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on June 23, 2009
This review compares Earth's Best with 7th Generation and Nature Babycare diapers. I have 3 kids, and before my last child there weren't many options for environmentally-friendlier diapers besides 7th Generation. My daughter and first son started in cloth and moved to 7th Generation exclusively. So when my son was born in May, I thought I'd try some others and see what I came up with. I did not test Natural Choice because we could only buy online and didn't want to buy a case just to try it out, especially when we found a solid performer at a lower price with Earth's Best.

For the short version, performance/preference differed by size: For newborn diapers, Earth's Best was heads and shoulders above 7th Generation (Nature Babycare doesn't come in NB size). For size 1, Earth's Best was still on top, with Nature Babycare and 7th Generation tying for second, though I'd give Nature Babycare an edge for environmental friendliness. I have not tested Nature Babycare above Size 1, and have not yet tested Earth's Best in Sizes 2 & 3. 7th Generation performed adequately in those sizes. For Size 4 & 5, 7th Generation and Earth's Best were much closer, with Earth's Best being slightly more absorbent.

Overall, we have been very happy with 7th Generation over the years, so these new diapers were a pleasant surprise. 7th Gen is not flashy, definitely more stiff than mainline diapers, but the kids were comfy, never had diaper rash due to the diaper, and the diapers were pretty absorbent with very few leaks. However, we often had runs of overnight leaks that seemed unrelated to needing to move up a size, and we have had to move up a size much earlier than the package would indicate by weight (this happened with our son in particular, and he is pretty skinny).

For Newborn diapers, I highly recommend Earth's Best over 7th Gen. The Earth's Best diapers had a stay-dry liner, great fit for a newborn, and were much softer, than 7th Gen, which for a newborn is much more important than a toddler! Most importantly, they were super absorbent. Now, I have to say that for first-time parents I'm sure 7th Gen is fine, but by the third kid I know I didn't change my son as often as I should (tysk, tysk), at least at first when I was trying to adjust to 3 kids! The Earth's Best diapers NEVER leaked, and kept my son dry due to the great liner. The 7th Gen NB diapers were a distant 2nd. I don't know how absorbent they truly are, because they leaked almost immediately due to poor fit. First off, they were bigger than Earth's Best NB diapers in size. They also were more stiff, which meant it was much harder to both tuck in the flap for the cord in the beginning, and it was hard to get them tight so there was no gaping on the the pee just leaked out the top half the time. I should note that I also got some NB Huggies from a neighbor and they were the worst of the 3 - they were soft but small, and held very little urine before leaking. Also, the gel or whatever was sort of cold, so the diaper always felt wet on the outside when it was wet on the inside.

For Size 1, Earth's Best is still the winner, but 7th Gen and Nature Babycare were a lot closer. For some reason Earth's Best only has the stay-dry liner in the NB diaper, but it still seemed that the inside of the Earth's Best diaper was softer and drier than the 7th Gen. Earth's Best and Nature Babycare excelled at absorbency, 7th Gen. was sufficient but not quite as good. All 3 diapers fit well. Earth's Best is by far the softest; 7th Gen slightly less, and Nature Babycare feels like the paper towels you get in a public restroom - not something I'd want to wear, but baby didn't seem to mind too much. Nature Babycare would probably rank second because of absorbency and it is more environmentally friendly than the other two, but gets low points for softness and because the tabs don't stick anywhere on the diaper other than the front - so you can't roll it a ball as easily for disposal (you can roll it and secure one tab to the back of the other, it's just a little trickier). 7th Generation a close third - it doesn't have the drawbacks of Nature Babycare, but it is not quite as absorbent, either.

For Size 4 & up, I'd give Earth's Best a slight edge, only because of overnight absorbency. I actually like that 7th Gen is more stiff for a toddler; the Earth's Best side panels are very soft and stretchy but I feel like that makes them sort of flimsy. However, we always used 7th Gen for our toddlers, never mainline brands - I think if you were switching from Huggies or Pampers that might not even occur to you because it seems like those have really stretchy side panels too. I've never had a 7th Generation leak during the day, but more than occasionally at night, and since we don't really want to buy two sets of diapers, we're switching to Earth's Best for our older son (he's 21 months). A note on shape - the Earth's Best were longer and narrower than 7th Gen at this size, which works well for our skinny son but may not be for everyone.

One final note on 7th Generation quality control. Twice my husband found we were shorted diapers in the package, so now we count the diapers every time. Contacted the company and they sent us coupons for diapers and other products along with an apology. Also, occasionally we've gotten a string of diapers with the tabs attached poorly so they rip off entirely when you open them - very annoying and sometimes not salvageable. We have used these diapers pretty much constantly for 3 years though (none of these problems in the past 6 months, it may have improved), so I have no idea whether the quality control of other products is any better.
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on April 4, 2016
They do hold a good amount of liquid, however they do not lift away moisture like other diapers. When I change my son you can tell his skin is wet whereas with huggies and pampers, which we were gifted and wanted to use up first, he was FAR more dry. This makes me nervous that it may lead to a rash or other irritation as his skin is left wet. We are going to use these only during the day when he is changed more often because I don't want him wet all night. Also, they are a bit large for my newborn and he did have to grow into them (he was no premature or anything)
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on February 23, 2017
Amazing fit, protection and great peace of mind knowing the safety of the diapers on my daughter. Have had large poopy nappys and slept 7 hrs before a wet nappy change and both were leak proof. (She is a little over 10 weeks, and is breast fed therefore her stools are not very solid and great protection) Could be a little higher up the back but that is the only criticism and it's insignificant when taken in as a whole within the review. Very very satisfied with purchase
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on February 2, 2016
I am thrilled with these diapers! They are soft, are mostly white with minimal pattern on the waistband so you can't see them through white clothing (and they don't look tacky like other brands with character prints), and they hold a ton, never once have we had a urine leak in them. Unlike other diapers we have used which have a weird smell out of the package and reek of urine when wet, they have no odor on their own and no odor when full. The double gussets in the legs are awesome at keeping poop in and rarely have we ever had a blowout down the legs. We have had blowouts up the back but I don't think any diaper would have held them in as they are usually positional. Also our baby has been in them for 4 months now and has not had any diaper rash. I am thrilled with these more eco-friendly and baby-friendly diapers and highly recommend them!
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on April 26, 2016
I purchased the Earth's Best brand after extensively reading research and reviews on green diapers. Previous to these diapers, I had been using Seventh Generation. I personally like S.G. better than this E.B. brand. Here's the info:

