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on November 27, 2011
Size and weight exactly like a portable usb harddisk (which is exactly what I am looking for). It is able to quick charge all sorts of devices I can think of, due to built-in "samsung port", which make all usb devices (not just samsung's) think they are connected to a wall charger.

Passthrough Mode: Able to charge usb devices while the battery pack itself is being charged. Nice!
The auto power cutoff works as claimed, but the device being charged must be off, so that full-charge can be detected, (or else the battery pack will continue to supply power, which is correct behaviour).

Every socket tip you would ever need is included from mini or micro usb to weirder types for photo frames or radios. Surprisingly, all accompanying cables are solidly built, including the very useful flexible springy cable. Included international AC wall charger and car charger are compact and light to be portable. The pack's size was more manageable than I had initially thought, as its shape means smartphones can be held/gripped comfortably together while charging on the go.

Generally satisfied. I calculated the capacity-to-weight ratio, and compared with other offerings, and found that it excels.

Update: However, it might have capacity issues. I really wonder whether it does really hold 10000mah, or much less. I think their voltage convertor (from 3.7V LiPo to 5V USB) is inefficient and a lot energy could be loss as heat. This explains why it can charge my 1300mAh smartphone 5 times, my mobile 3G hotspot/mifi 3 times, but can only charge my 4400mah Kindle Fire only once, before running out of juice.

Update 2: Efficiency across all battery packs is 70%. 30% is loss as heat during charging process.
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on January 21, 2012
Update 7 MAR 2015: After 3 years, the product needs replacement. This is neither exceptionally short, no particularly long for a device like this. Lithium batteries have a limited number of charge cycles and that's just the way it goes. On my trip this week, I noticed that I wasn't getting the charge duration I used to get, and inspecting it today I've noticed it starting to swell. That's the time to replace anything with a lithium battery. It still works, but at least one of the cells is now worn out and unsafe. It's also entirely likely that with this extremely cold winter we've had, it may have been exposed to very cold temperatures in the car a few times and that would not help it's lifespan one bit.

Overall I've been quite happy with the product. As EZOPower has changed the design, I've opted to try another brand for next time. Similar products are available now for as little as $20. I've decided to try the one form Mojix at the same capacity. I'm also going to test a slightly larger one from ZiluTech

I've been looking for EXACTLY this product for a long time. It is nearly perfect.

Essentially, it is a portable battery -- like a lot of other ones I've tried. I have one or two that work quite well for me, but I'd had none that could reliably put out the 750ma needed to both run and charge my Mifi at the same time. This one did.

I dropped this in one pocket of my backpack, connected it to my 4G MiFi at 9am when I left the hotel room, and 9 hours later when I got back to the room it was still running, had 2/3 of a charge left in it, and the MIFI battery was still full. It was finally a "run all day and forget it" battery pack.

It worked fantastically for me at the show because of a few key features:

1. Though physically its not too big (about the size of a compact 3.5" external drive enclosure) it packs a 10,000mAh lithium polymer battery.

2. It has two USB power out ports that EACH put out 2.1 watts -- as much as the power adapters for the iPad and Galaxy Tab 10.1. The USB standard is 1/2 watt which is why most of these battery packs don't properly charge and run (at the same time) an iphone or mifi let alone an iPad.

3. One of the USB ports is marked with an "I" for iPad and is rigged so that it tells the iPad/iPhone etc. that it is an Apple charger. The device recognizes it as a charger and pulls the full fast charge. The other is marked with an "S" for Samsung and does the same thing for a Galaxy Tab 10.1 etc. This is the ONLY external battery or charger I've seen which can do this. Both ports also work for anything else I've tried.

4. It is elegantly simple, but has all the features you want. For example, it has lights to indicate it is on or off, charging or not charging, and how much power is left in it. It will shut off on its own in 10 seconds if nothing is drawing power (preventing it from draining accidentally in your bag).

5. It is attractively built, with a mirrored finish and bumpers on the side. It is compact and solid feeling with no sharp edges and nothing it doesn't need. It has no huge ugly labels or decals.

6. It comes with pretty much everything you need. It charges with 12v DC so along with the small block adapter, it comes with a cigarette lighter adapter to charge it in your car. It also has a DC output port that can push out 9v or 12v and a wide variety of output tips for common devices off that port.

MY ONLY COMPLAINTS with this device are:

-1 : The instructions are written in a nearly incomprehensible East-Asian-English attempt that leaves you scratching your head. Fortunately, there is very little you really need from the instructions to use it properly.

