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on August 11, 2016
OMG, this plugged in and found my very old 90's camcorder! Was pleasantly surprised! Started recording right away. The only reason for deducting a star, was because the video ~shifted~ to the left, so I couldn't see the left side of the video while recording, but when playing back, the whole picture is there, just while recording you can't see it. Couldn't get it to 'reset' & show the whole screen...oh well...just wanted the recordings anyway.

Also, it is very responsive, meaning, you can play a 2 hour tape, and stop & re-start the video with only a second or 2 delay, perfect for 'clipping' a long tape to useable size clips. Especially when the tape itself had 'snow' in between clips, you don't miss a second of recording.

I was very shocked it was so easy, for less than $10 buckaroos, I got all my camcorder tapes recorded. Now if I could just find somebody that still has a VCR!!! Dang! I was surprised my camera still worked; thought it'd be easier to find a VCR that worked, but no, not so. But I bet it'd be just as easy to hook one up & get the rest of my videos off of them, because apparently, I recorded over the camcorder tapes :( & lost my New York trip, it was 'transferred' to a VHS tape back then...DANG! Will keep trying for the VCR, if I get one to work, I'll update this review. (I used to transfer tapes to VHS before I found out the smaller camcorder tapes last longer, not that much longer, but none the less, I did it before I knew, & now have to pay the price, I don't even know if the VHS tapes will even read anything. :( )

I was going to get a more expensive transfer cable if this one didn't work...but didn't have to...this was so fine.

GET YOUR TAPES TRANSFERRED NOW!!! THEY Deteriorate & can even be blank over the years if not stored 'properly', and who has a special 'tape storage' to keep them at the ~proper~ temp & humidity...NOBODY! So if you're SAVING them, TRANSFER them! They do not last! I sent 8 to a tape transfer place to put them on DVD's and they sent 2 back saying they were blank...they weren't...the camera still read them, but they couldn't, so don't give up, try transferring them yourself, you never know till you try. And if it was worth filming, surely you still want to see them again...I really did LOL & COL (Cry Out Loud!) Dang, those were the days! You really won't regret getting them off those deteriorating old tapes!
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on April 4, 2012
These don't work with Windows 7 64 bit, I tried in on a 32 bit machine as well with the same problem, I tried to find a driver online but got tired being led to some crappy site that wanted me to register and then pay. Tried to get some results from the seller and/or company that made it but had no luck there either, I guess I should have known the price was too good to be true. It's too bad because these were for student video class computers, so now I have to find another way to load in analog video. I hate companies that say their stuff is up to date when it's not., will never buy from these people again and have sent them all back
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on January 18, 2015
1. I plugged in my easycap. I ignored window offering to install software for it and instead put in the software CD that came with the package and installed JUST the driver software, not the video software (the video software is terrible). Note that at one point I attempted to download the driver from the internet rather than use the driver software on the CD. That DID NOT work for me. You can try to use drivers from the internet, but the driver software on the CD worked for me.
2. I installed a program called AmaRec from It's simple, easy to configure, and effective. I'm using version 2.10 because later versions made my audio distort every few seconds. Alternatively, you can just use OBS's 'video capture device' as a source and pick the capture card, or virtualdub. I'm using amarec and it works well.
3. Select the capture card in your software. Depending on your cables, select composite or s video. Red, white, yellow rca cables are composite. Then select NTSC. If NTSC is playing the audio but no video is coming through, try selecting PAL. For some reason, my PS1 has to be set on PAL, but my PS2 can display NTSC fine. Try different ones out until you can see the video.
4. At this point, you can try different interlacing options and fiddle with the resolution and other settings to make it look how you want. Then you can stream your gameplay and get twitch famous.

This is a cheap, effective capture card. It works. It displays video and plays audio very decently considering the price. It does take a bit of fiddling to get set up, and at one point I had almost given up getting it to work, but if you really wanna stream console games and are willing to potentially risk $9, I think it's totally worth it to try this out. Once you get it to work, you might want to invest in buying three of 1male to 2female splitters, and an RCA male to male cable that can reach from your computer to your tv. Here are the ones I bought.
RCA male to male cable:

In conclusion, this little piece of plastic with horrible typos in the description on the back of the packaging is pretty awesome. I'm really glad I bought it. It has bad reviews because a lot of people who bought it didn't have the patience to fiddle with settings. I only gave it 4 stars because the included video editing software is worse than useless, and the video and audio isn't perfect quality. But for the price, I HIGHLY recommend this easycap dooder.

