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on November 18, 2011
I've been "Flexing" since 2003. I was in my mid-forties then, and although I did look young for my age (most people thought I was in my early 30s), I knew that wouldn't last forever. I figured my youthful appearance was a "freebie," but eventually, I'd have to start investing some time and energy in order to hang on to it.

It made sense to me that the infrastructure of muscle under the face could be built up and firmed, just like the rest of the body. I Googled and found Deb's regimen; my hunch was right on. After I started the regimen, I also found a whole lot of wonderful, friendly co-Flexers on the FlexEffect forum!

This exercise system is much different from others because you apply resistance - HARD resistance - with your hands. Consequently, the results, for most Flexers, appear before they even expect them to.

Don't waste your time or money on anything less. THIS is the real deal. And please come and say "hi" on the forum! :-)

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on January 24, 2010
I've been doing Flex Effect since 2004. I experienced a horrible disease state that went undiagnosed and untreated for nearly 10 years. I lost a LOT of muscle mass everywhere. Under my eyes looked like road maps and the flesh on my jaws was starting to hang! e[...] Flex Effect changed my life. Seriously. I'm sneaking up on 45 and it's not uncommon for people to guess my age at around 30-ish. The DVD is great for daily workouts, but the book is the best for targeting specific areas and Deborah has several different exercises for most areas so you can do what you need to do.

Remember, the muscles in your face are just like the ones in your body! If you're not committed to your optimal health, exercise doesn't do you as much good. Nutrition, Nutrition, Nutrition!
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on September 14, 2012
If your skin is sensitive, this program overworks it terribly - you end up looking odd. I had the audacity to say this on their Workshop Forum (after almost 3 years of faithful training to the letter and even worked with a trainer once) - and they banned me from the Workshop. Hysterical. If you can't take criticism, must be weak somewhere.
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on December 1, 2015
I bought this "program" at the GoodWill, and looked through it. I think facial exercises, kind of remind me of the days of "spot training".. Targeting one area in hopes of improvement.

I also had an old book by Richard Simmons, that also included facial exercises back in the early 80's way before Deb's time. I followed them diligently. When i saw him on a recent talk show, well, you probably can relate to how i felt. Sad. It looked like partying and other entertainment took it's toll on him. All of the facial exercises in the world can't help him at this point. It all boils down to Nutrition, diet, and overall exercise.

I also did some research on this basically fading company. I also watched a Deb Crowley video giving examples of her facial exercises. First of all, i am not impressed with her pics nor the video at all. She is an obvious "65" in my opinion, and looked older, heavy set - very average. That pic on the cover of the spiral bound book is not what she looks like today.

I also belong on a forum for Social Anxiety. One of the members asked a question: "Does facial exercise work?" Some how either Deb - or one of her minions wormed their way into THAT forum specifically for mental disorders - and started preaching FlexAffect under the name of Abigail2.

When someone would basically say a neutral statement about facial exercises in general, she would immediately jump on the statement, as something positive and start giving examples of how the program worked. Someone challenged her by giving pretty good examples of fit women who were older than Deb Crowley and looked far superior at ages 79 (Ernestine Shepherd, and looks about 35), and another fit older woman who at 83 looked maybe 40-ish.. Neither one of those ladies have done facial exercises. They've done overall exercises - and of course - eating properly.

Abigail 2 would, of course, make insulting remarks. She would also try to argue with poster regarding certain famous bodybuilders - and had no idea what she was talking about. The poster, then basically stated, they weren't there to e-argue, they were just stating facts and left the thread. For someone who is representing a company - whether it was anonymously Deb Crowley or her "Trainee", i thought their response was extremely unprofessional.

Abigail 2 :Ahhhh, what’s the matter little clown, has everyone been ignoring you? Sooooo sad piss off

So there you have it folks, obviously, someone who wanted to extol the virtues of that program, didn't get a "rise" out of the forum member - and showed her true colors. I've also noticed on the FlexEffect forum, if you don't have any positive feedback, just as someone else has stated, you either get "kindly" flamed - or banned. A chick named Fitnessbunny2 tried to express her problem with FlexEffect, and i was not surprised by the responses.

There are so many facial exercise companies out there to choose from, these days. They even have these little gadgets now for resistance training for your face? Because there are so many options, i'll keep browsing, but i'll also stick to just basic diet, good supplementation and exercise.
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