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on September 24, 2014
The video card is blazing fast and does handle all my games and 3D apps and movies as expected. However after using the card for about 15 minutes I noticed a noise coming from the card. I thought "No this can't be a fan bearing gone already" I got closer and sure enough I heard a noise that seemed to be emanating from the fan closest to the video connections. I shut down my computer, took out the card and inspected the fan by spinning them with my fingers . They were spinning freely. I went on a forum to see if it was just me . Turns out other people were experiencing the same problem and venting about quality controls. EVGA's stand on it was that the fans bearing were not bad but a sound caused by resonating fans was what was causing the issue. They released BIOS fixes that were suppose to minimize the resonant frequencies but this did not work for everyone. They I came across a guy who actually seems willing to pick down his a card to actually see what was wrong. He discovered that they are some "free moving" fins on the heat sink that seem to be hitting together when the fans spun up to a certain rpm. He applied some foam tape and then reattached the heat sink fan using some aftermarket thermal paste. The rattle is gone and now he is also seeing a 4 degree drop in temps after using a higher quality thermal paste. I will be attempting the same in a few weeks due to my OCD. Do the fix at you own risk but know that the card will work fine even without attempting it though you might hear a noise when the card gets hot during gaming and disappears when it cools down.
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on September 25, 2013
So far this card has been awesome. So good that I had to buy a new monitor because 60Hz was the max my Samsung would do. I got a 3D, 120Hz coming this week. All my games play on the highest setting with at least 60fps (BF3, Crysis 3, Borderlands 2, Tomb Raider). For how expensive this card is, it should be awesome. I'm not going to whine about the price, I think it's fair. The free game is cool, hopefully it's fun (not out yet).

I will update this review once I start playing with 120fps and in 3D with my new monitor. I will also update this when I overclock it.

I took away a star because you arent able to turn the fan speed below 39% to make it ultra quiet. Still running smooth with 120 fps and 3D blu rays. I play Borderlands 2 maxed out completely and it never drops below 80 fps, usually at a smooth 100-120.

I would say that Tomb Raider and Deadspace 3 look the best with 120Hz. I'm still liking this card. However if you're in the market for a high end video card, just wait until the new AMD R9's come out and get reviewed because two things might happen. 1, the prices on Nvidia stuff might decrease or 2, the AMD will be better than the GTX780. Just wait a few more days because the Card should be out within 2 weeks max.

So some of the new AMD cards are out and they aren't all that impressive. I guess we'll see what happens when the R9 290x comes out. Hopefully it drops Nvidia prices because I would LOVE to run 2 of these cards in SLI. Everything is still running smooth, with one minor hiccup. At a certain fan speed percentage (not sure exactly what because I need to look into it) it makes a whining sound. I wouldn't take a away a star because when I find the problematic fan speed, I'll adjust my fan curve to skip that speed.

I got a custom BIOS from EVGA (they are super cool and have good communication) and I plan on installing it sometime this week when I get the time. I returned my 120HZ (3D) Asus monitor because I started to bleed really bad. I got the 144Hz non 3D version and it's much better. The 24" screen is better for me personally. I plan on getting 2 more. Usually I play Borderlands 2 and with maxed out settings, I easily get 90-120fps. Lately I have been playing with PHYSX OFF because it's kind of ugly for water effects and I gained a solid 20fps, so it's running smooth at both 120Hz and 144Hz. I'll post another update once I get that custom BIOS installed.
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on July 30, 2014
I wasn't too sure in the beginning if spending $500 was worth it to upgrade from an Asus gtx 650ti. Boy was I wrong it is a huge upgrade. Whatever situation you throw this card at it will just kick its butt. I can run every game in max settings and still get 60 fps in 1080p. Some of the games include skyrim, far cry 3, and battle field 4 which are my games that use the most gpu. Another great thing is the build quality of this card is fantastic, when you pick it up out of the box you can tell right away that this is a quality product . Another thing is evga has fantastic customer support they are very nice and are extremely helpful. I should also say that this card runs pretty quiet when the fans are on the max. Also when you are done at the end of the day and just want to watch some videos in high def or just typing an email the card becomes like any other and will be as quiet as a mouse when switched to the auto fan mode. Overall I would highly recommend this card to anyone!. The only two downsides about the card other than the price is that it does consume a lot of power and a 600 watt min power supply is recommended so make sure you have one of those and that the card is a bit big so make sure that your case is big enough to house it.
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on December 16, 2013
BF4 on ultra settings with 80-90 fps constant. This video card is a beast. I have tossed BF4, PlanetSide 2, Batman Arkham, Splintercell, etc all on ultra settings that I can barely hear the video card running. Very quiet and doesn't give off much heat. I upgraded from a gtx 570 and I am truly amazed at the improvements in the technology as its quieter and stays cooler even under load. I was just waiting for the 700 line price drop and I am happy I jumped in and bought one when the prices dropped. Well worth it.
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on July 1, 2014
Bought this for a gaming machine I built for my son. Full review of all the components at http://www.cossaboon.net/?p=417

The HEART of any gaming machine is the GPU / Video card. Though the motherboard came with a decent one, I wanted to push the limit of GPU, and did research in using SLI or CrossFire to link multiple cards or buy a big one.

What I read (and might not be correct) was that linking the GPU creates an impressive video experience, but dollar for dollar buying the fastest video card is the best bet.

Now if you already own a gaming machine with a good video card that support SLI or Crossfire, then the best dollar for dollar is to buy a mate for it, and cluster them. First off your card is now cheaper, and you double the performance for a small amount. If you do not own one yet, the cost of buy two lower end will be more for the same performance of a single higher end one.

