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on April 23, 2018
What would you do for that perfect love? What would you be willing to give up for that love? Follow Explosion in Paris through its plot turns and twists to find out! This wonderful book all so allows you to see and experience many beautiful landscapes, and explore parts of history through its architecture, furniture, and art. I truly enjoyed the adventure!
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on June 15, 2016
Although written as fiction, you'd swear this is a true story. A real romance with all the pitfalls that are an ordinary package of life. The connection between Ross and Angie was a beautiful encounter of emotions stirred when a true soul mate finds you. I'm reminded that settling for anything less than "that flame" could be cheating one from experiencing the true joys of life. And how that flame comes effortlessly (shouldn't have to work hard to find it)...and when you least expect it.....if only you'll be open to experiencing it!
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on November 27, 2017
I never read a "Romance" Novel before, and I was pleasantly surprised. The characters were very interesting and I liked the way the author spent time detailing the separate events in their lives, to be drawn together at the end.It was easy to root for the good guys and root against Mitch. Ms Pirrung wasted no time in making him unlikable. All in all a good read!
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on May 28, 2012
I managed to read the first chapter vainly hoping the book would grab me. It didn't. I found myself perpetually irritated by writing that was somewhat poor in quality.

The author made excessive use of fairly cliched description (Her straight, jaw-length, hair shadowed her pretty heart-shaped face......His tie was artfully tied.....Her wide-set, icicle blue eyes....) Then there was the common error of repeating the use of an adjective or verb in the same sentence or a run on sentence which was rather amaturish.

I tend to avoid romance stories since they seem to be produced by inexpert authors. On this occasion I was lulled into a false sense of hope by the reviews. BIG MISTAKE! Dr Zhivago, this ain't.
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on December 19, 2009
Certainly a page turner, as once you start reading this, you can't wait to see what is going to happen next! Various things went through my mind while reading this. And one of them, since the characters are so well defined is who would play them if this were ever made into a movie? I think and this is just off the cuff, that Robert Downey Junior could play Mitch to perfection! As for Ross? I'm thinking Ben Affleck would do nicely there.

I do think, this would make an intriguing movie with all the twist and turns it has and would keep people wondering what is going to happen next!

But more importantly, is the books theme. And that is, if you are in a BAD relationship, leave it! I also think the author's love of France is evident and she points out a lot of reasons for France to be loved. So I'm thinking that perhaps the French people should request a version in their language so they can enjoy it as well as well as feel good about people realizing there are some wonderful things about France to love.

I also recently read "The Warriors Rose" by a world recognized Martial Artist and Legionnaire and although he lived a much rougher side of life while in France, he too expounded on what is beautiful about it.

Because I interview people some times, I have some friends that are in the business, so I'm definitely going to let them know about this book.

And if you are getting ready for a vacation? Or want something to read while you are on a vacation I think you will truly enjoy this work! I'm some times romantic as I'm a poet myself but the other thing that got me is the wittiness in some of the conversations the author writes about.

I've even found myself repeating some of them in my own dealings in life and that means I picked up something from her works that I too can use, just in living.

That makes a book something that isn't just a bunch of pages, but something that affects how you live.

Because it teaches you something.

Chase Von

Author of...

Pink Blue and Green

Your Chance To Hear The Last Panther Speak


Dream Reachers with co Author Betty Dravis
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on May 21, 2015
ok I absolutely loved this story!!! With that said I am so frustrated by the quick ending! With all the build up and waiting i expected to feel something with the ending and i didnt!!
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on January 5, 2011
This book was a real page turner. Is a must read....it has denial, suspense, love, betrayal and more. I couldn't put it down, the writer is amazing and makes you feel that you are a character in her book and living it. That is a sign of an excellent book and writer! I highly recommend reading this book....A+++++++
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on June 16, 2009
The author created a wonderful premise with a storyline to support it. The only criticism I have is that I'd love to have had more to read about life in France . This is a beautiful tale of rebirth, being freed by the truth and the unburdening of the soul in search of wholeness. The ominous Mitch character is depicted early on and establishes the unhealthy atmosphere that the reticent Angie feels she must endure. This insight into her plight provides the reader with understanding and forgiveness when Ross comes on the scene and turns her world upside down. What transpires is that Angie grows and learns much about herself. There are cringe-worthy moments, genuinely troubling circumstances, not to mention, life-altering violence that will keep the reader riveted. The scene of the explosion was nothing less than horrific, as the reader feels the terror and dismay. The story takes place in various, exciting locales, as the mystery unravels. I think that what appeals to so many people is that, at one time or another, in their lives, they may have dreamed of a drastic change in their lives. A change for good; we become the people we really want to be, in a place we really want to live. It is like being reborn. The paradigm shift will inspire you to think really hard about the way you see yourself in the world. This book delivers the message loud and clear. The plot twisted itself around my heart. Some of the words are permanently etched in my mind. Powerful...Enthralling...HAPPY ENDING! Add this to your treasure trove!
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on November 17, 2009
This book was recommended to me by a friend and I found myself in a moral bind. At the begging I related to Mitch and some of his mannerisms though the farther I read our paths went different directions. This book made me look deep in the mirror making me realize the way I treated my wife needed a change. This Author shows great enthusiasm and I look forward to reading her other books.
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on December 26, 2011
I wish I had read a few more of the reviews before purchasing this book! I looked at the cover and had my doubts and looking at it again I think, I should have known. I go with the one who would have rated it zero if she could have - and I'm only too glad I did not buy it for my book club as another reviewer had to live down the embarrassment of having done. I got through 13% of the book before I finally decided I couldn't even read it to pass time - it is not readable. Because, yes, I do enjoy lighthearted and well-written books that might not be very memorable. BUT it definitely doesn't have the depth I was given to believe from the reviews. Instead it reminds me of a contemporary Mills & Boone. I'm not sure why but I used to enjoy these formulaic romances as a teenager in the 70s. I'm sure I wouldn't now!
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