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on December 27, 2012
I thought I would rate it after having it for a few weeks and here it goes: The watch has a look and feel of a high quality, highly crafted watch. Others have commented that the band is cheap but take it from me - the band is fine! No worse than any average leather/leather-like band. 2 things: get in the habit of winding it up each night before you go to bed or when you put it on in the morning (20 revolutions should do it). Also mines seems to run a bit fast (I have to adjust it probably once to twice a week), but I assume that the watch spring will need to be broken in a bit. Better fast than slow I guess. We'll see if the spring has a break in period. So far, I must say that for $18, I'm very happy with the purchase! Just put your ear up to it and listen - it has a heartbeat! - Definitely a conversation piece!!!
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For the price, these "luxury" watches from China are simply unbeatable. This timepiece is very attractive, but not too flashy. It would look great with business or dress attire, but could easily be worn casually as well. The watch itself is 98% true to the image shown. The only difference being that the watch I received did not have "ESS" on the watch face. The crown did not have the "ESS" logo etching as shown in the picture, nor is the "ESS" logo on the band, as shown in the picture. The timepiece feels sturdy and well-made, with a good weight to it. But you can tell that the band is a bit cheap. It's not "tacky" cheap, but just a lower grade of band than one might hope for.

I feel it's worthy to note that the watch did not come with a gift box as pictured, and I must admit I'm a bit miffed by that. But, maybe that keeps the shipping costs cheap. The watch does not use batteries. Instead, you wind it like you would an old-fashioned clock. some people whine and complain about this. I think it's definitely not an issue. Wind the watch once in the morning, or once in the evening, and it will never lose time. Plus, you'll save money on batteries and help the environment. All in all, these watches provide you with great style on the cheap.
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on August 9, 2013
Ownership: 1 week, note: that my base score to work from is 3/5 taking into consideration this is a wind up watch for $15.00 I automatically added 1 point to my base score for a starting point of 4/5. I will provide the score both ways at the end for those who disagree with this.

Cost: 5/5
15.00 for a hand wound watch...Price is great.

Appearance: 3/5
This watch looks great. Seeing the gears turn is a pleasure to watch (pun intended). The face plate and the hands require you look closely at the face in order to tell time (they blend together), however after owning it a week its gotten easy to see the hands. (guess it's a learning curve) -0.5. the band looks adequate for this price point. Buts its nothing special. It's actually starting to come apart at the threads in a few places. -1.0. I really love the glass on both sides. I'v gotten complimented on it twice in a week of ownership by random people. The skeleton design is very nice. I wish a little bit more room was left to make the roman numerals a little bigger, but they are visible when you get used to them perhaps making them more bold might have helped here.

Feel: 4/5
The wind up mechanism feels solid. You pull it out to set the time. The action on the time adjustment is solid as well. The watch is light enough to forget it's on your wrist. again the shortcoming is the band. You feel it there the entire time it's on your wrist, mocking you for being so cheap. as I mentioned previously, some threads are coming out making it feel even cheaper. I really wanted to take 2 points off for the band, but the review here is really for the watch and not the band.

The actual watch feels like a more expensive watch to me +1, the band again forces a point deduction -1.

Accuracy 4/5
Since I wind it compulsively, it's never stopped ticking since I first strapped it to my wrist. But the first day I wound it once and left it alone to see how long it lasted. 24 hours later it was still going, so I ended my experiment. In a week the hour and minute hands are still accurate to my office clock. I did notice the seconds hand either lagging or surging ahead but since the time still reads the same I can't tell which. If I have to reset it once every 2 or 3 weeks because it's a minute off that's $15 well spent to me!

Design. 3.5/5
I can't comment much on durability for this watch having only owned it for a week, but it does have an almost un-noticeable nick in the front glass (you have to know where to look to see it) I'll be keeping an eye on that.

The band as mentioned earlier is just awful. If you're a man you will understand this, but if feels like while you're wearing the watch, the same way a man feels when certain sweaty dangly bits get stuck to your thigh. It's totally uncomfortable on your wrist. I will be buying a new band soon.-1.0 because that negates some of the savings on this watch.

The face of the watch is very reflective. At night this can be an asset as there is no light on the watch.

