Customer Reviews: Earth's Best TenderCare Chlorine Free Baby Wipes Refills, 80-Count Packages (Pack of 12)(960 Wipes)
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on October 26, 2010
I used to buy Kirkland Signature (Costco) wipes and Huggies wipes. However, upon research from EWG's website, I decided to try the more natural and less toxic brands. So I bought Earth's Best, Seventh Generation, and Tushies, just to compare.

Size: Earth's Best is slightly larger than Seventh Generation and Tushies. If you like generous sizes, Earth's Best is the winner.

Thickness: Earth's Best is similar to Seventh Generation. Tushies is the thinnest. But none of the three brands is as thick as Huggies.

Texture: Tushies is subtly printed with ducks and stars. These prints increase friction so it is easier to remove dried poop that sticks to baby's bottom. Seventh Generation and Earth' Best do not have prints on them. They feel smoother on the skin. But on the other hand, they do not remove dried poop as effectively due to the lack of friction. More friction can be good or bad, depending on your perspective. One user commented that Tushies felt like sand paper. It was exaggerated. But Tushies does feel rougher on the skin. Between Seventh Generation and Earth' Best, Seventh Generation has more of a fabric feeling, while Earth' Best feels smoother.

Water Retention: inside the plastic bags that come with the wipes, Tushies wipes feel very moist. However, once I transported the wipes to the wipe warmer, they become dry. Their thin texture does not help the wipes to absorb/maintain water. Seventh Generation and Earth' Best are better at retaining moisture.

Breakability: it is very annoying to have wipes broken into pieces when you pull them out of the wipe warmer. Huggies and Tushies both break. Seventh Generation, Earth' Best, and Kirkland never do.

Overall, none of baby wipes I tried are perfect. They all have pros and cons. However, if I am going to choose one, I will go with Earth's Best for its size, texture, moistness and the fact that it does not break easily.
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on September 8, 2009
We have found this to be the best wipe around. Made in the USA! Generous and "Cloth like". They get the job done with less waste; On an outing, I can do a quick wipe of our 3 kiddos face and hands (with 1wipe) without it shredding, falling apart or particles left everywhere! You can really feel the Glycerin, so they are soft and very moist. I find the resealable tape works great... I have not had a package dry out, therefore I don't even use the refill tub any longer.

The package boasts:
*Chlorine free
*With Aloe Vera and Vitamin E
*Natural lotion

The ingredient panel:
Purified water=skin cleanser
Veggie derived glycerin=moisturizer, skin friendly humectant
Alkyl Poly glycoside=combased surfactant
Aloe Vera=heals, softens and smoothes
Citric acid=keeps PH level down
Vitamin E=Antioxidant or protective agent
Sodium Hydroxymethyl glycinate=broad spectrum antimicrobial
(like amino acid it keeps yeast and mold bateria at bay)

I do not read anywhere what they are made from nor that they are biodegradable, I am unsure why.


All this being said, in our household they have become a favorite, not just for happy bums!!

FYI-I also highly recommend their diapers.

Earth's Best TenderCare Chlorine Free Baby Wipes Refills, 80-Count Packages (Case of 12)(960 Wipes)
Earth's Best TenderCare Chlorine Free Diapers, Size 4, 33-37 Lbs. (Case of 120)
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on February 7, 2010
They are thick and fabric-like, which makes them very good for cleaning. I also like the less toxic ingredients and haven't had any problems with rashes or anything. However, I highly doubt they are particularly biodegradable, which bothers me since I use cloth diapers and in general try to use environmentally friendly products. I have accidently put them in the washing machine before with the diapers and the wipe was still fully intact after a wash and dry cycle. Also, they are VERY wet and sudsy - works ok for older babies or big messes, but when my baby was a newborn I always found myself having to grab a towel or something to dry her bottom after using the wipes so she wouldn't have a wet "soapy" bottom. One other comment - their wipe tub SUCKS! We have several of them, and the lids NEVER stay shut, they frequently dispense multiple wipes at a time or the wipes fall in and it's hard to grab them back out without removing the whole lid. You'd be better off just dispensing them from the refill pack directly, or using another brand's more useful tub.
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on February 15, 2010
I was using the Seventh generation wipes but thought I tried these. My daughter never had a problem with rashes when using the seventh generation but since the switch she gets rashes all the time. The wipes were foamy and a little too moist for my taste. I had to ring out the extra liquid before using them so it wouldn't leave my baby's bum too moist to avoid getting a rash. When I would use the wipes to wipe my hands it would leave a foam on it. Another disappointment is that the wipes would stick together sometimes. I couldn't use one hand, I had to use two hands to pull them apart. I'm bummed because I bought a whole case. I might switch back to seventh generation but they've decrease the amount of wipes but didn't decrease the price:( Any suggestions on any other wipes to try????
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on June 4, 2010
I tried a lot of wipes when my son was born - Huggies, Pampers, 7th Generation, and Earth's Best, and Earth's Best won hands down. The ingredients are simple and make for an effective wipe without the need for many of the crazy chemicals in other brands. The cloth is thick enough to handle messes but soft on baby's bottom. I do agree with other reviewers who have said that occasionally, wipes are stuck together, but I usually pre-pull a wipe or two at the start of a diaper change so its never been a big problem. My son has incredibly sensitive skin but these wipes have never caused any irritation, even the extra-sudsy wipes at the very bottom of the pack. The price on Amazon is really great, and with the subscription service I always have an open carton of these babies ready to go!
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on January 17, 2011
I have been using both Earth's Best and Seventh Generation wipes for 7.5 months now. I would suggest that you get a case of both! When our baby was little, 7th was best because it was less "wet" than the Earth's. But Earth's was best when she had a lot of sticky poo. Now we use the Earth's for big poops and 7th for when it's just pee. The extra "wetness" that people talk about is great because you use less wipes overall, it takes many 7th generation wipes to clean up a big mess.