EDIT: After about 3 weeks of regular use, it has stopped working properly. The video keeps flickering, the frames get all screwed up, pausing on a frame for a second or showing a previous frame. It still technically works in that I can record a video and understand what's happening, but unfortunately I'm a stickler for quality so I won't be using it anymore. HOWEVER, it was still a good purchase in my opinion. This cheap capture card allowed me to cheaply test out recording gameplay videos and it showed me how much I enjoy it, so I can buy a good capture card without fear of regret.

My review is still dropped down from 4 stars to 2 stars, because 3 weeks is too short of a time to break, even for an $8 thing. However, I'm still glad I bought it, and if you know what you're getting into when you buy this thing, then it might not be a waste of money. It wasn't a waste for me!
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on January 24, 2011
Don't buy this piece of garbage! It's a knockoff of the actual EasyCAP, which has since been renamed to EzCAP since there are so many counterfeits of the original. (Hopefully the Taiwanese company that makes them will do a better job of protecting its trademark this time.) The EzCAP 116 sold by EzCAP-USA on Amazon (EzCAP116 USB 2.0 Video Capture Device) looks to be the genuine item. It's also reputed to have much better Windows 7 support, where this device has virtually none.

As for this product itself, it's not worth any price. The driver (or hardware?) fails to identify the device as being both a video and an audio device, unlike most USB devices with audio components (e.g. webcams), which means that even the bundled software (Ulead VideoStudio 10 SE) will not recognize its audio capture capability. I had better luck with DScaler and GraphEdit (following a guide on an EasyCAP forum), until the device's video capture stopped working altogether after about two hours of total usage. Now whenever I plug the device in, Windows fails to recognize it and its property sheet in Device Manager just says "device failed to start." If I unplug it and plug it back in a few times it will actually be recognized, but only audio capture is possible: the video display remains a dead, black screen. To top it all off, I'm even using Windows XP, which is supposed to be the OS with which it works well. I'd hate to try to use it on Windows 7.
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on March 16, 2015
I'm not sure why this is such a popular device. I got this product for streaming video to my laptop, as this is the most-mentioned method of doing so on a laptop that doesn't have any input ports. The only problem is, the driver software disk that comes with the EasyCAP device doesn't work. At all. And because this is an obscure device, windows cannot automatically search for driver software. You have to scour the internet for the correct driver for your OS and hope it installs correctly. Even after I got what I thought was the correct driver software and my computer recognized the device, the video capture software would not recognize the EasyCAP device as a video input. This device consumed hours of my life and I still never got it to work for the purpose I bought it for. I know other people have gotten it to work without any problems, but I also know I am not alone with my frustration.

The thing that really got me was that I found a similar device from Roxio that came with a vhs to dvd converter software. I still had to install driver software, but it was readily available from Roxio's website and I got the device to work in about 5 minutes. It's exactly the same as EasyCAP, except the Roxio device actually works. I'd save myself the hassle of struggling with EasyCAP and just buy a different brand.
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on June 21, 2010
I ordered: USB 2.0 Easy CAPture model: DC60

My Operating System Info: Pentium Dual Core CPU, E5200 @ 2.5GHz, 6.00 GB (RAM), 64 bit O.S., Running Windows Vista.

I was thrilled to find the deal I thought I had with Easy CAP.

Got it today in the mail, popped it in the PC tonight to set everything up.

I came up w/ a problem while trying to install: Couldn't install driver!

I have a problem, when I try to install the EasyCAP, Vista says that it cannot find the driver and asks for the disk, even though the disk is loaded. Vista then offers to go off to find a solution. Which then does not work / can not be found.

I run through the instructions, un-install, re-install, and all of that. After that leads me to the same issue "Driver Not Found" basically. Then I go out to the web to find support and fix it on my own, only to find many others have the same issue I have! Driver not being loaded / unable to locate and install driver on Vista O.S.

