Customer Reviews: Ecolink Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector, Pet Immune (PIRZWAVE2-ECO)
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on April 11, 2014
Got this motion sensor because it's so much cheaper than any other models out there. It works great with my SmartThings hub, and I use it to trigger a Phillips hue light to come on in the hallway. It comes with an optional corner mount that works great. It uses a wierd size of battery (C i think?), which could be a downside for replacement. The battery life is fantastic, but that is probably due to its slow reset time. Like the previous reviewer stated, it takes about 4-5 minutes before it resets to "no motion", which is a bit slow for my taste, but similar in all these battery powered motion sensors to save energy.It was correctly recognized as "Z-wave Motion Sensor" by SmartThings. If you have any questions, let me know.

*EDIT* If you're hoping to get rid of that 4-5 minute lag before it resets to 'no motion', just change the internal pin to test mode and it makes it almost instantaneous. I've had mine on test mode for over 6 months now and the batteries are still going strong.
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on September 30, 2014
This sensor was pretty easy to add to my z-wave network (Mi Casa Verde), and then add it to scenes. The only issue I had was trying to get this sensor (via a scene) to only be active at night. I found out that if you place this in the LUUP section of the scene, it will only enable the sensor at night:
if (luup.is_night()) then
return true
return false

...that bit of code tells the scene to only work when it's night time. Now my kitchen lights automatically come on when I walk in, and only after dark. Cool!

There are two things keeping this from five stars:

1.) The "reset" time is WAY too long on this, and not adjustable. The factory set timer is at 4 minutes, and the best I can tell is that you cannot change this. In other words, if you use this to trigger a light, once you leave the room (sensor is no longer tripped), the light will stay on for four minutes. At the four minute mark the sensor changes its state to "not tripped" and your lights will turn off. I would love to be able to adjust this.

2.) I wish it reacted to movement a bit faster. It takes a good five seconds for the sensor to react and turn my lights on. And I have tried this in multiple locations/heights. I still haven't put it in the highest sensitivity mode, but I really shouldn't have to.

Also, if you want to mount this to the wall and not have the tape pull your paint off, try use 3M command strips to mount it. They work great for me, and have no trouble holding up the (very light) sensor.
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on March 25, 2014
I just received this motion sensor yesterday. It took no time to include it in my z-wave network (Vera3). Vera recognized it immediately. The configuration and testing, however, took a little doing (hence the 4 stars instead of 5). The documentation on the "test mode" of the device is adequate, at best. "Test" mode allows the device to trigger almost instantly after it had been triggered before. This, of course, uses up battery power faster which is why (I can only guess) that it's designed for testing purposes only.

Please note, however, that under normal usage mode, once the sensor is "triggered," it takes approximately 4 minutes before it "resets." This is mentioned in the documentation, but I never realized how long 4 minutes can be. I do not know if other motion sensors "reset" faster, so cannot comment on comparison.

However, the device did trigger from about 25 feet away. It also did *not* trigger when a 10-pound cat walked nearby (I made sure the pet setting was active on my device). Moreover, a scene was easily set up and the device triggered lights to come on.

All in all, I think this is a simple and easy motion sensor for a z-wave network, and most likely will order a couple more. (Note: Indoor use only!)

UPDATE: I have since ordered and installed a second of these motion sensors. Once again, the device worked like a charm from the first moment. My Vera3 picked it up in no time, and I installed it in the room in a heartbeat. It is working wonderfully not only to trigger a "trip" and turn a light on, but, also to register a "non-tripped" state to turn that same light off.

