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on September 17, 2014
This is a game my preschooler (age 4) loves to play. He gets to practice hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, taking turns and strategy. One round with 2 players takes about 10 minutes, 3 players increases the time to about 15 minutes. The object of the game is to get one acorn of each color in your tree stump. There are icons on the spinner for passing your turn without play, stealing an acorn from another player (Sneaky Squirrel!), removing all the acorns from your stump (Squirrel Storm!), choose 1 or 2 acorns of any color you need as well as an icon for each colored acorn. I put my youngster in charge of the Sneaky Squirrel Squeezers (aka big squirrel tweezers) for both of us. He really likes picking up the acorns with them and trying to put the acorn in the matching colored hole in the stump. The game is original and well packaged with quality materials. I would recommend it to families with children ages 3-5.

Update January 15, 2015
My son lost an acorn, no big deal unless 4 people are playing. I contacted the company, and they are going to send me a new one. Now that's customer service!
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on January 3, 2017
So this game has something to teach children and adults. It focuses on fine motor skills, using the large pincer device to pick up the acorns and place them in the holes (upright).

The acorns have to be oriented correctly and stay in the hole, so it takes smaller children a very long time to get it correct. For parents, this teaches patience. Lots and lots of patience. We are so used to stepping in and taking over when a child can't do something quickly the first time. Also, there's a tornado that makes all the acorns get returned so the child (or adult) has to start all over again. Lastly, theres a move where you get to take someone else's pieces as well. All in all, there's a lot of gameplay where the children is faced with having to play by the rules and loose their pieces. This can really teach some life lessons about fairness.
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on October 6, 2016
What a cute & fun board game! My toddler daughter likes playing it but is the biggest sore loser :D I'm glad that she's starting to understand that she can be a winner and loser and that something can still be fun even if you lose. The board game is pretty easy to understand that even my 3-year old understands how to play. She's still getting her head around when it's her turn and why someone would steal from her acorn stash but it's a really good tool that teaches patience and a bit of strategy. Overall great game!
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on July 23, 2017
We play games often. This has been a great game for our family of four. Our 2 1/2 year old and our 5 year old both love it. It practices colors, taking turns, and eye/hand coordination. I am very pleased with the quality of the pieces. The spinner board was just a little warped but other than that it was perfect. The two year old can squeeze the little squirrel and pick up the nuts. He then usually uses his other hand to help get them in his container. The five year old stays interested the whole game and enjoys using the squirrel to get her pieces. The game is entertaining for even my husband and I.
I highly recommend it!
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on December 4, 2016
I purchased this game after my daughter came back from a friend's house after playing. It's a great game for early learning, teaching color matching, making decisions on what colored acorns to choose to file out the log, taking turns, and with us, having fun no matter who wins, because in the end, it's all about the fun for little kids, and this game is a game of spinning and chance.

We love this this game!!
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on September 19, 2015
One game that I have really come to love is The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game. First of all, what a fun name! It’s a tongue twister.

I’ve used this in speech therapy and behavior therapy sessions weekly since I purchased it over a year ago.

Here’s what I like:

Because it’s simple, it is a great starter game for 3 year olds or children who are functioning below their chronological age. It’s great for teaching children the foundations for game playing: attending, waiting, motor actions of using the parts, and taking turns.

It does elicit some foundational concepts of sportsmanship. The players may lose, steal or gain acorns quickly and it changes often. Therefore, it isn’t like a board game where when you get behind, you stay behind for potentially a long time. It helps the young players keep pace and vary emotions.

Who is the game recommended for?

Beginners (preschool) or children with delays or difficulty attending/waiting/turn taking

Group of mixed ages and levels of children playing

Therapists: OT, SLP, BCBA/ABA

Parts of the game:

Squirrel squeezer


Acorns of assorted colors

4 tree stumps

How do you play?

Use one side of the box that looks like a tree and put the acorns loose in the box

Each player gets a stump

Player spins spinner and will get a color of acorn, a pick 1 or 2, a sad squirrel (lose turn), a sneaky squirrel (steal another player’s acorn) or storm (wind blows all acorns back onto tree)

The first one to fill up his or her stump wins!

