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on June 1, 2016
Recently received "Eichmann" and I have to say I expected more. Not only was the actor not characteristic of Adolf Eichmann, but the story was slow and uneventful. Even the all important "ah ha!" moment was not all that exciting. Still, the movie does have some interesting moments and does offer some quality facts which most movies don't touch on. All in all, I don't regret buying this film but could have been better.
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on December 18, 2011
I prefer docudramas, bio-pics, or whatever category this film falls into, to be dead on accurate and they seldom are. This is accurate enough and certainly more accurate than most. I have been reading about WW11 since I was a child.

My father was killed in that conflict, all of my relatives that were able fought in it, and my whole family was involved one way or the other. Aside from my personal involvement, WW11 is a fascinating and dreadful event in human history and one that people never seem to tire of finding intriging.

It is very difficult to find the absolute historical truth. Words, ideas, events, and stories can be slanted. So, if you are looking for absolute historical truth, read all the books, manuscripts, historical documents, watch the documentaries, read all the press, etc., and come to your own conclusion.

What we have here is a movie. The interrogation of Eichmann by Captain Avner Less is the heart of this film, and the determination of the Captain to obtain some type of confession within ever restricted time constraints.

Thomas Kretschmann (The Pianist, Downfall) is amazing. Admittedly, I was already in love with him from his other performances - he is brilliant and just so darn gorgeous. How he turns himself into Eichmann is reason enough to watch this movie. It is uncanny. The mannerisms, twitching, affectations. I have never seen anything like it, and there have been greats as in Downfall. I don't recall who did make-up in this film, but bravo! I don't know how they did it either. Most characterizations are grotesquely done. Thomas Kretschmann is the 5 star element here - just watching him metamorphize into Eichmann is in a category all on it's own.

Troy Garity (also gorgeous and not made-up to look any different) is also wonderful.

My biggest problems with this are the annoying score, and the increasing frenetic pace of the movie. The pacing is an obvious theatrical gimmick, badly done, unnecessary, and really aggravating, taking away from the excellent performances. Instead of adding to the critical time issue, adding suspense, or whatever they were going for, it is stupid, amateurish, and ruinous for a film of this quality. A film student mistake that should have been caught and corrected immediately. Reminiscent of a 1930's "B" cowboy flick.

Note to film makers: Movie viewers are not idiots. We do not need to be told every second what to think, how to react, or led by the nose to a feeling. If you are going to do it, try sublety. We really do not need a two by four.

P.S. There are no extra features with this DVD - zero. If you are looking for the director's or actors points of view, a "making of the movie", a documentary, - there is nothing. It really would have been a plus to the disapointing overall end and vastly improved the appeal of the DVD.
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on May 10, 2017
Not much to see here, poorly done and historically incorrect. the kidnapping of Eichmann was never addressed as well as the fact that the orders he was following were from a now defunct government.
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on March 24, 2013
I really enjoyed this movie. I had read reviews that had said the movie was too kind to Eichmann; I disagree. The man was a monster, but even monsters are complex, have families, live double lives. The movie showed that even those who can appear as kind family men or women, can and do have darker sides. That they can commit the most horrific crimes and then try to justify them.

The cast of this movie, and the depiction of what must have been an incredibly tense and complex interrogation, make this a great movie to watch and learn from.
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on July 8, 2016
This film is interesting to watch Eichmann's last life chapter. I am wondering whether this film is a real story that with his own remorse, Eichmann tried to protect his sons as a father since he had murdered hundreds of innocent Jewish children during the World War 2. As we know, the SS officers were very well-trained to be thick-skinned emotionally and they did not show any remorse. This wonderment is open to the viewers.
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on June 5, 2017
It is perfect. Came on time and as described.
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on March 25, 2015
After reading the reviews on Amazon, and ordering it when it was reduced in price, this was somewhat of a let-down. The movie has TOO MUCH of an indie-European feel to it (the tinting mentioned in another review, soundtrack, camera work), though Thomas Kretschmann and the rest of the cast do give great performances. I probably should have waited until it came on Netflix before purchasing it, but in-all, it's a quick 90+ minutes of great acting about a horrible chapter of humankind.
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on April 3, 2014
As an Officer in the USAF, one of my interests has been the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials with its emphasis to re-establish the Natural Law as an international standard. For a long time, I have viewed several publications in print and film about Eichmann. Here is a DVD which has a balanced presentation of Adolf Eichmann as a Husband, Father, soldier - and the monster that he was. Just like the trials at Nuremberg, Eichmann could not justify his behaviors as "just following orders" because he "was in uniform" and "on the lower chain of command." He was a key player in the Ende Eintung (The Final Solution)! I am proud of my Uncles who fought in Europe during WW II, and they would endorse my praise of the authorities in Israel who refused to become like the enemy whom they defeated: This was completely exemplified in the professionalism and person in real life portrayal of Captain Avner Less. Captain Less pursued justice with civility. The best example of his dedication to the natural law, was Eichmann, before his execution gave Captain Less a letter to send to his Sons in Argentina. The entire Western world should have rose in praise and applause, as Captain Less discreetly put the letter in the mail to Eichmann's 3 Sons. The character of Captain Less - firm but also tempered with mercy and compassion - was a demonstration of the Greatness and Justice to be found in the people of Israel.
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on December 13, 2016
I liked this movie and I enjoyed watching it. I feel that the price was a little too high. The movie was okay and I could see the picture clearly.
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on July 30, 2013
for those of us who study the Third Reich without all the PC crap the cable channels like to force down your throat.
this is a movie worth watching, yes it has some " incorrect" parts but hey, it is still fun to watch.
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