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on February 18, 2014
Update to review below:

Samba(SMB)is now working fine. DLNA does not work, and according to support@easyacc.com, is not intended to. Too bad, but between FTP and SMB, there are a wide variety of clients that will work with this device for IOS and Android, as well as Windows and Apple computers.

The key to making SMB work was to disable UPnP in the "advanced" settings, and turn off DLNA in WIFI NAS configuration screen. UPnP is disabled in the factory settings, but I had enabled it trying to get DLNA to work.

Additional comments: Like many routers, making certain configuration changes causes a reboot of the device, and depending on how you are connected, you may lose the network connection and need to reconnect. This is not unusual router behavior, but if you are not familiar with router configuration, it is probably very confusing! I suspect this might be the source of some (many?) of the "can't get it to work" or "keeps dropping the connection" reviews and comments.

Also, you don't need any special app to configure it -- you can use any browser. Just connect to the advertised network name, which will be "easyacc_something_or_other" and browse to the ip address printed on the end of the case (probably The configuration menu will come up in the browser.

Lastly, thanks to EasyAcc support, they responded promptly and repeatedly to my email requests for information.

----------- END EDIT ------------------

I have been trying to build a portable music system with at least 1 TB capacity to hold my large collection of FLAC music files, located on a portable USB drive. No such device is available at any realistic price commercially. The All in 1 "Wizard" is part of my latest attempt (previously tried using a plug computer, Linux, and a couple different "music server" distributions, before I realized I'm not enough of a Linux hacker to get it working). So, for the low price, despite the varied reviews, I decided to give this a shot.

So far, it's **fairly** successful. I have gotten further than with the plug computer stuff. Right now, I have my music files on portable usb disk, plugged into the EasyAcc "Wizard", streaming using the WIFI NAS setup to my iPhone 5C, which is running the nPlayer app. Connected via a standard Apple thunderbolt camera connection cable to my usb DAC / headphone amp. Finally, music! Sounds pretty good, and very portable. Relatively easy to configure from browser connection to the Wizard config screens, if you know anything at all about routers.

PROS: works very well with FTP connection (see edit above). This setup does not transcode or sample the FLAC files in any way, so the sound is excellent. Haven't had any dropouts or connection problems at all. Running time looks like about 4-5 hours of music streaming and usb drive power from the very large internal battery in the Wizard. I am hoping to improve on thisby using a USB y-cable (separate power and data connections) for the USB drive, to reduce the current draw from the Wizard for the external drive.

Configuration is a mixed bag -- the vendor could and should give better directions on initial setup and configuration. I would say a bit more difficult to configure than your average router, but not drastically so. First issue was the unit came with a network password activated, so I couldn't connect to it at all. Some close reading of the minimal instructions, and playing around with it, along with reading the questions and comments here, revealed how to reset to factory specs, restoring default user, password, and unprotected network access. Note to others who want to do this -- have the WIFI switch turned "ON" before holding down the reset switch for 10 seconds, otherwise nothing will happen. If you do it right, it reboots with admin/admin user and pwd and no network encryption. At that point TURN IT OFF until you are ready to configure it, as it is an open invitation to drive-by hacking in that condition. When ready, turn the WIFI on, wait until the light activates, and connect to it from IOS or your computer with any browser, the ip address is engraved on the rear of the unit. Browser will boot into network config page. At that point, follow the written directions (such as they are) and set a secure network password and admin password, reboot, and reconnect. Once you are there, it's relatively easy to configure from the browser connection to the Wizard config screens, if you know anything at all about routers.

CONS: At this point, I only have HTTP and FTP working. [Neither Samba (SMB) nor UPnP / DLNA work.] ** see edit above, SMB now working ** Initial response from easyacc support says DLNA not supported. Note the configuration software has a setting for DLNA in WIFI NAS screen, and a setting to enable/disable UPnP in advanced settings...Also, a few people have said here in either reviews or comments that DLNA does work. If one of you is reading this, what settings, clients, etc. are you using for DLNA?

Support also claims SMB works -- [not for me, so far] ** Now working see edit above **. We will see how they respond further.

