Customer Reviews: E-3lue Cobra EMS109BK High Precision Gaming Mouse with Side Control 1600dpi
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on November 22, 2011
I have been gaming for all of my life, and after getting this mouse I decided that having never reviewed any other product, I should review this one. I did my research before I got this mouse, and noticed only one review here, so hopefully this will help some of you out.

This mouse is amazing, comfortable (even for large hands), fast, precise, and worth every cent I paid for it. I got it for a shade under $20, at, it was the cheapest place I could find it. MSRP = $30
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on September 5, 2013
The box I received actually had a sticker on it that read "counterfeit items" (I took a picture of the back of the package). After installing the mouse drivers, the mouse icon on the screen would only move in one direction. This was purchased through third party seller, Future Star.

Back of package reads as follows: "Cobra develop in High performance for playing games. Providing all your need of gaming basic functions.Included uitrafast <sic> response buttons,special Lightweight metal add in middle of mouse body, Tracking and slide control with excellent performance. Moreover Corba <sic> came with a 3 level adjustable resolution feature:500/100/1600dpi" I'm going to go out on a limb and guess that what I purchased was not the real deal.

Apparently many other customers received the products as promised, so perhaps the problem lies with the seller, or the seller's supplier, but this is the experience I had. Fortunately, Amazon gave a full refund, and I purchased a different mouse directly from Amazon.
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on November 26, 2012
well, this mouse does look rather nice, considering the price point. and i like the fact that you don't need extra drivers to use it. there are three things that i can find wrong with it, though.

1) The wheel is not great for gaming, mostly because it is kind of imprecise. it does not "click" while turning, but it does have some dull bumps, it's just that it is hard to get it to stop right where you want it. If you use the wheel for weapon switching, it's very easy to overshoot the weapon choice you are looking for, especially if you are just trying to go down one "click".

2) The side buttons are too similar in shape and size to tell apart by touch. I suspect I may learn to know which button my thumb is resting on my position alone, but I am used to having them feel substantially different, either by shape or some kid of raised mark, so you can tell instantly which you are about to click.

3) You can not turn off the damned blue light. It stays on even when you put your computer into sleep mode. Very annoying, especially if your computer is in your bedroom, like mine. I have to put something over it at night so I can sleep.

I suppose this is what you get for under $20. It's still usable, but it also seems like these issues could have been easily solved with some forethought.

UPDATE 1/10/2013:
I discovered something. Apparently, when I had this mouse plugged into my USB hub, it wouldn't turn off the blue light when the computer went to sleep, but when I plug it directly into the computer, it does. So I guess I was wrong about point #3. But, just beware when using a USB hub, it may not behave as expected.
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on April 17, 2013
I was very happy with this mouse until about a week ago when I started to notice that every single left click of the mouse resulted in a double-click action. From what I've read this is the result of microswitch failure and there is no way to repair or work around it, the mouse is just garbage once that happens. I've only owned the mouse for a couple months so I tried to contact the manufacturer about a replacement. Their website doesn't have any mention of customer support or warranties even though this mouse is listed as having a 1 year warranty. The only way I could find to contact them was through the one email address they have listed on the site, and I did so. That was about a week ago and I've received no response from the manufacturer, at this point it seems very unlikely that I'll ever hear from them.

I gave the mouse 2 stars because it's very inexpensive and looks neat.

I also liked that the mouse wheel is not a smooth mouse wheel, you can actually feel soft clicks as you turn it. It is kind of hard to get used to using the mousewheel as a middle button but still a lot easier than with my microsoft mobile mouse that has a smooth mousewheel. With the MS smooth mousewheel what happens is that as you go to click the middle button, the wheel spins slightly and this prevents the click from being registered correctly. Not so much of a problem with the cobra's clicky mousewheel but still worse than the basic MS mice which actually have the most usable wheel/middle click functionality.

Bottom line: Buy it only if you like the way it looks so much that you're willing to keep replacing it every couple of months. I'll be moving on to something that's made by a company who stands behind their products.
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on January 18, 2013
So i bought this back in November and waited before I gave it a review. This mouse has been amazing! I havent had any problems with this mouse! I use it mostly for League of Legends or Sc2, and it is pretty damn accurate! This is, in my opinion, a much better mouse than the Mad Catz R.A.T 3, which is about 50 dollars. But lets keep this review short.

