Customer Reviews: Earthborn Holistic Primitive Natural Grain-Free Dry Dog Food, 28-Pound
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on November 12, 2012
My dog is now 5 years old. Since she was about 6 months old, she has had severe skin allergies- to the point she itches her tummy and ears completely raw, leaving welts on her tummy and broken sores bleeding in her ears- in addition to excessive ear infections. I literally got into the routine of taking her to the vet every 2-3 months for more ointments, prednisone and antibiodics to clear everything up. I tried EVERYTHING out there. You name most every premium dog food out there- and she's tried it. I got desperate and talked to my local pet food store for recommendations. They suggested this variety- as it is grain free- and potato free and chicken free. (Apparently dogs tend to be allergic to these ingredients?) Out of sheer desperation, I decided to give it a try. She loves it- and has no incidents of skin break out/ or ear infections in ONE YEAR! Disclaimer- we did try the great plains bison- and unfortunately, her allergies did flare up a bit. We're sticking with this brand- Coastal Catch variety from here on out. Its wonderful seeing our pup happy and spending about 95% less time itching as she did before. I HIGHLY recommend giving this a try- if you're in a similar situation to us. Believe me- its so worth the money!!!
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on October 12, 2010
I first purchased this food at the Pomona Pet Expo this year and as I do all my cooking for my animals I was looking for a natural grain free dry to add to their wet. I learned that feeding your dogs the right food from an early age is key to keeping them healthy and with you for as long as possible.

This by far is one of the best Natural foods I have purchased and my dogs just (Love) it.. The Holistic Primitive is high in Protein and very well tolerated by sensitive stomachs. This food has never been recalled and is made in it's own plant, unlike most major brands out there that are manufactured at the same plant and only under different names. The price I find to be fare, as I have paid much higher for other Holistic food which was not received well by my dogs.

I highly recommend Earthborn Natural food for anyone who really knows the importance of feeding your "companions" healthy food and for those who really Love their Pet's..
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on December 17, 2011
My main reason for purchasing this dog food was that I wanted a food made here in the U.S., of natural ingredients and not made in a plant where chemicals are processed.
Recently I have lost 2 of my beloved small animals to a company who produces pet foods in the same plant as chemicals, pesticides, and other cleaning agents. It is my belief that carelessness and greed led to contaminated small animal food that killed my 2 pets.

I have a 65lb German Shepherd/Aussie mix with a leg injury, and joint problems. She has always been very active & full of energy for her age of 8 years old. In the past I've tried either making her food or searching out holistic foods that are made here in the U.S. with natural ingredients.

We started out with a small bag of this food at first to see if she would eat it. Immediately she loved it! She had no stomach upset, even though her stomach is sensitive. Right away her coat started getting softer & shinier. There wasn't as much problems with her joints and leg injury as before and I did notice even more energy in her!

Now that I've been feeding her this for a while her coat has continued to soften, looks shinier & no more scratching! She's maintained her regular weight without gaining any. Her energy level is amplified and she's showing very little discomfort in her joints & with her leg injury. What I love best is that she eats every last bite of this food when its feeding time, when before she would only pick at her food. I've fed her other brands of holistic, natural and organic foods and none of them were this much of a hit with her. This food really has made a difference in her overall health, coat and energy levels. None of the other foods made her coat this soft!

These are bite sized pieces of food that an older or smaller dog would be able to eat. Mine doesn't like big chunks of food, she prefers the smaller bites so this one is perfect for her. Oh, and upon opening this bag the scent is like meat not bread or preservatives in other foods. This food isn't greasy either like many of the others we've tried in the past that leave stains on the floor if it drops and she misses a piece.

I'd definitely recommend this food to everyone who has a small or large dog. The differences you will notice right away in your dog will make you a believer in this food as well!
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on November 29, 2013
I have an OES (Olde English Sheepdog), who in his first year had a digestive problem with many different pelleted dog foods. With Earthborn dry dog food, there have been no issues. Previously, he was a problem eater, stomach issues, was not able to keep his food down and just was not eager for his meal. Since I switched him to Earthborn dog food, he finishes his dinner portion with gusto, never has any digestion problems, never passes gas and his coat is very long and lustrous. He just radiates health, energy and vitality and passes each vet check-up with top grades. Next month we celebrate his fifth birthday.

Earthborn food is packaged in a sealed zip-lock type of bag, which keeps the food fresh from start to finish. It is a grain free pelleted, dog food loaded with anti-oxidants for a dog's health. These are some of the ingredients that top the list: Herring Meal, Potatoes, Peas, Salmon Meal, Whitefish Meal, Cranberry Fiber, Apples, Blueberries, Carrots, and more. This food is also fortified with so many vitamins that would be too many to record, however, it all provides for excellent digestion and nutrient absorption. Furthermore, the dog food is 100% guaranteed.