EasyAcc should finish updating their website, write a user manual, and generally improve the documentation for this product.

Summary -- I'd give it 4 stars if either SMB or DLNA worked. There are better music player clients available for those protocols than nPlayer, which unfortunately is one of the few useable player clients that support music streaming with an FTP connection.

For the low cost, and versatility -- remember, you are getting an 8800 mah battery pack for an incredibly cheap price here (probably worth the money just for that, if you compare against other external battery costs...) I'd say, if you think it might meet your needs, give it a try. Be prepared for a bit of struggle getting it set up. It's not plug and play, and if you don't know anything about routers, ip, and wireless network setup, you won't be a happy camper. For those who are moderately agile in these areas, why not?

I'll update this review once the SMB/DLNA issues play out. ** See edit at beginning of this review -- I did update rating to 4 stars based on their support and SMB working. Maybe a future firmware release will enable DLNA? **
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on March 9, 2014
I have 3 issues with it:

1. You have to purchase a software from AppStore to your iPhone for them to communicate. And it is not the software mentioned in the instruction that came with the device. You have to ask their support. The support, BTW, is quick and courteous.
2. The device only support FAT32 and NTFS devices.
3. I tried to transfer photos from an SD card to an attached hard-drive (which is the primary purpose of purchasing this device), and it was very slow, and stopped in the middle: can't transfer 4Gb of data from the SD to the hard-drive. Disappointed.

Update on March 12, 2014

EasyAcc Store promptly responded to my review above, and refunded me for the iPhone app I had to purchase, and told me that they are updating the user manual, and creating a new, free, app. So, as I said, the support is good. And they are trying hard to make their customers happy. If I can rate the seller's support separately I would give them a five-star.

For the device itself (In regards to my 3rd point): I was told that it doesn't support direct data transfer between different ports (SD reader and USB port), everything has to go through the Wi-Fi device. Though I can understand that the device is mainly designed for media streaming to Wi-Fi devices, omitting such a basic function severely restricts its usability. Considering that the device fulfills its advertised use, I'm willing to raise the score to a four-star, but with a strong warning to potential buyers that it cannot transfer data directly between attached devices. If and when they add this feature (and is able to update my device with a firmware upgrade), I'll give the device a higher score.
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on February 20, 2014
I ordered this device on Amazon the first time, but as soon as i got it, i quickly noticed that the Ethernet port was faulty. You plug in the network cable, but it never locks in. It keeps slipping out. I thought the unit i got was defective, and so i returned it and ordered a second one. I got the second one yesterday. Guess what? Same problem! Returning the second one as well.. Very aggravating. The concept is very promising. The implementation: mediocre at best. I really hope this problem gets corrected in the future. For now, the device is unusable and unreliable.
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on January 17, 2014
So I bought this after reading several reviews and was looking for a device like this.

It's a tad larger than I excepted, but it is built well, doesn't look like it's made out of cheap plastic.

Not all of the features I could get to work.

For the portable battery feature I was able to charge my Nexus 10, and Galaxy Nexus with it, but my PS Vita would not charge with it at all. I wish the amperage was a *little* bit higher, as the Vita needs 5V - 1.2A and this thing only does 5V -1A

The Wi-Fi repeater feature I could not get to work with my router at all. It would sometimes connect to the router but never get an internet signal.
on the webpage we go to, to config the router, I sure with they would have made it mobile friendly. Trying to zoom in around it navigate the menus was very frustrating on a phone screen.

Have not tried to use it as a regular router yet, as I have my own router, though I guess it would be handy if traveling.

I did get the wireless digital hub feature to work with both of my nexus devices, but one of my friend's could not connect to it using her Samsung Galaxy S4. I didn't care for the recommend ES File Explorer app, but pretty much any File Explorer app will work if you use the right settings.

Overall good for the price, I just wish the included "manual" was better for setup/troubleshooting and even the support website listed [...] did not work. Also wish the amperage was higher so I could charge the Vita. Also several emails to their tech support, and have not had any replies yet.
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on July 2, 2014
This item would be just a firmware upgrade away from being what I needed for storing photographs from an SDHC card while traveling. It is a good battery backup. It is pretty good for downloading jpegs to a tablet or phone. However, the manufacturer has stated it is not currently intending the changes which would make this item well-suited for photographers.

