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on October 9, 2013
I think this is a great place to start if you want to test the waters a bit and see what eating nutritarian is all about. The first 30 pages have everything you need to get started. It won't require the all out chaos in the family meal plan - occurring when the family is forced to eat what you are eating; rather, you can fix any one of these fantastic recipes as a side dish and skip the main course. They will like it too.

If you aren't familiar with what Dr. Fuhrman teaches, there is a enough instruction in the book to get a good overview. I didn't begin to eat greens regularly until 3 years ago when I started following the Eat to Live plan. Now, they are a normal part of my diet and I don't think twice about it - I wish I had THIS cookbook in 2009!

There are a couple of points that should be emphasized. First, he clearly explains that it's better to add vegetables and fruits to your diet than to be overly focused about organic/GMO/etc... Not that these are unimportant, but if cost or availability is a concern, eating regular versions of these vegetables is far better than skipping. He points out that most science studies cited for health benefits used conventional varieties of vegetables and fruits. There is an excellent guide on which produce is most likely to have pesticides and it can help you focus limited budgets where it will be most healthful. All the recipes for diabetes and metabolic disorder are clearly marked.

Next, he and the 6 guest chefs created guides on how to select the best vegetables, etc... These are throughout the book, so if you don't know what to look for our how to make the perfect selection, there's help doing it along with many other tips and tricks. These are sprinkled within the recipes and most are set apart from the text in green highlight or boxes. As well, if you don't know how to sauté with water or prepare an artichoke, it's here in easy to follow directions. He even has a guide to spices!

One helpful hint if you're not accustomed to eating fresh vegetables daily - start slow when shopping. Until you get the flow of fresh greens and vegetables, buying too much at one time will result in too much ending in the compost pile or disposal. Once you get the hang of it, you'll have a good feel for when and what to buy and you are in and out of the grocery store with just a few things. If you spread that out with some of the recipes made of staples, or soups and stews which can be stored/frozen, you're never far from a great tasting healthful meal.

There are suggestions on additions if you aren't eating a vegan diet, which may not be as healthful, but will be welcomed for mixed-diet households. Dr Fuhrman encourages people to eliminate the calorie dense animal food, but he doesn't beat people up with it. I choose the plant-versions, because that's what I prefer.

Finally, his AMAZING approach to making dressings deserves noting. This is the single item that allowed me to fully convert to eating this way. They are delicious and EASY to make. Once you make one or two examples, you can literally make unlimited sauces and dressings with his easy to understand 4-ingredient approach. I know others have "complained" a bit by him promoting his ingredients, but he always offers alternatives in the recipes that can be found at your local grocery store. Many of his items are available here on amazon if you'd rather buy than make. That being said, anyone can make dressings fresh in just a few minutes and if you keep just a few key ingredients in the house, you're always ready to go! Remember, they aren't just for salads.

I'm grateful to him on many levels - health and weight, but equally important is he is a fantastic man with an unrelenting drive and passion to help people get better using nothing but food. It works if you follow it.

In the past, getting started has been the biggest obstacle for most people and this cookbook is definitely a big help.
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on August 8, 2016
This cookbook is much easier to buy into if you read the Eat to Live book first. The recipes make more sense when you have the context of the entire plan in your head. Having said that, there are a lot of problems with this book. In my case, I decided to try this diet as several others had failed, and my doc had just doubled my statin drug. I retrofitted my pantry and fridge and started tackling the diet and the recipes. It was costly, not just for all the stuff I had to buy at the health food store, but for much of the food I threw out. I did NOT buy all the Fuhrman products -- to me, his product-shilling is the one thing that really wrecks his credibility...and the fact that you can't even log onto his website for support/additional info without forking out at least $40/month. You do not need even one of those products to make these meals. Use Mrs. Dash's and your own spices for seasonings, and instead of flavored vinegars, add your own. (I.e., instead of buying fig vinegar, chop a few dried figs, simmer them in some balsamic vinegar and water for 15 minutes, strain out the figs and dump that into your recipe.) Be a little creative. Also, some of the ingredient amounts are off...either too much or too little. Many of the recipes, esp. those by 'famous' chefs, are impossibly complicated (and the couple I tried tasted awful). Bottom line, this diet works! After 5 weeks, I'm down 15 pounds and feel terrific. Headaches, hand/feet cramps, indigestion and insomnia have disappeared. I do not miss dairy, meat, fish, carbs at all. I do add a sweet potato or some brown rice occasionally. I also use a tiny bit of cooking spray when I saute vegetables - that water sauteing is for the birds. Don't bother with the 25-ingredient soups and entrees, don't be afraid to substitute with stuff on hand or omit some of the more exotic stuff. This is a diet for life, and is surprisingly easy to adapt to after the first week or so. You will not be disappointed. Also - search online for vegan recipes - very large selection out there, and most use fewer and more common ingredients. Good luck!
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on June 23, 2016
For my review, I am posting a letter I just wrote to Dr. Fuhrman. It sums up the reversal of my diabetes and high cholesterol in just over three months;

Dr. Fuhurman,

I am writing you to thank you for giving me the tools to turn my life around after reading your books I feel that this sounds like a cliché, but it is the only think I can say.

The short story is that on March 9, 2016 I was being tested to see if I could lower my very high life-insurance monthly payments and I had my first A1C test done. It came in at 6.5. I knew I had some high fasting blood sugar levels (usually the highs between 109 and 130) but I did not know I was on the doorstep of diabetes. I don’t know why none of my doctors ever had me take an A1C before. This seemed like a death sentence since my father had lost a leg and died of causes related to his Type 2 diabetes.

