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on October 22, 2015
I had a NDE after a serious motorcycle accident when I was 33 years old - I'm now 70! The experience will always be with me! Our Creators name is LOVE!!! Sometimes when I tell my story, the reactions are good and sometimes people just think the brain is reacting to the death process! I only wish I had the ability to express in words what took place, however, I now realize, that words can never express the LOVE that that I felt and the removal of all hate! Hate does not live in that realm, and can never live there! To feel totally immersed in LOVE, cannot be put into the languages of this world - I've tried and failed. I will tell you this much - all religions fail - ALL. Our creator is so far beyond this nonsense that I can't even put it in words! All I know is that I will always LOVE my creator, OM, or what ever name you want to use! I really stopped caring if people believed me or not, however, when they want to know what I experienced - I'm always happy to tell them what happened to me - as best I can - with the limitations that language can express! What a great book! Thanks to you Doctor; now others may understand what I went through! Rather you are a believer or not, Religious or Attheist, Agnostic, or what ever you are, at the very least you will come away with questions, that will at least make you wonder!!! I actually feel blessed that my Creator had me go through this in my Life - as painful as it was! It really made me look at Life in a much different way! Sorry for going on and on, but, I really appreciated this book, especially from a neurosurgeon! All I know is; that to me it was no dream! This was so different that I know it will be with me until I return to my Creator. What an experience! I thought my life was over at age 33, however, he/she, Creator, OM, Love, Truth, has shown me what Life really is! I hope all, and I mean all find what I found! Maybe, just maybe, this world or realm we live in would become a better place!
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on April 8, 2015
I have read every book on Near Death Experiences I could get my hands on since I was a teen. I am in my 50's and this is the most clear account of coma-related awareness and in depth near death descriptions I have read. I will easily say this book in no way conflicts any other books I have read on this subject, and actually seems to build upon, and strengthen the accounts I have explored throughout my life. My mother who is 91 and has a masters degree in theology was very taken by this author's depiction and presentation style, and felt it was an excellent book. She is fully lucid and handles her own affairs, and has a deep spiritual understanding she has pursued her entire adult life. I enjoyed the ease of reading his account, but felt very motivated to look deeper into the scientific aspects as I have a BA in chemistry and a BS in biology. None of my explorations discounted his testimony, and I think we should all read this book as it gives us a reason to search for a higher level of consciousness.
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on February 6, 2017
Never before have I read a book that so soundly puts to words all the proof of our true lives on earth, in heaven and the reality of who we are. This is by far one of the best books I've ever read. I can't wait to meet Dr. Alexander in person.
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on October 14, 2014
A useful addition to the NDE literature. Like all the other books on this subject, this one does not prove there is life after death. However, it does show that there is a huge amount we don't know about the brain and consciousness. Anything that helps us wake up to that fact is a good thing, in my view.

I applaud Dr. Alexander for his courage in publicly recounting his experience, and thereby helping to move the field of noetic science further forward. I also highly recommend Dr. Charles Tart's review of the book. He has done vast amounts of research in this and related fields--the "forbidden" areas beyond mainstream neuroscience.

here is the link to Dr. Tart's review of the book

Esquire Magazine's article bashing Dr Alexander thoroughly distorts the facts: regarding Eben Alexander's reported experience, regarding witness statements, and even regarding His Holiness the Dalai Lama's statements. For their own gain, the Esquire editors have trashed Dr. Eben Alexander's reputation.
Score one for "scientific" dogmatism...

Here is the link to Esquire Magazine's unwarranted attack upon the book and its author
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VINE VOICEon November 24, 2013
"Proof of Heaven "is a book written about a near-death-experience that all - those who believe in heaven, and those who do not - will find provocative. What makes this near-death-experience (NDE) story unique and interesting is the Author, Eben Alexander, Md, a highly trained neurosurgeon who spent fifteen years on the faculty of Harvard Medical School.

Eben, like many trapped by science and the secular culture, was convinced that NDEs were caused by, and based on the natural shutting down of body's physiologic function in death. He repeatedly called God and heaven into question - how these could exist? His scientific world over the years undermined his ability to consider there was something larger.

My interest in this subject began in late 1979 when my father shared with me that he had had an NDE while his body was shutting down due to uremic poisoning. My father, a proud man, told me that he had traveled through a dark tunnel towards a bright light when he found his parents standing his way, telling him that "he was not ready."