There are two problems with this device for photographers. First, and most important, it cannot transfer DIRECTLY from its own SD card slot to a usb device, such as a hard drive. Such a transfer must be done with a wireless copy through the iPad, phone or other tablet using the FileBrower app. This means each file comes over Wifi from the SDHC slot to the tablet, and the tablet then processes and sends the file back for storage on the hard drive or other USB device. For a day's shooting of camera raw files, this transfer takes HOURS! During this time, the tablet or phone must use the EasyAcc as its access point, and you may or may not be able to get the EasyAcc to hook into whatever public Wifi is available.

If you use the iPad to make the transfer, then the iPad and the EasyAcc must both be attached to a quality USB power supply for the hours of the transfer, and the iPad may not be useful for much else. Moreover, something seems to happen most of the time to interrupt the process during those hours--either the microusb power cord to the EasyAcc comes off, or there is a problem with the Wifi, or something, and you must find where it left off, manually select the remaining files, and start the process again. If the firmware simply allowed an internal copy from the SD slot to the USB device (like some competing products), all would be good.

A second problem which this device shares with other similar products is that the card size is limited to 32 gb, with a FAT32 format. I put a friend's 64 gb disk from her Sony NEX, and it did not recognize that the card existed.

The battery backup is better than competing products and it also has a wired network connection which other products lack. However, the inability to transfer photos efficiently without having every byte go through the tablet or phone over dodgy Wifi is a deal killer for any serious photographer.
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on May 5, 2014
The main reason to purchase this product, was for family road trips. I wanted to have access to movies, music and photos while in the car for extended periods of time and for down time at the hotels.

Firstly, the size and weight make it quite easy to transport, about the same size as an iPhone and twice the weight. Fits in a pocket or purse if needed. It takes an overnight to charge fully from 0, 6-8 hours to fully charge. However when charged, it will last a long time. For me it's kept my 2 kids and wife (3 devices) occupied with movies and music, for trips in the car lasting 4 hours plus, and then in the hotel for the rest of the day/evening, before needing a recharge. Also you can charge your devices via the USB charging port. 8800mAh power bank, so very powerful. I charged my iPhone, iPad and Kindle using it, no problem and very handy when you run down, I had to recharge the kindle a few times, the battery is not as good as the iPad. Also I used an inverter in the car to charge the EasyAcc a few times when we forgot to do it at the hotel.
My first con is the fact that the EasyAcc does not come with a charger, (big oversight). It uses a micro USB, I believe, same as the kindle. Luckily I had one so wasn't a big deal.
Second and last con, Set-Up, and I can't emphasize this enough, if you are not tech savvy, it is difficult to get it up and running. I would consider my self average/good, and It took me quiet some time to set-up for the iPad, Kindle, and iPhone. The main issue was finding the proper apps for Apple and then Android to run the files you need to use to watch movies, listen to music, and look at photos. I could not find the apple app recommended in the manual. After some trial and error I figured out an app (FTP Manager) worked out best for me. The app recommended for the Android devices worked first time I tried it.
The main problem with set-up seems to be getting all your ducks in a row. It's necessary to plug your hard drive in to the EasyAcc, turn on Wi-fi, wait 20 seconds for it to calibrate, turn your device on (Apple/Android), go to Wi-Fi settings and find the EasyAcc, connect to it, go to the file manager app, open it, find add server/+ tab and press it, enter the EasyAcc server for me, and then admin for both name and password, this should get you to the server icon tab, press it, press the ( public) tab, then press the sda2 tab, and that will give you access to your files on your HDD. You may have to play around with your software to find a player that plays different types of video and audio files. I used (VLC) player, plays pretty much everything.
I couldn't find anything on the EasyAcc website to help with any of this, couldn't fine the actual device for that matter, so I was very disappointed.
On the bright side, that's not all it can do. As I've said I mainly use for the road trips for movies, music and photos. I used the SD card to hold all my photos, apparently you can use the Wi-fi to send them wirelessly from a Wi-fi camera straight to the SD card plugged into the wizard. I haven't used this feature but used it to free up space taken up on my devices with photos and videos so I could keep using them. The SD card can be used up to 32Gigs, so lots of storage there.
I also used the Wi-Fi router/repeater feature. At the hotel I used the hotels Wi-Fi server through the wizard and thus had access on all devices to the internet.
Flash drives, it will accommodate also.
So other than the set-up, this is a great device. Would like to see some support on the website for it, with a firmware update maybe.
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on April 23, 2014
Unless they've upgraded the instructions since I got mine, they are pretty much useless. But once you figure it out, it works great.

