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on February 7, 2013
After reading many and many reviews on Keurig machines and the cost of the k-up packets, refillable cups is a no brainier. Reading the reviews and watching hours of YouTube videos on the various ways to refill the used k-cups using tin foil as a lid and removing the old foil off of the k cups themselves, I have to go with this stainless steel refilled k cup basket. The main problem in the reviews on the plastic k cup refillable and the hinge prevents closing the lid tight enough to keep the grounds from going all over the place and makes it harder to clean the k cup machine. With the two handles it makes it easy to place into the machine and ensure the bottom pins do not puncher the basket like some other plastic models. That is the other issue with using the old k cup themselves. You have to be careful to align the cup so it will not puncher another hole.

Even the pictures of the hinge on this stainless steel shows the sturdiness of the lid and with the O ring makes a complete seal. I have not received my order yet. Once I use it several times then I will be back to update this review. Cost is a tad high, but if this of the quality shown in the pictures then it is worth it for around $25 bucks.

Added: just got my Keurig B60 today and did the whole setup procedures. Instead of using one of the K-cups, I decided to use this stainless steel filter. I filled it to the top with my favorite coffee. Brewed my first cup. I selected 9 1/4 oz. A bit strong for my taste so I will only fill the filter basket 3/4 way and then try it. It all depends on how you like your coffee. Anyway, after the brewing was done, I removed the stainless steel filter basket from the machine. Here is the important part of the whole basket. I know why there are the two plastic handles on the side of the filter basket. Keeps you from burning your fingers while removing from the machine. I would suggest a cool down period before removing the basket from the machine. I was able to remove the spent grounds rather easy with a tap on the side of my waste basket. In this case I use empty coffee can. Then rinsed under cold water to remove the rest of the grounds. I did notice that when the lid was closed on the filter basket and the hot water ran through the brewing cycle. The lid was pretty much sealed tight. Took a bit to open the lid, but this is a good thing. I now know that I will not have grounds spewing all over the inside of the K-cup chamber inside of the machine.

I am glad I bought this stainless steel filter basket. Get it. If you like your favorite brand of coffee, then this is the answer.
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on February 10, 2013
Every day for more than a year I used the Ekobrew plastic refillable k-cup (the brown version) and was very pleased with the results. It allowed me to use any coffee I wanted and I saved quite a bit of money by not having to buy pre-filled k-cups. However, I occasionally got grinds in my brewed coffee like other reviewers have found and began wondering if the Ekobrew cup wasn't sealing as well any more. When I saw an Elite Stainless Steel version of the Ekobrew available I decided to give it a shot since many reviewers said it did a better job sealing the grinds in than the plastic version. From the moment I took the Ekobrew Stainless Steel Elite Cup out of the package I could tell it was a quality product! The stainless steel version of the cup has a much better o-ring seal than the plastic version which helps ensure coffee grinds don't sneak out of the k-cup and into your brewed coffee. Also, instead of the mesh found on the sides of the plastic version, the stainless steel cup has perforations on the sides. These perforations are much smaller than the holes found on the mesh of the plastic version and do a much better job of preventing grinds from escaping. In addition, the stainless steel cup has a much stronger hinge than the plastic version, which should help ensure this refillable cup lasts for a very long time.

I've been using the Ekobrew Stainless Steel Elite Cup every day for three months now and it consistently brews a great cup of coffee and I never see any grinds in my mug. Like the plastic version of the Ekobrew, the stainless steel version cleans very easily by rinsing it under the sink. The stainless steel version of the cup seems to require a bit more water pressure than the plastic version to fully clean out, but nothing beyond the normal water pressure of most sinks.

Overall, I'm extremely happy with the Ekobrew Stainless Steel Elite Cup. It's a bit pricier than the plastic version, but in my opinion well worth the higher price tag to keep those pesky grinds out of my morning coffee.
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on June 24, 2015
I splurged and bought the stainless steel Ekobrew. So far it has worked out great. It doesn't seem to leak coffee / grinds, like some of the other refillable k-cups I have tried. It also is super sturdy and feels like it will last forever. If you use espresso grind it may clog up a little bit, but still makes it through.

