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on August 24, 2014
I contacted customer service and for $20 they sent a new drop-in module and tail switch. Upon inspection of the new parts it was obvious that the spring in my original drop-in module had been too weak, (and possibly the spring in the tail as well) causing battery contact to be intermittent. Sure enough the new parts brought the light back to original condition; hence, the updated review. I left off 1 star because they should have used better springs in the first place.
I loved this flashlight for the first year; it was everything I wanted. Now I can't get it to work consistently. I have to shake it in order for the light to go on, and now that doesn't even hardly work, only staying on for fractions of a second. I've taken it apart to check the springs since it seems to be a connection issue, but that didn't help. The batteries are fully charged so I know it's not that. I'll be contact customer service.
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on January 1, 2012
I am really pleased with this flashlight. It throws a tight, focused beam at least 200 feet, and there is enough "spill" to still light your way while you move. I don't have much use for the beacon or SOS modes, but I like having the instant access to a strobe, and the two simple, easy to access "medium" and high modes. The "Medium" mode is plenty for around the house and into my back yard. In fact, the medium mode on this is better than high on many less expensive lights.

Because the beam is so focused, I thing this light might also make a good weapons mount light- its up to you if you want a tighter beam or a flood.

The build quality is first rate. Feel and looks like quality, and solid in the hand. The only slight negative I might mention is that with the rubber tail-stand cap on, it can be a little tougher to get the light into the holster. But I wouldn't change a thing. An excellent light for nearly anyone.
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on February 22, 2013
I've had one of these for about 18 months now and use it at least a few minutes every single day in the brightest setting and it's still working like a champ. A couple minutes in the morning and a few at night when I take our dog out and I can probably get about 2 months out of the batteries. I don't leave the light on continuously either, clicking the switch on and off a few times only shining the light around when my dog is looking for a place to go. Point being even though I use it twice a day, the switch is exercised probably 3-4 times that amount. I was tired of the cap switches on cheaper (~$20) LED flashlights wearing out after only a few months of regular use, plus this is many times brighter. I'd definitely reccomend. Even if it died tomorrow I still made out better than buying 3-4 cheaper flashlights that aren't as bright that in total would cost the same or more than this one. Comes with a very nice nylon case that fits snugly and has a nice snap closure. I also snug the lanyard tight on my wrist every single time I use the flashlight and it's still holiding strong. Unlike the cheaper string lanyards that come with cheapo flashlights that break after only a short period of time.
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on March 6, 2011
Works great, great focused beam. I think it's a great value for the price and rivals tactical lights I've owned that cost much more. Not crazy about how it cycles functions, but I mostly only use the high beam anyway. As for the reviewer that talked about instant off when the batteries threshold too low, that's function of enough power to fire the LED. I'll take it over any other light I own, and I have a BUNCH of them including every brand name you can come up with.

Oh, by the way, I'm buying another and might get two or three more.
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on May 19, 2011
I have an inexplicable fondness for flashlights since I've been "imprinted" upon such torches as a boy. With the advent of LED technology and exponential lumen output, I decided to invest in a very high lumen LED output compact flashlight and came upon the "Eagle Tac 20c2 MarkII XP-G S2 LED Flashlight - 500 Lumen" flashlight.

The enclosed folded instruction manual was light (no pun intended) on detailed instructions and additional photographs to aid in the attachment of the lanyard, and other accessories that came with it. A nifty diffuser is the only lens attachment that came with the package: no RGB lens attachment accessory. The latter RGB lens attachment, I suspect might be an additional expense and separate order from the seller as there is no clear indication of its inclusion with the package and there is a lack of a list detailing exactly what the box enclosing the coveted LED flashlight included for accessories. By the way, the item arrived without any CR123A battery, nor an 18650 battery, and it wasn't clear, that the package would include any. And it was missing a CR123A battery magazine, which didn't impair the performance of the said torch: I declined a prompt offer by "" to replace the CR123A battery magazine.

I have yet to activate or enable the "strobe" feature of the torch. The printed instructions state, "turn the flashlight on and off for fifteen times within ten seconds. Leave the flashlight on for at least two seconds to allow the setting to hold." If indeed, such aforementioned instruction is followed to the letter the total time elapsed would be a maximum of 30 seconds (= 15 x 2.0 secs.) and would mean triple the amount of time for the strobe feature to work.

