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on January 28, 2012
Loved it for a few days, deadly accurate. Took it on one trip it shorted out, blinking on and off and it's unable to weigh anything because it blinks and off every second. Not the battery, a short somewhere, defective. When it worked it worked beautifully-it's going back.

A follow up to my review here-amazing company, the owner of EatSmart contacted me immediately after seeing this review saying "they would put a tested replacement in the mail Monday" for me. (It was a weekend to boot.) GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE!

As I said the product worked great but broke, it was just a bad unit, could happen with any purchase. What doesn't happen normally is for a company to reach out to a consumer and fix a problem. I am an EatSmart fan now-they stand behind their products and deliver great customer service -something that is increasingly absent in most of our lives. Buy this scale!
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on March 26, 2011
I picked this item up at the same time I was purchasing a Eat Smart bathroom scale. The following week one of my family members was traveling so I weighed the suit case on the Eat Smart bathroom scale it it said 49.0 lbs.

I then weighed the same suit case using the Eat Smart Precision Luggage Scale and it showed 49lbs also. When you are right below the 50lb threshold it is very important to have the weight correct.

When the same suit case was weighed a few hours later at the airport it weighed in at 49.1 lbs so this luggage scale was right on the money.

It is very easy to use and only takes a few seconds to register the item being weighed.

If you travel at all and want to avoid the over charges for bags in excess of 50 lbs this scale is a real money saver
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on July 19, 2016
Recently used it for travel outside the country. Was allowed to have 50lbs of check in luggage and 15lb hand carry. The two pieces of luggage I took with me weighed in exactly as the scale at the check in counter at the airport. A sigh of relief since I did not have to scramble of ways to dispose of move any excess in the luggage. Only giving it a 4 four star because trying to weigh 50lb luggage was not easy. One ought to have a really steady hand and one must weigh the luggage on its side using the side handle (not the top) for easier handling. So if one is traveling using a box that is bulky instead of regular luggage, it might be difficult to carry that bulky box -- something to think about.
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on April 20, 2017
Seems accurate. I weigh my large camping backpack with this scale (about 45 pounds). When I add that to my weight, and re-weigh myself with the backpack, the backpack weights match up on both scales. Seems like a good test of accuracy. It's pretty easy to use. You could use two hands, but it seems to work best (easiest) if you can lift the weight of your suitcase with one hand holding the handle of this scale. It arrives at the final weight within 2-3 seconds so you don't have to hold it long.
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on January 29, 2018
First, the scale is very functional and intuitive and serves the purpose well for me. I have been using this for over 5 years and got few more for parents and in-laws, as this is a very essential item to measure luggage weight before you travel. They have also been happy.

Now for the product considerations-
WEIGHT READING: The READINGS are ACCURATE and I have generally not had a problem. 9 out of 10 times the reading matches well with what the airport luggage scale reads. The only times I have had some mismatch was when weight is not measured correctly – ex: I saw my father trying to weigh his luggage but his body was touching the luggage itself, leading to some inaccuracy.
The readings start showing up as you pick up the weight and would stay for some time if you hold the luggage a few seconds above the ground. Requires some upper body strength to hold though.

EASE OF USAGE: It is a grip luggage scale, which means that you have to pick and hold the luggage. If the luggage is heavy then you have to expend the extra energy to weigh. For that reason some people in the family found it hard to use it for heavy luggage measurement. That however, would be a problem with any grip luggage scale. If you travel often with heavy luggage and are not comfortable picking heavy luggage even for a few seconds (especially older people), look elsewhere and see if you can find a weighing scale on which you can keep the weight for measurement. It may not be a lot for people with good upper body strength, but I would understand if someone is not comfortable with weight lifting - no point giving your heart a hard time!

DESIGN: The product description says it is a two-handed design but handle grip is small-ish. That being said you do not really have to hold the grip from the top, but you can cover the sides as well in a 2-handed operation– the design of the product allows for that.

BATTERY: The battery works well, but may die down for lack of usage. Replacement is easy, and you can find cheap replacements at any watch shop or Amazon (obviously).

Second, the company is excellent in terms of customer outreach, issue resolution and response. I have brought multiple products from the company including luggage scale and weighing scale.
When one of the scales stopped working after moderate usage, I dropped a note to the company asking if anything can be done.
They asked a few questions and checked for warranty and told me they will ship a new one to me.
Few days down the line I receive the replacement. This is what I call excellent customer service and builds long term trust and relationship.