I would for sure buy another. The only complaint I have is the lid doesn't "lock", but it isn't really that big of a deal. I did laugh at the warning about "caution this gets hot". Really? A metal container that has had boiling water poured through it is hot? You don't say? I am sure they needed it because someone burnt themselves, funny though.
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on April 17, 2016
As a huge coffee fanatic, my boyfriend and I really enjoy all types of coffee, and the convenience that the Keurig machines break. However, after our third trip to Costco hauling 240 disposable K-Cups home, we realized we needed an alternative and fast. In comes the ekobrew stainless steel refillable coffee filter for the Keurig machine. After looking through countless alternatives like the plastic ones offered, we decided we wanted a stainless steel one, as stainless steel seems to be more health friendly without leaching strange plastic residue into our coffee. When we got it we decided to fill it straight up with some of our ground coffee. Now here is why we gave it a 4 out of 5 stars. The coffee does come out rather slowly, and it seems to take about twice as long as it does with a traditional K-Cup disposable. Also, It seems that when we remove the cake up, there was still hot water inside the K-Cup comma so make sure to take caution when removing it ( it is also extremely hot, so if you want a second cup be sure to give it a bit to cool down). However, it does taste really good. After a few different brands of coffee, we decided to go with Lavazza pre-ground coffee and that seemed to produce pretty consistent results and a strong cup of coffee. If you were going to buy this, just keep in mind that it is a rather slow pull. I would definitely recommend this as it saves a ton of money.
As a longtime Amazon customer, I rely on reviews from the Amazon community when making buying decisions. That being said, I only believe in giving honest and unbiased reviews; whether or not a company gives me a product to try does not influence my opinion of the product. If this review was helpful to you in any way please click below.
Thanks for reading!
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Love the Ekobrew Stainless Steel Elite Cup, Refillable K-Cup for my new Keurig Special Edition Brewer! This is an excellent addition and seller is really impressive. Nicely done! They kept us up to speed on the progress, shipping and this little gadget is a must have. I tried the cheaper version plastic one two years ago and we recycled it. The cheap becomes expensive.

This little highly rated gadget is going to save you a ton of money not buying K-Cups that really cost a fortune when you are making coffee for 4 or more people every day and the K-Cups end up in the ocean floating garbage dump as they do not recycle. Do the earth a favor, save your carbon footprint, and try this wonderful stainless steel Elite Cup. This is NOT hard to clean, amazon family. You toss your used coffee and rinse it out. Best part about this? There is no cheap and possibly hazardous to your health plastic in it.

People have their preferences so I love this. For the $15 investment, each person can buy their own fav coffee, ground or whole bean, grind it then put it in this cup, to taste, brew their own and be on their way. No one liked it when I bought a series of $300 and up coffee makers as I would brew 12 cups in my carafe and people would complain it was too strong, not strong enough, hated the Starbucks blend, wanted another flavor, etc. I finally gave up because there IS no pleasing a bunch of former-Seatle people/ coffee snobs. This does the trick and solved the problem.

I hope you enjoy your Keurig K Cup machines and do try this $15 or so accessory. You will be so glad you did. This seller is THE best. This makes your coffee taste custom/ professionally brewed. LOVE IT! 5 Stars to the Seller! Cheers!
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on October 23, 2015
This refillable brew cup worked well and was a good solution to the k cup plastic waste problem. It holds more coffee than the other cups and is easy to clean and fill. I used it for two months until the day I found a broken red o ring on my counter top and finally figured out it came from the Ekobrew lid. I have called Ekobrew and emailed them my receipt but have yet to receive any response from them. The warranty form on their website does not display on any of my browsers. Customer service does not offer a parts option. I wish I could use this product but unless I find a source for the o ring I'm out of luck.

Edit 11/10
I finally spoke to someone at Ekobrew about my issue with the o ring that is used to seal the top and they seemed like nice people who were interested in the problem. Maybe a little overwhelmed with the number of orders they're getting. He offered to send me replacement o rings (3) at no cost and they arrived a week later. Now I'm back in business and I'm going to put my review back to five stars because this brew cup works the best of the several I've tried.
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on February 10, 2016
This stainless steel refillable Keurig pod arrived at my door today.

After opening the package, my first glance found a fatal flaw that should easily have been noticed long before these pods ever went to production. The plastic knobs on the sides are held in place with short studs, which extend into the cup, where they're spread (melted, presumably) so that they can't be pulled back out of the cup. The position of these rough studs is precisely where the o-ring seal on the lid sits.

I know this because in first attempting to close the lid, I hit resistance, opened the lid back up, prodded at the studs on one side with a fingernail, and had the entire plastic piece fall out. Now that the unit simply had two holes on the side, I could see, with the lid closed, that the entirety of the o-ring's vertical width is visible through the holes.

If the design were such that the lid fit tightly and created a seal, those studs would ensure that no seal would actually be created. In this situation, however, it hardly matters, because even with those studs removed, and the holes filled in, the o-ring doesn't touch the cup all the way around. Try putting some water in it, covering the fill-hole, and turning it upside-down. It will drain quickly at the lid. Really, you don't even need to go to that much trouble: just grab the cup with one hand, and the (closed) lid with the other, now try wiggling the lid front to back. Side to side it seems to match up fairly well, but front to back there is significant play.

