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on June 15, 2013
Gary Craig explains how to use the emotional freedom technique very well. When I first got the book I thought it looked a little thick for what is supposed to be a simple tool. But I'm a person who likes to cut to the chase. I've used many different spiritual and or energy medicine modalities in an effort to heal from past trauma such as physical abuse, poverty, multiple injuries, etc. I was suffering from severe depression, the kind that left me barely able to function. I had a vague idea that it might be from fear and I had an overwhelming feeling of helplessness. I went straight to the "how to" portion of the book and started using EFT right away. When I focused on my feeling of helplessness a picture of myself being beaten as a child came to me. I stayed with it through the tears and within minutes I began to feel better. After only three sessions, working on that particular incident and probably spending only twenty minutes total, my severe depression left me. The wonderful part is that although I only focused on that one beating out of many, I was healed from ALL of them. I did have minor episodes of depression afterwards, however by using EFT on them they went away too.

When I realized how much this technique helped I started to read the book. But it worked for me before I fully understood it. I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with past issues. I've used the healing code also, and I believe it's a great healing tool, but I got better results with this one.
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on February 7, 2013
I've been a practicing and instructing others in the use of Emotional Freedom Technique for several years now. This is the manual which I recommend first and foremost to those who attend my seminars to have.

I use this manual constantly as I keep myself mindful of the basics which are the very foundation of EFT.

Even if you don't go beyond the basics of EFT, you're still dealing with a very potent form of dealing with stress which doesn't require any indepth understanding of psychology.

Having had Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder myself, this was the manual which I used to overcome PTSD. Just doing the bare basics alone, my diagnosis of PTSD went from a very high rating to a low anxiety just in a week. After a couple more weeks, I was able to sit with no 'triggers' setting me off.

My psychologist sat with me to see this at work and was the one to help me taper off all the medications which I was on. This is even more powerful when used in conjunction with your standard allopathic doctor/psychologist under their care.

From the basics if you wish to go further, there are plenty of books about EFT to go to.
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on May 4, 2011
When I check out a book, I like to read the 1-star reviews first to see if I can pick up on any flaws in organization, logic or writing, to help me make my decision about buying. While reading the 1-star reviews on this book, I kept thinking of Columbus. When he made his first voyage, all the people who still believed the world was flat, some very educated and credible, said he was a fool to risk lives and resources, since the ships, going as far as they were, would no doubt fall off the earth into oblivian.

Energy medicine, energy healing, or by any other name, is, in my nonprofessional opinion, the greatest forward step ever seen in the healing arts. But people are threatened by change in what they see as their truth. I felt sad for the one reviewer who had done extensive work with an EFT pro for PTSD and not gotten results...the first I've heard of this...and feel because of my own experience that there was a key issue that wasn't addressed. He deserved to find peace. Having hope dashed tends to increase one's bitterness and desperation.

I am not a medical professional, but educated, and know a little more history than that of Columbus above, including a bit about the history of medicine and what's going on in medicine today. EFT and others in this field are a quantum step...the magnitude of which we are only beginning to realize. There is a ton of science behind all of this that anyone can find if they care to look. I guess I can't give a website on here but will state just a couple references to get started: Bruce Lipton's book Biology of Belief (Lipton is a cellular biologist, and in my opinion a better lecturer than writer, although the book is more than worth your time. You can find him on YouTube.) Also, google the site for Leslie S. Feinberg's NMT, Neuro Modulation Technique. See Feinberg's video there.

I learned EFT about four years ago. Since then I have looked at many other modalities in the field. It's exciting. I wanted to see what else I could find. No one else that I know of has given so freely, and so inexpensively, of what they happen to know about this field than Gary Craig. In fact his mission, when the website was in full swing, seemed to be to do everything he could to make it available to everyone. It appears to me that he gave to the extent of losing the reins of EFT...(Which, knowing him as I do from the DVDs, is a-okay with him at this point). All that is to say that anyone who thinks Craig is out to scalp the gullible is simply and totally in the dark and gives me a stunning example of how OFF a sincere individual can be.