-2 : It doesn't come with a little cloth bag or case to hold it along with the various tips and such that it has. This is easily handled by finding a cloth bag of my own.
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on February 14, 2012
After trying no less than 3 other battery backup devices, I have finally found one that will charge the Kindle so I won't get stranded on a trip without my books & movies. Apparently, the Kindle Fire needs some serious amp-hours to charge it up. The ZaggSparq 2.0 did not cut it, but this one at 10,000 mAH actually turns the battery icon green. The unit is solid, and appears to be well made. The user instructions are pretty bad english, but good enough to figure out. There is a switch on the side that lights an indicator to read either 9V or 12V, which bothered me a bit because I thought USB was 5V, but it seems to work. I don't have an iPad to test it with, but it charges my iPhone just fine. Lights on the front tell you when the unit is charging from the wall socket, and they go out when its all charged up. They give you a ton of adapters too which is nice, but I'll only ever use the usb cables that I already have. There is also a 12v car charger which is a nice touch. I would prefer a built-in wall charger to the wall plug, but I think the unit is too thin for that, so I can live with it. I would definitely recommend this device to anyone with a Kindle Fire.

Success: I full charged the Kindle Fire last night, so this device does exactly what I had hoped. The device did NOT work with the original Kindle cable, which is strange. It would begin charging, then stop. However, when I used the small coiled USB cable that came with the power pack it worked perfectly. Again, highly recommend this device to anyopne with Kindle Fire.

Update 4/30/12 - this device works nicely with the iPad 2 as well.
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on December 6, 2012
I own three of these, two to keep my various devices running while working in the field and a third for my daughter, who keeps forgetting to charge her phone at night. I've been able to use one to keep one iPhone and an iPad running for 3 days without having to recharge the device, something I haven't been able to do with any other device available.
I bought the first two as a test for my operation and was so impressed I bought the third for my daughter. Now she doesn't have an excuse for her phone being dead. I'm able to keep my customers happy by having the power I need when I need it, and have become a firm believer in these.
The up front cost is very reasonable considering just how much time is saved and how long they last. Looking at the cost long term, they're much cheaper than using one of the ID-1Ø-T devices that claims to charge your phone using AA batteries. I expect mine will probably outlast the phones etc. that I plug into them now.
That leads to my last observation, which is very forward thinking by the manufacturer, to include something like 14 different tips to charge various devices. Two USB ports plus one other allow you to charge 3 devices at once! It's an electronic Swiss Army Knife for any mobile charging operation! If you're looking for portable power, look no further. Buy one or two and find out for yourself. In my opinion, this is the best device out there to keep your equipment up and running, period.
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on February 27, 2012
2 May 2012

Two months later, I still recommend this battery. No problems. Works great. Exceeds expectations.

27 Feb 2012

Tech-dork here.

EZOPower 10,000mAh battery, SKU 6U81030100512, ASIN B005XQSN9G.

Also known as "Universal" "Anker"; Model AK-79UN5V2-B16P100A. These are the same: B005NGKR54; B005NGLTZQ; B005NGLBHM; B005NGNKNK; B005XQSN9G.

When I say EVOPower, it includes the abovementioned "Universal" "Anker" labels. It's the same machine. I happen to have bought this battery that had an "EZOPower" label.

Dimensions: 3-1/8" across x 5" deep x 15/16" high.

Weight: 11 oz.

12V and 9V.

I bought this for iPhone, iPad (1), and iPod Touch. iPad (1) means the first iPad.

I took a flight cross-country (roughly 12 hours total travel time), and wanted to listen to music on my iPhone while waiting for the planes and on the planes. I listened to music and watched the in-iPhone battery-indicator go from 100%, 85%, 70%, 55%, 40% in three hours. Depressing. I had to stop listening because I had to leave some juice for phone calls--not good to have a dead phone when traveling. It was an unpleasant trip--I had to ration the iPhone's battery--I felt cranky and couldn't relax cuz my Plan A pooped out and I had no Plan B. ARGH! I'm not about to let that happen again!


Now I have Plan B: EZOPower (Universal; Anker) 10000mAh battery.EZOPower (Universal; Anker) I've had it a few days. I rate it A+ (*****). However, the instructions are horrible, sucky, crappy, awful, abysmal, despicable (you get the idea); the manufacturer couldn't bother hiring a decent English translator; I feel the manufacturer threw me into the deep end of the pool without my first learning how to swim. Yesterday I tried to (re)charge my iPhone--nothing happened (unbeknownst to me, the EZOPower (Universal; Anker) was OFF; no blue lights shone)--I didn't realize it mattered that the EZOPower (Universal; Anker) be turned ON--the few lines of instructions the "manual" gave were undecipherable.


