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4.8 out of 5 stars
Ed Wood [Blu-ray]
Format: Blu-ray|Change
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on January 13, 2017
Tim Burton directed this wonderfully campy 1994 B&W flick about go-getter, low-budget filmmaker, the heterosexual transvestite Ed Wood (Johnny Depp), who goes from one busty blonde (Sarah Jessica Parker) to another (Patricia Arquette) in search of understanding and angora sweaters that fit. The 1950s milieu of Hollywood bare-bones filmmaking is presented with just the right amount of cheek, and the supporting cast (Bill Murray as Ed's gay friend Bunny, Jeffrey Jones as "psychic" Criswell, George Steele as wrestler-turned-actor Tor Johnson and Lisa Marie as TV vamp Vampira) are all spot-on: if there can be such a thing as restrained or classical overacting, it's to be found here. But the real star of the show is Martin Landau as aging Bela Lugosi, whom Wood must keep as intact as possible to finish the movie so identified with him: PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE. This flick is so good it qualifies as a near-classic and I can recommended it heartily to everyone, even those who wouldn't think of squeezing into an angora sweater. The commentary on this disc is excellent. A special shout-out to composer Howard Shore for his blissfully atmospheric music.
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on May 10, 2016
Director Tim Burton and screenwriters Scott Alexander and Larry Karazewski pull off something of a miracle here. They tell the (fictionalized) true story of the man dubbed the worst film director of all time, and his very odd bunch of misfit friends, including an aging and ignored Bela Lugosi. They openly poke hilarious fun at their naiveté and self-delusion, and just how awful their films really are. Yet, somehow, it also makes these characters human, sad, and sweet, and engages our sympathy and empathy - while still making us laugh out loud at them. Yet their determination, their grit, their attempt to find their ways in life, the realization that all of us are odd in some way or other, and that we all kid ourselves about our own importance shines through and balances the film.

Johnny Depp is astonishing in what may be the best of many great performances -- walking the knife edge of playing a comic caricature and yet bringing him fully to life. Everything about Depp is subsumed in the character, his voice, his physicality. Martin Landau is equally amazing as Bela Lugosi, literally disappearing into the character. and creating a truly heartbreaking portrait of lost Hollywood grandeur. And all the supporting cast; Sarah Jessica Parker, Jeffrey Jones, Bill Murray, Patricia Arquette, etc. etc down to the smallest roles are filled with performances dancing the line of funny but never unbelievable, never less than human. And we laugh not (mostly) because of funny lines, but because of their absurd humanity.

Praise must also be heaped on the beautiful black and white photography, which also perfectly captures the ugly tones of Wood’s micro budget works. Indeed there are shots supposedly ‘from’ the films that are astounding in how much they look like Wood’s actual films.

This is a wonderful movie about the wonder and obsessive pull of film-making, the comic hysteria of how we kid ourselves, and the sweet-sad, oddly noble tragedy of the same.
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Ed Wood is as endearing a character as Hollywood ever produced and has the added advantage of being a real life movie maker. I recently watched Plan 9 From Outer Space again just to see if it still qualified as the worst movie ever made? It really is right up there with the worst, but it has heart!!! and that's what Ed Wood was all about!!

In this wonderful biographical look at Tinsel Towns' most earnest admirer and aspiring film maker Johnny Depp nails the innocent drive that made Ed Wood so well liked by those who knew in their hearts he was a terrible film maker but a noble human being. He had his peculiarities to be sure...tho now he'd fit right in...and about as much talent as I have money but he just kept plugging away and that's really what this movie is all about. It's the ultimate Hollywood 'never give up your dream' movie.

Depp is astonishing in the scope he gives our simple friend and yet never moves out of the two-note persona he is playing. He should undoubtedly have won an Oscar for this role hand in hand with Martin Landau's revelatory turn as Bela Lugosi who lent his gravitas to Ed's ultimate achievement and became his best bud in the process. This hand in hand turn by two actors is unmatched in any film I've ever seen. The Academy rightly nodded to Landau's achievement but turned their noses up at Depp's performance just as they would have Wood's had he been playing himself which is an irony in itself and speaks to the bulls eye Depp scored here.

A supporting cast from heaven and script that is both witty yet enlightening toward its subject and superb black and white cinematography will make this a classic to endure and it will be much more appreciated in the future than it ever was in its own time.

