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on July 18, 2016
Chilling horror/mystery with great character development and interaction, and much homage to other films. Kevin Bacon's character is a skeptic about hypnosis and psychic phenomena, until he asks his sister-in-law to hypnotize him, thus opening his mind to the spiritual world, which, he discovers, his five-year-old son knows a lot about. There are visual references to "Psycho," "Night of the Living Dead" (which is also on TV at one point in the movie), a bit of Edgar Allan Poe, and even "Close Encounters of the Third Kind," though this is not a sci-fi film. This is a must-see if you like your horror movies scary, engaging, and intelligent.
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on July 14, 2016
This film is based on an artfully crafted supernatural tale for the mature mind by one of America's best in the genre, Richard Matheson. Miraculously, Matheson's story has been intelligently translated to the screen, in this adaptation, without copious gore, misplaced eroticism, or ambiguous ending. A real treat for those who like their horror cerebral, inescapable, and terrifying. It's one of a very few.
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on May 16, 2015
This is an excellent film for fans of horror and suspense. Kevin Bacon is terrific in his role as Tom Witzky, a regular joe who wants to be better than his normal "boring life" with his wife Maggie and his son Jake. Well, he certainly gets a life-changing event when his sister-in-law Lisa hypnotizes him at a party, opening a door in Tom's mind he was unaware of which leads to a series of visions and strange happenings involving a young girl who went missing from their Chicago neighborhood a few months before.

The film is a mystery entangled with a horror story and provides plenty of suspense and creepiness along the way as Bacon, Kathryn Erbe and Zachary David Cope provide exquisite performances as a family in serious jeopardy of being torn apart in the face of evil. The special features include a nice featurette where the actors, director and writer of the film-inspiring novel give their takes on this project which never fails to send shivers up the spine.
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on March 8, 2017
No noted problems with glitches on the disc. But that could be the fault of a player.. I prefer Blu-ray discs over standard. I'd really like to see a sequel or series as long as he doesn't destroy anymore houses and yards.. That part of the movie, I skip to some degree. There was one part of the movie that was reminiscent of the Christopher Walken movie Dead Zone ..Gazebo. There aren't very many movies I want to have in a collection. But I had to have this one.
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on July 23, 2016
Do you like ghost stories?
Did you saw Sixth Sense and liked it?
This is your man.
This movie was released with Sixth Sense and was a poor man at that time. But it was a well made movie.
There is this simillar movie in Korea but it is ok watching this film since it is not all redundant.
It has scary moments and some but also great ending, peaceful one that make us also feel like oh, now I can go back to sleep kind of feeling.

The story is not that original but it is more of a Art work and Atmosphere that are great.
The house is a great charactor itself too.
Also Kevin Bacon and his wife charactor played by Kathryn Erbe were so great that I wanted to just watch this film again and again because of them
Also the kid was so adorable to just look at. He was not just a kid. He was a great actor himself.

The story is simple.
Before this family moved in, there is this incident happend in this house during repairation.
Two of the nabour boys happens to stop this girl who just got out of her house and rapes her and kills her, burries her inside the wall.
Now not knowing all that, Kevin's family moved in.
Kevin and his son see ghost from time to time. She wants something from them which is revenge and her proper burrier.

Now rest of the story is pretty predictable.
But you have no idea how it flow.
You will enjoy how it is for every penny of it.
Scary sad but not that gloomy, and joyous at the end when the girl is released in a happy face.
Great movie that shouldn't be burried.
Also the bluray transfer was so great comparing the fact that it was made in 1999.
It was picture sound perfect.
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on March 27, 2016
This movie is not scary, but it features two outstanding lead performances by Kathryn Erbe and Kevin Bacon. This performances are enabled by David Koepp's excellent dialogue. The first ten minutes of the movie focus on Bacon and Erbe sharing joy and concern over her unexpected pregnancy. Their comments and reactions seem very real, and they make very clear the stresses on working-class couples. You wouldn't expect this kind of writing in a horror picture. It's a welcome change.

The movie sags after its strong start and features a slew of horror movie clichés--séances, visions, and sudden loud noises. Critics say that similarities between The Sixth Sense and this movie are coincidental, but like me you'll probably wonder how much Koepp and Shamalyan might have stolen from each other. You will notice that Shamalayan had the stronger child actor, which may have resulted in The Sixth Sense's better box office success.

The movie picks up during its last half hour and features some very impressive plot twists that are completely unpredictable.

Expect a working-class drama that happens to have a ghost in it and you'll enjoy Stir of Echoes.
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on July 23, 2013
Kevin Bacon leads a good cast in a working class neighborhood haunted house thriller. Not an eerie mansion or even a fancy NYC apartment building but ordinary folk who find strange things happening to them. It all starts when the little boy starts talking to somebody who isn't there. Soon the father joins in seeing things that aren't there and falling apart as a consequence.
The script is a tight one, the neighborhood atmosphere well done, the surprises are surprises, with the result that the viewer is carried along into ever more perplexing situations until a denouement which may or may not be a surprise. Hopefully, the viewer will not know in advance what is coming up.
One of the not so secret secrets of the success (as a movie, don't know about the box office) is the very ordinariness of the people involved as well as the setting. Don't find out what is coming to get the real impact.
Recommended for anyone who has a taste for a classy version of what is available in many a cheap movie.
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on July 23, 2016
This is quite possibly Kevin Bacon's finest role. The story is strong due to the source material (even though it's a reimagining of a Richard Mathison story rather than a faithful retelling.). The acting was top notch dispite a relatively unknown or little known cast. Some of the visuals will haunt you for years to come. A great way to spend an evening of you enjoy a few thrills and spooks. This movie even holds up to repeated viewings as the background and nuanced situations are better understood over time. I'm a big fan.
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on May 27, 2014
This film came out along with The Sixth sense and so I believe it got overlooked by many. This is a crime, because this film stands up and wins! The cast, the acting, the story, all great! Kevin Bacon becomes whoever he plays. So does Katherine Erbe, who, along with Illeana Douglas doesn't appear to age! I am NOT a film reviewer, so this 'review' may not help, but this is a very good film with excellent acting, atmosphere and story. Lastly, I have to say it: Illeana Douglas is an underrated actress who, in all the scenes she plays here, steals every scene she's in. I love her! You can't go wrong with this film and price!
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on August 9, 2016
Thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Wasn't even aware of it until researching movies in Amazon prime. My husband and I stumbled upon this movie as we were desperately looking for something that to watch that we can both agree upon. Well, this sounded interesting and we are glad that we watched it. It sure kept us interested enough. Always liked Kevin Bacon, other cast members were great. Overall a great movie that's worth watching.
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