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on January 3, 2012
The Ekobrew Cups will save money, so if you have to modify the Keurig slightly, so be it. Gregg posted the following:

If you look inside the upper clamshell of your Keurig machine, you'll see the injector needle that punctures the top of standard k-cups. Around this needle is a gasket that presses against the top of k-cups to form a seal. This gasket is the problem. It does not put enough pressure on the cap of the ekobrew to form an adequate seal, causing water and coffee to spew out from the cap. To fix this, slide the gasket down and off of the injector needle (use caution as the needle is sharp), slide a washer up onto the needle, then slide the gasket back on. Your leaky, messy brew should now be a thing of the past.

The washer hack also made my coffee noticeably stronger, but additional solutions may be required to satisfy your desired strength. Prior to putting in the washer, I began tamping the coffee in the ekobrew cup. That helped, and I still continue to tamp even after the installation of the washer.

The washer I used is rubber, 1/16" thick, 5/32" inside diameter, and 3/8" outside diameter. Specifically, I used a washer from Lowes with item number 136493.

So, if your having problems with leakage around the top of the cup, just go get the washer and insert it in the top of the clamshell as Gregg describes. Easy fix for a lifetime of savings. Works as good at making coffee as with the K-Cups, and you can still use your own blend, just make sure it is regular ground, drip coffee. (read the instructions that come with the Ekobrew).
Short term fix for me was to pull the existing washer down slightly so it would make better contact with the Ekobrew cup, thus sealing better.

Happy Brewing!!
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on December 29, 2013
We have a Keurig coffee maker in our kitchen that gets a decent amount of use. Maybe 5-6 cups of coffee a day. As one can imagine the cost can get a bit pricy with the number of K-cups. We looked into a cheaper and greener solution and still have the pleasure of our well liked brewer. We looked at several different options and settled on this product as a replacement. What sold us on this one was the price for the three refillable cup. Compared to others this seemed a bargain. Having three allows us to pre-fill the cups with our favorite brew and quickly pop one cup out and another one in. This is good when both the wife and I are rushing out of the house in the morning to work. Cleaning is simple where we dump the grounds in a container that we have for composting, rinse and then toss into the dishwasher for cleaning. The cups have held up well for us for over a year. There are some red O-rings in the lid which help seal the cup and keep the coffee grounds contained during the brewing process. This is better then what we saw with other brands. The cup tops still close with a snap. If we finally wear these outhouse we will buy more of the same brand. Only thing that I will caution is to make sure they fit your Keurig machine.
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on March 26, 2013
I bought the Ekobrew cup to replace the Keurig brand BYOC (bring your own coffee) K-Cup. The flavor of the coffee seems to be significantly better with the Ekobrew cup, my guess is the Ekobrew cup is designed in a way that forces water through the whole K-Cup instead of allowing it out the upper part like the Keurig brand one does.

The only reason I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 is because it still is a little difficult to clean, grounds do get stuck in there when rinsing, however I'm not sure if that's avoidable. The other reason is due to the type of plastic used if an unfamiliar house guest doesn't insert the cup in the proper way it will get punctured when closing the lid (also not sure if this is avoidable but there ought to be some sort of way to engineer around it).
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on February 8, 2014
Our local Bagel Boss coffee has the best coffee we've ever tasted, and we were thrilled when they started packaging and selling their beans. I've never found a k-cup that I liked as much as this coffee, so we grind the beans and then fill the Ekobrew refillable cup and can experience great cup of coffee at home for a fraction of the price of regular, disposable k-cups.

The connection for the plastic cap is not that great on the newer Ekobrew cups. The original Ekobrew cups we bought have a sturdier plastic connection for the cap; the cap has detached from some of the later ones we purchased. I have one metal Ekobrew refillable cup which seems more durable than these plastic ones, but for some reason we don't use it as much, and I haven't figured out why yet.

All in all, thrilled that this product exists, that I can use my own coffee in the Keurig, and that I'm saving money and not creating more trash than I already do!
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on March 6, 2014
Upon arrival in the mail, I had begun testing how they work/function. Off the top, they very easy to open; noticed they have the convenient hinge bound to the base of the filter unit --- so it's all-in-one. Unlike the courtesy bulk coffee carriage that Keurig includes in it higher-end coffeemaker bundle which has 3 separate parts, AND, you have to remove the primary K-cup housing to use it. Not the case with these puppies. These Ekobrew cups could be use very quickly. I adapted to filling this up with 2 scoops of bulk coffee (Thx u, Costco!), close it, drop it (without changing out the housing), then brew it. Coffee is strong and without any visible grinds. Clean up: Just open, a few thumps against your compost bin, and rinse thoroughly --- you are ready for the next brew. With the added cups that comes with the set you could prefill all of them and make the operation go as simple as 1-2-3.
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on December 8, 2011
I've tried the other substitutes for the pre-packed K-Cups. Their weaknesses are many and legendary among those of us who have explored the single-cup brewing jungle. ekobrew K-Cup is the one to buy.

It sits solidly on its flat bottom. No leaks while it's brewing. It has obvious graduations to adjust the strength of the brew. It can be filled by opening a sealed bag of coffee at one end, making a small pouring lip and gently shaking coffee in until you get the amount you want - no measuring device needed. It can be used "dirty" by knocking the used grounds out into a trashcan or cleaned by then briefly running water into the screens - 5 seconds of rinse and it never has one speck of used grounds left. Get both a green and a brown and pre-load your high test and decaf for the morning.

