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on January 28, 2012
Loved it for a few days, deadly accurate. Took it on one trip it shorted out, blinking on and off and it's unable to weigh anything because it blinks and off every second. Not the battery, a short somewhere, defective. When it worked it worked beautifully-it's going back.

A follow up to my review here-amazing company, the owner of EatSmart contacted me immediately after seeing this review saying "they would put a tested replacement in the mail Monday" for me. (It was a weekend to boot.) GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

As I said the product worked great but broke, it was just a bad unit, could happen with any purchase. What doesn't happen normally is for a company to reach out to a consumer and fix a problem. I am an EatSmart fan now-they stand behind their products and deliver great customer service -something that is increasingly absent in most of our lives. Buy this scale!
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on January 29, 2018
First, the scale is very functional and intuitive and serves the purpose well for me. I have been using this for over 5 years and got few more for parents and in-laws, as this is a very essential item to measure luggage weight before you travel. They have also been happy.

Now for the product considerations-
WEIGHT READING: The READINGS are ACCURATE and I have generally not had a problem. 9 out of 10 times the reading matches well with what the airport luggage scale reads. The only times I have had some mismatch was when weight is not measured correctly – ex: I saw my father trying to weigh his luggage but his body was touching the luggage itself, leading to some inaccuracy.
The readings start showing up as you pick up the weight and would stay for some time if you hold the luggage a few seconds above the ground. Requires some upper body strength to hold though.

EASE OF USAGE: It is a grip luggage scale, which means that you have to pick and hold the luggage. If the luggage is heavy then you have to expend the extra energy to weigh. For that reason some people in the family found it hard to use it for heavy luggage measurement. That however, would be a problem with any grip luggage scale. If you travel often with heavy luggage and are not comfortable picking heavy luggage even for a few seconds (especially older people), look elsewhere and see if you can find a weighing scale on which you can keep the weight for measurement. It may not be a lot for people with good upper body strength, but I would understand if someone is not comfortable with weight lifting - no point giving your heart a hard time!

DESIGN: The product description says it is a two-handed design but handle grip is small-ish. That being said you do not really have to hold the grip from the top, but you can cover the sides as well in a 2-handed operation– the design of the product allows for that.

BATTERY: The battery works well, but may die down for lack of usage. Replacement is easy, and you can find cheap replacements at any watch shop or Amazon (obviously).

Second, the company is excellent in terms of customer outreach, issue resolution and response. I have brought multiple products from the company including luggage scale and weighing scale.
When one of the scales stopped working after moderate usage, I dropped a note to the company asking if anything can be done.
They asked a few questions and checked for warranty and told me they will ship a new one to me.
Few days down the line I receive the replacement. This is what I call excellent customer service and builds long term trust and relationship.

For this reason, the product gets 4 stars for slight difficulty of usage for older folks. And the company gets 5 stars for excellent customer service.
Overall – 5 stars.
Hope this is helpful!
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on March 26, 2011
I picked this item up at the same time I was purchasing a Eat Smart bathroom scale. The following week one of my family members was traveling so I weighed the suit case on the Eat Smart bathroom scale it it said 49.0 lbs.

I then weighed the same suit case using the Eat Smart Precision Luggage Scale and it showed 49lbs also. When you are right below the 50lb threshold it is very important to have the weight correct.

When the same suit case was weighed a few hours later at the airport it weighed in at 49.1 lbs so this luggage scale was right on the money.

It is very easy to use and only takes a few seconds to register the item being weighed.

