Customer Reviews: Progo EN-EL14 Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery for Nikon D5100, D3100, P7000 DSLR Cameras, Fully Compatible Retail Package
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on October 25, 2012
I bought this battery and used it for the first time at Bridge Day in Fayetteville, WV. I photographed hundreds of BASE jumpers, took pictures under light and dark conditions, and kept the camera turned on for long periods of time. The battery charge lasted several days. I did not think to make note of the number of photos before recharging, but this battery worked very well, and worked perfectly with my Nikon D3100.
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on December 1, 2012
I finally pulled out this battery from my case and inserted it in my D5100. The D5100 messaged me "This battery cannot be used.Choose battery designed for use in this camera."

Unfortunately, I purchased this battery on October 4, 2012 and did not check to see if it would work until today.
Oh well... Looks like I wasted $19.

Does anyone know what "Progo Brand Battery, 100% Compatible with original manufacturer equipments, guaranteed!" means?

Maxtek contacted me and sent me a new battery. IT Works! My first battery must be defective (as Maxtek suspected).
Thanks for shipping another battery, without question, Maxtek. The defective battery is being mailed back, using your return label, today.
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on September 19, 2012
> Great!.. it worked so fine with my Nikon D5100 as my back-up battery, Good job!.
service has been satisfactorily awesome!.. Thanks! :-)
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on October 26, 2012
Works just like the brand name! Took lots of pictures first battery died so put this one and continued on with pictures
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on January 14, 2013
I got my battery today in the mail from Amazon. I was very impressed with it. Looks just like the original battery that ya get from Nikon. I got it for my Nikon 3100! I opened it up,took it out of the box and slapped it in the charger. It charged just like the real one did. So after it charged up i took it and put it in my camera grip in the 2nd slot next to my real Nikon battery. WORKED just right! I then wanted to see if the Progo battery would be accepted in the 1st slot as the real Nikon battery did so i took the Nikon battery out and put the Progo one in its place. My camera works perfectly!


Works just like the original Nikon battery
Charges in the same charger
Fraction of the price as the Nikon battery
Cant go wrong with this battery



I would highly recommend this battery to anybody who wants an extra for their camera!!!!! WORKS GREAT IN A BATTERY GRIP!!!
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on May 11, 2013
When I first bought my D3100 Nikon I knew I would be needing an extra battery since I had no idea what I had in store with a DSLR camera,this being my first.
At first this battery would hold up pretty good compared to my original Nikon battery that came with the camera. It would charge the same, about 1 hour to fully charge from depleted status, and last about as long also. I wouldn't need to recharge neither for up weeks even depending on how heavy I used the camera( Turning the camera off of course after each session-about 200 photos per session-).
Unfortunately after about 3 months of owning this battery (I have recharged it maybe about 6 or 7 times), I can definitely notice the difference now. While my original Nikon battery is still holding as good as day one( meaning I don't need to recharge it even after hours of use), this one is already showing signs of losing charge even while the camera is off.
I had been using my camera off and on for about 3 weeks( lots of light sessions) on the Nikon Battery till it finally needed recharge, so I changed it to this third party one and used it to take maybe 10 pictures, turned it off. About 2 days after I turned it back on to review some of my picture and noticed it was down one bar, even tho I left it full and it only had a few picture taken on it...
All and all for the price it is a decent back up battery. I does the job but don't expect anything amazing out of it.
I give it a 2.5(stretch it to 3 stars just because of the cheap price) stars out of 5.
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on August 26, 2014
This battery does not last nearly as long as the original equipment battery, yielding much less than 200 photos per charge. I use it in my CoolPix P7000, and when it is low the camera exhibits really strange behavior. With the battery life indicator showing about 1/2 of the life remaining, the camera will focus erratically, and will not zoom. That familiar: "This battery can not be used with this camera" message will eventually display, followed by the "battery exhausted" message. I tried it in the battery grip of my D3100 along with an authentic EN-EL14 and it would give the same error messages half the time. I suggest spending your money on something a little more substantial than this one.
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on January 19, 2013
Exactly what I was looking for in a battery that actually works with my Nikon D5100. Works just as well as the OEM battery works. I do not have any issues using this specific battery. Do not need a battery grip for this to work. Just put it in your camera and click away.
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on April 29, 2013
This battery works just as good as the OEM from Nikon. It is a must have for those who need a secondary or backup battery for their camera. I've recharged this time and time again and it works great!
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on June 9, 2013
I was hesitant after reading a few reviews that this battery may not be compatible with Nikon D5100. So far, after 2 cycles, it has been doing great. It has about the same capacity as the Nikon battery. My D5100 has firmware A1.01 and B1.01 (the latest, I think).

On any day that I think I may need both batteries, I am going to play it safe by using this Progo battery FIRST, and then the Nikon battery. The reason is that there is always a small chance that the camera may suddenly recognize the Progo battery as non-Nikon and stop (some reviewers mentioned everything was going great for weeks but all of a sudden the camera detected the non-Nikon battery). If Progo was the second battery of the day, you would be stuck with no power for the rest of the day. However, if you started with the Progo battery at the beginning of the day and got the bad news, you could still use the Nikon battery, and just be very fugal in power (not using Live View) knowing that you would have to make do with 1 battery for the whole day. Without Live View, one battery can easily last around 600 shots. With Live View, probably only 200 shots or less. So use Progo before Nikon.
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