Customer Reviews: Effortless (Thoughtless)
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on March 7, 2012
S.C. Stephens is AMAZING!

Effortless was another 5 STAR novel by S.C. Stephens. I liked Thoughtless, the prequel to Effortless, a tad bit more than Effortless. I know that's going against the majority, but I thought Thoughtless had a little more grit. Thoughtless really pushed the envelope, and I connected with it a tiny bit more. However, Effortless was also a heart stopping, jaw dropping read.

Effortless picks up about a year after Thoughtless. It explores the next stages in Kiera and Kellan's relationship. Since their relationship began under "not-so-normal" circumstances, they have a few challenges in store for them. Mainly, they must learn to trust one another. This becomes even harder for them when Kellan leaves to go on tour. While Kiera is struggling with self-esteem issues, she must also learn to trust Kellan, while he is on the road with hundreds of groupies throwing themselves at him.

Kiera and Kellan are physically separated a large portion of the novel, but because they keep in touch through phone calls and text you still see them "together". It was a crazy hot and extremely sweet novel. Two words: LOVE NOTES! I won't go into detail, just know it is the cutest, most thoughtful thing ever!

This novel highlights the importance of trust, self-confidence and personal growth. It's a great story! A must read!

I gave Effortless by S.C. Stephens 5 STARS! It rocked my socks! I strongly recommend this novel for "mature" young adults (seventeen and up).

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on February 26, 2012
The story in Thoughtless and Effortless is tied for the best I have ever read (tied with Fifty Shades). Effortless has to be read with Thoughtless to bring the characters to full circle. Some people have given Thoughtless bad reviews because of the cheating, but it's not like the characters did not have to take their medicine for it and learn from it. The cheating is just part of the story and Effortless reveals that everything worked out for the best for everyone. Hope there will be many books in this series. S. C. Stephens is brilliant.
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on May 10, 2013
Whew. I just finished this book a few minutes ago, and I've been dying to write this review. I have a rule that I can't review anything that I don't actually finish, so for the past few weeks I've forced myself to finish this book, which is (in my opinion) an impressive accomplishment. In truth, I did it for all of you, review readers, in the hope that I can save you from this...disaster. You're welcome. REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS, but hopefully you'll see how bad this was and give up reading it anyway, so you won't care.

Let me start by saying that I have fairly specific but low standards for books. If I like the genre, and there aren't a lot of grammatical errors, I'll likely enjoy (or at least be neutral to) a book. This is the first book I've read in a long time that I strongly disliked, and had to force myself to finish. I'm not generally a harsh critic of anything (this will be my first one star book review) but I've been dying to rant about this book since the first chapter. I'll go through the things that drove me crazy one by one, and I hope that this review will help others to steer clear.

I also wanted to mention that I wasn't really crazy about the first book either (for many of the same reasons), but I gave the series another try by getting the second book because I thought with the characters finally together, the drama would be less infuriating. It's not. It might even be worse. So, for anyone else who tolerated the first book and wants to try again... don't. Just...don't. Again, you're welcome.

The most annoying thing in this book for me was Kiera. I've read hundreds of books, and never have I hated a character like I hate her. She's just...awful. I didn't like her in the first book, and I don't like her in this one. Her endless jealousy (more on that later), constant insecurity, and stupid deceits were primarily the reason it took me so long to finish this book. She'd say, do, or even interior dialogue something stupid, and I'd have to take a break from it to avoid throwing my kindle across the room. I'm at a loss for other synonyms for awful, and I don't know how else to describe her without quoting half over half the book as evidence, so I'll just say that she's infuriating, and I felt like she paints all girls as jealous, dependent, and flat out annoying.

The next most-annoying thing in the book is somewhat related to Kiera's personality - the jealousy. When she and Kellan are alone together (which isn't a lot of the book, since he goes on tour) everything is rainbows and butterflies, but as soon as they're apart or around other people, Kiera doubts absolutely everything. She's with a guy that's literally tattooed the name "Kiera" across his chest, and she still freaks out every another women even glances at him. After the first few chapters, I thought about keeping track of how many times Kiera got jealous about something, but quickly gave up. I would have understood a little jealousy, given the history between them, but it was seriously overdone here, with at least five jealous episodes in every chapter.

