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on April 1, 2013
The bad reviews on this device may be prior to the 3.0 firmware update/application for the Eagle Eye and/or may be from people who just didn't take the time to calibrate it properly or tweak it.

That being said, just as background and setup, I'm a mid-30's gamer who grown up rocking the FPS online PC games all the way back to the original Quake1&2, Wolfenstein and the ever awesome Half Life on those fantastic dial ups. It's ingrained that a keyboard and mouse are the necessary tools for an FPS. I transitioned to the PS3 because of the expense of continually updating my gaming rig each year and in buying the PS3 I've gone though quite a few Keyboard/Mouse setups for it. Most noteable is the SplitFish series of PS3/xBox mouse setups.

The SplitFish has it's advantages with an easy plug'n play, but the calibration, adjustments and precision are far lacking in comparison to the Eagle Eye. Moving from one game to the next you find the SplitFish 'feeling' is way different on each game. Now this isn't a review on the SplitFish, but a review on the Eagle Eye. I have had more issues trying to dial in and change and setup the SplitFish to get the PC Game feel and in the end had no luck. The SplitFish will never feel like a PC game setup. Period. I eventually just "lived with it".... until I jumped the CoD line and moved to BF3 where the SplitFish is completely and utterly useless by the stair effect.

Being useless I moved onto another Mouse/Keyboard setup and bought the Eagle Eye. I was weary based on some of the review, but I'm happy I bought it. Here, let me say that again in big'ol letters I"M HAPPY I BOUGHT IT. It's far beyond the SplitFish setup.

I'm running an older 3500 dpi Razer Deathadder with the Razer Nostromo as my keyboard and, no joke, DonkeyTron! Let me translate DonkeyTron.... yeah, it friggin rocks. The Eagle Eye recognized both hardware and worked perfectly. It's not exactly like playing on a PC, but it is so so very close. You get precise aiming movements and the ability to have all your key command / usage buttons at your finger tips and it was fairly easy to setup and be up and running/playing in minutes with something that will 'work' and 'dominate'. I say that because, you are able to do a pretty quick setup and have the thing working much better than any other keyboard/mouse combos I've tried, but to really get it super dialed in to your preference it takes a couple more minutes to tweak things. (Caveat: I'm super picky about how my hardware performs, so this could just be me.)

SETUP: The instructions are a little lacking (box instructions), but the setup is fast and easy. If you're on Linux you're SOL and will have to find a Windows machine.

The one thing they leave out of the setup is that the keyboard and mouse that you're going to be using with the PS3 need to be plugged into the windows machine and the drivers HAVE to be installed. For some crazy reason (early morning) I totally missed this and took me 5 minutes to "think" about it.

The Eagle Eye comes with the 3.0 firmware and software and it's super easy to setup ad use. Once running, it's a matter of clicking on the PS3 button shown in the wonderful example PS3 controller image (in app) and then clicking the keyboard or mouse button that you want to assign it to. Once that's done, then it's a matter of taking all three devices and hooking them up to your PS3. TaDa!

USE: I've had some uber bad stair effect with many mouse/keybaord combos for the PS3, but it's nearly non-existent with the Eagle Eye. In BF3, the SplitFish is almost un-playable, but with the Eagle Eye there's no stair effect - it's smooth, precise and fast.

I did run into the 'slow turning' that some people mentioned. If you have you're ingame settings too low then, when you try and 360 spin turn (like you can in PC FPS games) you'll have to pick your mouse up and slide it multiple times. This is just a matter of taking the time to dial in the settings. Once dialed in this is a great product.

CONS: Instructions are very short, but then when you run the app there's sidebar instruction that run you through things. Could they be a little more detailed? Yes. Do they give you enough information? Sure.

It is wired. The Eagle Eye device, that is. To me, this really isn't a huge con, but it does add some more cords to your gaming setup.

