Customer Reviews: PB-770T ECHO 234 mph 765 CFM Gas Backpack Blower
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on September 28, 2014
Purchased in May 2013 along with Echo trimmer. Loved using this blower for fall cleanup last season because of the power. I have always used fresh gas mixed with fuel stabilizer in both the trimmer and the blower but one Saturday in September of 2014 the blower would bog down when at wide open throttle (W.O.T.). I have been using almost every weekend this summer along with the trimmer for residential home owner use and now finding the blower is bogging. After much research I have found others who have the same issue with this same model and Echo will NOT cover the repair costs because they consider this fuel related due to the ethanol wreaking havoc with the carburetors. I took to authorized Echo service facility and they said it is $100/hr to tear down the carb and clean. I went ahead and cleaned the carb myself, which looked spotless, but to no avail as the blower still bogs. The problem is the Walbro WYK-345 carb on this PB770 is set to run lean to meet EPA requirements for pollution and that there are no high and low screw adjustments for the end user to adjust because the EPA has strict laws about this. If the carburetor had a high and low screw it would simply be about a quarter turn counter clockwise on the high screw to allow more fuel into the engine on W.O.T. The alternative is to slightly bend the metering clip upward to richen up the mixture and I did this but it still bogs at W.O.T.. I am going to rebuild and clean the carb one more time but replace the metering diaphragm this time and hope it fixes. If this does not work I am going to spend the $75 on a replacement Walbro carb and use ethanol free fuel from now on and hope it will be good to go. By the way, my Echo trimmer runs fine and I refuel it from the same gas can used for the blower. I am so dissatisfied with Echo that I will never buy their products again. I heard Stihl has the adjustable carburetor with high and low screws but not sure if this is true or if the EPA has restricted all these types of products from allowing the end user to easily tune possibly resulting in higher emission output. If you pay $500 for a machine with a 5 year warranty you expect a lot more than this so don't make the same mistake and purchase because you see so many positive reviews on Home Depot's website. I wonder how many others who gave this a good review too early but are now having this problem a year later. Just google PB-770 bogging and you will find threads on this that will make you consider purchasing the competitor's model.
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on December 8, 2013
Ok so I already had a handheld blower made by Echo it is a PB210E and I have used it for many years without much maintenance at all so I expected good things with this brand.

I have been very happy with this purchase and would do it again. Let me say that I go out of my way to use 100% gas WITHOUT ethanol, mixed to the 50:1 ratio using Echo brand oil, based on past problems with small engines and ethanol. DON'T blame the engine manufactures blame the EPA for the ethanol problems. Go to and find out if there is non ethanol fuel available, it does make a difference, or you can buy quarts of real gas at your local hardware store or engine dealer but that stuff is expensive.

Back to the blower, this has cut down my fall clean up time by 1/3 vs using my handheld blower, and I must say it was totally worth the purchase price if you consider the cost of your weekend time with the family. I have also use the blower on light snowfalls that are less than 2" and I can clear my driveway in less than 10 minutes now.

My only gripe with the blower is the lack of a strap that connects the straps in the front, they tend to slide off your shoulders if your wearing a jacket. Also the little clip that holds the throttle cable is cheap and has already broke on mine so I replaced it with a simple zip tie so the cable is less likely to get snagged in bushes.

Hopefully it will hold up and I won't have fuel problems in the future as others have reported.
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on June 19, 2014
I use my PB 770 professionally, along with other blowers by Echo and a Kawasaki. For some reason, in recent years, my Echo products, and in particular blowers, have carb issues and now a 2 y/o unit with modest use (used for leaf season mostly) has, after replacement of the carb once at my expense ($100), died completely. But before that it ran poorly at max throttle, and at one point only choking it a little got it to run strong. What is worse is that it defies typical troubleshooting. Air cleaner, fuel filters, vent, all replaced. New plug, gap checked. Tested for spark and ok. Compression tests ok. Carb soaked and cleaned by hand. Way too much labor tied up in this thing, yet it won't run. I am officially DONE with Echo products, as this not a cheapo unit ($600) and I have had zero problems with my Kawasaki in 4-5 years. The downside is that it is not as powerful and they don't make a stronger one. I have probably spent something around $10,000 on their products and would prefer them as I certainly have a huge assortment of spare parts from dead units. But I have to have something that lasts more than a season or two.
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on July 8, 2016
This thing is a monster, an absolute hurricane coming out of the tube!! I have used the Stihl BR-600 before, and this ECHO is more powerful. Yes, I said that. This pumps out more CFM at the pipe (765cfm) than the Stihl BR-600 which pumps out roughly 677cfm measured at the tube. Not hating on Stihl at all, I love their products, especially their chainsaws, but this ECHO PB-770T impressed me. I also have a smaller Husqvarna 150BT blower, 50cc which is roughly 450 cfm at the tube. This ECHO is no comparison, it's a night and day difference. To those reviewers who said that it's sensitive to ethanol based fuels and their carbs are gumming up, are you serious right now?! ALL 2 cycle engines are sensitive to ethanol in the fuel. Yes, some more than others, that's why I use an ethanol FREE premix. I buy a case of eight 32 ounce cans for about $45 from the local home improvement store and it lasts me all year. I left it in the tank for several months, and it starts right up with one or two pulls, no problems. If you can't afford good quality fuel, then go get an electric blower. The premix does cost more, but it's actually cheaper in the long run, cuts down on carb rebuilds and repairs. So by NOT using the premixed ethanol free fuel, your actually doing you and your equipment a disservice. The ECHO PB-770T is a gorilla, feed it some good premix and you won't have any problems. Very pleased with my purchase!
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on December 14, 2011
I gassed up and fired up and used my Echo PB770T for the first time on 13 December 2011. It is truly a "monster" machine more designed for use by a person of Paul Bunyan's stature than mine BUT I like it, I think that I can handle it, and I'm going to keep it.