The good:
-3 DPI settings, which can be switched from the blue button in the center, its pretty hard to accidentally switch settings. Switches from 400, 800, 1600.
-Accurate, for the price, i didnt expect it to be this precise.
-Feel and Finish, the feel to the mouse is pretty awesome, its a nice rubber texture to it. And well, look at that awesome blue light!
-Durable, I say this last part because i have dropped this mouse 3 times, and they were pretty hard drops :(. But it withstood it! The only problem that i had
was that the buttons got stuck so every time i clicked it, it didnt pop back up. All i had to do was pop the front where the two clickers are and pop it back in and good as new!

The bad:
-Scroll wheel, it doesnt click, so you have to feel for the "clicks:. I can imagine this being very annoying for games like counter strike where you use it to switch weapons.
-That awesome blue light, for some people this could be a problem, its ALWAYS ON! well this was the case for me since i have it hooked up to my macbook.
-No DPI setting indicator, now this isn't too bad for me, but for others i assume it might be. EDIT! so on the mouse there is an LED on the button that changes brightness depending on the setting, the dimmer, the lower setting it is
-Not Mac compatible, you need some sort of third party app to use the buttons

Overall i would recommend this mouse for any gamer! The price for this is really good. And in my opinion it is way better than the RAT3.

Soo after 6 months of heavy use, it finally died out on me! During the last few months there was some loss of accuracy, but still a pretty awesome gaming mouse for 10 dollars!
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on July 25, 2013
I liked the mouse for the first few days of using it (the ergonomics, the material, the appearance), but almost immediately I noticed a really annoying issue with the scroll wheel. When scrolling, probably every 7-10 'clicks' or 'notches' that you rotate the scroll wheel, the scroll will go in the wrong direction. This creates a jittery, disruptive effect on your scrolling and gets frustrating very quickly. This is especially the case for me as a software developer because I very frequently have to scroll around to precise locations in large files. I'm switching back to my plain old office mouse.
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on February 9, 2013
This mouse looks great. its styled like some of those high price razer mice but unfortunately mine at least had some issues.
The scroll wheel when clicked will sometimes stick and not come back up meaning you have to fiddle with the wheel or tap the mouse against the table for the wheel to come back up. I dont play any games that have a large requirement for clicking the scroll wheel but I know that any game that does require it would have problems by this issue even if it does only happen occationally. maybe 1 in 7 or 10 clicks or so it can stick down. I know that mine may be deffective but its not worth the cost to ship it back and such, and does speak to their quality control. Other than the scroll wheel issue its a good mouse and was not very expensive.
Update: After 6-7 months of use this mouse has started to show further signs of wear. The scroll wheel click has further degraded so it now sticks relatively often when clicked and the right click button now has an issue where when holding down the right click it will sense the right click going on and off and other times it will cause the mouse to sense a double right click, which in games can be a very annoying thing. ex league of legends/ dota 2 accidently double buying items.
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on November 15, 2012
Hi There,

Any time I order anything off of, I rely heavily on customer feedback and youtube videos for reviews.

I also narrow something down say by: manufacturer, model etc. and then start comparing.

When I came across this mouse, a manufacturer not found in my local stores nor have I ever heard of, I relied on customer feedback, plus the price was an attractive feature (and those cool blue lights)... Anyway, upon looking at the pictures two things that I thought may deter me from this mouse... The location of the side buttons which appeared it needed to be moved back just a bit to avoid accidentally hitting the back button and going off a website page I did not want to and the lack of curvature (The more "mounded" topped mice are, the less stress on the hand and wrist) topped portion of the mouse (ergo).

For the price... If it didn't work out, I wasn't out a ton of money...

The Great:

1. This mouse is incredibly "Click" responsive. Any button I use on the mouse from cursor to back/up etc. on the mouse responds very quickly!

2. Precision. This mouse, besides quick responsiveness, is also extremely precise, it is rare to nonexistent I have to Reclick to get the desired response.

3. PRICE!!!!!! More established manufacturers like Logitech and Microsoft mice are much more expensive and either do the same thing or to a lesser degree than this mouse.