PROS: Price.
Easy setup.
Solid product - doesn't seem like it's going to break.
Supported Hardware - the list is very long and includes some great gaming keyboards/mice.
Online support - there's a ton of documentation and information online.
Multiple Key Mappings - this allows you to setup more than one mapping for the device. e.g. I have two on mine right now. One for BF3 and one for CoD since there's a slight variation in the buttons and I can adjust the aiming speeds for each.
PC FPS Feel - well, almost PC feel. It's pretty damn close and I've used almost every keyboard/mouse setup for the PS3.
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on September 8, 2015
I can definitively feel a significant difference. I've played fps games since playstation 1 and considered myself a decently skilled player, but for a long time I failed to acknowledge that the few fps games I played on a PC were, for some reason, more enjoyable, felt more natural, until I discovered this exist and realized how much more natural it is to play with a mouse than wirh a controller stick. I can't say that this made me a more competitive player in multiplayee (I still get killed every few seconds in COD), but I DO feel more comfortable and get a more natural feeling between my movements and what it's going on in the screen. I will definitively be looking for a PS4 version of this.
Installation was easy, instructions sound cumbersome at first, but they really aren't if you follow step by step, my setup needed only a few minor tweaks to get settings I liked.
The device feels of good construction quality and takes only a little spot on my desk.
The interface works fine and there is only a very small lag, that may be an issue for very competitive players, but since I have a fps approach based on strategy rather than flashiness, it is not a problem.
I also enjoy playing story mode on most games (I know, I'm old-school), and with this I can enjoy that a little more
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on November 14, 2015
This product is wonderful. Using firmware 3.0 and 64-bit Windows 10. No, the mouse will not act exactly like a mouse on a PC and never will because the PS3 isn't linear. You can get pretty darn close through the advanced configuration. It feels like a mouse with acceleration turned on, but that may be because I went quickly through the advanced config and haven't adjusted it since. The only issue I am having is with small movements. Again, this may be because I rushed through the advanced config.

If you use MotionInJoy or DS3 then you will have problems with "Device not found" errors. This is fixable. You need to go to Device Manager. Under Universal Serial Bus devices there will be a device with no name. Right-click it, click uninstall, and select uninstall software as well. You will still be able to use your controller. This will not delete MotionInJoy or DS3; It just prevents Windows from reinstalling the wrong driver. When uninstalled, unplug the Eagle Eye controller and plug it back in.

Used Bioshock Infinite to test it on and wow. Headshots are now really easy. Since I don't use iron sights very often in the game, I set scope mode to limit my turn speed to be below the point that it doubles. Non-scope mode lets me hit that double turn rate for when things get hectic; very useful on sky lines where you need to move quickly.
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on September 24, 2016
After purchasing this unit about six months ago, I finally decided to sit down and write a review for the Eagle Eye. First, I think it’s important to know that I’m an older user who was quite a decent gamer back in the 90s’. I used to enjoy playing BF4 type games as well as Quake, Half Life and Star Craft. I purchased the PS3 a while ago to be used as a media streaming and Blue Ray player back when Blue Rays were about the same price. I never intended to use it as a gaming system. But as my kids grew, my 14 year old started playing BF4. I thought it would be great to get another console and play with him now that used PS3 systems were so cheap. It wasn’t long till I realized that my fingers weren’t meant for those little game controllers. It was very frustrating for me to be with the bottom 4 players every game. Even after months of playing, newbies were beating me almost every time. I was ready to just give it up and go back to PC gaming. Then I heard about Eagle Eye and decided to give it a try.

