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on February 1, 2016
Purchased and successfully quit within one month.

I bought the book and left it on the coffee table for a week or two. Picked it up after I returned from a vacation. Read most (3/4), but to be honest, I never finished the book. I didn't need to. I smoked my last cigarette on July 14, 2015 and I have not looked back. I smoked for over 20 years and now I have been free for over six months.

I started smoking when I was in high school, 15 or 16. Was a confirmed, moderate to heavy smoker from that point forward (1/2 pack to pack+ a day). I quit once for about a year in 2005-6, cold turkey. I hated it, was miserable, cried a lot and missed smoking all the time. Felt as though I was denying myself the joy and pleasure of smoking.

The last six-plus months have been completely different. I do not miss smoking. I feel relieved of a burden. I am confident I will never smoke again and I am so grateful for that. I wanted to quit. I was ready, but I was intimidated and worried I would again miss it forever, so I just put it off over and over again. Then I remembered someone mentioning this book and I figured for less than $15 and with the volume of positive reviews, it was worth a shot.

I think wanting to quit/being ready is an important piece of why this book worked for me. I was open to the power of suggestion and it helped me shift my perspective on quitting from one of fear and missing out, to one of joy and gratitude. My husband is still a smoker and I can't even get him to turn a few pages, so I know it's a personal decision and one that only the smoker can make... but if YOU are looking for a path to become a non-smoker, I suggest you give this book a try. Good luck!
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on January 11, 2018
Stop. Read this. This book worked for me and my mother. I, a 30 year smoker and her, a 40 year smoker were both able to quit easily, with no anger issues, no craving, and found the experience enjoyable. The hardest part of this was just reading the book. Once I started reading, I didn't stop until I had my last cigarette that same day!

Buy this book; quit smoking. Simple. Don't be afraid, just buy it.

Edit: as of this review January 11, 2018 I am two months nicotine free.

Allen Carr should be sainted.
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on April 30, 2017
I have smoked for almost 45 years. I read this book and I really quit. I finally succeeded. I am so very happy to be a non-smoker. I quit 7 weeks ago and can't believe I don't even want a cigarette. Brainwashing or un-brainwashing? Whichever it I, I am grateful with all of my heart. Thank you for being a part of saving my life. God Bless You.

I thought it might be helpful it I gave a new update on my success. Well this Friday will be one year since I quit. I am so happy to be a non-smoker. Yay! Thanks again. I have no desire to ever smoke again. I am free.
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on August 15, 2017
I read this book in 3 hours. Next day I was still smoking. I was disappointed. Then less than a week later it's like the words soaked in. I quit smoking April 8th. Cold turkey. About a month later my dad ended up in icu on a vent. That's the most stressed I've ever been. I didnt even think about smoking. My dad was a smoker before that, he quit when he got out of hospital, and is already smoking again. There is something about this book. It gives you truth about cigarettes. And it reaches your subconscious without you actually trying. Some ppl have asked me if it's hypnosis. No. It's just the truth. Sometimes I dream i smoked and even in my dream I am so devastated that I will have to start over again. When I wake up I'm relieved. I thought i loved smoking. I didnt. I don't think about them now. I don't crave them. I can sit in a room with smokers and not even think about it(actually happened at my mom's). I bought 2 more copies of the book and currently lent them out. More ppl should know about this book
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on January 28, 2016
Stopped for pizza, and my favorite pizza chef, Jason, asked me if I was still smoking. I was. He said, "There's a book I want you to read. In fact, I'm ordering you to read it. My buddy made me read it, even though I wasn't looking to quit. But I read it just to get him off my back, and don'tcha know, by the time I finished it I was a non-smoker. I was happy to quit, and it was easy. It was so easy, in fact, that I ordered these guys to read the book," he said as he pointed to three of his co-workers who were standing there listening to the story. "And they quit too, no problem." They all smiled and nodded their heads.

Okay, now I was gonna have to get Jason and his pals off my back. I had to be careful, however. They make some of the best pizza in town -- not to mention they're all-around good guys -- so I couldn't just blow them off. But I was a 40+-year smoker with no plans to quit. (I did know that I would quit one day, but was pretty sure it would happen only after I died.)

The book was Allen Carr's Easy Way to Stop Smoking. The 1,000+ reviews on Amazon were overwhelmingly positive, bearing out Jason's claims. I ordered the book, read it, and by the time I finished, don'tcha know I was happy to be done with smoking. Smoked my last cigarette 60 days ago, and I can't imagine ever going back.