First, I thought it was DOA. The battery was so flat that no lights came on when I pressed the power button. So I found a wall charger and a cord (it doesn't come with either) and charged it over night. Next morning, I pressed the power button and the four blue lights came on ... for a few seconds. WHAT IS WRONG with this thing??!! I slid the switch for the wifi and it came on for a couple seconds and went back out. I kept playing with it and finally figured it out. Sort of. I've had it for several weeks and I'm still not sure about if it actually toggles power when you press the power button or if it is always on and pressing the power button just turns on the lights to display the battery level.

Anyway, I finally found out that if I hit the power button, waited for the blue lights to go back off, and then slid the wifi switch to "on," all I had to do was be patient. The wifi light would come on immediately as if to say, "I'll be right with you after I've had some coffee to wake me up." Then about 20-30 seconds later the wifi light would come on & stay on. There was no mention of any of that in the instructions.

Once you figure that out, as long as you're halfway familiar with setting up wifi gear, you should be good to go. Except for the previously mentioned fact the the FTP program the instructions tell you to download does not exist. I'm using Cloud Browser and it works well enough for me that I haven't tried anything else since downloading it.

It does have its own web interface, so you can configure it with a web browser, which is nice. It only took a jiffy to make it secure.

Still, when I'm done using it, I'm not sure if I actually turn it off or not. I slide the wifi switch to "off" and the wifi light goes out. Then I hit the power button. The blue lights come on again for a few seconds and then go back off. Is it turned off or not? There's no way to know for sure. But if it's not off, it's using so little power when not in use that the battery reads the same after a week or more of sitting unused.

Speaking of power, this thing will run a LONG time. It's like the old John Deere commercials ... "How long DOES a Deere run?" I have not yet tried charging my phone or iPad with it, but I don't think it'll be any problem.

One other thing. At least one other review mentioned that the ethernet cable connector does not lock the cable in place. Mine is the same. It looks like it was no designed that way as there is no place inside the case for the little tab to drop into once inserted all the way. There are two little tabs coming in from the sides that get in the way. If you could pop the case open, it would be easy to snip them off, but I think the case is glued; I could not even begin to open mine. And I'm sure that doing so would void the warranty.

So far, I've only used mine with a 16BG SD card for storing photos and movies. It has worked almost flawlessly for that. One of the movies was not very compressed (1.6GB if I remember right), and there were one or two times that it paused for buffering. The other two movies were more compressed and had no issues at all.

Bottom line ... It's a LOT of bang for the buck. But how much more would it cost to have instructions that are worth the paper they are printed on?
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on April 30, 2014
As others have noted, this is something of a "Swiss Army Knife" of electronic devices. This is not always a good thing. I bought this in an attempt to make an extended photography trip without carrying a laptop computer onto which to transfer and upload photos. For this purpose, the "gizmo" (I don't know what else to call it), together with my Android tablet performed adequately -- but only adequately (caveats below). Like a knife with a few too many blades, the extra components get in the way when you don't need them.

But let me give the big caveat up front: the Chinese airline authorities will try to confiscate this device! Perhaps this was an idiosyncratic experience for me, but on my extended trip to Asia, this device was confiscated by airport authorities. It does not have the power rating of the battery **printed on the device**, and so they would not allow it on the plane (in checked or hand luggage), mostly because they didn't understand what it was. No amount of showing them the user manual would change this. I was able to get it mailed to me, so losts its use for a considerable period. This might not be a problem for others, but I thought I would flag it up.