I have also learned that many other sensors have the "reset delay" I reported above (the 4 minutes), although theirs may be different timing. Since this seems to be a standard aspect of motion sensors in general, I will up my star rating at this time since that was the basis for giving only 4 stars previously.
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on June 20, 2014
I had the misfortune of purchasing the Aeon Labs 4 in 1 sensor before this one, and it was just a headache. I returned that one, and picked this one up (I didn't have high hopes for a Z-wave compatible motion detector at this point), and I was pleasantly surprised! It was easy to set up, easy to integrate with a MCV system, and just works. It picks up motion a decent way away, with no delay, and has a 4 minute default triggered state. I've been using it for a little over 2 months now and it's still at 98% battery life. So far I have purchased two Z-wave items from Ecolink, and have yet to be disappointed.

The unit itself is made from higher quality plastics. It's doesn't feel cheap or fragile in your hand. It comes with a little mounting bracket that you can screw to the wall, but still leaves room to depress a detaching lever when it comes time to change out the battery.

I plan on buying 2 more in the near future.
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on March 4, 2015
I've had this working now for about a month. So far I have no issues with the detector, It seems to be well built and detects motion with no false detects or non-detect issues.

Sensitivity is adequate, it has a jumper setting (see picture) for no-pet, small pet and large pet..

It also has a jumper for motion reset, which sets the default time to reset after motion is detected from 4 minutes to 5 seconds for testing. By default once motion is detected it will be four minutes before it can trigger again.

It added fine to Wink by putting Hub in inclusion mode (Add Product > Sensors > Z-Wave sensor) then motion detector in inclusion mode (pull tab on battery or paper clip in small round hole in back).

As others have said it detects motion and will send e-mails and/or texts. You can set up a schedule as to when it alarms, such as only alerting from midnight to 7 am as an example. I set it up to turn on a light, but as others have said Wink has no way to turn off the light. The robot functionality in Wink leaves something to be desired. Hopefully this will be addressed in a future update.This is not a Ecolink problem, this is a Wink problem.

Also another thing I would like Wink to do is be able to group these devices so I can turn them on/off as a group. Example: Currently if I want to turn on 8 motion detectors when I leave the house I have to drill down into 8 devices and turn them on/off individually. This takes WAY to much time. As said earlier, Wink issue not Ecolink.

As soon as Wink upgrades their robot software I will buy more. But as the software exists today (again, wink issue) adding and managing motion sensors is not implemented well enough to justify buying more of these.

[7/31/2015 Update] Robots on Wink now work to turn things on if motion detected and off if inactive for X amount of time. So, I can finally recommend for Wink users.

[11/2/2015) I was holding this down to four stars due to a WINK problem not EcoLink, I've increased this to 5 stars now that WINK has fixed their robots and shortcuts to allow me to turn on and off multiple robots from a single shortcut. This means, in effect, that I can turn on (or off) monitoring of multiple motion sensors (or other things) from a single shortcut. So I can finally hit one button to "turn on monitoring" and a single button to "turn off monitoring" making this product MUCH more useful as a whole house monitoring solution.
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on February 5, 2015
WINK Hub compatibility review: This sensor IS compatible with the WINK hub (as of 2/5/2015). To pair it to your system, first go to the wink app then select [ wink hub > settings > z-wave > inclusion mode ] then set the ecolink into inclusion mode (must be after the hub) by inserting the battery or inserting a paperclip into the hole in the back cover.

Pairing was a breeze with the WINK hub, detects motion and can trigger a resonce in less then a second, I have it set to turn on porch lights.

On the WINK hub this can be used as a robot to only DETECT motion by not the absence of motion, ie it can NOT send a new signal after a time of detecting motion to TURN OFF your lights ect. There are some work arounds (tripper, ifttt) but as of (2/5/2015) WINK has no native timing option in there robots. You could set the light of interest to every (10min or an hour) set its level to the "default state" and then the sensor when tripped would change the light to your programmed setting, then after a period of time and the scheduled program activates it would "reset" the light.

General review:
Pro's: This product is well built and looks good, (it looks cheap in its picture). It comes with a battery and mounting equipment for both flush on the wall or in a corner (but not able to adjust verticle angle, probably not an issue as it it built to look down). You can set an optinal sensitivity level to ignore small or large pets.