***SPOILERS. Another annoyance is how unrealistic some of the drama is. When Anna finds out that she's pregnant, she shoves a bag full of positive pregnancy tests in Kiera's dresser out of denial. That I get. What I don't get is how Kiera completely forgets they're there, and Kellan happens to find them. Yes, they were in his drawer of the dresser, but how do you forget about half a dozen pregnancy tests in your room? They're not exactly sanitary. More faux drama can be found in Kiera's endless circling. She'll be mad or jealous at Kellan, and then she'll find a note or picture that he left her before he went on tour, and then suddenly everything's perfect again. This happens over and over again. She's mad at him, she loves him; she's positive he's cheating on her, she knows they're soul mates. Over and over. This next one could just be because of how opposite I would be, but I felt Kiera's and Denny's relationship was very unrealistic. When he comes back to town, things are awkward at first, but then suddenly they're "best friends" again (they do actually call themselves best friends) and they hug and touch each other again, they eat dinners together, and go to movies together, and PICK OUT BEDROOM FURNITURE TOGETHER... It's just weird. I might understand them being just casual friends, but I think the history between them would be too much for them to be that close.SPOILERS***

Ugh. I could rant about this book for a very long time, but now that I've given you the top points, I'll cut myself off and simply say... this was not a good book. Unless you enjoy endless, pointless drama, or seriously loved the first book, I wouldn't recommend this for anyone. I will not be reading the third installment, because despite a few funny/touching lines and scenarios, this book definitely proves that second chances don't always work out.

As a parting gift, I leave you with my favorite line from the book. This was on page 463, towards the end, when I was getting excited to finally be done with it. I will say the ending was pretty decent. Kiera was actually bearable in the last few pages, and this line refers to her decision to write down her and Kellan's story, complete with the good and the bad. There's more to this sentence (guilt and a smidgen of mature acceptance), but this part of it made me laugh, because it is just so true.

"I figured I would come out of the story as the villain, hated, reviled..." - Kiera's inner dialogue
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on February 17, 2012
I've been following S.C. Stephens for about two years, and have yet to be disappointed! The story is imaginable, the characters are believable and Kellen is HOT! Effortless is actually the second, following Thoughtless. Although it's not necessary to read the ladder first, it's definitly worth it. And, if you can't get enough of Kellen and Kiera, Stephens has many more of her intoxicating stories for you to devour. I do suggest each and every one of them. Especially her Bloodlines series.

Thank you, S.C. Stephens, for your unfailing efforts to bring us into the minds and bodies of such seductive personalities!
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on February 5, 2015
The only redeeming thing about this series is Kellan Kyle. But Kellan and Kiera are by far the worst fictional coupe ever. All she does is hold things back and lie to him. Their relationship is based on her dishonesty and it fuels the constant mistrust. It makes trying to comprehend their relationship beyond frustrating. They constantly hurt each other because they suspect the other is hiding something or cheating. It's literally the entire book. Keira seems to mature, then she falls right back into her old habit of lying. Over and over until it threatens to destroy them. Then of course she tells the truth confesses caught in her life. She's unbelievably selfish. Her character is so untrustworthy and unlikable. I felt nothing but frustration while reading about her. Buyer beware.
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on March 7, 2012
Effortless is the sequel to Thoughtless and it does not disappoint. Again this book took me to the edge and back but, it was worth it in the end. I really hope she continues with this series because I finally like Kiera, the heroine, and what's not to love about Kellan Kyle...he rocks in every way a leading man should.

This book again is for adults only and if you like roller coaster emotional romantic novels with lots of twists and turns...and ultimately a happy ending this book is for you.