The set up was painless but did have to do a little tweaking. The instructions are not bad and will get you up and running quickly. But it’s important to take your time and set it up correctly. After a few days, I started to playing like I was on the PC again. Finger muscle memory from back in the day came back and started doing things I had forgotten. Like swaying back and forth while shooting, shooting while jumping and spinning, pulling the mouse down while shooting for recoil, etc – it just started happening like I was back in the 90s. It didn’t take me long to go from being at the bottom of the list to being constantly among the top 4 or MVP. It was now a pleasure to play BF4. My friends on the squad asked if I got an Aim bot or some other hack. This is not a hack – just another input to the PS3 to play the game. So I guess the real reason why PS3 and PC gaming could never play together is not because they can’t but because there is no way someone with a gaming controller using only 4 fingers can compete with someone using eight. Especially if you get a 3000 dpi razor gaming mouse with gadget buttons. One last thing I should point out is that it is not very good at flying planes or helicopters. But hopefully they can make a joystick that plugs into the Eagle Eye one day. So for now, just enjoy running and gunning like a kid again!!
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on September 16, 2013
Being an avid pc gamer I do not handle controllers well. I needed something to play those can't miss console exclusives. I got this primarily for The Last of Us. Let me start by saying that this device turns the inputs of a controller into keyboard and mouse movements. It does not "add" new controls. That being said this device really shines when you take the time to tweak the dead zones. If you plug this in straight out of the box you will be disappointed. It took me several tries to get the Last of Us to where it felt like I was playing a pc game. That game was never designed for the precision of mouse movements so tweaking the device was a bit of a challenge. Now that I have it where I want it the game is just that much better. I have also purchased a few other games to try this out on, like the Uncharted and Killzone series. Getting Last of Us dialed down was a learning curve, but I'm confident I can get those other games to where I want them as well. My kid is really getting a kick out of being able to play better due to the mouse. Only complain I have is that it will only remember 2 key mappings at a time but that is a moot point considering price vs. functionality. If you take your time and give it some trial and error this device is fantastic and well worth the money. If your a pc gamer but don't want to miss those console exclusives (or just can't stand a controller) this here is your baby.
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on April 27, 2014
I'm a PC gamer, I hate consoles, but I got a PS3 for free with some games. A Relative came over and I wanted to play some Call of Duty so I tried and failed bigtime.

I decided to give this a try...

First the downside.

Keyboard and mouse needs two tray tables! Seriously, this is the only real downside, it does take up more room in the livingroom to be rocking the keyboard and mouse.

It was a pain keybind and calibrate the first time.

Now the upside:

Once I got it configured, it worked amazing, I wasn't the best player, but I went from being the worst, to being competitive in a game which I never played before. Headshot city!

Oh yeah, I successfully changed between the Xbox and Ps3 ,multiple times, so one unit will do both systems. DOWNSIDE: Xbox requires an actual WIRED CONTROLLER, not a wireless with a USB charging wire! SO I was unable to test the xbox 360 function.
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on April 14, 2016
Shipping: Was a bit slow. Well packaged.
Durability: It seems like cheap chinese plastic, so it feels like it could be brittle, don't drop it on a hard floor.
Value: Good value I guess.

Afterthoughts: It seems like it took me forever to get it setup. Used on Battlefield 4 to help be competitive (handicapped), it just seemed to take forever to get it close to a PC feel and then it was a bit off. Couldn't ever find the right setting. It's collecting dust on my shelf.
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on December 2, 2012
When I was young, I thoroughly enjoyed one of the greatest multiplayer FPS games ever released on a console: Goldeneye. I was an absolute killer on the Nintendo 64 while playing this game, much to the frustration of my friends. Fast forward a few years, and I had moved onto PC gaming and realized how superior FPS games were with mouse and keyboard. As a result, my talent for console FPS games has slipped to embarrassing levels. In other words, I can't hit the broad side of a barn using a console controller.

Recently I purchased a PS3 so that I could begin gaming with my best bud from the Air Force, since he keeps delaying the purchase of a new PC that will allow him to play current titles. Having logged hundreds of hours playing BF1942 together, our game of choice on the PS3 is BF3. After several play sessions, my frustration at my inability to aim effectively using a console controller was threatening to result in said controller becoming embedded in my 50 inch TV. To avoid a rage-induced stroke, I turned to the internet for a solution, and I was not disappointed.

This device allows you to use a mouse and keyboard on either the PS3 or 360, depending on the model you buy. I was a bit leery about purchasing it, since a few of the reviews mentioned problems with input lag. Having used it for several hours last night, I have to say it is one of the single best gaming purchases I have ever made. I had zero problems with input lag, and once I took the time to get it calibrated just right, the results were amazing. I went from frequently being in last place with a horrible KDR to a chart topper overnight. During my first play session, I was MVP in about half of my matches, and was never less than top three on my team.