As an extra bonus, with a good well-balanced dog food, a smaller amount is necessary, which help keeps the dog in better shape because unnecessary fillers do not provide extra nutrients, but instead adds extra bulk to their weight.

I am impressed that at the end of the bag, there is none of that dry, crushed pellet-dust which is left over with other pelleted dog food brands. This is an excellent, nutritious, healthy, well-balanced dog food.
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on June 11, 2015
I have a Hungarian boxer that has been thru several different dog foods in her short 10 months. Hills, Blue Buffalo, Purina, etc - all had their pros and cons, but really any con in what you feed a member of your family should be scrutinized. Do a Google search for this food and look at impartial vet reviews - it's excellent quality. Having recently switched to this, my dog is still as happy as ever, and I know she isn't eating any by-product or unknown-sourced crap so that makes me happy too. We'll stick with this for the long haul.

UPDATE 8/20: My pup started to have some tummy issues while on this food. Ultimately, I determined it was because of a lack of fiber, which is usually packed into lower-quality food using brewers rice and whatnot. I almost considered going back to a grain food to help keep her regular, but found that by using some dehydrated Olewo Carrot mix (sold on Amazon) on top of this food provides her with adequate fiber and still allows her to have this quality feed over something like Purina. If your dog has similar issues coming from a high-fiber, lower-protein food, give the carrots a try. It's a good combination with this!
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on March 13, 2013
My boxer gobbles it up and is in great health after 8 years, no vet problems, maintains perfect body weight and still runs 10 miles a week with me on the trails. I've bought this in stores and I've heard its manufactured and processed in a clean plant with no history of recalls. I would recommend this food any day, especially to the science diet and iams pet owners who are slowly feeding their animals death. :)
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on March 30, 2014
One of the top 6 grain free brands to buy -- others are HI-TEK GRAIN FREE, NUTRISCA lamb or chicken or salmon GRAIN FREE, CASTOR & POLLUX GRAIN FREE ULTRA MIX chicken or lamb, PINNACLE GRAIN FREE. Do your research - check and look under 5 star reviews for grain free food. These are MUCH BETTER/HEALTHIER for your dog than California Natural (always being recalled for salmonella, e coli and lysteria, and the other popular brands that rate 3 - 4 stars and are always being recalled. sign up for recall notifications on dogfoodadvisor and/or on
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on May 16, 2013
I have a Pekingese/Corgi mix who has major food allergies esp to chicken. He can't have anything with chicken or chicken bi-products. It took me trying a few different kinds of food before a customer at the grooming shop I worked at mentioned Earthborn. His dog had really bad allergies and was in horrible condition skin wise. Well a few months of being on this food I didn't even recognize the dog! I asked what the food was and he said Earthborn Lamb. I immediately ordered it for my dog and WHAT a difference in just two weeks! All the symptoms of food allergies went away. His paws and ears were no longer wrinkled and he stopped chewing his paws.

It is really hard to find dog food that doesn't have any form of chicken in it so I was very happy to see that Earthborn Lamb had none!! This 28lb bag lasts us about 3.5 months. My dog is only 18lbs and he is only fed the recommended serving. For the price you can't beat it and esp because it keeps my little guy happy and healthy!

If your dog has allergies to food don't just cut out the grain, cut out the chicken!! Chicken is a major allergy in dogs. Almost every store brand you find has chicken bi product be it fat or something else. When I cut this out it made a huge difference in my dogs health and behavior!
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on March 26, 2014
I did an amazing amount of research looking for the best quality food for my pet, without paying outrageous prices. According to an external site, which compares ingredients in great detail on hundreds of dog foods, this one was rated a 4.5 out of 5 stars, yet the price is less than other 4 or 5 star foods. Unfortunately, Amazon stopped offering it with prime shipping, and I find it is much cheaper now to purchase this at a local store. I would love to see this and the cat food versions offered with subscribe & save. I buy at least a large bag of each every month. Come on Amazon!
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on September 4, 2014
I switched to Earthborn Holistics Coastal Catch from Taste of the wild. Taste of the Wild gave my pup very smelly gas, had him pooping SIX times a day and his feces had a yellow color to it. Shortly after switching him from Taste of the Wild to Earthborn Holistics Coastal Catch, he now has a much shinier coat, he's looking much healthier and the grain free fish ingredients have really helped out his allergies. I can't recommend this product enough
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