It's great fun and you learn something about people, hollywood, and making movies. But mostly you learn to never give up no matter how great the odds against you. Too few movies send that message today.
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on March 13, 2013
I owned this movie on Laser disc, but I missed it when it was released on DVD, mainly because it was withdrawn from circulation rather quickly - two initial issues ran into legal problems with some of the extras who appeared in the film, and the movie was pulled from home release, while the "Special Edition" DVD issue of 2004 contained a 9-minute feature on cross dressing, which director Tim Burton wanted removed. That SE DVD was actually recalled the day of its release, but many people had already secured copies as Blockbuster and others put it on their shelves before the street date. The subsequent DVD reissue could be hard to find.

This BD issue contains all of the extra features that were included on the SE DVD.

It's good to have it back again, and this time in the much-superior BluRay format. This is a B&W movie, and the blacks have much more depth this time around than they did on the LD, or that they've had in TV airings I've seen.

The Burton/Depp team hits another home run here, with outstanding performances by the entire cast, especially Martin Landau's Oscar-winning supporting role as Bela Lugosi and Sarah Jessica Parker's star turn as Ed Wood's love interest, Dolores. Maurice LeMarche does a very convincing voice over for Vincent D'Onofrio's weirdly exacting portrayal of Orson Wells (the sync is noticeably off between LeMarche's dialogue and D'Onofrio's lips).

This is a story that is ultimately as touching as it it quirky and crazy.

Highly recommended.
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on December 31, 2014
I'm a fan of Dolores Fuller. No seriously, I am. She was a real lady, and I think this movie is unfair to her. Sarah Jessica Parker plays her as such an unpleasant woman, and it troubles me every time I watch this.

So, that's why this is a 9/10 instead of 10/10. Otherwise, it's flawless. Perfect casting all around, great performances, gorgeous black & white cinematography, and a wonderful script that treats Wood and his troupe of untalented freaks with respect while remaining mindful of the fact that they weren't exactly misunderstood geniuses. Plus, Howard Shore's weird and wacky score makes a nice change from Burton's go-to weird and wacky Danny Elfman scores.

This is one of my all-time favorites, the best work Tim Burton and Johnny Depp have ever done (together or separately), and a total recommend. I just wish they had been nicer to Dolores.

--From my own Letterboxd review.
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on October 28, 2017
The disc arrived in good condition and the picture is very clear and crisp. You already know about the movie. Toward the end of the film you will see Korla Pandit. Look him up and read about him. The movie also contains one of my favorite actors, G. D. Spradlin. I will fault the movie a little because in real life Bela Lugosi did not use profanity. I like this movie even though I do not care much for Depp. And, Criswell was right. You did read this review.
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on March 14, 2014
The movie isn't as bad as the real Ed Wood's campy movies. Johnny did real well. Marty Landau portrayed Bela Lugosi and won an Oscar for it. Hard to believe that a worst movie maker in history, could be made into a movie about him. But, I loved it. I wish they had done a better make-up for the gal who played Vampira, the TV host for horror movies on TV in the fifties. I knew Maila Nurmi in real life. And PLAN 9 FROM OUTER SPACE, is still talked about as the worst movie ever made. And George "the Animal" Steele, a professional wrestler, played the bald actor made famous in horror movies. I never knew he was the actor in the movie until I saw the credits. He wrestled in Michigan through Burt Ruby, out of Detroit. I arranged for a radio interview in Flint over W.T.A.C. radio, between Steele and his manager. Of course Steele couldn't talk and his manager did all of the talking. Wasn't the bald actor Tor Johnson?
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on September 19, 2014
My all-time favorite Johnny Depp film and Tim Burton film. This is a remarkably poignant film about Ed Wood, who directed the celebrated worst movie of all time, "Plan Nine from Outer Space." It is delightful to see Ed Wood's eyes light up when he sees his own flawed footage, as he completely disregards the flaws--just as he disregards the flaws in others, most notably his "star" Bela Lugosi, played beautifully by Martin Landau. The film also has nice performances by Bill Murray and Patricia Arquette. A complete treat to watch!
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on November 20, 2017
The best Tim Burton film ever made.
An homage to people who give it their all...but still fail.
I own two copies at all times and give one away to guests who haven't seen it.
Beautiful production design. Lovely performances by an amazing cast.
One of my favorite monologue sequences of all time by Martin Landau.
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on November 13, 2012
'Ed Wood' is clearly Tim Burton's best film. Though it was little seen in it's first release I can clearly recommend it to those who'd like to know more about the Worst filmmaker of all time. Johnny Depp turns in a great performance as the titular director as does the rest of the cast and you'll see why Martin Landau won for Supporting Actor, he becomes Bela Lugosi Rick Baker and Ve Neill's makeup for him transforms him you see Lugosi and not Landau. Brilliantly shot in black and white it's a great transfer to Blu-Ray and a definite in my collection.
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