Accidentally having turned ON the EZOPower (Universal; Anker)(by pressing the center silver button where the blue lights/buttons were lit), the battery (re)charged my iPhone perfectly, while I had it playing music, in an unknown "fast" amount of time (I wasn't paying attention cuz I didn't know "ON" mattered). This means: make sure that if you're trying to (re)charge something, ***the blue lights must be ON (aka LIGHTED UP).***

To turn the EZOPower (Universal; Anker) OFF (no blue lights), press the silver button--the battery doesn't shut off immediately--there is a short delay.

Haven't tried it on my iPad (1) or iPod Touch. I'll post more when I know more. So far, this is a great battery.


I had iPhone and iPad (1) (re)charging at the same time, with the iPhone playing music. (I don't know why I had the iPhone playing music.) iPhone battery was down to 20%; iPad (1) battery was dead.

2-hour mark (re)charging using EZOPower / Universal / Anker. Result: iPhone 91%. iPad (1): 23%. EZOPower / Universal / Anker: down to one blue light (of four). Maybe the iPhone playing music was too much for the EZOPower / Universal / Anker. It doesn't seem to matter which device is connected to "OUT 1" and "OUT S."

3-hour mark (re)charging: iPhone is 100%; iPad (1) 39%; EZOPower (Universal; Anker) still has one blue light on. I detached the iPhone.

3.5-hour mark (re)charging: iPad (1) 58%; EZOPower (Universal; Anker) one blue light blinking (which means it needs to get plugged in).

The EZOPower (Universal; Anker) needs to be plugged in.

When I plugged the iPad (1) into the "OUT S" port, the iPad showed "NOT CHARGING"; iPad doesn't recognize the OUT S port.

I recommend it without caveat.
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on February 25, 2015
I use this power pack to charge electronics and camera batteries when camping / hiking. The 12V Output is key, the 5V usb that most battery banks have are pretty much useless. Using the 12V rail you can charge almost anything that uses a battery. 12v is what your car cigarette lighter outputs and you can adapt existing chargers to work with this batter using something like this -

I use it in conjunction with the Allpower 18v 14W solar panel. The problem with most solar panels is they don't put out enough steady voltage to charge electronics on their own. By using this battery, you can trickle charge it with a solar panel and then charge your electronics from the battery. The 9v 12v option on this are great. I'm giving it 4 stars because it doesn't come with anything to store the batter and all the connectors in. Some other manufacturers include a soft nylon / polyester bag to contain all the small parts / pieces.

You can check my review here if you are interested in the full setup -
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on April 6, 2012
Nice looking external backup battery charger, but I did have an out-of-the-box problem.

After charging the device, I connected it to my Kindle Fire using the micro-USB adapter and the universal USB cable/connector supplied, pressed the "On" button, and ... NOTHING! The device would not recognize, or "talk" to, my Kindle. It detected no device requiring a charge to be connected and shut down (as it is designed to do).

I suspected a connection problem (I try to think of the most obvious problems and potential solutions first) so I substituted the cable assembly that came with the charger with a USB/micro-USB data transfer cable that I'd purchased separately at an earlier time. VOILA ... everything worked just fine!! Just as I'd suspected (and HOPED!) the problem was a simple cable issue ... NOT that one should EXPECT to experience ANY out-of-the-box problems!

Once my start-up problem was resolved, the charger worked like a charm! It charged my Kindle Fire from 15% to 100% in the same amount of time that it would take to charge it using its AC charger, consuming only about 50% of the capacity of the EZO Charger.

The only other issue with this charger were the instructions ... they're tough to digest and understand (not that there's all that much to learn). Simply use the AC charger supplied with the device to charge it (until the flashing blue LEDs stop flashing), prepare the cables supplied (hopefully the ones you receive will work as advertised, unlike mine), connect them to the USB I (the iPad series) port, and press the chrome "On" button. If all goes well, your Kindle Fire should charge exactly as if you'd plugged in its AC charging unit.

