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on March 28, 2016
Three stars because some of our grandkids seemed to get a kick out of these. This email I received from the seller struck me as a perfect way to let other prospective purchasers know what to expect from their Hide Em and Hatch Em Super Grow Eggs:

“We hope you enjoy this product. What makes these grow eggs special? These eggs are designed to crack after 1-2 days, and hatch shortly thereafter, and likewise, grow absolutely huge! In order to give you the best experience possible, we wanted to send you an email to help answer some of the questions customers have had.
1: My eggs arrived cracked
Sadly we have been trying to get Amazon to take better handling of these eggs, but sometimes eggs will get cracked in transit, especially in the extreme cold. WE WANT YOU TO BE SATISFIED and earn your 5 star review. Just email us a picture of the damage and we will send you out a replacement. We hope you do not hold it against us, as we really do feel passionate about keeping you happy
2: My animal has hatched, but he is slippery
Yes, he will be slippery, as the way it grows, a non-toxic binding agent breaks apart in water, causing the animal to grow. Once hatched, change the water, and rinse off your pet. You can put him back in fresh water and watch him grow huge
3: How big will he grow
If you change the water daily or often, the pet should continue to grow for 2-3 weeks.
You will be amazed how large he will grow.
4: Is this the biggest grow egg in the world
Right now, as far as we know.”
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on April 16, 2017
I know some people had negative experiences, so I wanted to share a positive one! Got these for my 7 year old. None were "duds," we followed the instructions and they all started to crack within a few hours. She was excited, and loved checking on them. The little animals were visible shortly after that, and they were very cute and slimy, like you'd expect a newly hatched animal to be. They do take a while to grow to their intended size, but she loved checking on them and changing their water. So it depends on the child's personality. My daughter loves taking care of things and doesn't get impatient. My son on the other hand would have lost interest (and he did) within minutes of the eggs just soaking in water. But for us, they were more than I expected given the price and reviews, and my daughter was completely delighted by them!
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on March 22, 2016
Well 2 of the 3 eggs arrived already broken and I don't have time to reorder. Bummed :-/
review image
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on March 22, 2015
I have gotten my 3 year old daughter these eggs three times already! She loves the egg surprise videos on youtube so I thought these would be a good, cheaper egg surprise for her. She loves them, I think they are a bit strange, you put the egg in water, it cracks open and the animal inside continues to "grow" it soaks up the water and gets bigger and bigger as the days pass. It takes about 3 days to get full size and then it will shrink back down to original size if you put it on a towel, so my daughter had fun watching these eggs for over a week! One egg was cracked already on our third delivery but the animal inside still grew just fine.
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on April 8, 2016
These are so fun! My kids loved watching the eggs hatch. The animals are pretty gross and slimy when you first take them out, but let them dry for a few days and they harden up. My son let his frog (from the other series) stay in the water for at least a week and he was huge, which they really liked. We left the cat (also from the other series) in for a little bit and after it dried, it shrunk back down. The kids love playing with the little animals now that they're all dry.
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on April 19, 2015
My daughter enjoyed seeing the animals grow; however, she couldn't wait the full 2-3 weeks that the instructions suggested. We took them out of the water a little over a week to have them dry out and the animals shrunk. I'm not sure if they are suppose to that or if it happened because we took them out of the water early. Either way, she did enjoy seeing the eggs crack and the animals grow.
Oh, if you going to hide the eggs with plastic eggs make sure you get a hold of the hide em eggs before your child tries to open them. I forgot and my daughter tried to open the eggs. Even though we had two cracked eggs, the animals still grew.
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on April 19, 2016
I bought these as a gift for my nephew. He loved them. My sister said it taught him patience. It took a couple of days for each animal to hatch from the egg. She did one every couple of days to spread out the excitement. She said that the animals came out a little slimy but I guess that is to be expected. Overall I think it was a fun treat.
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on March 27, 2016
These are very cute & my son loves checking them every few hours as they hatch. Sadly, one of the 3 eggs was already cracked when received. Otherwise, would have been 5 stars. Did not return it as there wouldn't have been time to replace it before Easter.
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on May 14, 2015
We purchased the eggs for Easter. Seemed like a good idea, we followed the instruction for three weeks and saw the eggs hatch and grow. However they were somewhat slippery and slimy and I did not want my daughter playing with them because you could feel some of that slime on your hands. I ended up putting them in the trash.
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on April 23, 2014
These were cool but one egg was broken when I received them and after soaking them in water, the one that had the broken shell was all dirty looking. The other two were clean but just did not emerge fully formed and looked a tad scary and alien in nature. it's a great idea as my 3 yo was very excited to see the shells open up and the toys emerge but the toys themselves aren't really "playable". Kind of slimy and they have been out of the water for a day now....maybe they harden up over more days? Either way, the animals look warped and not very appealing. eg. paint on eyes are gone so they look like they don't have eyes.
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