I thought I did my research and made sure I was ok buying this Easy CAP. I'm very disappointed to have stumbled across this trouble!
I'm planning on returning it. ...So we'll see how the dealer treats my issue! See how good or bad of an experience it will be to return this piece of trash product!

6/23/2010 Update: Since contacting dealer: So manufacturer got back to me: Easy Cap is NOT compatible w/ Vista 64 bit! No where on amazon's product details could I find it listing such a thing! Seriously needs to be listed, list "Only" compatible with ... OR list what's Not compatible!

Going ahead and returning product: HDE (HottestDealsEver) will ONLY refund Product price, Not S&H. & You, the consumer must pay S&H back to the HDE.
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on December 20, 2010
This is how I got it working on Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit:

1. Load up the CD (Note: for whatever reason this cd took like 5 minutes or so before it would start working... but it did eventually load so be patient)
2. Right click on the cd drive and explore it's contents. You will find a folder called "drivers" open that folder and you will see a "setup.exe" file.
3. Right click on the set-up file and click on troubleshoot compatibility and check the box that says "works on older versions of windows" hit next and then click on Windows XP SP2 and continue.
4. It will then open up the installer in compatibility mode and it should work from there (I plugged the device in without the extension that it came with).

I couldn't get it to work with Windows Live Movie Maker so the best thing I found is called Debut Video Capture Software found here: [...] they have a free version for personal use on their website.
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on March 4, 2012
I was excited about the price of this product because it's about 30 dollars cheaper than similar products. First off I'm going to mention that I am using the Windows 7 operating system. I've read other reviews for using this product with Windows XP that are more favorable than the one I am about to make. So if you're using Windows XP you might want to read a more relevant review.

The Hardware:
This product is simple enough to figure out. If you know how to plug your iPod to a computer and how to plug a DVD player into the TV then you should have know trouble using the hardware of this product.

The Software:
After installing the driver and the video editor from the CD on my computer I was excited to get started. The program only records the video input. It seems that the driver does not allow Windows 7 to recognize the device as an audio input (microphone) device. So, by default, it recorded from my computer microphone. The video editor is incredibly slow and hit or miss as far as actually recording the video.

My Solution:
After many failed attempts, I decided to record the video without the audio. It's like playing slots when you click the capture video button with a different error message each time. After restarting my computer the button would work for ONE recording session. Then I would restart my computer for the next video and that only worked MOST of the time. To solve the audio issue I used a cable I already owned that has the red and white audio plugs on one end and a standard 3.5 headphone plug on the other end. I plugged into my VCR and directly into my microphone jack on my computer and used the Audacity program to record audio (Google it). After recording both audio and video I combined them with Windows Movie Maker. It was a little difficult to sync them but I did a good job.

I do not recommend buying this product unless you want to challenge your computer solving abilities as this product seems to have a different issue for everybody.
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on February 12, 2015
This product is almost a piece of junk. The only output is MPEG and it was okay at first, but then it fgot very bad. I looked at one of the recording and it was constantly skipping and freezing. I spent countless hours recording old tapes with this thing, and they are all skipping and terrible. The worst part is, on some computers all it did was play audio (I am not blaming this all on the product though, that computer didn't understand the format correctly). Though they really need some different formats for saving, a few more enhancement settings, and a more stable software. I know that wasn't the computer either, the computer has 4GB of RAM and was handling it very well, the software was causing the problem because the affects only show in the recorded part, not the live feed.

Let me get into the good part of the product though. There is a feature where you can clean the noise of old VCR tapes and brighten the video and change the contrast, and add color. I find this VERY helpful. I played around with these setting and I received wonderful results.
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on June 21, 2015
I put 5 stars because this Item (Thought not the original easy cap) does whyat I wanted it to do. for w/e cheap price this item is for don't expect perfect quality w/o using video editing programs. I use the item to turn my home movies into dvd with ease, My son uses this item for his video games streaming and the quality is not bad but the software they give you to capture is so old why could they not give you a better version. I can honestly say DO NOT TOSS THE DISK without it you will suffer looking for the driver online with many viruses on your belt. be careful which seller you get from u might get the chinese 007 model in which it will not be as awesome as the original but it will get job done. if you are looking for an item to record VHS to dvd this is the item for you as well if you want to stream consoles that use composite the quality is not bad till you can get an HD capture.
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