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on October 13, 2017
All in all, this is an amazing little device, and practically a steal at around $100 USD. I would recommend it to anyone that doesn't need more than like 300 MBPS up or down. It's easy to configure (even easier with the newest OS which has "wizards" for the most common setups). Even cooler is that you can SSH into it to access the command-line, and cooler still is that you can access the CLI interface through the web UI.

I used it with much success on my old Xfinity/Comcast internet (125 up / 25 down). UPNP worked right out of the box, my ping improved (upgrading from ASUS router).

I have since dropped Xfinity, and switched to a new ISP with true gigabit speeds. It only gets 4 stars because, even with all the hardware offloading features enabled, I top out at ~600 MBPS down. When connected directly to my ISP's hardware (AT&T GigaFiber gateway), I get >950 MBPS, so this device is clearly the limiting factor there. It's a real shame too -- I've loved using this device, but can't have it getting in the way of my gigabit pipe. It'll soon be a hand-me-up when my parents need to upgrade their router.
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on September 19, 2017
Comcast recently began offering Gigabit internet in my area (Docsis 3.1), my current wndr4500v2 was topping out at about 630mbps, I purchased an R7000, and experienced even slower speeds. I decided I really didn't need a box which handled wireless, I could use my existing wndr for that, so I purchased the Ubnt EdgeRouter lite. Speed tests with this router top out at over 900mbps. It was a little more difficult to setup, but UBNT forums are a GREAT resource, and to be honest it was worth the slightly more difficult setup, this little box rocks, and does exactly what I need - it provides gigabit wan to lan throughput - something that is key when purchasing a router.
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on July 3, 2014
I've been running the past few years on a WRT54GL with TomatoUSB. It worked well at first, but over time I noticed more and more issues and now it doesn't seem to be capable of handling the load. I've had it set up to do a scheduled restart every morning at 6am to try to keep it running smoothly, but that hasn't been enough. It got to the point where it had a hard time serving DHCP leases, forwarding DNS requests, and maintaining any reasonable level of latency. And, of course, the wireless was always just so-so with that old technology.

So, I go on a hunt for a new wireless router. I had purchased the WRT54GL years ago because it was really the only router at the time with solid consumer reviews (and it still holds that honor). There were far too many negative reviews for every high-end consumer router on the market, and I spent days reading through them to try to identify a router that was worthy of the price tag. I could not identify a consumer router worthy of replacing my WRT54GL, so I decided it was time to go enterprise. I recalled that a former co-worker used Ubiquiti equipment at home and that we use Ubiquiti equipment for point-to-point long-distance high-speed wireless to off-campus buildings at work. After much research into the Ubiquiti products, I decided to order the EdgeRouter Lite and the UAP.

It took a few hours to get the EdgeRouter Lite configured like I wanted and the process could not have gone more smoothly. It took a little longer for the UAP, just because I didn't realize that I had to have 64-bit Java installed to run the console, even though it tried to use 32-bit Java and never indicated that 64-bit Java was needed. I've only had these two products for a week now, but I can't express how impressed I am with their performance and reliability thus far. They are both truly set-and-forget products and they're definitely a much better value for the money than the WRT54GL (and even more so compared to expensive consumer routers), assuming you have the patience and technical aptitude to set them up. I love the GUI and it's nice to know the CLI is there if I need more advanced functionality. If I'm ever fortunate enough to get upgraded to 1Gbps Internet, I know that this router can already handle every bit of it with ease. As it is, my 25/5 connection has never been this fast and reliable. We've thrown everything we can at it with 5 computers, a PS3, an Xbox 360, several tablets, several phones...using all of them at once (Netflix, YouTube HD, League of Legends, Windows Updates, large file downloads, and speed tests) to try to stress-test this setup; the router was at 7% CPU, 10% RAM, and pings remained very low the entire time with no problems whatsoever. That test would have locked up the WRT54GL running TomatoUSB and it would have required a hard reset.

Update [7/26/2014]: No problems at all after a month of operation. No reboots or any other maintenance needed.

Update [4/9/2015]: Still no problems whatsoever. I recently updated the firmware for the heck of it and had to reboot as a result. Love it!
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on October 9, 2014
Great router. Fast. Good UI that is continually evolving. It has a lot of advanced features such as true QOS, VPN, VLAN tagging, Failover, and more that can be accessed from the command line. This is not for beginners or the inexperienced... but you do not have to be an expert IT professional either.

Note that this router is NOT equipped with WIFI, this is strictly a WIRED router. If you want WiFi, it is highly suggested that you pair this with the Ubiquiti Unifi wireless APs Ubiquiti Networks UniFi AP Enterprise WiFi System. They work brilliantly, and are a great match with this router.