Con's: no adjustible positioning arm. Limited choice of a 10 second OR 4 min delay (once motion is detected it will turn off for that long before turning back on and checking for motion). This may or may not matter depending on your application and the program you use to interpret motion signals. Delicate back pannel, use a flat head screw driver and gently push the clip up then pull the back panel away (cautionary not: the equipment board is attached to the back pannel).
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on February 8, 2015
Easy to pair with Piper, not programmable, didn't exclude my pet for some reasons
3 stars for the product (1 out of 3 stopped working properly).
2 stars for the great after-sales customer support.

- easy to pair with Piper (I bought 2)
- 4 minutes idle mode after motion sensed for saving battery life/energy conservation. (jumper set to Pet1 & Pet2)
- send notification every time a motion is detected when in Test mode, however battery life will become shorter. (Jumper set to Test)
- comes with snap-on mounting-plate & screws, so you can take it off the plate easily when battery needs to be changed or for other purposes.
- a little hold in the back for initiate "inclusion" mode when pairing/removing
- affordable, $55~ for 2
- works in the dark too, i walked in the room at night without any light & it detects my entry & sends triggers :)
- be gentle when open the cover, otherwise you may accidentally break the red-light or break your nail
- a little bulky (depth is about 2")
- a bit sensitive even set the jumper to exclude Pet2. 1 of these was installed high up (11'-12'), however still send alerts whenever my dog walks near the wall (like 4 feet away from where it's mounted) Which it can be pros & cons.

Note: a little improvement will be perfect. e.g. outdoor use, programmable idle timer. And if possible, firmware updates.

Update (02-23-2015):
I recently bought 3 Ecolink Motion-sensors, 2 of them works fine so far, unfortunately 1 of them always stay in "open" mode now, despite have tried different approaches to fix it, emailed Ecolink & now awaiting feedback if any.
1) "exclude" (removed) from the main Z-wave unit and added back;
2) have tried with another battery but issue remains;
3) have tried with different jumper settings.

Ecolink product support is a great plus, patient and helpful; their representative, Mike, called back same day. Walked through the troubleshooting steps together & explained how the jumper works (e.g. Test mode = use more battery & no 4 minutes idle timer)
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on May 2, 2015
The "Ecolink Z-Wave PIR Motion Detector, Pet Immune (PIRZWAVE2-ECO)" has been running in my home for just under 5 months and has been doing a bang-up job with little to no complaints by me.

It is a standard-sized format Z-Wave enabled motion sensor which I have paired with my Raspberry Pi/Domoticz z-wave home control setup. Pairing was simple: insert the battery and switch your z-wave controller into inclusion mode. It was found immediately with no issues and is reported in Domoticz (OpenZWave) as two separate sensors: the motion sensor and a tamper switch. The tamper switch is simply an on/off switch to advise when the case has been opened.

The sensor is corner-mounted in my entry hallway approximately 9 inches (~22.8 cm) from the ceiling and points towards the kitchen/living room area however, as it does have a wide field of view it covers even the bedroom door areas. From its location it points down the hallway and through the galley-style kitchen and on into the dining area with clear line of sight; a total length of approximately 32 feet (~9 3/4 meters). I have the unit set to the highest sensitivity (a simple jumper connection within the unit changes this) which detects even a small movement at the far end of the dining area.

Keep in mind the sensor is hard-coded with a 4-minute cycle time meaning it turns on then remains in the current state for 4-minutes before checking again. For me it is no issue however if you are looking for a smaller time frame this is probably not the unit for you. It also reports battery level and after just under 5 months my unit is still reading 99%. Not too shabby.

I have my system set up to activate a hall light when movement is detected (only after dark and only between a certain time period) and it works like a charm. There is a slight delay of approximately 1-2 seconds at times though I believe that is due to the large distance between the motion sensor and the Z-Wave controller - the signal needs to be repeated to and from the controller to reach the unit. If I set up a light as a slave device the delay almost completely disappears.