Two years later, participation an executive management program at Columbia University introduced me to Roger Blackwell, the top university-based consumer marketing expert in the U.S., who was part of a national task team studying NDEs. He spent nearly three hours sharing his team's observations and findings. I have been an eager student of NDEs ever since.

Eben was not prepared for what he personally experienced in late 2008 when his body shut down due to an attack on his brain by E. coli meningitis. His consciousness found itself submerged something like mud. He had no idea where he was, who he was, or where he came from. He was in a place of pulsing, pounding darkness, and a smell like feces. There was no sense of time. At first, he felt that there was no difference between him and the half-creepy environment that surrounded him.

A light then appeared out of the darkness and he heard a living sound - "the most beautiful music one could ever hear." The light came closer and found it was not a light but rather something he could see through, an entry to another realm. He then found himself in a completely new world. He felt like he was being born, not reborn.

Below him was something that looked like earth but was not. Someone was traveling next to him, a beautiful girl. She gave him a look that exuded love beyond all the different types of love he had ever experienced. It was something higher, and pure. They were flying over trees, fields, streams, waterfalls, and people, people who were laughing. She spoke to him without words in three parts:
1. You are loved and cherished by God, dearly, forever.
2. You have nothing to fear.
3. There is nothing you can do wrong.

She added he would see many things, but, eventually, he would go back.

He then found himself entering "an immense void, completely dark, infinite in size, but also infinitely comforting. He then experienced God, the Creator, the Source, who is responsible for making the universe and all that is in it... While there was no distance between him and God, he could sense the vastness of the Creator and how miniscule he was compared to God... He was told that Evil was necessary because without it free will was impossible, and without free will, there would be no growth, no forward movement, no chance for us to become what God longed for us to be. Love was overwhelmingly dominant in our world and would be ultimately triumphant."

He encountered God while in a reality of consciousness completely free of the limitations of his physical brain. He learned that human experience continues beyond the grave and that life is not meaningless. In life and after, human experience falls under the gaze of a God who loves and cares about each one of us.

"He was taught that only one thing matters - love. Love is the basis of everything. Love is unconditional. Love is the reality of realities, the incomprehensibly glorious truth of truths that lives and breathes at the core of everything that exists or that will ever exist, and no remotely accurate understanding of who and what we are, can be achieved by anyone who does not know it, and embody it in all their actions. This is not just the most important emotional truth but also the most important scientific truth."

Eben, "I was blind and now I see." He now feels it his duty, his calling, to tell people about what he saw beyond the body and beyond this earth. We must end the big lie, culture's belief in matter as the core reality and that all else - thought, ideas, consciousness, emotions, spirit - were merely productions of it. A big mistake is to believe God does not exist or is impersonal.

"There is no need to fear the world and build ourselves up through fame or wealth or conquest. Our truest, deepest self is completely free and has no need for the things of the world. We need to get in touch with this miraculous aspect of ourselves. We need to cultivate it and bring it to light. This being is within ourselves and it is the being God intended us to be. How do we get closer to this part of self - manifesting love and compassion?...prayer and meditation."

The author learned his beautiful companion was a sister who had died several years earlier, a sister he had never known and had never seen. He recognized her as his guide when another family member shared a picture of her after he returned.

This is a very provocative book, one that all should read. There is much more to life than most appreciate.
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on February 23, 2016
This is a good book to read if you are curious about near death experiences (NDE) and want an MD's perspective. Dr Alexander's experience is amazing to read about. His recovery is also amazing.

As far as "proof" of heaven - that can be argued still. I read many reviews before I purchased this book and saw several poor ones. These mainly centered around the lack of concrete "proof". Don't expect that and the book is a good read. Heaven and the afterlife are about faith in God and the spiritual world. No book will convince skeptics in my opinion. Even if you don't believe in heaven and an afterlife, this is a great story about what happened to the Dr and his experience while in coma.

Another thing to be aware of is the Dr's perspective. He comes from a science background with specialty in the brain as a neurosurgeon. He spends a lot of time explaining why he believes that his brain could not have created the memory or experience. I read lots of books dealing with science and mainly am a non-fiction reader. That made the book more enjoyable for me. But - it may not be for everyone.