*Size/shape issues: Size 2 starts at 12lbs. My baby is now 14lbs, and they're still a little big for him. I have them secured up higher on his waist, and they still look saggy and have lots of extra room in the crotch. Although they "fit," the straps are also on as tightly as possible (meeting together in the middle). In my experience, be aware they run large.

*They smell like urine. With the S.G. brand, I never smelled urine. With these, it is very easy to know when he has peed. As soon as I lean near his crib, I can pick up the smell. For this reason alone, I don't believe I'll purchase these again.

Other than that, no major problems or issues, which is why they received three stars as an "okay" diaper. They hold everything in pretty well, so that's good - only occasional leaks - and generally he can pee more than once and be okay (night time).
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on February 6, 2015
I have a skinny baby (below the 3rd percentile BMI and above the 97th for height), and when she was too tall for pampers size 1, she was too skinny for these 2s. But the 1s couldn't hold enough so we moved up, and I hated seeing the absorbent chemical material break out of the diaper, so we changed brands to Earth's Best. I had to overlap the flaps a bit for them to work, but my baby is very tall and skinny.

But, I love them because if she totally fills them, they won't leach questionable material. They are mostly white with minimal design and I don't mind the design as much as I thought I would. They hold the runny poop as well as the pasty poop. I like the stretchy band in the back. For a natural diaper, these are completely sufficiently absorbent and well designed to hold it all in. They are not less-absorbent than pampers like I thought they might be.

There is no wetness indicator, but that was more helpful when she was a newborn and undressing/dressing her was more of an ordeal. Now that she is easier to handle and move, I don't mind opening up her clothes to check if her diaper needs changing. The occurrence of diaper rash hasn't changed much with the brand switch. In my experience with this baby, it has been about the same.

Before I put the diaper on her, I separate the lining from the diaper because it mostly is stuck to the absorbant part and would allow a blow-out if it isn't broken away from that.

Overall, I love them and will stick with this brand until my needs change. I thought I would leave a review because it is so difficult to estimate what will work for your baby, and even a "good" diaper is somewhat dependent on your baby's build, the size you use, and how you put them on.
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on March 24, 2016
I love these so much! We had been cloth diapering for two years and then I started working more and my son entered daycare/ became inconvenient to use the cloth and they would just sit and get gross and not clean up as well. Anyhow, I started experimenting with disposable. I used honest and bambo, and liked these, but was a wee bit put off by the price. These are an amazing price with subscribe and save, so I figured I'd try them. They are wonderful. Some people have complained about the width of these diapers, but they cause my son no trouble (perhaps because he was used to cloth?) and in fact, I think help with mess containment. In all honesty, I love the prints on the honest diapers, the Shi Shi-ness of the bambo, but these are diapers. They collect waste. I am happy to have a quality product at an excellent price. I will buy these until my son outgrows diapers.
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on January 27, 2017
Super impressed with these diapers they're more absorbent than any other diaper I've tried. Because you have to change baby less often they don't end up more expensive than even walmart diapers and I love that they're chlorine free. My baby has explosions bad, every poop was a blow out with other diapers, no leaks with these ones!
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on February 5, 2016
When I was expecting my son i did my research on diapers and decided on Andy Pandy. My son was born 6lb 2oz and i started using Andy Pandy diapers. They are on the bigger side but worked ok except we had few leaks at night and i had to change the baby and the bedding in the middle of the night. I had to fold them on his tummy because the diaper goes pretty high and was in the way of his umbilical cord stump. After the stump fell off I ended up buying Huggies because the diapers i was using were rubbing his belly button and making it bleed. Huggies worked great, no leaks and great fit. because Andy Pandy are on the expensive side i decided to try Earth's Best. I am glad i did! We've gone through 160 diapers and not a single leak although i noticed that they slide somewhat off my baby's bottom when full but still do not leak. Another thing i noticed with them is that my son's skin gets stuck to them sometimes but some lotion on his skin seems to take care of that.
Overall, my favorite diaper is Huggies. I don't have a single complaint about them. If only they did not have all the chemicals i am trying to avoid I would absolutely go with them. As it is i am sticking with Earth's Best as the second best choice.
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VINE VOICEon October 4, 2016
I love these diapers and have been using them on my infant since birth. We've never experienced issues with blow outs. It's important to me what goes on my baby's skin and that goes for diapers too. I'm honestly too lazy for cloth diapers but I feel good about choosing this brand since it is free of harmful ingredients found in mainstream diaper brands. I will make a note that my love for these diapers does not translate to their wipes. I did not care for Earth's Best wipes since they were too thin and did not effectively clean.
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