Overall, this unit suits my setup almost perfectly and I'll be purchasing a few more in the near future to automate a few more lighting scenarios.
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on November 6, 2014
This is an update after 9 months now. It's working great, no issues. The battery is STILL showing 100% after 9 months.
One thing I did notice, if you mount it too high it's less effective, lower mounting is better.

Couple of notes while installing to keep in mind:
1. The pet feature works on the LOWER half of the sensor, the upper half of the sensor doesn't utilize the pet feature. So say you put it in the basement and you have stairs leading down and your the upper half the sensor can "see" those stairs, if you pet comes down the stairs it will set of the motion sensor. This is by design apparently, so be keep in mind when placing the sensor.
2. Don't place it near hot items like hotwater pipes or directly in front of windows. This works on infra red detection. Hot water pipe when hot give off infra red radiation. If they get hot/cold rapidly the can set of the alarm. Same with windows, if directly in front of a window and say a bright light comes on (car headlights) they give off infrared radiation and can set of the motion sensor when not in pet mode.

Apart from these design aspect in placing the sensor it works awesome! Upgrading my review to 5 stars from 4 stars.

Only wish, it was a slightly cheaper and I'd buy more.
The other wish I have is that it should have a built in temp sensor like the Monoprice Motion Sensor has (which is identical to this one otherwise). (

I love this with my SmartThings hub. It's VERY sensitive AND very flexible.

I LOVE THAT HAS A PET MODE. It has 3 modes, no pet mode, full sensitivity. When I say full sensitivity, it covers over 600 sq ft and it caught me crawling on one corner of the room. Then has a small pet and large pet mode which work great! Doesn't catch my dog but catches me crawling. With the new Atlanta laws for fines for false alarms ( this pet mode is awesome.

It also has a great battery life, after a few weeks it is showing 100% battery still.

I am so impressed with this that I ended up buying 4 of them to cover different parts of my house. I then hooked them upto my zwave alarm when in night and away mode along with send me text messages.

Just a note, when you pair them with SmartThings they show up as Door sensor, this a BUG with the SmartThings platform not the sensor. Just goto and through the IDE change the type from door sensor to motion sensor it works perfectly! Otherwise just mail customer support for smartthings and they'll fix it for you.

Of the 4 I ordered I ended up dead and I had it replaced. The range is very good but now awesome, generally noticed about 30 ft work fine after which you need to have some reflective backing (e.g. glass window) to help boost the range slightly. against dry wall after 40 ft it isn't reliable (hence the 4 stars).

Also note that this works BEST at lower levels mounting (chest level). Too high and it may not cover crawlers. The angular range is AWESOME! Even though the manual says 50 degrees I see it actually cover close to 80 degrees on each side if placed properly.

The price however has been steadily increasing from $25 to almost $35 now on Amazon
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on November 28, 2014
I've had much better luck with this sensor than some of the similar multi-in-one products. I use it with a Vera3 controller and it included in the network flawlessly and runs great. The CR123A battery should last a long time, giving it a distinct advantage over other products that use AA batteries in my world.

Some other reviewers have complained that the detect/reset time is long (four minutes). That is, when the detector detects motion, it reports it, but then does not reset and report additional motion until after the four minute reset window expires. This is typical for the operation of motion sensors for security purposes, because it helps prevent nuisance re-triggering. But when used for convenience (like lighting control), that delay is too long for many applications. There does not appear to be any configuration you can send from the controller to change this timing (something other sensors in this class have implemented). However, there is a "TEST" jumper inside the unit that reduces the reset window to about five seconds. I have this sensor running with the TEST jumper on all the time, and it gives me the high resolution to motion that I want, without any side-effects otherwise in the operation of the sensor.

I'm knocking one star for not being software-configurable on its delay, but otherwise, I really like this sensor a lot and will be buying more to deploy in my home.
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