I'd have rated this product 5 stars if I hadn't experienced the out-of-the-box cable issue. It appears to be a really neat external backup battery charger.
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on January 27, 2015
I was shopping around a while on Ebay, Amazon and various electronic stores like Best Buy for one of these portable, external batteries and came upon this brand called EZO. I never heard of them before, but with some minor research, I found them to have some good reviews, so I took a closer look. They have an official website called EZO Power, but I can't put their link here on Amazon, so just look them up. It turns out they have excellent quality batteries in various sizes and if you compare the Milli-Amp output in comparison to competitor's batteries, you really get a great bang for the buck, so I decided to purchase this 5200mAh model. It measures 3" inches long, by 1-3/16" wide and just over a half-inch thick, so it's a decent sized battery if you want something to carry in your pocket, but I don't recommend sitting down unless you keep it in your front pocket and don't wear tight jeans. It's weight is surprisingly heavy for it's size. When you pick it up for the first time, you will know right away that the amount of cadmium in this battery is generous for it's size. If you are unfamiliar with battery storage, I will use my older phone as an example. I had an HTC T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide which came with an HTC internal battery containing 1550mAh. Compare that to this EZO 5200mAh and depending on how much you use your phone, you can charge your phone's internal battery approximately 3-times or more, so imagine if you are traveling or out with your friends, but don't have somewhere to plug-in your phone. This battery is awesome to have because you can easily charge your phone 2-3 times without an outlet. One minor detail I was curious about is that it came with all the various attachments you would expect to have, so it will work with any phone, but it only comes with the USB plug to charge it, so you either have to plug it into your PC or buy one of those outlet adapters that converts your standard home electrical outlet to a USB plug to charge it. The good news though is that it uses a standard micro-USB plug which all phones use today, so you can just use the charger that came with your phone. I also purchased some "internal" batteries made by EZO because they happen to hold a higher capacity than the standard OEM battery that came with my phone and it's the same exact thickness, so you won't need to purchase one of those deeper sized battery covers for your phone to make them fit. Remember that I mentioned my HTC battery holds 1550mAh, but the EZO version holds 1900mAh, so their internal batteries alone will also run your phone for a longer period of time. In this instance, I happened to find the internal batteries cheaper on Ebay, but I only found the EZO 5200 available here on Amazon. I only paid $17 bucks for set of (3) internal batteries that I found on Ebay AND the seller even included one of those square wall chargers that lets you plug the batteries directly into, so you can charge your spare batteries separately from the one inside your phone. Try finding any "new" good quality cell phone batteries for that low of a cost and you wont. EZO batteries also come in very nice "sealed" blister packaging with their logo on it, so you don't have to worry about being sold "used" batteries claiming to be "new" like many bogus sellers do on Ebay with OEM batteries such as HTC.
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on August 28, 2012
Typically I only buy phones that have a replaceable battery (sorry iphone). Reason being is it is easier to carry a spare then to sit next to an outlet. My Samsung Stratosphere needed something different. It uses up more juice than previos phones.
I work as a background actor for television and movies. We are usually holed up somewhere like a church, 200 of us usually fighthing over the 4 outlets available, if any. This is called holding. And if you have an outlet you would have to leave your phone there, usually unprotected while you are on set.
We sometimes endure hours on the set and in between takes we are constantly checking for new acting gigs. These sets are usually in the city which does not have the best reception or in the middle of nowhere. Typical day is 12 hours long.
The past few weeks I found myself on beach set (no outlets) and a city set (no outlets in holding). With the EZO in my back pocket charging my phone in the front, no issues. And in the city it was charging in my prop briefcase.
Charges were as quick as being plugged into an outlet. I even had charged other actors phones while I was on set.
This device is perfect!
The only down side was that with all the included tips, there was no sack to store them. That and the fact there was no iphone tip for my other friends.
Highly reccommend this to everyone. I was practically selling these to my co actors.
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on January 1, 2013
I carry it to keep my cell juiced all day without tethering myself to a wall socket. For that this device is ideal. You can charge while moving and it is just big enough to keep track of without being too big like the larger capacity ones from this company. EZO also seems to make a good battery product, better than the competing Duracell quick chargers or some of the ones with the solar panels.


I've owned this device about a month but only posted the review yesterday. Now, the following day I knock off a star because apparently after a three foot fall to a floor the battery doesn't work. Not a huge issue and I will buy another but...if you're clumsy, maybe not one as heavy as this one is a better choice.

Update #2

If you are on the go, do not get this one. It has a TON of juice for the price point but simply will not survive a fall from waist level and is deceptively heavy if you juggle your phone or other items and this in your hand. It works GREAT...if you don't ever plan on dropping it.
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