SC Stephens is an excellent writer who has tapped into the challenges of overcoming childhood pain, insecurity and self-image challenges that plagued most women today. I love the journey Kiera travels to finally see her external beauty and find the confidence to be with this gorgeous man who adores her.
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on November 2, 2012
I just read a review that pretty much summed up my review in that I still don't like Kiera. I read the first book, "Thoughtless", months ago and didn't really care for it. I love sequels and REALLY hoped this would be so much more than it was. All the 5 star ratings had me curious so I caved and bought it. Kiera is still insecure, jealous, and immature. If you're going to be with a rock star, you can't be any of those things. They started their relationship on mistrust and for most of the book it's a constant back and forth of "do you trust me?" and "you have to just trust me." It got old after a while. I read my books on a Kindle and the book didn't get interesting for me until about 75% when a bit of the story shifted to Anna and Griffin, then a bit more on Kellan's back history. I don't like to think myself as old at 39, but another reviewer wrote that these two books are more for a younger group of readers, 18-30'ish. Much older than that, the reader just wants to strangle Kiera and tell her to grow the "F" up. I'd have rated this book 2 stars, but that last 25% of the book bumped it up to the 3rd star.
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on March 16, 2012
I read and really enjoyed Thoughtless. With this book, Effortless, I found myself skipping whole paragraphs a lot. I disagree that this book is better than the first. Maybe it's because I am now in my thirties, and have been been with and married to my husband for over 11 years, but the CRAZY passion and I-want-to-rip-your-clothes-off-every-time-I-see you sentiments that are expressed in this book OVER and OVER just are too far-fetched for me. If younger, impressionable minds are reading this book, I think they are in for some disappointment for what REAL relationships are like. It is mentioned a couple of times that the sex isn't the only thing that matters between Kellan and Kiera, but ya could have fooled me. I seems like 90% of the book is based on their sex life. I get that they love each other and can feel that element there, but still...much of it has to do with the physical part of love, and anyone who has been in a real, lasting relationship knows that that is only one important one, but not the only one.

I do think elements of this book were realistic, such as dealing with lack of trust, esp. with long distance relationships and today's cell phone/texting technology., just the rest of it got old.

Was it "hot"? Yes. And Kellan is still talked about as like "the hottest guy on the planet", so if that's your thing, you will like it. I like hot male leads, but it starts to get old and unrealistic after awhile. But it was also trashy and raunchy. Parts were sweet, as people mentioned with the love notes and things, but as I mentioned, it all seems to boil down to sex, sex, sex. If that's what you got it.
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on March 29, 2013
These series of books are AWFUL! Long, boring reads. Not at all like other books I have been reading. There is really no plot to them. You just read and read until it's over and then you have wasted so much time. Very annoying. Do not waste any time or money on these horrid books!
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on September 14, 2014
*** I “read” this title as an Audiobook, so YMMV ***

Kiera Allen and Kellan Kyle have now come forward with their relationship after having ended Kiera’s love triangle also involving her ex-boyfriend Danny.

But now the couple is facing other difficulties. Kellan’s band, the D-Bags, are more and more successful and have been asked to accompany other major bands on a US-wide tour. But will their love be strong enough to resist this challenge? Will Kiera feel lonely again and betray Kyle behind his back (like she had done to Danny) and will Kellan give in to all his female groupies and become his manwhoring self again?

Oh-kay. This book was so. not. worth. my. time. I have nothing against Kellan - who is the perfect sweet book boyfriend if you can look away from his past, but the fact that this book was written entirely in Kiera’s POV just killed me.

Because Kiera is a whiny, wishy-washy girl with a very low self-esteem and huge issues.

This books is unnecessary drama, and Kiera is at the source of it all. There is not a page that goes by without her expressing her self-doubt, her doubts about Kellan, her doubts about why Kellan wants to be with her whereas she is so “plain”.

Then, I hated how Kiera was pictured in this book: as someone self-conscious, slightly prude, and who doesn’t like to share or discuss any discuss from her love-life, or even other’s love lifes because she is oh-so embarrassed when that happens. Yeah, right. Is this not the same person that had a month-long love triangle going with 2 guys at the same time?

And why the heck is she worried Kellan would betray her when on tour? It’s such a big deal to her, but she should remember that she had been in that situation before him…

Nothing happens in this book. Nothing at all. I could sum 600 frigging pages up in 6 sentences. Kellan signs the deal with record company. K&K are sad that Kellan’s departure date is approaching and make the best of it. K&K text and call everyday. Kiera visits Kellan in Boise on an improvised whim some point at 80% of the book. That’s it. I wouldn’t exactly call this a mindblowing plot.

And really, it’s all Kiera’s signature whiny drama and believe me, she’s a total broken record.

At about 85%, I was just tired of it all and gave up. I might just pick it up again someday just to get to the end of it, but if this audiobook didn’t cost me a huge sum (compared to a Kindle title), I wouldn’t have DNF’d a lot sooner.

Whoever can put up with that whining for the entire book is truly a hero. And I will - for the life of me - not understand how some readers actually enjoyed this book.

Oh, and on the technical side of things, Rebbekah Ross is quite a mediocre audiobook narrator. Sorry, but neither the narration or the story did cut it for me…
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