Other (adds or deductions to the final score only, no base score here) -0.5
-the packaging was bad. It was wrapped in bubble wrap and shoved in a small box. No watch case. Even though this was a cheap watch, some kind of documentation would have been nice. -.5

REVISION -1 point
the back of the watch started unscrewing itself!!!!!!!
see my comment

Cost: 5/5
Appearance: 3/5
Feel: 4/5
Accuracy: 4/5
Design 3.5/5

Average Score: 3.9
Subtract 0.5

Total Score: 3.4
In summary. This is an excellent watch brought down in many ways by the band it comes with. Upgrading the watch band will bring this watch to a 4.2

If you disagree with adding the point for the price point of the watch, the score is more like a 2.6. and adding a new band will bring it up to a 3.4

REVISED SCORE: 1.6 or 2.4
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on February 1, 2015
It's not Ess its a winner and it doesn't come with the box. But for the price it doesn't dissapoint. Also the leather is more of a pleather and is crap. But it makes a good replacement for the one I am using currently for it. I should write this later on but as of now after this being day two I'm happy.

I'm not giving five as it's not exact as shown. But for the price I'm not complaint as it can be replaced easily when it breaks. And with the right band could look expensive... Though for me it's just a nice looking watch to wear while I work.
review image
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on August 21, 2016
If anyone gives this a negative review - don't listen. I bought this watch over a year ago and it runs great. When I tell people (when they ask) it is manual wind watch - they are fascinated. It looks very expensive - nice thin body- just beautiful. And the strap is fine - looks very nice - replace if you want real leather but it isn't needed.
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on May 9, 2014
This was a gift for my boyfriend and he loved it. You do have to manually wind the watch (as it is a mechanical watch) so if you don't want that, don't waste your time on this one. However, it is just what he wanted.

It's kind of small, but that is not downfall. It is simply stunning. The design is gorgeous and it is a functional watch. And for this price? Buy it.

Shipping takes a while, as it if coming from China, but it did arrive a week before I was expecting it.
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Top Contributor: Petson October 12, 2013
The dial is more Bling Bling than it appears on the website. It keeps time well, though you do have to wind it and wear it a few days to get the hands running smoothly. I think the band is okay, though others who reviewed it didn't. But the worse thing is that it says "winner" TWICE on a circle in the upper right hand area. Once would be dumb, but twice??? really? Why did they spoil the design with that? However, it's so small that most people wont notice it. And, the price was right.
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on January 26, 2015
Its a nice watch, firstly ill say its got good look and the shippin took half the time it said it would, altho that still took a couple weeks. It is wind up tho, and you have to wind it more often then advertised. One of my biggest problems was that on the inside of the glass a tiny piece of debris is stuck to the glass on the inside of the face, no way to fix that or remove that... The "leather" band was so stiff that it makes the watch sit awkwardly on your wrist and the band is so cheap that it has scratchy stiff pieces of tiny thread poking into your wrist. So I love the look but you get what you pay for, its nice watch other then all those defects. Ive purchased two other watchs since i bought this one and this one is worn the least often and has tp be wound and set each time I do wanna put it on. Have good day and make balanced purchase decisions.
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on April 8, 2014
I was a little disappointed that this watch would lose a minute of time every other day, or less, but I was okay with that. After all, it was what, $11 bucks.

I was not expecting for the winding mechanism to break thus rendering this watch useless. I was just about to write a decent review of the watch too. It cost me just over $1 per week to own this watch before it finally broke. It's junk.
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on January 25, 2013
This watch is hot! Just got it yesterday and strangely enough it was running when I received it......The band is incredibly cheap and there's imperfections in it. I don't know if they were deliberately put there to make the band look like real leather or what but other then that; nice watch!!! (I still won't change the band.) Never owned a wind up till now and you just gently wind it clockwise till you feel resistance then you stop. The metal on the inside is shiny, looks very classy and not the least bit tacky. I'm a pretty big dude 6' 1" 190 lbs and the size of the face is nice and big but not dominating to your wrist. Just bold the way mens' watches should be. I just wish more of the mechanisims and gears and whatnot were visible but for like $17 you can't complain. This is also my first skeleton watch and I will definitely be getting a different one a little more upscale. Great job to whoever makes this watch and to provide it for such a reasonable cost.

****Almost forgot. The watch arrived much much sooner then originally claimed.
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