Ubiquiti makes great products, at a great price. The compromise is a lack of fast technical support. They have a very active forum where there are other users and employees to offer assistance, but don't expect an answer in 5 minutes.

In short, this is probably the absolute best router on the market for the money... and you don't have to be an IT expert, ...if you are the guy that everyone asks for help with their computer stuff, you will be able to figure it out. However if terms like "command line", "QOS", "VLan", "DNS" and "port numbers" are foreign to you, then you might want a more consumer level product.
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on June 4, 2016
I've been searching for a good Dual WAN router for some time, many have failed to live up to their advertised speed ratings, yes I'm looking at you Peplink Balance One 600Mbps Dual-WAN Router with Dual-Band 11ac Wi-Fi (BPL-ONE)
Now that internet providers are providing speeds over 100Mb/sec loosing 10-50% of that speed as the router processes the traffic is an ongoing waste of money and your time. This router is just as fast as hooking up a computer directly to the cable modem so you get all the speed you are paying for.
There is some setup challenges, first you have to upgrade the firmware to 1.80 or higher by the time you read this. This version has "Wizards" that setup your router avoiding the Command Line Interpreter where you have to carefully type commands you really don't have time to learn and do it perfectly. There is many videos on youtube if you need more walk throughs, if you really want to configure this because you want it just so, well have it, learn all the config settings and type away, this router can do it.
Also it's just a router, no wifi or extra ports so you will need a Wifi Access Point and a multiport network switch.
Bottom line this router blows away those that cost 5 times as much.
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on May 21, 2014
Another winner from ubuquiti. I've installed several of these devices and all have resulted in robust and stable network connectivity at all sites.
review image
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on May 20, 2016
I don't normally write to many reviews of stuff I purchase on Amazon, but I felt I really want to let people know about this router. As background, I took some CS classes in college over a decade ago, so I have some familiarity with the basics of networking, but nothing more than the simple stuff. I upgraded my smaller home network with this router and two Unify AP Pro access points. Set up was a breeze and didn't take very long at all. I did it entirely within the GUI, as thats where my comfort level is at this point. Found plenty of info with simple google search. I have had no issues, and the speed difference is noticeable and verifiable. Would highly recommend, even if your skills are not very advanced.
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on December 29, 2015
Not for the average or even above average consumer. The give away is the nice metal case :) All consumer stuff seems to be in plastic but has good GUIs and no CLI. This is metal with a half baked GUI and expects you to use the CLI for 80% of the configuration. While the CLI is not hard to use, or at least not for someone used to dealing with CLIs, it has it's own quirks. The biggest issue the abysmal documentation for this router. The EdgeOS is a fork from the Vyatta code base which was bought by Brocade. You will google on EdgeOS and about half to three quarters of the info comes from Vyatta posts, docs and blogs. It's mostly good but since it is a fork in the road, there are differences. This becomes very apparent when setting up the web proxy or SquidGuard. SG works very well but it's quite the scavenger hunt to get all the details and examples you need. None of it is in the GUI which is surprising since this proxy is one of it's best selling points aside from the pure bandwidth it can pump through the box. The Vyatta docs will get you up to speed on syntax and how to get around in the CLI easily. The included paper with the router was useless. All it has is the user ID and default password. Nothing else. And the shipped code base was way out of date. The very first thing to do is get access to the box and the second thing is to update the code base. Then you can worry about configuring it.
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on March 25, 2015
Great for Network Administrators. Very intuitive once you get your mind around it. You should have a networking background before purchasing this. Downside is it lasted 6 months before the flash corrupted & started getting I/O errors. Currently attempting an RMA. I will update with my RMA experience.

Update: Rma experience was excellent, but slow. I was sent a New-In-Box replacement. Customer support was very responsive. If this is in a production facility for business purposes, with the price only being $100, keep a spare handy in case you RMA the first one.
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on May 21, 2014
We bought this to replace an aging router for a small office with internet provided via DSL service. We had a few minor glitches getting it configured and installed correctly, but the only real trouble was caused by configuration details of the ISP, and not by the EdgeRouter.

Its web-based configuration and control panel was good enough to get most of the needed configuration set up and running. I did have to resort to the CLI interface for configuring its VPN server, but that process went very smoothly once I admitted that our satellite office PCs really did need to be upgraded to the most recent release of OpenVPN.

I can certainly recommend it to anyone unafraid of the details of network configuration, and anyone with needs that are not covered by the usual crop of consumer-grade routers.

I would certainly buy one again, and likely will buy one for my home network.
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