My wife and I have given away a dozen of these and have extras sitting in our pantry waiting for new Keurig owners who want to get away from the waste and expense of the pre-packaged cups. One warning, if you let your guests use yours, warn them to gently wiggle the ekobrew as they put it into the Keurig until they feel it fully seat itself. Force it even a little and you get an extra hole in the bottom where the cup puncturer pierces it - easy to avoid if you are a bit careful.
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on January 10, 2012
This would be a five star review based solely on efficacy of the product, but I feel that I must make a price/value evaluation as well, and so they only receive four stars in this review.

My wife was given a Keurig machine, but we always had it on the sidelines to our automatic espresso machine, mostly because of the obscene cost of the Kcups. The espresso machine though has started to act funky and we were looking for a way to make the Keurig affordable.

I was lucky enough to catch this while the three pack was just over $10 dollars. Despite the other excellent reviews, I only ordered one. My mistake. These are extremely easy to fill, use and clean. To clean, just open, turn upside down over a disposal with water running through the filter and you're done.

Their use is extremely easy. At first I tried filling them up with a spoon from ground coffee, but that was a mess. Instead, I just poured slowly from the ground bag, and it was remarkably simple. If you get your grind in a can rather a bag, I would use a paper bag, or a measuring cup with a directing spout.

They fit into the machine in only one direction, which means there is no messing it up by putting it in incorrectly. I find that weirdly they produce the same strength of coffee, with the same amount of fill in the KCup, whether you use a large brew or a smaller brew button on the machine.

There is no leakage during use, which I was worried about considering reviews I had read of other KCup replaceents.

This is a four star review only considering the price. At $10 per individual unit (as they are today), as opposed to $3.33 per individual unit when I bought them, they are only 4 stars. If they come down to the $3 range again, they are definitely worth it. C'mon cheap Chinese labor ... work your magic ....
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on April 7, 2012
First, let me say, I am writing this for my husband. I am not a coffee drinker; however, since he is and sings the praises of this product, perhaps this will be helpful to someone deciding to purchase this product.
He grinds his own coffee, then fills these cups to insert into his Keurig. He is able to then have a perfect blend to his taste.
As the buyer in the family, I have noticed a significant savings in the coffee costs. The Keurig cups and the knock-offs are very expensive.
Buying his favorite blend, using his grinder, he is pleasantly buzzed each day with just the right taste.
Another note: the Keurig cups for some reason would cause a water leak every time. He is a pretty technical guy, yet he could not find why the cups leaked. Using this set, there is no leakage and our counters are nor subject to the coffee stains and acid any more and of course, he doesn't lose a drop of his daily caffeine elixir.
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on January 9, 2012
I loved the idea of a Keurig, but hated the price and the waste created by the K-Cups. The way I look at it, if you drink a lot of coffee, it's just as much of an expense to get an XL coffee at Dunkin Donuts. The cheapest K-Cup you can find is around $.50 a piece, and for a relatively small cup of coffee, especially if you are using a mild K-Cup which may require a smaller brew size. I was concerned about the strength of coffee on these, as I felt Keurig coffee could be weak to begin with, even using the K-Cups.

The Ekobrews are perfect. You need to find a good balance of grind size, not too fine where the water cannot pass through the cup and and/or where you may get some grinds in the finished product, and not too coarse where the coffee is too weak. A regular drip grind works well. As with the K-Cups, I'd recommend a stronger coffee or going with a smaller cup size for milder coffees. For those who buy whole bean, I'd recommend just grinding it with the commercial grinder at the store. We have an old small Krups blade grinder and that can make it difficult to get the right consistency.

They are easy to clean out, especially if you clean them right after you brew, which I would recommend. The grinds can pack together a bit if you leave them in for a while, but even then it's not too difficult.

They can leak a little if you use too fine of a grind, but not out of control, the water still lands in the cup.

The only concern I have is the long term wear on the Keurig pump, but can't complain about that yet.

I like them so much that I bought an extra set. We now have 5 at home, and I stole one for the community machine at work.
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on September 22, 2013
So this review is coming a little late as I've been using these Ekobrew cups in my Keurig for almost two years now. IMO they make a much better cup of coffee than any store bought K-Cup which has less than 1/2 oz of coffee in it. I can't speak for other brewer models but these cups fit perfectly in my brewer bought at BJ's Wholesale (can't remember the model #). I've read complaints about leaking, grinds in the coffee, weak coffee, etc. For what its worth, in my experience with these cups:

Be sure that the black rubber grommet that is seated over the needle is, in fact, there and in tact. If its not then the cup will not seal and leakage will occur. This part can be ordered from Keurig.

Don't use a fine grind (ie Turkish or espresso)...it will clog the screen and force sediment out of the cup.

However, I take my favorite standard grind coffee and process a quantity of it through my little coffee grinder, giving the coffee 3 pulses at about 2 secs per pulse. That refines the grind just enough to produce a darker, more robust cup of coffee without becoming so fine that it clogs the works.

Don't fill the cup to the top. The cup needs headroom which provides time for water and pressure to build in order to saturate the coffee. I have found that filling the cup to slightly above the screen works best.

I find that the smallest cup size (5oz ?) setting yields the strongest cup of coffee when filling to the screen. Notice that the stream of coffee is darkest in the first 5 to 10 secs, getting lighter as the brew process completes. The larger settings just continue to force more water through the same spent grounds. You can fill with more coffee to compensate but risk clogging or leakage.

Finally, my only complaint is that after I purchased my 3 count pack of cups, I purchased a 4 count package to split with a friend and found that the cups were made of a different grade of plastic which was more brittle....the result being that the hinge for the cap fatigued and broke after about 6 months. The cup is still usable but now the cap is separated from the body. Annoying. I haven't needed to order any since so I'm not sure if this is still the case. My original 3 count cup are still going strong showing no signs of fatigue at the hinge

So there you have it...my Ekobrew refillable cup review. Better late that never.
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