If you smoke, care about someone who smokes, care about someone who cares about someone who smokes, or know doctors who want to help smokers to quit, this review is for you. The smoking-cessation industry -- and it is a highly profitable industry -- has something like a 95 percent failure rate, meaning that 19 out of 20 smokers who try to quit using conventional methods are back to smoking within one year.

At my last appointment with my own doc, I learned that he was prescribing Chantix to his smoking patients, and telling them it wouldn't work if they didn't really want to quit. He might've been right about that, but whatever your attitude is when you start reading Allen Carr's book, by the time you finish it you'll really want to quit and you won't need any meds to help you do it. I told my doc how I had quit, gave him the title of the book, and urged him to check out the reviews and rethink the advice he gives to smokers. He agreed. It'll be interesting to hear what he has to say at my next appointment.

Please share freely.
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on June 6, 2015
Update: Just wanted to note I passed my one year mark (St.Patrick's Day!) If you want to quit smoking, but just don't think you can do it-Buy the book!
I quit smoking after being a smoker for over thirty-five years with this book. I have used Hypnotists,Patches,Gum and tried cold turkey more times than I can remember. Even the times when I had quit for awhile I was irritated,anxious,downright nasty a lot of the time. I felt like I was being deprived and would finally succumb to the urges. This time, after reading the book (to be honest I didn't quit directly after finishing-I actually sat and re-read portions of the book when I would have a cigarette-within a week I quit completely!) I didn't have any of the withdrawal symptoms as I had in the past. It has been three months now, and even though from time to time, I think about having a cigarette, its not a strong urge and I just let the thought go and I'm fine. It is amazing how easy it has been. I wish I had read this book decades ago! P.S. My husband who was a three pack a day smoker quit a month later with this book as he saw how easy it was for me and he is still doing great too after two months! If you're a hardcore smoker, buy this book, what have you got to lose but a few dolllars which is less than you spend in one day on Cigarettes! Do it-you won't be sorry. I have noticed that there are alot of editions of this book,not sure if different-my copy's cover says, "NEW! CANADIAN edition" above title of, Allen Carr's easy way to stop smoking, copyright is 2004. Hope this helps!
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on December 31, 2017
Before you try anything else, try reading this book. I read through it, smoking the whole time. After I finished reading, I stopped smoking-and I've stayed smoke free ever since-t's been three years. I had a forty year habit. No withdrawal symptoms. No weight gain. Give this a chance. Please.
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on June 13, 2015
I bought this book after reading all the positive reviews about it. I hoped it would work for me, too. It did. And it was a SNAP. I had one day of being irritable with my family, and that was it. I never looked back. There were so many occasions where I expected to miss smoking -- after eating, while drinking, while driving (especially in bad weather!), while doing my bills, when I was bored, when I was anxious or upset or sad or angry -- but it never happened. I had smoked for 33 years, and I read this book and stopped. Just like that. It's been three years now since I stopped, and I've never wanted to smoke again. One thing I have to say is that in order for it to work, you may not WANT to stop smoking, but you have to be READY to stop. And it will work. It will.
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on September 15, 2017
After smoking daily for 20+ years I decided to give this book a try. I was VERY skeptical about anything, more so a “silly” book. I had tried the vapes but hated them. They were a mess to deal with and I felt like I needed a tool kit and box of supplies just to use them (not to mention they leak EVERYWHERE!). The gum and the patches were a joke. (Not to mention, you are still addicted to nicotine!) I soon went back to real cigarettes. I had previously quit for a month here and a month there over my 20 year smoking carrier, yet I could never stay off of them. I was using willpower and I would eventually break down. Something would happen, a stressful event, a bad at work, a party and drinks - I would swear to have “just one”. Before I knew it I would be right back to smoking full time. Willpower quitting will not work! It had been probably 7-8 years since I had even tried to quit last. I had just accept my fate all those years knowing the cigarettes would probably one day kill me. I always hoped someday I would quit but really had no plan. I was smoking roughly a pack a day all those years (sometimes two packs a day on the weekends). When I turned 40 I decided it was time to give quitting another go….before it was too late. After reading the reviews I decided to give this "silly" book a shot. I received the book in the mail a day or so after I had already quit ( despite this being against Allen’s advice). The first