Simple learning concepts that it addresses:

Colors – labels, identification and matching

Social skills – turn taking, good sportsmanship

Fine motor skills/pre-handwriting – grasping acorns (placing lightly in tree trunk versus shoving in, picking up acorns with the squirrel)

Math – counting, simple addition/subtraction

Game strategy – choosing color to steal or take as acorns when player lands on 1-2 acorns of choice

Requesting- player has to request a turn, squirrel or spinner. For children who are nonverbal and using PECS, I have an icon made for each of the items needed so that they can use PECS (or iPad/Proloquo2Go) to request the items needed.

Learning coping – “no big deal” when you lose an acorn or turn (storm, sneaky squirrel, sad squirrel). Parents and therapists can model the “no big deal, it’s just a game” in addition to talking about the feelings.

Expanded of the game to be used as part of learning a bigger thematic unit:

Squirrels, acorns

Stealing – use the concept from this fun “squirrel” way to discuss realistic scenarios

Emotions – sad (squirrel), feeling when someone takes your acorn or you take theirs, feeling when you lose a turn – match these feelings to emotion words (frustrated, sad, guilty, etc.)
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on September 14, 2016
The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game is the perfect first game for a toddler/preschooler. It is a wonderful game that will teach your child some important skills necessary to play board games. Your toddler will learn to wait for her turn, she will learn that sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, and that each game has rules that we need to follow in order to play.

My two year old toddler along with her seven year old sister and nine year old brother are able to play this game without fighting. Each game is the perfect duration for an active toddler and a Mom who may not have the time or patience to have to play referee for a longer game.

To play: Your child will flick the spinner and watch as the spinner stops on an image. Kids love playing with spinners! The images state whether they should pick up acorns, which color, whether the wind blows all your acorns away or whether you can be a sneaky squirrel and steal an acorn from another player. The stealing from another player always seems to bring out these cute little giggles from the player with that sneaky little squirrel. The other player, therefore needs to learn to not have a meltdown when this happens. (Trust me, with three kids I've seen my fair share of board game meltdowns.) I think that because each game doesn't take that long to play the kids know they can play more and more so that even if they don't win round one they have many other chances. Whereas, a game like Sorry that takes forever to play is their only chance at being the winner. This is definitely something I consider when purchasing board games.

I love that the acorns also make a great manipulative which you can also use for teaching math skills through a hands on way.
This game also teaches educational skills such as one on one correspondence, colors, numbers and matching. I love that my child is working on her visual perception and fine motor skills by picking up the acorns with the squirrel tongs.

Quality: I purchased this game when my 7 year old was 2... so I've had it for a good five years and it is still going strong!

Cons: Due to the shape and size of the box, it is actually sort of hard to figure out where to store this in the house. It is a bit bulky and so I normally have to lay it into a shelf that is deep enough to fit the box. I'm not sure if I'm the only one that experienced this, it seems organizing is so much easier with square/rectangular boxes.

Final Verdict: After going through thousands of toys with my three kids, I can definitely say this one is a keeper. It would make a wonderful gift for a 2, 3 or 4 year old boy or girl!
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 11, 2017
This is a really charming and fun game, except for the fatal flaw - the spinner is perpetually bent. I got it to work for a while by taping it down to multiple plates with a hole in the middle, but after being played with and stored in the box it's bent again, to the point that it won't even spin around. I fear the squirrel is not long for this world. I don't know why they put in these fancy rubber acorns and spring-loaded squirrel but couldn't spring for a plastic spinner.
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on July 23, 2017
The concept of the game is wonderful. We have so much fun with my 2 year old grandson. It has taught him taking turns, using numbers and colors and even good sportsmanship when he lands on the wind and loses all his acorns and when another player gets to sneak away one of his acorns.
The only thing I would change is the quality of the spinner. The cardboard is too flimsy and the arrow tends to land on the same space multiple times.
review image
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on July 22, 2015
My three young kids enjoy this game. It only takes a minute to learn the rules and they are easy to understand. On your turn you spin the spinner then use the squirrel shaped tweezers to pick up an acorn and put it in the log, steal an acorn from another player, lose your turn, or lose all your acorns (depending on where the spinner lands). The first player to get every color and fill their 'log' wins. Tweezing acorns and placing them in the logs is a good activity for developing dexterity.

There isn't much strategy here so adults and older (5+) kids will find the game boring, but the point of this game is developing motor and cognition skills for young kids.
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