listen to my iphone 4s output through the car stereo and am very happy with it, nice sound quality.

it only has 2 drawbacks, there is no sleep mode so i need to turn it off when before i exit the car or else the charge will drain by the end of the work day....

and if i try to charge while listening (from the lighter) there is a loud hiss that makes listenint while charging impossible.

i charge while i listen to the radio, it charges quickly and lasts about 8 hours so i need to charge about once a week and just remember to shut it down before leaving the car, it pairs up very quickly and easily when i turn it back on.

so not all i dreamed for but for the price def' worth it.
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on December 28, 2013
I was skeptical because of the low price on this item. There were mixed reviews on Amazon that showed people either loved it or hated it. I have been using it in my car with my Nexus 5 for a couple of weeks now and haven't had any issues so far. The receiver turns off when the phone is away and the battery lasts several hours (I haven't tested the battery yet because I am happy with the performance). I am in my car constantly for my job and it lasts all day. Some one mentioned that they can only charge with the supplied USB cable, that is not the case with my unit. I have successfully charged the unit with my generic USB cable connected to my Griffin PowerJolt Dual Universal Micro plugged into my car's lighter port and it charged fine. I have bought a second one for my one of the speaker systems in one of the bedrooms in my house as well. Great product for the price.
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on October 30, 2013
Wanted a bluetooth connection for an aftermarket stereo aux in port, to stream Pandora and the music on my phone. Specifically picked this one because of the micro USB. Pleased to say that this works great. I have had it for about 5 months or so, sitting on the dash in Alaska's midnight sun. The unit transmits all the ranges of the music, without distortion, and the battery lasts a good while, about a week and a half of commutes for me, @ 35 or so minutes each. The auto off feature is great! Just turn off the vehicle and leave and the unit powers off. Works while charging, though you might have a bit of feedback. For reference I have a Jensen head unit, Sony Xplod 5.25"s, 4x10", a Dual 400W amp and a Sony 1200w 10" woofer in an extended cab S10.

As said before, the indicator light is under the button, which makes it impossible to see if you're pressing the button. There is an audio tone that indicates on and off, but you have to be in AUX mode to hear it!
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on July 23, 2014
We just bought new cars and found out that they came with Bluetooth, but ony for calls. So we were a little bummed when we found we couldnt steam our music. Then I decided to look online, and low and behold, we found this. I read some of the other reviews, and thought for the buck its worth the risk. I ordered 2, and I must say I love it! I havent even had the first charge on it yet since its use. I know we dont use it like 8 hours a day, but just on the way home and the way to work. As well as on the weekends. The sounds is great, and syncing once it has been paired is easy. You just have to get used to the count of when its on, or as others have said, once hyou see the blue LED let it go. We even have a joke when we get to somewhere to turn it off. It will make 2 sounds a low beep and then High beep (This means it has started paring and you continue to hold down the button), followed by a High beep and then low beep. We call it a "Say You, Say Me" sound, if you are familair with Lionel Richie! LOL. In the end worth the money 100%.
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on February 19, 2014
I was torn between this and the Kinivo BTC450. I went with for 2 reasons:
1.) I already have bluetooth in my car for calls, not music. I did not want to pay for an additional feature I did not need.
2.)I had an iPhone 5 and the reviews said that the Kinivo BTC450 was troublesome with iPhone if you wanted it for music and not calls.

After a couple of months, I can say this does exactly what I need it to do. It worked with my iPhone. It works with my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. The sound quality is good. There was 1 occasion where it had static. I disconnected all of the cables and reconnected it and the issue was gone. The only con is that I have to reconnect it every time I get in the car. Since it stays paired, I just have to hit connect. That's a small con for the price.
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on July 21, 2013
Paired with 3 android devices and one PC, works with everything I've tried. Best at input volume about 80%. Lower than that, you have to amplify more, and you'll hear a hiss or digital noise. At higher input levels, there's obvious clipping. Audio quality is actually a bit better than I expected, given the $15 price. I've used this to feed audio to a few devices with results quite satisfactory, but not exemplary.
-- A tape adapter in my car - Sounds pretty great, but again, I keep the input (bluetooth volume) level about 80% ... (which is consistent with what I found as a good level for the audio straight into the adapter from my phone, without this device.) Has slightly more hiss than the tape deck on its own connected straight to my phone. Even engine noise idling makes the low noise level indistinguishable.
-- Inexpensive computer speakers with subwoofer. More hiss is noticeable if I really listen for it, at low levels or intervals of silence, like during a podcast. But it's definitely reasonable.
-- Mid range Insignia home entertainment receiver. Definitely worth the money to have portable input, but the lower quality of this item is not ideal for best use with any decent system. For music though, you really can't hear any distortion or hiss, just keep the bluetooth volume from going above about 80%.
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on June 26, 2013
So as soon as I received this unit I plugged it into a micro usb phone charger cable. Unit charged up, paired with my iphone, plug it into my car aux.. great sound. I did not turn off the unit because I wanted to see if it would sleep as the manual said it would.
Fast forward to next day, unit dead. Tried using provided micro usb cable to charge, nothing. I noticed there is a small hole on the side of the unit which usually indicates an internal reset button, popped in a paper clip, unit comes back to life.
After reading many reviews about this unit failing after a few uses I'm wondering if this unit doesn't sleep at all, it just dies and needs to be reset.
I'm not sure if I will keep this product, I really want something that will sleep when not in use and the hassle of resetting the device every time the battery drains is just bad design.

More Testing
Still not sure if its just a crappy battery or the sleep/reset issue but its going back. I would advise buyers stay away from this unit and the other units that look exactly like it under different names.

Final Test
Unit seems to die when it sleeps while connected to a power source, even a reset couldn't bring it back to life. Dont waste your time or money, just buy a Miccus Mini-jack RX. Looks almost exactly EDUP, cost more it but WORKS.
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on March 22, 2014
I use this with my Galaxy Note II and speakers I have mounted in my motorcycle helmet. I was tired of running a headphone cord through my shirt or jacket to my pocket that too often was uncomfortable or snagged. This is so small, I fit it between the cheek pad and the back pad in my helmet and forget it's there (did take a few tires to find a comfortable position for it, full face modular helmet). Mostly use it for GPS and music on long rides or just going out on the highway. Battery has yet to die on me while I've been riding (about 6-8 hours+ of use between charges). Connects to my phone when I turn it on, without having to re-sync. Wish it was a little louder as wind noise in my helmet can almost drown it out. As for quality of the sound, I don't really know... motorcycle and wind noise, I'm just happy to hear music and it comes through fine for me.
5-stars because the price is great for what it is. I've been using it for about 4 months now and really like it.
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on June 8, 2013
I wanted to add bluetooth music capability to my 2008 car which had a stereo mini-plug and auxilliary input so this seemed like a good choice. First - you'll want to have something that can charge continuously (or when the car is on) using a USB cable as the battery in this thing only lasts for several hours. I didn't want to have to bring it in and charge it each night so I converted a cigarette lighter socket USB charger to work wired into the car. The only quirk (and this applies to my newer cars that have bluetooth built in) is that I need to re-establish the connection if my iPhone has been out of the car for awhile. This is not difficult - push and hold the button on the receiver and you'll hear two beeps (ascending in tone) and it almost alway reconnects. This does mean, however, that you'll need to have access to the receiver each time you want to use it. I have it in my center console and, most of the time, I have it hanging outside of it so I don't have to go digging for it. Sound quality is very good. Would be five stars if it came with it's own charging cable for a 12-volt automobile source and that it would automatically reconnect every time my phone came in range. That said - great value.
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