So buy both and use according to what you need to clean up!
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on October 2, 2010
I just bought these for the first time a week ago. So far I've been very happy with them. My son has suffered from numerous yeast infections over the last few months (he is 6 mo. old), so I decided to try a more "natural" way of diapering. We switched from Huggies and Desitin to Seventh Generation diapers, earth's best wipes, and california baby diaper cream based on reviews I had read. I've been very happy with all three products. Since switching to these 3 products, my son's rash has cleared up significantly, better than when using Lotriman anti-fungal and desitin. I wish I had tried this more natural approach sooner. I'm still planning to try a pack of seventh generation wipes just to compare, but based on reviews I started with Earth's Best. Their wipes are a little wetter than the wipes I was previously using, but this is nice since it takes me fewer wipes to clean a dirty mess. I can do it in 2-3 wipes as opposed to 4-5. They are not wet to the point that I need to wring them out, just wetter than other brands I've used. They also "glide" over my baby's bottom, making clean up a cinch. I like that they have fewer and more natural ingredients as well. Sometimes I do see a little bit of soap suds on my hand after, but it doesn't seem to irritate baby's bum at all. I do have to allow a little extra time to air dry before putting a new diaper on due to the extra moisture, but overall the cloth like thickness and easy clean up from the wipes are a winner!

*Just wanted to add, since writing this review I did try a pack of Seventh Generation wipes for comparison's sake. Earth's best is definitely the winner! Seventh Generation were smaller, thinner, dryer, have fewer wipes in a pack and have a strange smell to them. Earth's Best really is the BEST! (On a side note, I do use Seventh Generation diapers and love them. I have never tried Earth's Best diapers).
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on May 12, 2012
When we first purchased these wipes, we noticed immediately that our little one would go from happy to screaming as soon as we placed the wipe on her tushie. So we, of course, opted to immediately move to a different brand (Seventh Generation, which is great) and decided to use the remaining Earths Best as wipes for our own bathroom to use after our deuce deposits. Lo and behold, both my wife and I experienced THE SAME THING! It can't be a coincidence that all three of us reacted the same way to what is supposed to be an all natural product. STAY AWAY!
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on February 26, 2013
I loved these wipes and ordered them by the caseload when my daughter was in diapers and still buy them occassionally to keep in the car. They are large, moist, and have no strange odor like the seventh generation wipes we switched from. I am hypersensitive to perfumes and so is she so the other baby wipes wouldnt work for us.
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on July 25, 2010
It's nice that there are more choice now when looking for a safe chlorine free wipe for our babies' bottoms, hands and face. My kids have sensitive skin so I try to buy as natural of products for them as possible. I have trusted Earth's Best food products for years so naturally I was happy to see them come out with a diaper and wipes line too. I haven't had an issue with these getting mildew-y like I did with the Seventh Generation refill packs but maybe it is because I go thru these ones faster. Like other brands, these are very moist which does mean that I either have to let the baby's bottom air dry for a few extra minutes before putting on a new diaper or when in a hurry have to dry off with a cloth diaper. But it's hard to complain that a wipe is too moist since it so much better than a wipe that is too dry or not moist enough. So far I've been pretty pleased with thie product and will keep using them.
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