For this reason, the product gets 4 stars for slight difficulty of usage for older folks. And the company gets 5 stars for excellent customer service.
Overall – 5 stars.
Hope this is helpful!
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on June 14, 2015
Love this gadget! It's really handy for travel and works well. I can't vouch for its accuracy, although it seemed to be pretty accurate. I weighed my suitcase at home at 24.3 kg and the airline weighed my suitcase at 24.3 kg at the airport. Not bad. Admittedly, I cut it a bit close. To be safe, I'd try to keep the weight about 1 kg (2.2 pounds) under the limit when weighing with this digital luggage scale. I like the fact that you can use one or two hands to lift the luggage. With the heavier luggage, though, the scale took a while to finish its reading and I had a hard time holding the handle plus luggage still while lifting them off the ground before the scale beeped at its final reading. For lighter items, it was no problem. I like the fact that it's small enough to carry along so I have a scale to use for weighing my luggage for the return trip (some presents from home were given to my hosts; other presents bought on the trip will be brought home). It's easy to read, too, and I also like being able to switch readings from pounds to kilograms and vice versa. I'm very happy I bought this scale.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 12, 2013
Not long ago I flew off to the United Kingdom to spend several weeks with my daughter and granddaughter. Before I left I spent weeks shopping for luggage, packing & repacking, checklists in hand. And then I read the fine print on the luggage allowances . . . .

It used to be that you could set the suitcase on the bathroom scale, but flat scales and wheels on the suitcase have done away with all that, so five days before I was due to catch the plane I realized that I had to do something to weigh the suitcases. Going over your allowed number of pounds by even a single pound can be quite expensive. This EatSmart Precision Voyager Digital Luggage Scale w/ 110 lb. Capacity & SmartGrip was the answer!

This is easy as pie to use: unhook the catch, wrap the straps around the handle of your suitcase, clip the strap shut, push the on button, wait until you see zeros and then lift the piece of luggage off the floor by the handle. The weight displays in seconds. Since you use two hands, I had no problem with my smaller carry-on. I did have to corral my son-in-law to weigh the larger as I am too short to get the thing off the ground. (I could probably pack myself in that suitcase without too much discomfort LOL.)

The directions suggest that you underpack by a pound, then stash the scale in your suitcase. I simply threw it in my pocketbook, where it took up only a minimal amount of space. SO much easier than messing around with the bathroom scale trying to balance the suitcase!

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on February 4, 2018
Very good BUT........
If you were weighing a suit case it is probably because it is already heavy and you know it might exceed the 50 pound airline limit. When you attach the scale to the heavy suitcase and lift it up, the suitcase may turn and dangle while holding it suspended and waiting for the reading. If this does that then the scale will not beep and hold the weight reading. So you need two people, one to lift The suitcase while the other keeps it from spinning enough to let the scale register the exact weight and then hold the number for display purposes. If the suitcase is light then one person can handle it but on a 50 pound suitcase it is a royal pain. Otherwise this scale would be amazing. The way the strap clips, it can attach to most any suitcase or any item for that matter. Which is great. But.....
Read the instructions, and you will understand about how the scale has to have the item very steady while suspended before it can give a reading. I am at 200 pound man and can lift a 50 pound suitcase just fine. But I could not get the scale to weigh the heavy suitcase by myself with this scale because the suitcase was rocking ever so slightly. Therefore 2 stars. Sorry eat smart but the scale is going back.
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on October 26, 2012
All the reviews for this item were great, so I splurged and went with it even though it was more expensive than others. Unfortunately, it sat in my closet for two months before I decided to use it. Imagine my disappointment when I realized that it doesn't work, and last month was the last date that I could return it. I tried changing the battery to a brand-new one, and it still didn't work. It seems like it would be fairly sturdy, but sturdy doesn't matter if it doesn't work at all. I guess I'm out 20 bucks.

I want to give credit where due. I was contacted both on here and via email by the company immediately after posting my review. I was sent a replacement product that does appear to be quite accurate. Unfortunately, I didn't have it in time for the trip I needed it for, but I was impressed with the way the company stood by the product and tried to make it right. Thanks!
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on December 11, 2017
Very accurate and reliable for someone who travels frequently. For best result, it is better to hold the scale with two hands (as shown in the advertisement). I have compared with my bathroom scale, and it is very accurate. Using this scale is vary easy; specifically, it's end beep sound, is like a period placed at the end an accurate measurement of the weight!
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