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on June 11, 2014
I was really impressed by how quickly this steamer worked. Each shirt I steamed was wrinkle-free in a minute or less.

It works well on collared button-up shirts (gets the middle fabric around the buttons to lay down nicely) and on my shirts with ruffle fronts. The ruffles get all mushed after they're washed and they're a pain to iron, but this steamer worked really well to make them ruffly again.

I also liked how simple this steamer is. It's basically a teapot with a really big mouth. It doesn't even have an "on" button! You just plug it in and 15 seconds to 2 minutes later it starts steaming. You don't have to use special water either.

Using this steamer was great, just like taking an eraser and just wiping away the wrinkles.
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on November 7, 2017
This is bar-none the best travel steamer on the market. I like it so much I'm on my second one (I used the first one overseas and broke it - btw that's a bad idea, make sure you get a voltage converter!). I travel nearly constantly and have used many different models of travel steamers. Most of them break after 6 months to a year of use. As far as I can tell this one works pretty much indefinitely (unless you do something stupid like plug it in to a 240 volt plug in India like I did). The box it comes in is hilarious - straight out of the 1970's or something. You can tell its one of those "if it's not broken don't fix it" products, like Kirby vacuums. Nothing fancy here - it boils water which creates steam. That's it and as far as I'm concerned that's perfect. I can steam my clothes for the next day in 5 minutes or less. I absolutely hate irons and ironing boards. One pass with the Esteam and my clothes look completely unwrinkled. So, go ahead and bite the bullet and invest in this product. It's more than other travel steamers but you get what you pay for and this product is absolutely worth every penny.
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I LOVE this steamer! I never had one before and did my research for a few hours before I selected this steamer. It works GREAT. I bought a peacoat for my trip up north and it arrived wrinkled and smashed in a bag package. It was the first thing I used the steamer on and the steamer works perfectly. It heated up within two minutes. It doesn't have an off switch but I unplugged it to go do another errand in the house, oh, I went to get my camera so I could include a photo(!), and when I plugged it back in, it went right back to boiling. (I was thinking, wow, this could double as a teapot for hot tea or coffee on hotel trips instead of using the questionable disposable cups on hotels.)

You won't be disappointed, it works! I'll attempt to post a photo of my fuchsia (pink) fleece peacoat. (Update, I was able to upload a photo of my fuchsia peacoat with black buttons. The right side was steamed in apprx 1 minute and wrinkles came out instantly. You can see the difference with the wrinkled left side.)
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on September 27, 2015
Works like a dream, doesn't drip all over, heats up super fast, doesn't catch on fabric even when dragging it across, and I can do about 15 articles of clothing before running out of steam and refilling.
I've had other steamers and found they weren't powerful enough for heavy fabrics, or there was a seam in the plastic that caught on fragile fabrics, but this is really a perfect product. Very sturdy and strong in construction.
The chord is rather long making it easy to maneuver and after doing everything that wrinkled after three loads of laundry, I use about 1 and 1/4 tanks of water. It heats up so quickly though, that having to refill it isn't an issue. The only thing to remember, is it's hot! So if you need to refill, use a towel to screw the top off and then back on.
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on October 29, 2014
This steamer is powerful! It may take around 3 minutes to create steam, but you have to realize the amount of water that it's heating is more than most other handheld steamers. Those 3 minutes are reclaimed when you don't have to go fill the water tank and wait for it to heat the water over and over again.

Someone said the steamer "spit" water. I've had that problem with other steamers in the past, but not this one. If it does that, it may need to be cleaned (hard water deposits). Jiffy offers cleaning solutions and instructions.

Most of the handheld steamers I've used don't work very well, but this one made quick work of a wrinkled cotton coat. One slow pass was all it needed and the coat looks great!

There is no on/off button, but you can just unplug it. You also can't leave it for very long unless you do unplug it, or it will run out of water and damage the steamer. Also, you may want to hang it by the handle rather than setting it on a flat surface when waiting for it to heat up. The cord is heavy and tends to pull it off slippery surfaces, at which time the hot water will spill out the steam vents.
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on March 14, 2018
What is there to say? These are great little steamers, made in the USA. My first one of this type lasted for over a decade, before it finally fizzled out. I think it was actually just a minor replaceable part, but I just picked up a brand new one anyway, but saved the old one for if I ever feel like fiddling with it someday. You can actually replace broken parts on these! What a concept!

I like the volume of vapor these kick out, it works great for getting wrinkles out! Other than buying full on giant steamers this model seems to work much better than other small models I have tried from other companies in the past.
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on April 24, 2015
I was really weary about spending almost twice as much on this unit compared to others available... My mother in-law has this same unit and has had it for decades. She swears buy it and I wanted to buy the cheaper alternatives but knew I would kick myself if it didnt live up to the results that her's produced.
I am super happy we spend teh extra money on this unit. I was fearful it wouldnt get ride of fold lines etc and it worked amazing.
Literally removes wrinkles before your eyes and gives your dress shirts and pants an iron like finish.
I always dry clean my business attire and would send shirts in if there were sightly wrinkles, now, with 10minutes I can save the hassle and delay and get my shirts looking crisp really quickly.
Depending on how bad your clothes are, I could do two dress shirts in about 10 minutes from very wrinkled to looking pressed.

I had some tailored shirts arrive from my trip to Vietnam, and of course they had serious fold lines in them. I was again going ot have to send clean shirts off to the dry cleaner to get pressed as I dont let an iron touch my expensive dress shirts. This steamer got those fold lines out perferctly. Takes a couple passes over the same area before moving on, but once the fabric is hot and moist by the steam it straightens itself out. I would hold the base of the shirt under very light tension to speed the process up and it worked great.
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on February 2, 2018
After reading tons of reviews on travel steamers, I purchased the ESTEAM Jiffy Steamer for my destination wedding. Wow, it's been the best little purchase my husband and I have ever made for our clothes. Say good-bye to your iron! The steamer did not leak, and continues to work perfectly after nearly 3 years of use (we even throw it in our luggage when we travel). We had such a great experience, our parents and siblings have also purchase this steamer. We're the most wrinkle-free family you'll see!
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on January 14, 2014
I love this steamer. I hate ironing and often I need to remove wrinkles in my garments in a hurry. This product heats us fast and doesn’t spatter at all. I fill with filtered water to the recommended water level and use; it’s that easy. The chord wraps neatly around the bottom of the unit and stores neatly.
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on October 25, 2016
I never knew how bad I needed a steamer until I had this. I use it ALL the time. Recently I used it on a cheap Party City Halloween costume that looked like it had been run over by a train - it now looks perfect! Also I online shop a lot and those items always come with terrible wrinkles and deep folds. I just hang up the item on the back of my door, run this over it for a few min and it makes the garment look so much nicer (and more expensive) than what it is. Such a handy tool to have - I have no idea what I ever did without! Only downside is because it's small the water does run out really quickly.
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