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on February 28, 2018
I'm really surprised at all the great reviews for this product. Different strokes for different folks I guess. For me though, they're just not at all what I expect out of a hand wrap. These things are SUPER thin. So I don't feel like I'm getting nearly the kind of support I'm accustomed to. Also, because they are so thin, they don't hold their shape at all and tend to twist and tangle badly. Rolling these things back up is a nightmare. Another thing worth mentioning is the length. While I haven't actually measured these wraps, I have laid them out on the floor beside each other. And one of the wraps is well over a foot longer than the other. Not a huge deal but still kinda ridiculous for them to be off by that much.

The ONLY reason I'm giving these wraps 2 stars instead of 1 is because they are dirt cheap. I should've known better than to think I was going to get a quality pair of wraps for $6.99. So that's on me. I know they are tempting at this price. But hand wraps are the cheapest piece of equipment you will buy for your boxing/muay thai/mma hobby. So it's kind of silly to use such an inferior product just for the sake of saving 5 or 10 bucks. I've ordered another brand and these things are likely going in the trash.
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on January 8, 2017
I would like to start by saying I own several pairs of wraps from Meister as well as other gear. The price point on these wraps were more then great and I will still use them for some time. My only is sue was that the color faded after one wash, and I mean a fair bit, I would say close to 70%.
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on December 2, 2017
These are great hand wraps. They're comfortable, absorb sweat, and have a really nice velcro fasten. They're also easy to roll back up after you've washed them. The only warning I will give is not to wash them with your clothing-- I decided to hand wash my turquoise wraps and was so thankful I didn't throw them in with my clothing because tons of dye came out of them on the first wash. The water was as blue as fake lagoons at mini golf courses.
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Bought the pink and purple for about 2 years now, using them 2 - 3 times a week, and they've held up really well. I wash them once a week, and the color hasn't faded, and there's barely any pulling from the thread. There's definitely more expensive, better quality hand wraps on the market..but these are amazing for the price. The only negative, and it's a tiny one, is I wish they offered the wraps a smaller size option. I have small hands and wrists, even for a woman, and I either have to rock mummy hands or wrap these up to almost my elbow to use all 180 inches.
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on February 21, 2016
I've used these wraps when I was kickboxing. I needed something that was very durable, but not too thick as well and these are just what I was looking for. They do their job by protecting the hands so I can punch harder. They are very easy to put on and use. I'd buy these again if I need them. Also, customer service with this company is spot on. They sent me the wrong color, initially, but they let me keep the wrong color ones and sent me an additional pair of the right color. Great customer service and I'd recommend them to my friends as well.
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on May 31, 2017
I am not sure why are these wraps rated so highly. I have 15 years of Muay Thai and Boxing experience, i also teach kids and assist with Adult classes when needed. I have used many top brands in the past. Upon receiving these and wrapping them i have noticed how thin they are. They are so thin that they barely protect my hands. I am not sure why would they make them so thin. Wraps are suppose to protect wrists,knuckles and hands, these do not do that and i know how to wrap my hands correctly.
Shipping was quick, but cool images do nothing for your protection. If these were much thicker they would be great. Will not purchase again.
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on May 6, 2018
Low quality. The wraps are not the same width for the length of the cloth. They seem very cheaply made.

I can deal with the quality if they are funcitonal, but the way they put the velcro on is just silly. The thumb loop is on the inside, so if you want to avoid unrolling hte whole thing then having a 10 foot piece of cloth, then putting it on after it was completely unrolled, then you have to be creative rolling this up backwards (so the loop is on the outside)

One bad move and the velcro will rip a hole in the cheap cloth.
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on July 30, 2015
These did smell very chemically when I first opened the package, but after a quick hand wash and air dry they were fine. They don't bleed like a lot of other wraps do, and they have some stretch to them which is wonderful. I take a kickboxing class that has a lot of HIIT type warm ups and cool downs so I tend to wrap my hands tighter than I should, so that the wraps are not slipping all over the place with burpees or push ups before the kickboxing starts. These allow me to wrap tighter, and the stretch helps so that no blood flow is being cut off. They do however, stretch out even more as you use them, which ends up making them even longer than the 180 inches after a while. I only hand wash and air dry, but a friend of mine puts them in a garment bag, and then washes hers in a washer machine and dries them in a dryer and they shrink back up to compensate for them stretching as time goes on. So far I have had these for 6 months and with classes and hand washing 3x a week they are still going strong. My only complaint is that they are a little on the thin side, which makes you wrap more on the hands rather than the wrists for some protection when you are using focus mitts with out gloves
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on June 11, 2017
After trying two other types of wraps, the Meister was my next attempt. While my boxing is mostly for cardio, and twice a week, there are heavy bags involved as well one-on-one. These wraps have held up well for three months. My knuckles have not suffered as with the previous wraps. Through three washings (in a delicates bag) there has been no deterioration. The elasticity and Velcro have remained consistent with day one.
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on May 1, 2017
I purchased a black pair of hand wraps and they work fine, however, they smell! I followed the instructions on how to clean them and the smell would no go away. After I initially followed the instructions I machine washed them and it took about 3 times to reduce the smell. I have since used fabric softener and order defense detergent and they smell better. I purchased a different brand and they had NO smell. I like to colors that meister offers, but I can't deal with the smell.
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