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on June 15, 2012
After reading other reviewers complain about the crossbars being hard to install I left the box in the entry way until my college son could come home & help. I also noticed some mentioned the smell so my curiosity got the better of me & I decided to open the box 'just to let it air out'. Surprise! No smell other than a brief 'new' smell as I pulled it out which quickly dissipated. I thought I'd stretch it out till he came. Well, folks, that is all there is to installation - just stectch it out & snap on the cross bars which were, well - a snap. :-) I'm turning 60 with weak wrists from overuse & this was was easy! Final test, being 'mature' with periodic back aches I laid on it expecting to need to quickly roll to my side before my back started to hurt. Oh no, this baby is back-friendly (& plenty stable to turn over if you want to). This is coming from a massage therapist with many years experience. Now I want another one for guests. Tonight though, I'm sleeping under the stars, days before the college son ever gets home. :-) Ahhh...

6/19/12: Uh-hum. After trying the cot a few nights, I will add this: The 1st night I tried it with a sheet only & was able to fall asleep but was aware of the bars around all 4 sides. The 2nd night I folded the therafoam padding from my larger bed in half on it and tried it again. Again I slept well but was still aware of the rectangle of metal bars around it. *Perhaps this is typical of all cots*, dunno, but it was easy to set up & take down & the side pouches would be super handy on a camping trip. Just dont expect it to feel like your bed at home. And why does Earth sell the same cot for almost the same price under 2 separate listings, only one hides the price-up under shipping costs & throws in a $1 pillow (most will prefer their own pillow)? Lastly I did notice some material sag in the hip area of the fabric after the 1st night even though I'm no where near 200 lbs. I tightened the Velcro both before & after the first night but it didn't seem to change that. I'd recommend centering your hip area over the center strap of fabric which is heavier to get more longevity out of the product. Happy camping! :-)

6/29/12 UPDATE: I bought the Earth Jamboree Cot 1st, then the Texsport. The Texsport is a far better cot & around $20 less! This one has bells & whistles of the side hanging pocket and pillow but what we care about is a good night's sleep. The Texsport is tight & quiet. The Military one creaks. Other than the Velcro pockets, they're pretty much the same except the Texsport is a lot tighter & more comfortable. Wish I'd bought the Texsport 1st, then I would've looked no further.
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on January 7, 2012
This cot is all that I anticipated and more. It's comfortable and strong, and being able to adjust the tension of the fabric is a big plus.
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on August 4, 2012
This is what I think after owning it a few months. I've used it indoors and outdoors. Here's the scoop.

Its a nice size and I feel like i can move all over on it when I sleep and the sleeping bag fits nice on it (and I have an extra sized bag). The pillow did come in handy when I was sleeping outdoors in a campground the night before I hiked Mount Washington in NH. Folds up into a nice case. Kept me off the ground and clean/dry all night. It is not something you want to carry on you all day for a hike. Its more of a 'throw this in the car and take it out when you need it' item. Its not super heavy but its heavy enough that i wont carry it on my back and it is big enough that I wont carry it on a hike too.

The little removable pouches and pockets seem like a great idea but I havent used them yet. I just take them off and leave them at home. Although they do seem to be quite useful. I just never had to cross that bridge of needing them yet.

At home I crash on it when I want to sleep in the living room or have a guest that needs a bed and i dont want them sleeping on my couch. They have no complaints.

Sturdy and after lots of use it doesnt seem to have any wear on it. Comfortable to sleep on. Sturdy enough to sit on. Easy to set up (like 2-3 minutes), easy to fold closed (2-3 min).I see this being a great item to have and my wife thinks im crazy but I want to sleep in the backyard during a snow storm with my sleeping bag on this cot. When i do that Ill let you all know (If I survive the night)
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on April 3, 2015
Like many of the others here, I bought this after reading some of the reviews, so I hope that mine might be able to help someone out with their buying decision. First, the con's of this particular package. The first thing that I noticed was the pillow. It is absolutely worthless. It is tiny, nowhere near to scale as the example pic would have you believe. I suppose if you had nothing else, you could stuff it into the nylon pillow case and survive a night, but it would be very uncomfortable. Second thing is that the cot comes in a box without any instructions for set up. I was able to figure it out fairly quickly and it is pretty straight forward, however some might find it a little frustrating to figure out the first time they do it.

Now to the good stuff. The cot comes with a carry bag, that is excellent. It feels very durable and everything fits into it easily. The side storage bag is very handy. I use it mainly to keep my flashlight easily accessible for the those late night calls of nature.I was a little skeptical about how well this cot was going to hold me as I'm a husky 5'8" 210lb guy (sorry ladies, I'm already spoken for) and this cot is comes with a light weight aluminum frame. It also seemed that I couldn't get the mat as taught as I would have liked. I was pleasantly surprised with how sturdy the cot actually is, especially when you lay down on it. Sitting on it, the height was great, especially for an average height fellow, and left ample storage space underneath. The cot will rock lengthwise while sitting, however when laying down, that becomes much less apparent. In fact, the cot becomes very stable to the point I didn't have any trouble or concern turning over while sleeping.

The cot was surprisingly comfortable. I refer back to how I wasn't able to get the mat as taught as I would have liked, and I'm glad for that. It didn't need to be any tighter. For added comfort/warmth, I put down a foam pad and extra sleeping bag to lay on. It is great! Beats sleeping on the ground any day. Set up (once you know how to do it) and tear down take just a couple of minutes. The main frame and legs fold up and the head and foot bars detach and it all straps together. It is not a heavy item, and with the carry bag's shoulder strap, it is very easy to carry.

