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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
Ebbie [VHS]
Format: VHS Tape|Change

on February 18, 2009
Having watched my copy of "Ebbie" for the first time, last night, on DVD (Google it!) I can honestly say I enjoyed this Susan Lucci vehicle - not because it's one of the best versions of "A Christmas Carol" that I've ever seen, but because I enjoyed watching Susan Lucci!

It's a well-made movie. It has a good plot and good acting. But I would expect nothing less from Susan Lucci.

The two things that impressed me the most about this movie are:

1) It could stand alone as its own Christmas movie, and
2) it's a good modernization of the classic novel it's based on.

However, I don't consider it an excellent movie in comparison to Bill Murray's "Scrooged," because it's not as funny nor as controversial. "Ebbie" struck me as a comparatively "safe little drama," with no surprises.

Of the three - make that four Ghosts of Christmas, I enjoyed the Ghost of Christmas Present's costume and performance the most, although I thought it was silly and pointless to have her rotating on an over-sized lazy Susan, and complaining about it.

I also found all the costume changes the Ghosts of Christmas past made distracting. I would have liked to see them in the sexy harem outfits for their entire visit with Ebbie, except I didn't think they looked good in those costumes. I think something more like bridal gowns would have worked better for me.

I only recommend this movie to fans of Susan Lucci and/or collectors of various versions of "A Christmas Carol." Movies like this are why I don't watch much television on the LifeTime channel!
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on December 14, 2006
Charles Dickens' A CHRISTMAS CAROL is a story that can be easily translated into any time period that you can think of (and has been on more than one occasion, although not always successfully). In 1995, the first of (to date) four made-for-television movies in which not only was the story updated but the gender of the "Scrooge" character changed from male to female was released and shown on the Lifetime cable TV network ... and to date Susan Lucci's "Elizabeth (or 'Ebbie') Scrooge" is by far the best of them all! The story itself is a very straightforward updating and keeps all of the elements of the classic story (I am particularly pleased that the segment of "Christmas Present" dealing with Want and Ignorance has been kept and filmed in such a way that it is just as wrenching as Dickens himself could have wished!), and even the updatings work (the "Scrooge" catch phrase is now "Spare me", which is just as bad when Ebbie uses it like "Bah Humbug" but which becomes a plea for mercy in the "Christmas Yet-to-Come" segment, and Ebeneezer Scrooge's "Are there no prisons? ... And the union workhouses, are they still in operation? ... If they'd rather die, they'd better do it and decrease the surplus population" is now Ebbie Scrooge's "Aren't there shelters? ... Aren't there foster homes? Aren't there orphanages? ... [If they'd rather die,] then that's their decision; too many people in the world anyway.").

Ms. Lucci, who is primarily known for her tenure as a lead on the ABC-TV soap opera ALL MY CHILDREN, turns in a stellar performance as the hard-hearted and ruthless owner of a department store, and both sies of her character are completely believeable. Ms. Lucci is backed up in this production by some outstanding performances: Molly Parker does double duty as both Ebbie's older sister "Fran" and Fran's daughter/Ebbie's niece of the same name (and does both wonderfully); "Bob Cratchit" is now "Roberta Cratchit" (played charmingly by Wendy Crewson), Ebbie's administrative assistant and a single mother with two children: Martha (Laura Harris) and Tim (Taran Noah Smith, who must be singled out as the best of the modern "Tiny Tims" if for no other reason than he never makes the part too "sweet"); Scrooge's fiancée is now "Paul" (played by Ron Lea), who in one of the most touching moments of the film sadly bows out when Ebbie chooses her career over him (close observation will show that while he tells her that he loves her, Ebbie never tells him that she loves him); and "Mr. and Mrs. Fezziwig" are now Mr. and Mrs. Dobson (Kevin McNulty and Susan Hogan), the kindly owners of the department store where Ebbie works and from whom Ebbie and her mentor/later partner Jake Marley (Jeffrey DeMunn) practically steal control and ownership of the store (Note: Mr. DeMunn does a fine job as Marley, playing him cold-bloodedly while living and eerily tormented as a ghost; his ghostly plea to Ebbie is "Change the agenda, Ebbie. Reverse the priorities!"). Honorable mentions should also be made of Adrienne Carter, who plays "Ebbie" as a little girl possibly abused by her (possibly) drunken (and definitely hateful) father who can only find companionship and love with her older sister; the duet of "Christmas Past" spirits (Jennifer Clement and Nicole Parker) whose costumes change with the eras they visit; Lorena Gale, who does a wonderful job as "Christmas Present"; and Bill Croft, who presents one of the most chilling "Christmas Yet-To-Comes" I've ever seen on the TV screen.

If you can find it on Lifetime during the Christmas season, I heartily recommend that you watch it. The only thing that bothers me is that while the other "Female Scrooge" films have been released on both VHS and DVD, this is the only one that hasn't (at least not in the United States)! We can only hope and earnestly pray that Lifetime will see the error of its ways (just like Scrooge did!) and release this film in time for an upcoming Christmas!
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on September 24, 2009
I'm constantly amazed how many people have never heard of this movie. Susan Lucci is a phenomenal Scrooge, and Jeffrey DeMunn as great as Marley. Even Taran Noah Smith, who outside of Home Improvement I generally find annoying, is good in this as Tiny Tim. Laura Harris, probably best known for her quite adult role of Daisy in the series "Dead Like Me," plays quite the opposite role as the prim and proper eldest Cratchett daughter. There have been Lifetime movies which have truly bombed - this is not one of them. Lifetime, WAKE UP! Put this movie out on DVD!
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on December 11, 2011
Like many here we WANT EBBIE ON DVD ---------- not a boot - leg ---------- but THE REAL THING. We will pay for it --------- come on ----- who ever reads these help get this GREAT 'girl vershion' of a Christmas Carol on DVD. I did not find that they were playing it on TV again this year here in MI

This vershion of A Christmas Carol was GREAT and of course Ms. S.L. did a wonderful job playing the mean woman, just as she has done playing the other rolls in her life.

Merry Christmas from MI
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on September 27, 2013
This is one of the best Christmas movies ever made. So innocent, heart warming and well made. Needs to be put on DVD. Would definitely purchase immediately if it weren't on VHS.
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on December 13, 2011
I can't believe it! It's not on DVD yet. I thought this was a great Christmas movie and I want to add it to my collection. Doesn't anyone in "Hollywood" know the "worth" of this film. I also feel that "The American Chistmas Story" movie with Henry Winkler is also right up there.
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on August 20, 2011
This is a great movie and needs to be on DVD and available to buy. I have taped it but it isnt the hole movie. TV usually cuts parts out of this old movies, I would like the full movie on DVD.
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on October 27, 2011
I taped this Lifetime Christmas movie several years ago and watch it every year. Susan Lucci is great as a female scrooge. It was be wonderful if it could be released on DVD...please!!
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on October 27, 2009
I taped Ebbie years ago (with commercials) but we have watched it so often the tape is getting worn out. This is a great version of Dicken's Christmas Carol and Susan Lucci is perfect for the part. Please consider putting this on DVD. Susan has so many fans, I'm sure this wonderful Christmas movie would sell well. Thanks
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on November 7, 2007
My mother absolutely adores this movie and I really wish I could get it on DVD or even on VHS, please pass the message on, I would really appreciate if someone could help all of us on here.

Thank you, Kellyn MacLeod
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