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on March 4, 2015
I see a composite of 1 star before this review. Who am I reviewing for? The person who wants spiritual inspiration or travel inspiration or a romance? The book offers all 3.

When I first picked it up , I was pretty bored by the beginning, but a friend had described the story, so I skipped past the beginning and, happily, found myself " in" Italy with the author. Later, after I was well into the story, I went back to fill in the beginning.

My love for the story was partly because of a connection I have to the practice of Siddha Yoga which is the spiritual practice described by the author, and the GuruGita, the chant which she describes, but never names. I knew some of the places described and because I could recognize them, even though they were given different names, I experienced the book as very authentic.

Also, I had experienced my own, analogous, spiritual odyssey in a different part of the world. That probably made the story all the more real and appealing for me.

There was romance , but I was not especially hooked by it.

As for travel inspiration, it didn't make me salivate to go to any of the places described; but, now that I am remembering it, my mouth begins to water, both for Italian and Indonesian food.
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on May 4, 2017
Liz Gilbert bares her soul in this book and shows us that there will always be difficulties in life, you will make mistakes and you have to learn to live with them without beating yourself up. Her whimsical manner of writing gives it a more familiar feel to all of this which makes it easier to sink in. I very much enjoyed this book and every character reminded me of someone in my life, especially a very close friend of mine. If you need a book that will teach you to just let go this is the best book I can recommend.
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on July 5, 2015
I loved this book because I got a lot out of it. A lot of critical reviews complain that Liz was self-indulgent, narcissistic, etc. While I did sense this throughout the novel, it wasn't deafening. I appreciated that she didn't shy away from sharing how miserable of a person she was being prior to leaving. I didn't take it as a pity party, but rather an honest portrayal. I know that many readers were enraged that she could be on these fabulous all-expenses-paid getaways but still be upset and crying and etc., but that's what depression and severe life changes (a really terrible divorce) do to you. I know plenty of people who have fared worse and dealt better which may make some readers want to slap Liz across the face. She wanted to slap herself across face because she recognized how much of a hungry whimpering animal she was being. But I appreciate that she managed to pull herself out of the dumps and became a better person at the end of it all.
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on May 2, 2016
For me it's very hard to get into . . I'm just not that interested in the author's self-indulgent journey and her thoughts.
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on August 18, 2014
I am torn: I completely see the criticisms of many reviewers, but in the end I found this book to pretty at least the sense of haven't we all at least dreamed of this?! It just seems that she was in the time and place of her life that she could do it! That's not selfish or childish, that's someone realizing their dreams. So with that said, I loved the book and not long after reading it my husband and I (yes I took him with me ;) ) decided to move overseas. We also have visited Bali and I saw a medicine man too and went to Italy. I like that the book is a dreamy summary of living your life, but the unfortunate part is that traveling and finding yourself is much more than this book gives you--- this is traveling to find yourself "light version."
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on May 6, 2017
Firstly, I liked this book as it was split into three parts. This made it an easier read for me as I am not always keen on reading longer novels compared to short stories and novellas. An aspect of the book which I found interesting was that for each part of the book, the writer takes you on this story which starts of rather 2-dimensional, but then quickly develops it into a vivid multi-dimensional journey of Liz's experiences. This along with the style of writing helped the reader grasp that it's more than a story and it's a series of real events that occurred. I rated this book 4/5 because it is insightful and thought provoking.
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on April 7, 2017
Eat Pray Love is one of my favorite movies, and I wanted to read the book to compare. I do very much love the book, and you do get more detail into the story reading the book. There are some differences between movie and book, and if you have watched the movie, you will notice them. Still, a great book.
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on December 6, 2013
Elizabeth Gilbert is no doubt an excellent writer, but Eat, Pray, Love fails to keep a reader's interest. After the section devoted to Italy, Gilbert explains the practices and benefits of yoga and meditation in great detail turning the book into a self-help manual rather than a memoir. For anyone unfamiliar with those practices, Gilbert's narrative might be enlightening. For others, her prose might sound heavy handed and self-serving. Personally, I wished she had devoted the whole book to Italy, where she's at her best describing the sights and food of the country.
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I loved this book. I know the reviews are mixed with some people finding Ms. Gilbert fickle or self-absorbed. I found her voice genuine and I believe she was truly searching for meaning in our life.

The book is about Ms. Gilbert doing 'a geographic' which in 10-step program lingo means that you leave your home and go somewhere else thinking you can start over and all your problems will go away. In reality, wherever we go, we take ourselves with us. Our inner baggage is just as present as our outer baggage.

Ms. Gilbert starts her journey in Rome. I agree she is very self-absorbed there. She has every reason to be. She has just ended a relationship, she is searching for something meaningful and she is trying to find it through travel. In a sense, she is a tourist in Italy, not really going deeply into the nuances and sensibility of the country.

She then goes to India where she partakes in a Ashram. Interestingly, she learns the most from her Texas friend who gives her many life lessons that help to lighten her inner load.

Her last stop is Bali. Here she comes into herself. She truly becomes part of the culture, trying to understand it, evaluate its impact on her and to be nonjudgmental but pragmatic. She finds meaning in her life which she carries with her, hopefully, for the rest of her days.

I don't want to go into the particulars of the travel as that would give away too much of the book. Enjoyment of this book requires that each reader travel vicariously with Ms. Gilbert.

I read the book and listened to her on my IPOD. I loved reading the book and enjoyed her telling her own story in her own voice. I highly recommend this book. I think it will resonate more with female readers than men. It would be interesting to get a break-down of the positive and negative reviews based on gender.
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on September 20, 2010
Elizabeth Gilbert is a good writer -- she has some funny, self-deprecating lines, and really I could read about pizza in Napoli forever -- but I found so much of this to be self-indulgent -- and almost disingenuous -- that I only finished it in between downloading other books when I got fed up with her. In Italy, she considers the one word that describes "Liz" -- later she finds that word (I can't recall it) -- but I had it for her long before that -- her word: "ME." I'm sure there are more than a few of us who wish we'd had the good fortune to be paid to take a year of self discovery in such fabulous places as Rome and Bali -- and who wish we had the ability to travel so freely as Liz Gilbert did and write so well. But, I hope if I do it someday and write about it -- I'm alternately less whiney and less self-congratulatory. The men -- from Richard to Felipe -- are just this side of smarmy -- and I hope they are more genuine than they come across in her depictions. I guess all is well that ends well -- but I am done with reading about it.
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