If you read this from a skeptical perspective, you can find plenty to criticize. Read it with an open mind or belief already and this is a excellent story sprinkled with neuroscience. I recommend it and just ordered his "Map" book as well.
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on November 10, 2012
I pre-ordered this title when I heard it was written by a respected Neurologist who had held, previous to his own "Near-death experience (NDE)," to the standard line that consciousness is a product of brain function. When I was finally able to read it, I was happy to find, first of all, that this was written in a very non-technical accessable fact it reads a bit like a novel, as he recounts his experience while in coma resulting from severe bacterial menengitis. Much is about the experience of his friends and family, which he obviously had to piece together after hearing their stories after his recovery. A lot of it (an almost tedious amount of it, in fact) is about how dire his situation was while in coma to demonstrate how unlikely it was that he was able to fully recover, and how unlikely, from the conventional medical point of view, he should have any conscious experience whatever while in coma. And the experience itself is quite remarkable, and fairly unique among NDE experiences; a uniqueness he addresses as attributable to his circumstances (I would tend to agree). He relates a lot of personal information about his life and how meaningful his experience has been in resolving his deep personal issues. He also reflects in various ways about the experience, as his on-going effort to process what happened to him, I think. By the end of his account, just when you think he has told all, he reveals a starling little twist that really does approach the claim of "proof" in the title.

Now, I have been an avid follower of NDE research ever since Raymond Moody's seminal "Life After Life," and found the account by Eben Alexander especially compelling because of his strict orientation as a scientist and neurologist. As such he was in a unique position to evaluate his experience, and came away utterly convinced that consciousness is definitely not a product of brain function, but exists independent of the brain and body; the complete opposite of what he believed prior to his experience. Previously he believed that the death of the brain meant the end of consciousness, but his experience taught him otherwise. One thing I should point out, though, is since he was in a coma, and not in a state of clinical death, that this experience should not be described as a "near-death" experience in the classical sense. I think that the fact he was not technically dead would account for the differences between his experiece and the experiences of those who technically "died" and rescusitated (this is just my non-expert opinion, though). Nevertheless, I find his account very compelling as his brain was, although not technically dead, virtually non-functional during his experience, and so invalidates any medical explanation to account for it. And Eben Alexander is certainly a qualified expert to determine this, which seems to be in accord with his central reason for writing this account.

I have read some criticisms where the reviewer felt Dr. Alexander did not provide enough detail about his "heavenly" experience. However, his purpose here, it seems, is not to have written a kind of travel log, or tell-all about the afterlife, but to show how and why his experience changes everything about what he formerly believed. All in all, I found this to be a very compelling read, well worth the readers time if interested in this sort of thing. Highly recommended.
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on April 3, 2017
I started reading books on NDE's after my 40 yr old son passed away in his sleep. I have always believed in God, but somehow these books confirm belief that there is truly an afterlife. I loved this book because of it being a neurosurgeon who was a nonbeliever, now believing after his experience. For this I give it a 5 star rating. I know there is a Loving God waiting for each one of us to return home to him.
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on May 31, 2017
A VERY clear and detailed recounting of the author's experience. I was very moved by his story, it could alleviate much of the fear surrounding our next great adventure.
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on April 18, 2013
This book is truly a gift. Dr. Alexander felt compelled to share his profound NDE experience, and he has become in a sense a modern day prophet. The book does not use traditional religious images, but rather transcends orthodoxy with a deeply spiritual description of afterlife. I especially appreciated his reflections on the meaning and source of consciousness. There is much to ponder in his writing, and his bibliography gives many excellent sources for continued study. This is one of the few books I have encountered that upon finishing it, I immediately read it a second time, and began recommending it to others. Because it does not use traditional religious language, this book can be a deeply meaningful experience for people of any faith background (or lack thereof).

My only quibble is the title...perhaps suggested by the publisher as a way to pique popular interest. Dr. Alexander is simply describing his experience, not trying to prove anything, and the word "heaven" is used rarely if at all in the book. A more accurate title would be (smile) "Reflections on the Meaning of Life, Love, and Consciousness Following a Life-Threatening Illness Written by a Neurosurgeon Who Really Understands How the Brain Works" ... but in the publishing world, less is more as far as titles go. Bottom line - a fascinating and enriching read, highly recommended.
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