I had picked up your book The End of Diabetes several years ago and tried it but stopped. Now I picked it up and read it with a new commitment. It is now three months later and the results are nothing but miraculous. I have lost 25 pounds (198 to 173 pounds). My A1C is now 5.5. My cholesterol went from the low 200’s to 142. My Chol/HDL ratio went from 3.3 to 2.8. All of my panel tests are in the normal range and I have stopped my statin. The icing on the cake is that when I received my new labs last week I submitted them to my insurance company and they just told me that I now qualify for their lowest rate for my age group and my rate is being reduced by 50!

Here is my situation. I am a 49 year old male who is half East Indian (my dad) and half German American. My adult life I saw my dad deteriorate from the horrible affliction of Type 2 diabetes.

This once Olympic athlete (Melbourne, Australia 1956 Olympic games), my dad was a powerful swimmer but after moving to the USA taking on all of the weight that comes with the meat-intensive American diet, I saw him diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes when he was in his late 50’s. By the time he was diagnosed, he was really falling apart. This included heart disease, dialysis and the amputation of one of his legs. He passed away when he was 70.

My story is one of always trying to eat well and be mindful to exercise at least three days a week. I saw my blood sugar levels slowly raise over the last fifteen years since I started monitoring them through our family doctor. My big struggle always seemed to be my very high cholesterol levels which I have combating with a statin.

My first wakeup call to my ever increasing cholesterol and triglyceride levels was when our daughter was born six years ago and I wanted to get life insurance for the first tiem. I was put in the highest insurance rate due to my cholesterol levels being so high. I vowed to better my health to be re-tested to prove to myself that I have reversed my health and save money.

This is when I first picked up your Eat to Live book. I used it for a summer and felt great but then slipped back into my old complacency of eating what my wife cooked for dinner which usually consisted of meat and dairy products. As I mentioned above, the A1C test results of 6.5 hit me like a ton of bricks and I did not want to end up like my dad. My wife was very supportive in my need to completely focus on my health. She still eats her meat and dairy products but makes sure there are plenty of salads and veggies at dinner. I am in charge of making sure the house is well stocked for me.

I have to admit that I religiously followed the aggressive diet for six weeks and then transitioned into a vegetarian diet modeled after the Eat To Live guidelines and Recipe Book.

It is wonderful to feel this great and I do not mind the continual commitment to eat a nutri-tarian diet. I love it.

Thank you very much for providing me with the tools to make such and aggressive turn-around.
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on February 10, 2015
Perfect book! We should all eat less processed foods. My daughter is having problems and her Doctor and Chiropractor recommended she eat whole foods. I ordered this for me and for her! Arrived in ONE Day! I've been eating the oatmeal, so easy to prepare, every day. Hubby loved the Bean soup! Looking forward to all the other recipes which seem quick! Lots of info! Enjoy it! I do like how Dr. Joel tells one who is diabetic what they should adjust in the recipe if its too much. I am not diabetic but I try to follow a low sugar diet, so it's appreciated
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on June 6, 2015
I recently started the ETL lifestyle. We call it a LIVEIT not a diet! These recipes call for lots of ingredients and most of them are not staples I normally keep around. This isn't a cheap way to eat but pay now or pay later. I'm reversing heart disease, lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, reversing diabetes and losing weight! At 66 years old all I can say is I wish I had found this sooner. I'm giving it 4 stars because the spine split right after I got it so I turned it into a spiral-bound book which it should have been in the first place. I took the pages to Staples print center and for just a few dollars I have a convenient cookbook that lays flat. If a woman had designed this book to begin with, it would have been spiral-bound.
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on January 21, 2017
Doctor Fuhrman has changed our lives. We call ourselves healthy vegan - vegans with no salt, oil, or sugar. My husband's cholesterol numbers are now normal. Thank you Doctor for this life saving book.
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on August 26, 2017
A life plan and Not a diet! The "Eat for Live" cookbook is a life changer. It way appears to be a very good road to better Health. I am learning things I did not know but just may be life changing for me! You see I have lost 22 Pounds over the last year. and I am feeling better. I have much more weight to lose, I looking forward to great success in this program and am learning the 4 phase program, one step at a time. We can each one take it at own pace, and that is very good. I am taking a turtle stroll myself; while I am learning to eat better and live better daily. I can change it up to suit my needs as I learn how to eat healthy.. I love to eat fresh and raw veg. now I do not eat meat. I Highly recommend this author books. I am glad I got several of the books!!
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on January 8, 2016
I am an RN and bought this to give as a Secret Santa gift to a physician where I work. After some recent health problems and subsequent research, he elected to change to a plant based diet, so I was pleased to give him recipes from a well-researched trustworthy source. Many in the medical professions talk about preventative health to their patients, but their recommendations have so much more impact when the providers "practice what they preach".
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on May 9, 2014
We like the recipes we have made, for the most part. Many are a little too fancy for us so we've chosen some of the simpler ones. The portion sizes have been hearty! One person in our clan wont eat mushrooms and they are a huge part of this cookbook.
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on December 25, 2014
I love this book, but I bought the kindle edition and I think I will order the actual book, BECAUSE, I personally think it's easier to navigate with the actual book. I usually take my books that I really like and have the spine removed and then coiled. It allows me to open the book up flat and for recipes, and other things, this works best for me. I already owned Joel Fuhrman's EAT TO LIVE, and numerous others, by him. HE IS THE BEST. This is a life style, not a scam. I'm not the expert, but HE IS. I personally cannot say enough good things about this book, or any of his others.
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