The Eagle Eye doesn't turn you into an unstoppable killing machine or give you a completely unfair advantage. It is not the same as using a mouse on a PC, since the analog input of a console limits how responsive it can be, but it is darn close once tweaked just right. What it allows you to do is actually utilize those muscle memories and habits you have honed in PC FPS games, instead of struggling to adapt to a console controller.

I cannot recommend this product enough for anyone who has similar troubles with console FPS games.
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on June 29, 2012
I enjoy the occasional FPS but I'm tired of building PC's. Portable is more important than power these days. The console is my platform of choice for modern shooters. Ah, but the controller; it is awful. Passable with a lot of practice, but awful.

For some reason, the mouse and keyboard are rarely supported on consoles. Probably some "even playing field" philosophy. Halo proved it could work after slowing everything down so now all shooters are designed for twin sticks. In order to play with friends, got to be on a console. I needed a new controller.

My test game is Borderlands. I loved it on PC and want to play it on a PS3 and later play Borderlands 2.

I've tried a similar mouse and keyboard product and was not impressed. The precision was just not there and actually made playing worse. I was skeptical the Eagle Eye Converter would be any different. I was wrong. What makes the EEC different is the software that is used to configure the device before plugging into a console. Keys are mapped on a PC and then saved to the device. Up to 2 can be saved to the device at a time and as many as you need saved to your PC.

You then plug the EEC into your console along with a mouse and keyboard (check online for a compatibility list). This is where the magic happens and where Eagle Eye stands apart! The device reserves the F1-F8 keys for fine tuning and saving options. F1 is used to eliminate dead zones, F2 for horizontal sensitivity, F3 for vertical, F4 Angle correction, F5 for rotation speed. I only used the first 3 as I found it to be perfect after adjusting those. Tip - turn the sensitivity up all the way in the game options and then back off with these settings for the most control.

The EEC also features a really awesome feature where sensitivity settings are stored separately for scope/iron-sight. I configured the EEC to use different values when ever I hold down Right-Mouse. I didn't even know I needed this. Bravo!

The instructions were very tricky to understand at first but if followed carefully, it is actually very easy to make these fine tuning adjustments.

You can then connect to a PC again and save the final configuration values. Configurations can also be saved to Penguin United's website for others to use. Configurations are available to download for many popular games.

Finally, I was able to play an FPS without wanting to throw my controller. No, it is not as good as a PC but it is really close. 9 out of 10 stars close. The number of keys available is limited to the number of buttons on a controller so keys will often play double duty. Also, navigating menus can be a little tricky because you have to memorize where you remapped all the buttons to on the keyboard.

If the time is taken to fine tune it for each game, you will play just as well as you do on a PC. Mouse movements are translated well (even minor adjustments). Actions are very smooth. Well worth it.
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on September 3, 2012
Pros: Easy and quick installation and configuration. Works well with mouse and keyboard when playing PS3.
Cons: Not all types of mouses and keyboards are supported. The scoping mode sensitivity is still not as good as playing on PC.

Other thoughts:
I have been a PC gamer for years now and I hate using controllers when playing PS3 FPS games. I did months of researches on the mouse and keyboard converters for PS3 until I saw this product. At first I was kinda afraid of trying this product when I saw some of the negative reviews, but I finally gave it a try and I must say it was amazing. It works very well without using the scope mode during the game play. As I said the sensitivity for the scoping mode is not very good even I set the in-game sensitivity to the highest. Over all, this is a great buy if you want to play your PS3 as a PC.

I know many people have hard time on choosing the right/compatible mouse and keyboard. So make sure you visit the official forum of the product to check the list of compatible mouse and keyboard and also use the latest firmware to configure your settings. My mouse is Razer Naga Molten special edition and my keyboard is GE Wireless keyboard (a classic keyboard you can get it from Target for cheap); both of them works very well.

I heard that a new firmware 3.1 is coming out soon. Hope more mouses and keyboards are become compatible so that I can get a gaming keyboard to work with my Razer Naga Molten. After all, I enjoy using this product. It made me feel like playing games on my PC.
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