4. The dpi switch, no more having to go into the control panel and switch the bar up and down on mouse speed. NICE FEATURE!!!!!!!

5. The cool blue light! I actually love that light and it is great to have in a dark room if one cannot sleep at night and gets up to go back into the computer room to use the hibernating computer again, it is like a nightlight. The dpi button also lights up blue.

6. The elongated left and right mouse buttons. It allows one to move their hand on the mouse in different positions to use the left and right click buttons vs. being forced to hold one's hand in a specified position on the mouse in order to acquire limited access to the left and right mouse buttons.

7. Corded (At least for me). Although having this mouse come in a cordless would be cool for cordless fans. I have had cordless mice and they are battery eaters and quick. Until someone can find a way where the battery can actually recharge within the mouse or some creative battery charging way, I will stick to corded.

8. Did I mention the cool blue light? ;)

My two concerns based on the pictures are correct...

1. The side buttons should have been placed about a mm back. This would avoid accidentally hitting that back button and going off a page I did not want to which I have done several times (I have had the mouse for about two weeks to be fair).

2. See above, yes the more elongated mouse puts a bit more stress on my wrist and hand which at times cramp up or hurt.

In all FAIRNESS... I got used to the more top curved ergo correct mice which provide better grip and control of the mouse and less to zero stress on the entire hand and wrist. To alleviate hitting that back button and relieving stress to my hand and wrist, I am adjusting to a different way of holding or resting my hand on the mouse, as well as placement of my thumb to avoid hitting the back button. It is working, just takes some getting used to.

One other thing to add, the advertisement is correct. It only comes with a mouse in a box. I did not receive a shipping receipt etc. But I can get that through Also, no manual, it is a plug and play mouse, no special drivers needed. I do wish the mouse had dedicated drivers and one was able to program the buttons but heyyyy????? The cost of this mouse and foregoing the programming, I'll take the cost and all it can do any day!

Am I glad I read all these reviews, reviewed: the mouse on and off amazon, the company etc. and compared it to the 4 total I had narrowed it down to? YES! Would I recommend it, despite my two concerns? Yes.

It is a great mouse for all you get and the price factor and thanks to all who posted their honest opinions in helping me decide what mouse to purchase!

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on January 1, 2013
1) Works as expected without any extra drivers on windows 7 64 bit.
2) Long usb cord to go over and under a desk.
3) Rubberized scroll wheel with tracks to prevent slipping.
4) Rubberized top layer on the palm and fingers portion of the mouse prevents slipping.
5) 5 programmable clicking buttons in all.
6) Adjustable dpi button is placed between your index and middle finger to prevent accidental dpi change.
7) The well placed weighted material inside the mouse gives better stability than standard dell mice.

1) The usb cord was wrapped up in the package so it will take some time for the cord to straighten out.
2) Cool blue lights are awesome but can be too bright at night or in a shared room.
3) No driver app included, must go to website to get the app that can adjust each button even the scroll wheel.
4) Strange plastic smell left on palm after first few usages.
5) Forget the last 4 cons, they are all easily corrected or will be ignored after using for a few days.

1) The box says E-3lue Cobra Junior High Precision Gaming Mouse, while amazon does not list the junior in the title, this isn't the standard cobra mouse, keep that in mind.
2) I got this mouse to replace a wireless Logitech M310 mouse because it started to randomly double click, the Logitech mouse has a higher palm area and the form is better fitted for most hands, while the cobra has a lower palm area and does not fit a hand as easily.
3) I gamed with this mouse and its fine for the casual gamer who doesn't require multiple customizable buttons, and also fine for non-gamers as well.
4) This is designed by an Asian company in Japan and sold worldwide (Go to their website to find out more, you can even get the driver for the mouse as well).
5) This is an awesome mouse for the price.
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on December 4, 2012
Love the mouse. It's solid and comfortable. Has a rubberized plastic coating on the top side to help keep your hand from slipping. Has 3 DPI settings with 1600 at the highest. The mouse wheel is not free roaming.

To the people that rated this mouse down because the LED light stays on, that is up to the computer and whether it turns the power off to the port when it sleeps or shuts down. It turns off with my laptop when it sleeps.

I highly recommend this mouse!
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