few days were REALLY rough. It was all I could think of. I had no idea how addicted I really was. It was so much worse than previous times I had quit. All those years were catching up to me. The anger and rages I had were almost uncontrollable. My energy levels dropped from an 8 to a 2. I kept reading the book and trying to push through the HORRIBLE withdrawal of nicotine. Each day was a challenge. I would come home, eat dinner and collapse into bed sometimes before 8pm. I had never realized how bad nicotine really was until 3-4 days into quitting. Sometimes it is laughably easy- a second later you have the world on your shoulders. I kept reading the book and kept pushing (keep a journal it helps!). About half way through the book, 9-10 days in, I started to gain real confidence! I began to see the light. I still was exhausted on some days. My mood swings were tough. I was down and depressed on some days. Persevere- you can and will get beyond this.
Was it really easy? Uh... well not necessarily. There is no magic. The book helps to explain your addiction. It breaks it down to simplify it. It is not some huge massive fight that you cannot win. It is simply an addiction, ANYONE can beat it. It is very uncomfortable those early days, yet, just stop smoking and you win. Just don't EVER light another one! No matter how bad you want one – just don’t! Go for a walk, read a book, anything to keep your mind busy. Sometimes it is all you can think of. I am now 8 months in and almost never think of smoking other than being SUPER happy that I never even think of smoking! It does get better! It does become EASY. You have to change your mindset. Every day you succeed is a major win. DO NOT GIVE IN. Keep going! Once you are beyond day 1 there is NO TURNING BACK. You have done it. Soon enough you will be breathing easier, feeling better and happier than ever. It is not overnight. Think of this – the first two days, the first two weeks, the first two months. These are the hardest in progressively easier increments. Then all at once- a couple of months have passed, you will realize you have won! You still have a ways to go but you are 85-95% there at 2 months. I will admit to a slight cheat- herbal cigarettes (non-nicotine) I used these in the beginning at parties, weekends, when drinking etc.. To get beyond those social moments when I would absolutely have to light up. (These are nothing like a real cigarette, don’t get your hopes up!) I still grab an herbal from time to time, maybe once every few weeks or so, usually when drinking or in a social situation- BUT- it is not every time now! I am completely moving on in less than a year. It is more of that old habit, still connected, yet, I am NICOTINE free and HAPPY! You too will soon start to HATE nicotine and everything it has taken from you.
SIDE STORY: Both of my parents have smoked for well over 40+ years. After seeing me stop they were very curious. I GLADLY handed over my Allen Carr’s Easy Way book with a smile. I really didn’t think much of it. After all they had smoked almost all of their lives. I fully expected them to come back with the old “This book didn’t work. We are hopeless at quitting.” I honestly forgot about giving them the book. A few weeks later I spoke with my mom. She had quit! I was shocked!! I could not believe it!! She was struggling but she was WINNING the battle. I helped coach her and support her along the way. She too used the herbal cigarettes in moments of crisis. Within 4 weeks, she was gaining confidence. That was 4 months ago and she is 100% done with cigarettes. My poor dad seeing how we had both quit was up in arms. Per his words “I just can’t do it like the book says. I want to but probably can’t ever do it.” Smoking 2 packs a day for 40 years is not an easy cycle to break. My mom and I both understood. He continued picking his way through the book. Reading here and there. He continued seeing our success. Then, one day, he threw all of his cigarettes in the trash. He was done. It was not EASY in those first days- We coached him along, pushed him, mentored him and now 3 months later he is a NON-SMOKER!!!! Our family with over 100 combined years of smoking is now 100% nicotine free!! Thank you Allen Carr for changing AND SAVING my life!! And more so for SAVING my parents lives!!! Buy this book. Dig your heals in and make it happen in your life too! You will not be disappointed in 6 months I can absolutely assure you! Anyone can quit. Read the book with an open mind. Read it again if you don’t get it. Allow yourself to gain confidence. Slam your fist down- go to battle with this addiction – there is no other option now: WIN. Your life will thank you.
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on November 26, 2016
If I knew what I know now before buying the book I would have paid 10 times the price. Carr isn't a magician or a doctor or a therapist, he's just a former smoker who discovered an easy way to shake a vile habit, and he has dedicated his life to giving this perspective to anyone willing to have an open mind and give it a shot. Amazing book, I will do everything I can to get this book to every smoker I know to give them the gift of quitting. I finished the book in 2 days, threw my cigarettes away and have not looked back!!! Buy this book, you will not regret it!
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