If you travel at all and want to avoid the over charges for bags in excess of 50 lbs this scale is a real money saver
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on April 20, 2017
Seems accurate. I weigh my large camping backpack with this scale (about 45 pounds). When I add that to my weight, and re-weigh myself with the backpack, the backpack weights match up on both scales. Seems like a good test of accuracy. It's pretty easy to use. You could use two hands, but it seems to work best (easiest) if you can lift the weight of your suitcase with one hand holding the handle of this scale. It arrives at the final weight within 2-3 seconds so you don't have to hold it long.
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on February 15, 2018
This scale drains batteries! It's always out of battery when we need it. We'd replace the battery with a new one, weight our luggage, then a few months later, it drained the battery again! I've flipped the battery in reverse when not in use...still drained it. I'm not about to remove the battery everytime we're not using this scale and insert it back in when we need it. It's garbage.
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Top Contributor: Cookingon February 18, 2014
The large handle, extended strap to go around the bag, and the feature so that it beeps when the reading is complete then holds that reading for several seconds all make this luggage scale very easy to use. I checked its accuracy against our very accurate bathroom scales and our accurate (large) meat scale. It seems to be right on.

I saw criticism of construction quality in other reviews so checked it carefully, expecting to have to do some repair on the stitching. The item we received is well constructed. I also saw criticism that the batteries did not last long. The scale automatically turns itself off after a few seconds to conserve battery. However, the on button is on the top of the handle so it could get turned on inside a suitcase - repeatedly - and run down the battery. I made sure that wouldn't happen by saving the small plastic piece placed between battery and contacts which prevented it from being accidentally turned on in its original packaging. It will be impossible for it to turn on accidentally in our luggage. (And I'm taking some extra batteries just in case.)
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on November 5, 2015
I have been weighing luggage with this particular unit for 3 years now and have traveled extensively with this great gadget. It has proven to be accurate. I like to use it when I go shopping for gear as well... if you are at REI or wherever, just bring a plastic grocery bag (for items that can not be hooked) and you can weigh any item that is not marked with weight already. The only con is: it's a little bulky and heavy compared to other units, though it has proven to be quite durable and rugged over the years.
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on March 27, 2016
There's no good luggage scale out there. The accuracy of the almost all scales available is 1/100 of a lb. Until the weight stops fluctuating, the scale won't beep or lock in the weight. Holding a 50 lb suitcase it is next to impossible to keep your hand steady as a rock - weight will swing by a 0.2 lbs. Therefore you need a second person to read the scale while you lift the suitcase. And worst of all, typically the display is on the side, which obviously you can't read with the suitcase in your hand. This scale has display on the top and accuracy of a 1/10 lb. A lot better than all others, still a little challenge and inconvenient.
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on June 25, 2015
While going to back to my country from US, i wanted to be sure I am not carrying more weight so as to avoid unnecessary airline luggage fees. Now measuring those 23Kg bags is always a task, primarily due to weight. I was looking for something which was as much accurate as possible to airline weights and was easy to use. On checking various reviews, we decided to buy this EatSmart. This one uses the CR2032 (hope I got the number right button cell / battery and has an auto shut off function. The build quality is very sturdy and it has to be since it is suppose to handle very heavy luggage. The belt is very strong and buckle is perfect.
I bought this thing back in 2012 and I am still using it (its 2015 as of writing this review) and it is working well. Just ensure that if you do not plan to use it for a long time, remove the battery as if it leaks inside, the product may stop working. I found the weight to be as much close as possible to airline's weight, although those vary by airports I believe.
Also you can switch between Lb and Kg which is highly convenient. In my country, we don't use Lb as a measure much and hence Kg is a savior. I will high recommend buying this one. Don't use your digital bathroom scales to weigh luggage as they are never going to give proper numbers. Use these, you will save a lot on unnecessary fees.
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on June 13, 2017
I bought this as a lightning deal knowing I had a trip to Europe planned and figured this would be handy to have along as I have a friend who travels frequently and swears by their luggage scale. It was perfect and very useful. Saved my mom from a hefty overweight baggage fee, as we bought lots of souvenirs to bring back and she was able to transfer some of the things to my bag or her carry-on. It worked every time and the weights were always spot on at the baggage counter in the airport so I knew I was getting accurate readings. Also very user-friendly and easy to figure out, even for my mom as it easily switches between pounds and kilograms.
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