Update May 26, 2011, the strobe feature has been enabled and it works despite the above mentioned confusing instructions in the user/owner manual.

Now for the disappointment. The folded instruction manual states, using an 18650 type battery"Turbo Mode = 300lm/1.7hrs.; General Mode = 60lm/13hrs.; Low Mode = 5lm/100+hrs. Whether there was a misprint on the website pertaining to the item or not, it is misleading to advertise the maximum LED output as "500 lumen" when in fact the enclosed folded manual with sparse detailed data on the full application of the enclosed accessories states, that "300 lm" is the maximum LED lumen output in Turbo Mode and consequently leaving it shy of -200 lumens contrary to its advertisement. That discrepancy of -200 lumen discovered after the arrival of the purchase leaving it just 300 lumens contrary to the advertised 500 lumen LED output suggested as the maximum output for this torch along with the sparse data in the enclosed manual are enough to have me give it a rating of 3 out of 5. It is not to say, that this torch of 300 lumens in "Turbo Mode" is not very bright as it is, but I want what I had been led to believe was a 500 lumen output torch as advertised on and on the box containing the torch itself.

Other than the disappointing stated user/owner manual fact of 300 lumens v. the advertised 500 lumens, the torch appears to be well constructed and can be comfortably inserted into the nylon holster accessory, which didn't need any explanation contrary to some of the other accessories, that I know would be more helpful if detailed data/instruction along with more pictures/diagrams were provided for their usage/application. I'm going to keep the torch nevertheless as it is currently the brightest compact LED torch that I use and because "" was prompt and courteous enough to inquire into my dissatisfaction/disappointment of the torch's package contents for customer satisfaction I would not be wary of ordering from them again as it was a manufacturer concern and not a vendor concern in its delivery, which was satisfactory.
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on May 26, 2010
First of all let me say that the box this product came with says 300 Lumens, instead of the 380 Lumens i paid for, that is the bad, you will notice i still gave it five stars, my reasons are as follows, when I matched it with my Fenix TK 12 R2, the Fenix was no match! and that is a good light, now when it outshined the 500 Lumen Olight which is almost $30 dollars more expensive, it made it look as though it wasn't even trying, this is awesome light, the best i've seen so far but to be honest i dont know if its 380 Lumens or 300 it is great, pure white light, with superior range, oh don't look at the bulb while in use, lol
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on May 29, 2013
Bought this for my dad a couple of years ago for Christmas. He's a flashlight guy and has wanted a tactical flashlight for years and his face lit up like a little kid when he unwrapped it. Since then, he's used it plenty of times and keeps telling me how great it is. He likes it's size, as he can toss it in his pocket. He of course likes how powerful it is as well.
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on January 9, 2011
That is a great item. You can adjust the power of the lght.
Also you have hidden adjustments, so you can also make strobe,
by just one click. After you turn it off, then when you turn
it on as a second time, it lights constantly. YOu can adjust
your own settings. Easy to learn.
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on September 19, 2011
Received the flashlight in non-working condition. I contacted EagleTac customer service about the problem and was sent a list of troubleshooting items (below). Upon completion of the troubleshooting items the flashlight still did not work. I have contacted customer service multiple times over the last month with no response.


Thanks for your purchase. We have tested all flashlight before leaving factory. It should be no problem.
Please try with the following steps:
1) makes sure batteries are in good condition.
2) make sure pocket clip ring is twisted tight. -- Important
3) make sure switch retaining ring inside tail cap is tight
4) make sure tail cap is twisted tight against body
5) make sure module is tight within head, before tightening head onto body.
If above fails - remove tailcap, use metal paper clip/coin/key against end of battery to touch to end of body to see if light switches on. If light switches on, tail cap switch needs to be replaced.
Please let me know if the light still does work after you have done all above.

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on August 28, 2011
This is a great light that is fairly compact and very lightweight. It is extremely bright on turbo setting and very bright on the normal setting and it covers a wide area making visibilty very easy. The stobe is another great feature although sometimes it is challenging to activate it. A feature that would have been nice to have, although not necessary, would have been red/blue/green filters. My light arrived sooner than expected. Overall this is a great light that I highly recommend.
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