The dual-opally in the video market is Nvidia and AMD (ATI). From reading on Tom’s Hardware Guide and other locations AMD seems to own the mid market (low end is integrated graphics), with Nvidia on the top end. This is not to say that ether company does not play in the other but in Summer 2014 that is how the dice seem to fall. Both of these companies make video cards, but it seems that most of the market is companies like EVGA that take the GPU and build the card.

This card comes with some GREAT software. As per the insert in the package the I went to EVGA site and downloaded their drivers and add on software. Easy install and profiles for games to improve quality.

My older son through everything that he hard on Steam at it an it was full frames at the highest resolutions.

The software also has the ability to record game play, and a webcam with audio, so you can post your playing to websites. Also supports the nvidia shield that might be a future purchase
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on October 27, 2014
I replaced my 2 GTX 760's with this. It matched all of the stats for the 2 760's SC's I had and uses less energy. Great for gaming and great for folding/crunching. Easily maxing out everything I throw at it in gaming, and 175k PPD in f@h on good WU's (6 ½ minute TPF on 13000's).

REALLY good on big projects for BOINC like GPU Grid (got onto the top 20 performance board once or twice too) or the Generalized Fermat Prime Searches. Not a huge increase in the tiny stuff though, like PPS Sieve which comes in at 9 minutes when my 760's will do one at 10 min 15 seconds.

Average Watt Usage at full capacity is 200 Watts! My 2 760's were ~300 W.. I am using a 80+ grade PSU that is running at half capacity (it's efficiency butterzone).

For the new prices these are becoming available at, it is definitely worth a look at!
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on July 5, 2014
This card has done great with everything I've thrown at it:

Games at 1200p:
Thief max settings, 60 FPS.
Witcher 2, 60 FPS
Crysis 3 high settings, 50-60 fps.
ESO max settings 30-60 fps depending on number of players nearby (I wanted to include an MMO and that is the most intensive one I've played).

Video rendering is much faster now. My PC is this, an i7 3770k, 16gb DDR3, and a decent 7200 RPM Western Digital hard drive (still not ready to make the jump to SSD but soon). Before I was using a GTX 460. I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio 12 Platinum. The 64 bit version allows for GPU rendering which means that my graphics card can help with the video rendering. Before I'd say that a 1080p, 30fps, 8mb bit rate video would take about 20 minutes for every 10 minutes of video. Now it takes about 12-15. If you are rendering hours of footage (maybe someone that does lots of game footage or someone that simply wants to edit hours of HD video from their camera) that can add up fast.

Sound seems pretty quiet, heat seems reasonable. It is a bit of a dust magnet but I just open up the case every month or so and grab a can of air. All PCs get like that eventually. Especially here in Phoenix where everything is covered in dust.

EVGA has always given me top notch service. And NVidia's drivers have ALMOST ALWAYS worked great for me. If you want power but aren't interested in dropping $700+ on a TI or Titan, this seems to be great. The 760 is probably a more "efficient" buy but the 780 is not bad for future proofing. Especially with Witcher 3 on the not TOO distant horizon.
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on July 2, 2014
I upgraded from a GTX295 to this one, and wow, what a difference. I do professional audio & video editing using Adobe Premier & After Effects. The newer CC 2014 versions were getting beyond my old card, but they fly with this one. Rendering times are sped up drastically with CUDA & I can actually view what my effects are doing in After Effects now. I went from rendering a 60 second After Effects promo in 40 minutes to less than 5.

When comparing test of this card to the actual pro cards offered by Nvidia this card was clearly the winner.

Another benefit was to Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop. I didn't realize how much my live effects rendering for still images & illustrations would be improved by upgrading the card.

Games also look spectacular and there is nothing that I really cannot run now in full 1080p.

One other thing is that the open design of the cooling fins makes this card really easy to clean. Every 2 to 4 weeks I clean out the air filters in my system & blow the dust out of the inside. This card is very easy to hit with a can of spray air to keep it running dust-free. My old card had a sealed in cooling system, & even with cleaning it as much as possible it was still caked full of dust when I swapped cards.

I really could not recommend this card more. Excellent for gaming & excellent for video production.
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on April 2, 2014
I have a older P55 m-ATX system for lan party/portable powerhouse use.
Basics are i5 760@4Ghz, 2000 Dominator RAM, x2 Intel 80G ssds for system&games, x2 150G Vraptors raid0 for quick access data, 1Tb WD black for backup, AX750 psu, and X2 560Ti 1G SLi for the graphics. LG 1200P Monitor.

It was a good rig for 1080/1200p but getting weaker on some new games. This fixes that! Overclocked easy to 1202/1228 Mhz w/Nividias max voltage of 1.21, my card has Hynix vram and clocks to 7000+ :-) Temps are only 65 to 67C while benching, and the fans are much more quiet than the pair of 560Ti's, and cooler too! The 560s run hot in SLi.
Many people on OCN are getting GTX 780s to 1300+ with modded bios/afterburner beta, and 1.3/1.4 voltage. However I don't recommend this unless you water-cool this beast. Which you can do easy, as this card has the reference board and is completable w/Titan blocks as well.
Easy to find water blocks for this card, maybe not as fast as a 780Ti classified board but OCs better under water. Because the bios modding is not unlocking the voltage on 780Ti. But you must water-cool to put that much V through the GPU!

Old config got 55.2fps on Heaven, New config gets 85.7fps, and this is through my P55 pci gen2 8x slot & and an old I5 cpu.
And the ACX cooler is top notch, with enough quiet cooling for excellent OC, no throttling.

Looking forward to a new rig starring GTX780 SLi OCed w/water-cooling, and a 1440/1600p monitor, however this isn't bad.
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on June 6, 2017
Just poorly designed. This is the second GTX 780 I have purchased; the first being the gigabyte one. This card just does not perform well. I get poor frame rates and just all around disappointing results.
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