Are there better/sturdier cots on the market? Probably. But at this price? No way. I was very happy with my purchase and I felt that I got the best bang for my buck. I have had this cot for almost a year now and have used it for camping about 20 nights. It feels as sturdy the last time I slept on it as the first. I would definitely buy another one.
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on September 20, 2016
I bought mine over 2 years ago and have used it dozens of times up and down the east coast.

It does everything I need it to do. It's long and it supports my 5'11"/230 lb frame. It's great to swing my legs out of bed in the morning and get dressed. It's stable as can be and travels pretty well. It sets up quickly and easily. It's firm with no sag at all even after this long.

There's a knack for folding it up and getting it into the bag. It's even tougher on cold nights. Be sure to tuck down both ends before attempting to fold it up. A habit I formed over time of struggling with it pinching the material and making it impossible to fold and get in the bag. This past weekend one of the velcro ties snapped off. I can't complain as it's been two years of chucking it in the back of the truck.

The big issue I have is how creaky it is. If you are a light sleeper it will wake you up momentarily. Other than that it's not a bad first cot. The creakiness is why it didn't get a 5 star from me.
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on December 1, 2015
The cot is basic, but comfortable. I would have given 4 stars, but the gadgets that hang from the sides (which are removable) are a complete waste. The cot itself is sturdy and comfortable. The attachments attach with a thin strip of velcro - sort of cheap and cheezy. My evaluation of the cot would be higher if they just didn't include those silly things.

The bag you put the cot in is nice, sturdy fabric. Overall, very good value. Don't expect this cot to be around in 20 years, but for 5 years of use 3-5 times a year.....this is the cot for you.
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on March 24, 2012
I bought this so that I'd have a place to sleep while my house guest used my bed. I didn't buy an accompanying cot mattress.

First, the pros. The cot is extremely sturdy. Although you do get some creaking noises when you sit down, the cot doesn't shake or buckle at all when sitting or lying on top of it. Taking down the cot and putting it into the canvas bag are relatively easy. The canvas material on the cot itself is strong. Even though I didn't need the travel pillow or the attaching bags for camping supplies, I think they're a great addition. The cot is extremely roomy and I had no trouble turning in my sleep or sitting cross-legged on it. And, for the first few hours of lying on it, it was comfortable.

The only two cons are that my arm was seriously hurting by the morning and that it's hard to assemble. I like that I didn't have to screw or tighten anything, that it just folds open and closed, but the difficult part was attaching the bars at either end. The bars have two holes on either side. They slide through a pocket in the canvas at each end and then fit onto the cot. The cot has two little plastic nubs that go into the holes. This keeps the canvas taut and the frame more secure. They were SO difficult for me to slap on, though. I kept smacking and snacking the bar into place and they just wouldn't work. I finally had to ask my partner to get them on for me and even he had some problems. In the morning when I took down the cot, I also had trouble getting the bars off the frame.

This cot is really well made and you get a lot for the price. Assembly couldn't be any easier, except for those darn bars. And if you buy a cot mattress, I bet it'd be really comfortable. Even without the mattress, it wasn't so bad. It's much better for the back than sleeping on the floor or ground.
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on February 2, 2014
Before I purchased this cot. I personally visited: Dick's Sporting Goods. Sears. Big 5, Wal-Mart and an Army-Navy surplus store in Temecula California. I read the "claims" on the boxes and actually tried-out a few cots. I was not impressed with the claims or the products; especially for the prices they were asking. (I was looking for the kind of sturdy cots I remembered from my soldiering days. I'm a Vietnam vet).

I liked the reviews submitted here for this product but I was still quite skeptical because I was not able to find anything comparable out in the brick 'n mortar stores. (The reviews seemed too good to be true). Anyway, I took the plunge and ordered it. I requested the "free shipping" and it arrived sooner than estimated.

I've used it about five times now. My grand kids visit and they boot me out of my bed, they're under seven-years old and they make it impossible for me to get a good nights sleep when they're in bed with my wife and me.

I strongly recommend this product for these reasons: 1) It's easy to assemble and it's easy to take down. Only one suggestion here though. Pay attention to HOW it was packed when it arrived. The storage bag is nice and tight and you must fold the canvas cot around the frame in pretty much the same way it was folded when it arrived. (If you fold it right, the time to take it down and store it is less than two minutes...if you don't you'll have a losing battle on your hands.) 2) It's more comfortable and warmer than an air mattress and also it's much easier to get out of the cot than it was to get off of the air mattress. 3) It's sturdy. I'm a fairly large man (250lbs) and it feels fine. 4) It's super convenient, easy to store and in the storage bag it's not really that heavy and it looks a whole lot better than any old Army cot.
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on December 8, 2014
The first thing that was hard for me to believe is how comfortable it is. I'm a big guy, 245lbs, 6'2". I fit in the cot and it was comfortable. I slept really well. The side bags are handy for things like cell phone, kindle, ipod, headphones. All those little annoying things that easily get misplaced. My daughter took it to camp for a week and it worked great for her. I took it hunting for a week and it worked great for me. The last night I was sitting on the edge of the bed, and the center leg bent on me. I called the company and they immediately sent me out a new one, no questions asked. Fantastic customer service. I'd recommend the product and the company to others and will use them again in the future.
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on July 21, 2012
My husband and I are now to the age where getting up and down from the ground is a little tough, so we decided to buy cots for our camping trips. We tent camp, cook over a fire, etc. These cots are great and are a great price! They fold up compactly, so they are easy to carry and open very easily. All you have to do is put the head & foot bars in. The tightness of the cots can be adjusted. They come with storage bags you can hang on the cot - which is great for putting your glasses and flashlight in. We both found them to be extremely comfortable! They are a good length. Even comes with a little pillow! They look very sturdy and well made. The only problem was that they had a real strong stench to them when they arrived. We set them up on our porch and sprayed them with fabric freshener and let them stay out for a week and they were okay.
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