It's noticeably heavier than any other backpack blower than I have ever used but I think that I can handle that OK. The "book" says it weighs 21.6 pounds "dry". By that it looks like that's before adding fuel and attaching the two plastic extensions on the output end of the blower. The plastic extensions don't seem to weigh anything of any consequence. The fuel tank capacity is 68.3 fluid ounces. That's a little over half a gallon (0.53%). That would increase the weight a bit. (About 3 pounds)

But the biggest and hardest problem to cope with is the power of the engine and the impeller itself. It causes you to be engulfed in a force field related to gyroscopic effect, torque and precession which I only dimly remember as concepts BUT when you pull the trigger on this thing, full force, you do feel Newton's Laws go to work and you have to brace yourself against the outgoing force (slightly, no big deal) AND you feel this strange gyroscopic effect that both seems to make it harder for you to move about or change the direction that you are facing AND it seems to make you want to fall over to your right side. It's weird but great. And everything in front of you really MOVES when you point that blower tube at it. The "book" says that the RPM's at full throttle are 6600 to 6800.

I used my high class hearing protectors when I used it so it didn't seem any noisier to me than any other blowers that I have used BUT my wife was in the house while I was doing it and she said that she could REALLY hear it. When next I use it I'm going to briefly take off my hearing protector and see what it sounds like. The "book" says that, at 50 feet, the sound level is 74dB(A)

I do believe that it will wear one out a lot quicker than the "weenie" blowers that most of are used to BUT it will accomplish its purpose so much faster that, overall, you will get more work done in less time and effort. And you will get work done that you just could not have done with a "weenie" blower. It has so much power that I even blew leaves against the prevailing wind! The other blowers that I have used blew the leaves against the wind and the wind blew back. With the ground forces being approximately even but opposite, the leaves, dust and debris rose up in the air six to twelve feet where the wind was unopposed and reigned supreme. The wind then dumped all this stuff right on you. The wind not only won, it humiliated you and laughed sardonically. But not now it doesn't. But it ain't something most women could comfortably or effectively use. Photos and more info on the machine are at: (Amazon will probably "block" this URL. They jealously but foolishly try to keep you from going anywhere else. I'll "sneak" it in at the bottom of this)


I must be a pitiful but comical sight as I stand out there, a young (old? 75!) David, fighting, alone, forlornly but determinedly, with this machine and the forces of Nature, Goliath. But now I win!

Use that [...] stuff. Then: the [...] stuff. Then: Then: Products/ Then: Blowers/
Then: PB-770T. Hope that works.
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on April 19, 2016
I bought this model for commercial use. It has been the best 2 cycle purchase I have made! In the owner's manual it says to use at least 89 octane fuel. I always use 92 in mine and it is always a 1 pull start. I was told by the lawncare equipment sales guy that the problem with all engines right now is that the new emissions standards are causing carburetors to gum up with ethanol gunk. I'm getting ready to purchase a second unit, because I like this one so much.
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on April 19, 2016
If you point the blower nozzle down at full-throttle, then you can travel above trees across town!!! The left control adjusts left and right movement. Pointing it rearward causes forward zoom! Stay away from dusty roads to avoid dirt kicking up in your eyes. WEAR GOGGLES!!
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on July 6, 2015
As stated above, stay away from this unit. Mine worked well for about 5 months, used once, twice tops, weekly. For that golden period of grace, it was very powerful, actually capable of lifting sheets of asphalt. Sadly, this was not to continue... I always use Star Tron in all my small engines, knowing full well the garbage passed off as gasoline these days, and the havoc it wreaks on small engine carburetors. Almost immediately, the engine began bogging whenever anything like full throttle was attempted. Fine, a carb cleaning/adjustment was all that was needed. Problem is, the carb used on this unit has plastic plugs to prevent leaning/richening the mixture. Took it back to the dealer, where it was adjusted-slightly better than before. Took it back again-same. Took it to a different dealer-same thing. Finally, 'Googled' the model, and lo and behold, countless other accounts of the same dilemma. This is not an inexpensive unit. Never again an Echo. I'll stay with Stihl.
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on September 14, 2013
I purchased my Echo PB 770T less than a year ago for home use(Nov 2012). I enjoyed about 5 months of great performance. Then it started acting like it could not get fuel or was starving for air. I babied it along for about 4 months playing with the choke etc. Finally I took it into a local Echo dealer. They immediately told me I likely had a carburetor problem because of ethanol fuel. In 5 months I said? They said maybe it will be covered under warranty....(They must have been laughing under their breath). After waiting 3 weeks for them to get around to looking at it guess what? Surprise! It is a carburetor problem and Surprise! $177 to fix on top of the $460 I paid for the blower. Needless to say I am not happy with the quality of the product nor the support from Echo. My not by Echo blowers. Try to find a 4 stroke blower (Not Echo) or use an electric blower.
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on December 7, 2012
And here's why:

I just purchased a DOLMAR "4 Cycle" PB-7601.4 Blower made by MAKITA that uses REGULAR GAS and OIL. NO mixing oil and gas anymore!!!! I am thrilled with it and I love it. This is basically your "4 cycle" lawn mower engine in a blower form piece of equipment. It's GREAT!!!!

ECHO needs to get with the program and manufacture a "4 cycle" blower that does NOT require the mixing of gas and oil. If they ever do I will return to them for a purchase.

Unfortunately, I am ending my 25 year relationship with ECHO. I purchased my very first leaf blower from ECHO in 1987, a PB-4500 for $400.00. It was the top of the line commercial backpack blower at that time. It was a wonderful machine that lasted 21 years (yes, 21 years) with NO problems when it developed a small oil leak and I thought why not upgrade to a new ECHO model. BTW in 1988 I sold my old PB-4500 for $200.00 to a landscaper who also loved the ECHO brand and yes, I did tell him about the oil leak but he didn't care. He just loved the old ECHO blowers and now I know why.

On 11/28/2007 I purchased a brand new ECHO PB-755H top of the line blower model and initially was very happy with my purchase BUT about 6 months in it was choking out and had NO power so I took it in to an ECHO certified service dealer only to find out that the repair (a carburetor adjustment) was NOT covered by the 5 year consumer warranty and cost about $50 to repair. I was not happy but paid my $50 and was hoping that the issue was resolved. It was NOT! I ended up taking this PB-755H back two more times and I thought I had purchased a lemon machine so I paid for the 3rd time to have the carburetor adjusted and I sold the blower.

On 8/27/11 I purchased another brand new ECHO PB-770H top of the line blower model and once again I was happy initially but within a year it was choking out and would NOT start at all so again I took it in to the ECHO certified service dealer only to find out that the repair (a carburetor adjustment) again was NOT covered by the 5 year consumer warranty. Given all the trouble I had had in the past the dealer DID adjust the carburetor at NO charge this time. I sold it yesterday 12/6/12 and explained all of the following precautions.

From the start, I had spoken to ECHO USA directly on several occasions about my issues. I was told that the new 2 cycle engines "gummed up" easily, which meant they would NOT run after period of time. I was told to always use the freshest highest premium gas I could find. Never use gas that was more than a week old or improperly stored. Finally I was told to use TRU FUEL50 which is a pre-mixed 50:1 ratio fuel you can buy in most Home Depot. Here's the rub, it cost $22 per gallon for the fuel. I will admit it did seem to work well but $22 a gallon for fuel? Outrageous!!!!

This is what I bought:

WEBSITE: [...]
DOLMAR blowers feature characteristics demanded by professionals for continuous operation. Light weight, quick & easy starting, powerful air flow and low sound operation. In addition, the units are designed to maximize operator comfort.

Technical specifications
Model: PB-7601.4
Overall weight 10.2 kg (22.4 lbs)
Displacement 75.6 cc
Power rating 2.8 kW (3.8 HP)
Fuel tank capacity 1.9 l (64.2 oz)
Engine 4-stroke
Max air speed 87 m/s (195 mph)
Air volume max 20.4 m³/min (720 cfm)

* Blows leaves, dirt, waste and even powder snow
* Powerful and smooth running OHV 4-stroke engine
* Low fuel consumption compared with low emissions
* Low noise due to large designed muffler
* Automatic decompression valve system for easy starting
* Adjustable and ergonomic joystick-handle
* Sliding spark plug cover for easy access
* Large capacity air cleaner - easy to access
* Large capacity fuel tank for long working - up to 80 min
* Newly designed oil filling port and oil drain plug
* Comfortable and ventilated back pack design
* Low weight due to most modern materials
* Low vibrations thanks to spring damped work unit
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