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on February 27, 2014
I have never had a more powerful card in my life. This is an absolute beast of a card. I originally had the ACX cooler one but had to return it. If you have a smaller case like I do (N200 by Cooler Master m-ATX case) then the ACX cooler blows all the hot air inside and heats everything up and gets trapped. After returning the ACX model I also found this reference model to be built quite a bit better then the custom ACX cooler. It also looks way cooler too with its light up neon "Geforce GTX" Logo. The other problem with the ACX was that it was so heavy that it would droop down slightly on the right side where it was plugged into my motherboard. It couldn't support itself very well I guess. This one is very stiff and strong in comparison. On occasion with the ACX I would also hear a weird whirring noise which I think is commonly referred to as "coil whine". This is the same reference blower that the Titan has and is an excellent one at that. Usually the blower styles are loud. This is at least as quiet as its ACX counterpart. I am going to have to recommend this over the ACX. You will not regret this GPU. You may regret the ACX once you get some coil whining. Also, if you are curious about some FPS I got with having an i7 4770.... I get 65 FPS avg. on Crysis 3 with max settings and 1x SMAA 1080p and on battlefield 4 I get 85 FPS AVG over all maps available as of this review. I used FRAPS average calculator to figure this out. Again, highly recommend this card.
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on June 3, 2015
The 780 Ti is a beast, that's for sure. It's as powerful as it is beautiful, however I don't use it much for gaming, I use it for Blender.

I do a lot of modeling and rendering in Blender, and I specifically render in Blender Cycles which benefits from CUDA that this card supports. The performance of this card really made a positive impact for my renders, which used to be from 45 seconds per 1080p frame on my old GTX 580 Classified, to about 8 seconds in this GTX 780 Ti. I know 45 seconds doesn't seem like a lot, but I'm talking "per frame" and frames can easily reach the hundreds and even thousands in animations. Granted, each person's projects will differ, and as such so will render times.

For me, working with NPR (Non-Photorealistic Rendering) in Blender, this card is perfect.

I've attached an image I created and rendered (Cycles + Freestyle) in Blender using this card.
review image
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on December 3, 2013
The video card itself is amazing. At 100% load stays around 82c with the stock cooler. Never any pixelation. I'm using this GPU to push Dell's 27" 1440p monitor. Will play every game I have at Max settings @ 50-90 FPS. If you can afford this card for a single GPU setup, get it. Its worth every penny if your gaming at 1440p.

Con: Reason for the 3 star rating. Amazon did not send the 3 game Holiday bundle with the card that EVGA says they should be honoring. I have a ticket in with Amazon to correct this issue. When, or if, they correct this discrepancy I will raise my rating to 5 stars. Until then, I would reccomend you not buy this card from Amazon and look for it elsewhere.

Edit: Apparently my Promotion codes got e-mailed to me but got sent to my Spam folder. Updated star rating!
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on December 16, 2016
These cards were a great way to upgrade my Alienware R4 Aurora. I originally had 2 x AMD 290 cards in crossfire. They were not enough muscle for todays games. There was allot of freezing and a bit of artifacting. I found a set of these cards used on Amazon and decided to give NVidia SLI a try. I am very happy with the end result. These cards were certified by Dell to work with my computer, but they were no longer available for new purchase. I shopped Amazon and I am very happy I was able to breath new life into my old gaming rig. Thanks EVGA for building a great card! These cards should get me by until my next big computer purchase.
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on August 7, 2014
After 6 months of having this one must think about everything there is to do with it. To keep it to the basics, I went in as a "basic" consumer wanting "large" payoffs just like most new people start new hobbies. I already knew how to overclock, it wasn't my first system. For 3 months I tested it bone stock, full bone stock system.
I5 4670k @ 3.4
GTX 780 Ti superclocked @ 980 base and 1046 boost. As of Driver updates regularly
Corsair Dominator Plats 16gb @ 2133
Corsair h100i
Corsair 250d
BenQ 27inch 2560x1400 Monitor

Nothing changed from that, I downloaded MSI Afterburner to begin testing games, I loaded Assassins Creed 3, Assassins Creed Black Flag, Titan Fall, Total War 2, Thief, Battlefield 4, Banished, and Skyrim with very high res packs as well as many other mods for improving the eye candy. It went well all settings immediately set to the highest on everything. Now Assassins 3 played just fine, blackflag needed a little tune down to not get visual glitching, Titan Fall is fine, Total War I was holding 40fps solid, Battlefield in the test range I was averaging 60 but due to my monitor only being able to handle that well that tells its own story, Banished had major visual glitches on maxed settings, and Skyrim ran perfectly fine except in a spawned in war with many spells and visuals being cast all at once.

