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on January 28, 2012
Loved it for a few days, deadly accurate. Took it on one trip it shorted out, blinking on and off and it's unable to weigh anything because it blinks and off every second. Not the battery, a short somewhere, defective. When it worked it worked beautifully-it's going back.

A follow up to my review here-amazing company, the owner of EatSmart contacted me immediately after seeing this review saying "they would put a tested replacement in the mail Monday" for me. (It was a weekend to boot.) GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

As I said the product worked great but broke, it was just a bad unit, could happen with any purchase. What doesn't happen normally is for a company to reach out to a consumer and fix a problem. I am an EatSmart fan now-they stand behind their products and deliver great customer service -something that is increasingly absent in most of our lives. Buy this scale!
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on March 26, 2011
I picked this item up at the same time I was purchasing a Eat Smart bathroom scale. The following week one of my family members was traveling so I weighed the suit case on the Eat Smart bathroom scale it it said 49.0 lbs.

I then weighed the same suit case using the Eat Smart Precision Luggage Scale and it showed 49lbs also. When you are right below the 50lb threshold it is very important to have the weight correct.

When the same suit case was weighed a few hours later at the airport it weighed in at 49.1 lbs so this luggage scale was right on the money.

It is very easy to use and only takes a few seconds to register the item being weighed.

If you travel at all and want to avoid the over charges for bags in excess of 50 lbs this scale is a real money saver
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on August 5, 2011
You won't know how smartly designed this product is until you've tried other brands. Firstly, my wife who is barely 5 feet tall and weighs 90 lbs, will require all her strength and therefore her two hands to lift up the bag. This product allows, and according to the description, is designed for two-handed grip. Secondly, it uses a strap and buckle (instead of hooks) to secure the scale to the bag. It is more stable and is less prone for your bag or scale from accidentally dropping. Finally, the screen/display, which is conveniently back lit, is placed on top of the handle. The screen is placed directly in your line of sight while you are lifting. Compare this if the screen/display is on the side, you have to either stretch your arms out away from your body, or ask another person to read the display for you.

I almost forgot. This scale is extremely accurate and precise. You can assume that the measured weight will only differ by 0.l kg from the actual (airport scale) weight. If you want to maximize your luggage capacity, but do not want to pay for excess weight, this product is for you.
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on June 3, 2013
I decided to buy this product after reading the good reviews. I'm totally disappointed with this purchase. For a price of $20, one would expect a decent quality product. It's very unfortunate that I didn't try it out soon after receiving the product. Now, I cannot return this luggage scale. I only weighed one suitcase that was ~20 kg. The strap on the male end came off on my very first use. Unlike the female end, the male end was not stitched. I didn't use the scale for weighing heavy luggage. I do not recommend this product to anyone at all. Save your time and money & look elsewhere for a quality product.
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on October 26, 2012
All the reviews for this item were great, so I splurged and went with it even though it was more expensive than others. Unfortunately, it sat in my closet for two months before I decided to use it. Imagine my disappointment when I realized that it doesn't work, and last month was the last date that I could return it. I tried changing the battery to a brand-new one, and it still didn't work. It seems like it would be fairly sturdy, but sturdy doesn't matter if it doesn't work at all. I guess I'm out 20 bucks.

I want to give credit where due. I was contacted both on here and via email by the company immediately after posting my review. I was sent a replacement product that does appear to be quite accurate. Unfortunately, I didn't have it in time for the trip I needed it for, but I was impressed with the way the company stood by the product and tried to make it right. Thanks!
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on February 18, 2014
The large handle, extended strap to go around the bag, and the feature so that it beeps when the reading is complete then holds that reading for several seconds all make this luggage scale very easy to use. I checked its accuracy against our very accurate bathroom scales and our accurate (large) meat scale. It seems to be right on.

I saw criticism of construction quality in other reviews so checked it carefully, expecting to have to do some repair on the stitching. The item we received is well constructed. I also saw criticism that the batteries did not last long. The scale automatically turns itself off after a few seconds to conserve battery. However, the on button is on the top of the handle so it could get turned on inside a suitcase - repeatedly - and run down the battery. I made sure that wouldn't happen by saving the small plastic piece placed between battery and contacts which prevented it from being accidentally turned on in its original packaging. It will be impossible for it to turn on accidentally in our luggage. (And I'm taking some extra batteries just in case.)
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on April 20, 2017
Seems accurate. I weigh my large camping backpack with this scale (about 45 pounds). When I add that to my weight, and re-weigh myself with the backpack, the backpack weights match up on both scales. Seems like a good test of accuracy. It's pretty easy to use. You could use two hands, but it seems to work best (easiest) if you can lift the weight of your suitcase with one hand holding the handle of this scale. It arrives at the final weight within 2-3 seconds so you don't have to hold it long.
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on July 27, 2012
This luggage scale is very well constructed and doesn't weigh much (the handle is made of plastic), so I can just stuff it into my luggage after weighing the luggage itself. I can definitely see this thing last for decades.

It has a simple power button on the top of the handle, with a backlit digital display next to it. The scale is powered by one of those "flat, button-like" batteries.

The instructions included is very well-written & the scale is very easy to use: just attach the strap to your luggage handle, press the power button, lift up your luggage by the scale's handle, wait for the scale to beep (under 5 seconds), then it will show you how much your luggage weigh.

I like how the handle is actually wide enough that when I'm weighing something heavy, I can lift and hold on to the scale's handle with both hands. The buckle strap is also wide enough (1.5"-2") and strong enough to be attached to virtually all luggage handles.

With airlines now charging a boatload of money for overweight luggage, this twenty-dollar investment is well worth the price.
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on April 3, 2017
Worked OK with occasional use for several years, but now the display is messed up and unusable. Some elements of the display seem to be permanently off such that, for example, what should be an "8" looks like a "d" and "0" looks like "J". This makes it weight values unreadable. Replacing the battery makes no difference. The unit had an easy life, never moving beyond a few rooms and never being dropped. Now it's worthless.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 10, 2014
I was tired of trying to balance my luggage on my bathroom scale to see if I was within limits. We do a lot of traveling using different bags, etc. This really works well. It appears to match what the airline scale says. I would much prefer to "repack" bags at home if one bag is over than at the check in desk at the airport. You attach it to the handle, lift and hold until it beeps and then read the weight at the top of the handle. I hope it will work for more than a few months.... will update if I have any issues.
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