EFT opened me to a whole world of limitless possibilities. With EFT itself, my experience is limited compared to many people who have gone into this as a full time work (including many professionals in the healing fields, who seem to lean more heavily on this than on most other methods, once they discover its capabilities.)

But, even so, my experience it impressive enough, as I have used this for myself, family and friends. It has never failed to bring positive results, some more startling than others, with physical as well as emotional issues. I use it daily and with success for myself for such things as fear or any other negative feelings, spider bites, ear lobe infections, bladder infections, pain...you get the idea. At the beginning I dove right into my own childhood abuse and every other trauma that seemed to keep me stuck. In fairness I will say that I have also used Tai Chi and anything else I could find to help me out, but the EFT has been a mainstay.

With other people, my two broadest experiences involved one friend and one relative, each with serious trauma going back to childhood. These were both carried out by phone over many, many sessions and yielded totally satisfying results in both cases. I could only feel gratitude for the privilege of being a part of such change.

As a last note, I should add that the first few weeks I used EFT, it felt "flat" and I seemed to get minimal results. After that I was amazed, while doing the same procedure. I'm not sure this is typical, but thought it worth mentioning.

I take the time to write this review, only the second I've written, out of appreciation for what this method has done for me and the doors of understanding it has opened. It is being used all over the world. Love to you.
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on August 31, 2016
Great thorough book! Read this along with Nick Ortner's book!
This give the roots of EFT. I read Nick Ortner's book first, then bought this. It explained EFT in a much more thorough detail. The introduction alone was worth it's price!
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on June 24, 2013
Although I have faith in acupuncture/acupressure, I'm not experienced with EFT so I needed an intro at the ground floor. This book did the trick. It's thorough, easy to read, makes sense and provides lots of info on where to go from here. It also provides some background on the technique and how it came about. Craig throws in significant research data and support from various professionals as well as numerous anecdotal testimonies from people who found tremendous relief from psychological AND physiological problems that they've suffered from for years.

As for the technique, it's simple, easy, and seems to work. I haven't had the skies open and angels sing as yet, but in a few, small incidents it did seem to help a great deal. Future experiences will show me right or wrong but for now I'm sticking with it and will gladly recommend EFT and this manual to others.
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on January 7, 2012
I know, it sounds weird, and it is weird the first time you do it. But trust me, this type of therapy works. It really does. I tried a bundle of other therapies, some of them with partial succes. But this is in a different class. It worked at the first try, with difficult and superficial problems alike. It worked with types of deep stress that I hadn`t been able to clear in the past. I am a physical therapist and I meet people with different ailments and longstanding problems. The stress is vicariously transmitted form one human to another. Where most other methods failed was to help me "clean up" at the end of the day. EFT did it in 30 seconds flat.
I tried it with different episodes form the past. It worked. I tried it with being sensitive to cold. It worked. I tried it with a huge resistence I had towards a big project. Now I`m looking forward to working on it.
Overall, a very good therapy. Very simple, easy to learn, easy tu use, extremely effective. It can be a good tool for healing different aspects of ourselves. Give it a try, you won`t be sorry.
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on November 10, 2012
I'm sad that I am critical about this so helpful book.
Regarding content I am sure that it is one of the most important books
for everyone to read.
But this Kindle edition, with it's price greater than paperback edition and so
poorly processed for Kindle is very unprofessional.
No real Table of contents, headings not properly formatated, wrongly formated
bullets are simply something not to be proud of and professionally bad job.
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on May 3, 2017
Very helpful book.
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on November 21, 2013
It is longwineded and one loses interest because the actual information of what to do is very limited, I'm not interested in what other people did or didn't do, I want instructions, clear and precise, but I have recomended it to some of my customers and some liked it
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on April 28, 2013
This is a really informative book and goes into a bit more detail than The Tapping Solution - worth the money
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