The card ran fine, temps were fine, playing banished on max settings getting over the screen tearing and moving slower through the world heated my card up to right around 60-70 degrees. All the others my card stayed steady at around 50-60 while the temp in my room sat at a easy 23-25 degrees Celsius and all very acceptable temps. Average my card turbo'd up to around 1300 was my top number.

After overclocking.
I5 4760k @ 4.2
GTX 70 Ti @ 1200 base, power limit at 110% Memory clock +100 mhz and Temp limit on 88 degrees

I no longer had clipping on or tearing on any of the games, Total War average went up to 45-50fps, Banished stayed without tearing and sat at 64 degrees average, my boost clock now sits around 1500 boosted.

So what can I say about this card.. Well for gaming this card is great. I feel I have more of a gem card because on stock I was getting a few small throttling issues though with bumping up the temp, over power percent, and core and memory speeds I have gained a pretty strong overclock. Its very stable so long as I keep my room temp at this level. When it started heating up for the summer if I let my room get much hotter it did start having some issues at times when my room got to around 28-30 degrees though keeping my room temps down it does stay stable.

Fixing to upgrade to AMD 9370 @ 4.4 base 4.7 boost
2 R9 290x's in crossfire with a custom waterloop
Corsair Dominator Plats 32gb @ 2133
CaseLabs Magnum sma8
Custom Green/Purple Paint on the light bars for Plats, Dual water-loops with purple/green liquid, painted Corsair fans.
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on May 6, 2014
I upgraded from two nvidia brand gtx 560 ti's in SLI. I was never able to run battlefield 3 or 4 on ultra at a decent frame rate. Now I am playing BF4 1920x1080 at average 100 FPS on ULTRA! You can get 60 FPS 1920x1080 on Crysis 3 highest settings with a few tweeks. Crysis 1 looks simply breath taking now. For gaming I do believe this is better than a titan. This is basically the flagship nvidia gaming card. Its awesome to finally be able to turn up all your games to max settings and still enjoy super frame rates! It is the most I have ever paid for a single GPU before, but its simply magnificent. I chose this model over the ACX cooler twin fan version cause of 1.coil whining complaints 2. this design just looks better IMO. (hey if this design works for a 1000 dollar titan it must be pretty good eh?) 3. this card fit in my case no problem. For those wondering about my setup, I have an Antec 902 case. Asus P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3 motherboard, intel core i7 2600K overclocked to 4.5 ghz, H60 water cooler, corsair vengeance blue 8 gb ram, Samsung Evo 840 1 tb SSD. The trick to getting the most out of battlefield 4 is 1.Overclocked CPU (something north of 4ghz) 2.good GPU 3. a SSD (to load the game in 15 seconds VS minutes for a Sata drive)
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on June 12, 2014
I've added +100 to both memory and gpu clock speeds using Precision X. This has added very little fan noise to what is already a fairly quiet GPU. I have this beast stuffed inside a mini ITX case - the Cooler Master Elite 130. My temperature while benchmarking reaches a high of 88 Celsius. I have no need for over voltage at +100 GPU/memory. With that in mind, I find little need to run over-clocked. I am impressed with the stability, performance, and the low fan noise even in a mini ITX case. I highly recommend this GPU - even in a Mini ITX build.
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on March 5, 2014
It's working great - running BF4, latest COD maxed out - no problems. Note that it took a few driver and game revisions for it to run smooth multiplayer versions of the same - but just amazing now. It's also making my RAW photo image process a fast process - as my software is using the GPU acceleration option. Moreover it consumes less power than my older cards (so no need for power supply upgrade) and it runs quiet in comparison to what I had before (GTX285 and ATI 5970).
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on December 16, 2014
After one year this card is a beast. I can run anything and everything. I will say that soon this card will be bottle necked with the 3gb of Vram but so far the only game that caused me problems was running watch dogs at ultra. It caused a lot of micro stuttering when driving ,but some people say it is just because of the poor optimization of the game. So 3gb of Vram is probably plenty , especially if you only gaming on 1080p displays. The temps stay nice and the card blows out all the hot air out of the case.
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on March 21, 2014
Run most of my game maxed-out on 1080p-120hz with 60+ fps except Metro Last Light only at 53 fps average. Idle at 30C and under-load at 73C. Heat exhaust from the card's back, outside the case +1.
Highly recommend to any gamers out there! Update 01/30/14: 22C cooler with NZXT G10 w/ Kraken 40, under-load now at 50ish.
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