Unlike some other reviewers, I was able to (more or less) read 64Mb SD(XC) cards (Sandisk). However, downloading large numbers of (RAW) camera files from them to my tablet was a problem, as the download would run for anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, and then fail. Usually I was able to restart, but this meant that downloading a full 64Mb card could take a day or more. I was not, on the other hand, able to get the device to read some 64Mb flash drives -- I don't know what the difference would be, but that was an issue.

Also as others have noted, this is a complex device to use, and unless you have a talent for computers and networking, you may find yourself befuddled by it.

Now that I'm used to it, I think this will be a useful tool, but not as useful as I expected. This device plus a tablet just doesn't replace a laptop -- it's too slow, too cumbersome, and too finicky. I'll pack the extra pounds, but bring this along as backup card reader, as a convenient way of making a WiFi hotspot from a wired network, and as a spare battery. But not to China.
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on June 24, 2014
Not to mention its many other uses, this gadget overcomes a major weakness of the iPad - lack of options for standard input / output (especially USB). Using its own wifi network, this device enables me to connect my 1TB external hard drive for moving files in both direction and viewing / streaming them (thanks to the $6 app FileBrowser). I can do the same with USB thumb drives and SD cards - and don't have to bother with any of Apple's strange image file rules. The iPad is great for viewing all my photos, videos, and music, but even the 64 gb version is too small to store them all. Now it is so convenient to enjoy them, and the iPad is exactly where I want to access them from because it's awkward showing ppl videos and pictures from a bulky laptop or desktop. I'm surprised this gadget isn't more well-known than it is.

I do a lot of productive work on my tablet, and thanks to this gadget, I'm glad I upgraded to iPad Air 64 (not jail broken) rather than the Surface Pro 2 or even 3. For less than $50, you have real USB and file management on the iPad! I even got rid of iCloud for my photos and videos since it was using up my Internet bandwidth, and rely on my wireless hard drive backup. It's annoying having every single picture and not just the important ones automatically uploaded to iCloud. Plus, the wifi network the gadget creates is powerful enough to stream seamlessly to Apple TV and the battery has a very comfortable capacity. Thanks for making this gadget and keep it up!
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on December 16, 2014
I like the EaseAcc, but your not going to get this and just plug it in and watch your ripped movies. You need to read the instructions, you need to understand the limitations, and then it MAY be worth 4 stars to you.

First; It's a heck of a battery charger. Charged my iPhone, Nexus tablet, and iPad Mini although it died on the mini. But I did get like 30% before it died. So its pretty big.

Second; It's a router - You can plug an ethernet cord in and turn it into a wireless hotspot.

3rd, it's a wireless extender - and this is the mode I think you'd use most often. You connect to your existing wireless, like at home, or some other wireless elsewhere, and this device acts as a pass-through when you connect to it's wireless so you can still browse the web. There's a speed decrease but it's still enough for basic internet use.

4th, it's a file server; Pop in a SD card, plug in a Flashdrive or USB hard drive, as long as you're connected to the EaseAcc's WiFi, you'll see the files. You can use the recommended apps ( additional $10 or so for the full versions on both app stores I think ) to navigate on iOS or Android, and work on documents, play movies, look at pictures, or listen to music saved on this device - or more accurately the files on the SD Card, USB Flash Drive, or USB Hard Drive that's plugged into it. 1080p will not always play well but I live in a VERY wifi congested place so that just might be my situation, 720P plays flawlessly as long as your close to the unit.

5th, The WiFi range is really only enough to fill a room with high-speed, movie quality streaming speed. It's just that the range isn't great, so stream down the hallway and it's stutter-city. However, this has never been a problem since it's usually right next to my laptop when I'm watching or near me

6th, and finally, once you get the hang of the unit, it just works - it took a while, and lots of experimentation, but if you're willing to play around with the box for a while, you'll get more out of it. Those looking for a plug-and-play solution would be much better served by one of the Western Digital or whomever's WiFi iOS/Android boxes they're selling. They cost more money, but I can say they're going to be easier to use. But the box does what it promises and I like it.
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