Ekobrew had a chance here to get the design right. Minimal competence was required to see the problem with the plastic knobs interfering with the o-ring, and to see that the o-ring's outside diameter does not actually match the inside-diameter of the cup. With a slightly thicker o-ring, and lower mounting-holes for the side knobs, this product would be much better.

In a perfect world, the drain holes on the bottom of the cup would also match those on the sides, rather than being 4x as large, to avoid the need for an excessively coarse grind. The Keurig does not brew a decent cup of coffee with a coarse grind.

In short, unless you don't mind having to modify this thing, don't bother buying it.
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on June 20, 2014
After about 6 months of using a Keurig reusable filter, my machine stopped releasing the right amount of water. When we used the Keurig reusable filter, we were having to run it through two cycles to get 1 cup of coffee, and the coffee tasted bad and it was not even very hot. However, when we used a K-cup, it worked perfectly. I thought the original Keurig Reusable filter must be clogged with the oils from the coffee, even though we washed it with soapy water after every use, so I decided to order a new one exactly like it, but at the same time decided to try this filter and one that holds a paper liner. I had made up my mind to call to have the pot serviced if the new filters didn't fix the problem. When I use Keurig Reusable Filter, I still have the same problem with the machine; however, when I tried the Ekobrew Stainless Steel Elite filter, the machine is working like it did when it was new. The other filter that uses paper liners is just awful because it leaves you with a cup full of grounds. The only difference in the way the Keurig and the Ekobrew filters work is that the Ekobrew filter fits into the same place where you would use a K-cup, but to use Keurig reusable filter you have to remove the part that would hold a K-cup and replace it with the gray plastic part of this filter. I don't have a clue why the pot would even be able tell which one you are using because they just snap into place without any obvious electronics, such as plugs, chips, etc, If you are just adding or replacing the original Keurig reusable filter and are not having a problem, the Keurig reusable would be an acceptable lower cost option.. However, if you are having a problem like the one I described above, you might want to try the Ekobrew Fiilter. I really like the look and feel of the quality of the Ekobrew, but of course it is more expensive, so if depends on what you are willing to pay. I gave the Ekobrew a 5 star rating, not just because it fixed my problem, but the overall quality just seems better. I will wait and write another review after I have used it for a while and see if it continues to work. The coffee is perfect with this filter. It is as good or better than using the expensive K-Cups. We like Dunkin Donut Coffee, and you can't even buy their K-cups online. You can only buy them in the restaurants; however, we don't have a restaurant within 100 miles of us, so now we can once again enjoy the coffee we like without a problem.
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on January 7, 2016
Recieved one of these via Amazon as a Christmas gift this year. Was excited to try this, as I have a similar plastic model that works great but was looking to have less plastic directly involved in my daily beverage prep.

Unfortunately, it fails on almost all counts.

First off, this doesn't really work if you're trying to get away from having plastic in direct contact with your beverage, because even though the body portion is stainless steel, the top portion that the hot water comes through is still plastic.

Secondly, and most disappointingly, it has a strong tendency to overflow/leak out the top of the pod during brewing, spilling coffee and hot water out everywhere. We're using a variety of different regular (medium) ground coffees and not tamping it down at all, and it still happens more than 50% of the time. This is clearly a design flaw in the pod... there just aren't enough spaces to allow the coffee out, and the lid doesn't appear to close securely.

For the record, we have an older, original model Keurig, so maybe this works great with newer models or something, but it's been a huge disappointment for us. Not worth going through the hassle of returning, we'll just keep looking for a non-plastic pod that actually works.
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on April 29, 2013
I got this one with the special offer, the package was not original but not sign of usage , the filter working amazing, the coffee is 2 times stronger as with regular k-cup with the same a mouth of coffee , as I tested putting the k-cup coffee inside the filter to see the difference , coffee from this filter was so much darker in the glass cup and have a lot more flavor , I brew the coffee with 192 F water temperature , it is easy to clean not scrubbing , just do it after you make the coffee and not when it dry out after a day . Easy to use not need to remove anything just put your favorite ground coffee to the almost top and ready , I put more coffee as suggested, 2 table spoon for 8 oz of water , glad I purchased it with the special offer .

Also I making instant cappuccino with it for a small 4 oz cup , adding 1 spoon of dry milk and 1 table spoon of ground coffee , also great for tee and spice tee and other extracts as mint etc.

this stainless steel filter is better than the plastic , as it have minder holes, and the coffee extract with higher pressure, the plastic one do not extract the coffee that strong as this one , and you know higher pressure better coffee . I need to order one more as with 1 it is good 1 cup of coffee and sometimes I need more at once when I get visit , but I will high recommend this product , as it works as described, without issues

Make sure your coffee grind coarse as to fine coffee will not past the water as well , and you will have to use only half of it .

also want to add that the water distribution is cool , as it get in all directions at once , what is much better than single nozzle , making sure all coffee was extracted to the last drop
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