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on October 14, 2013
Skyrim introduced me to the Xbox. Can you believe that? I am a 57-year-old man in a professional job that takes a LOT of time and results in a lot of stress to dissipate. For Christmas 2011, my wife and son gave me an Xbox. It was my first console since a Colecovision in the mid-80s. I received Skyrim with the console and used my Christmas 2011 vacation to set up the box and began playing...for 14 months!! Truly, I didn't unwrap the other games (Arkham Asylum, Gears of War, Call of Duty) for more than a year. Since then, I've played the DLC Bethseda added and decided to come back to Skyrim for one good, long run before the new hardware is delivered in November and Elder Scrolls Online is released. This guide is fantastic. It is the gold standard. Publishers and their editors should use it as a reference when developing all other guides. It is as complete as one could want, easy to traverse, AND--best of all--it has an INDEX. Two, in fact. A general index and a quest index. Skyrim is the biggest and best open-world game available at the moment. It deserves a guide of matching quality and this is it.
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on June 5, 2013
This strategy guide is, without a shadow of a doubt, the thickest, the heaviest and the most detailed strategy guide the world has ever seen.

The original Skyrim guide was already massive with 656 pages of contents jam-packed with details on the papers only the scopes of games like Skyrim can fill. However, the new Legendary Collector's Edition Prima Official Game Guide has, get this, whopping 1120 pages of contents expanded accordingly to the addition of the newly added contents from 3 Official Add-ons Dawnguard, Hearthfire and Dragonborn.

The book was delivered for free in very speedy one day by USPS (pre-order special) in the usual Amazon cardboard box.

Inside the box, this massive tome was thick, double shrink-wrapped with cardboard slightly bigger than the book itself, giving extra protection from any possible damage collectors would just scream from the top of their heads.

The Collector's Edition Guide comes with a free code for access to the bonus eGuide, fully interactive online guide that would normally cost $26, at Prima Games website and nice exclusive 24" panoramic poster showing the entirety of Alduin's Wall and signatures from the members of Bethesda Game Studios.

It also has hardcover bound and ribbon bookmarks to give you extra quality.

Otherwise the regular edition and the collector's edition are identical in the number of pages and contents, and both comes with a two-sided map of Skyrim.

While the quality of the paper used for the original guide was excellent, the quality of the new Legendary Edition Guide is slightly different, has even more glossy and smoother feel, more like Fallout 3 GotY Collector's Edition Guide than how the original collector's edition guide was.

The quality of the hardbound covers is on par with the original collector's edition guide, thick and smooth, but I think the book could have used even thicker cover since the book has over 450 extra pages from the original guide.

The style, layouts and the contents are identical from the original guide but with the newly added contents from 3 add-ons.

The book also has index at the end of the book so you can easily find contents.

Not only would Dovahkiin level up all his vital skills at 100 if he acquires this ridiculously massive tome, but he might do just fine if he uses this as shield or even heavy weapon.

Some might complain about the steep price tag of $50 ($32 and change at Amazon), but you'll be hard-pressed to find a hardbound book with over 1100 pages of glossy papers that would cost any less, so if you are a huge fan of Skyrim, this book is a nice memorabilia for you to sit back, relax with and reminisce of the journey you have embarked on in the land of Skyrim.
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on October 2, 2015
Talk about a Legendary game guide! This guide is thicker than any of the game guides I have ever owned before, coming in around 1100 pages, and it is certainly massive.

This game guide includes anything a collector or someone just looking for help through the game. There is a detailed walk-through of every single quest present in the entire game from the main quest, DLC quests, side quests, faction quests and random encounters. There is detailed tables of every single enemy that is able to be encountered in the entire game, inclusive of the DLC. There is an atlas section, detailing the collectibles and general items that are able to be found at pretty much every significant location in the game (every single fort, mine, cave, tower, Nordic ruins, etc...). The guide comes with a utterly giant perforated map in the rear. It is reversible; One side is of the main game map of Skyrim, with every single game location marked and then a small legend on the side to decipher the code system used to identify those locations, and the other side details all of the DLC areas and their locations as well.

It also manages to detail every single obtainable item in the game essentially, from all the weapons of every type, every armor of every type and so on (potions, ingredients, miscellaneous, etc...). It even has special sections detailing all of the unique weapons, armor and so on that you can obtain (things like Froki's Bow, Finn's Flute, Wylandriah's Spoon, Ysgramor's Fork, Wuuthrad, Volundrung, etc...).

It also goes through character creation, possible archetypes for character builds to start with or to build off of for your own experience, suggested armor outfits for certain play types and characters. It details all of the races present in the game, their advantages, disadvantages, and brief history of the race. It also includes details of every single skill present in the game and what they will all do and what they would be good for. There is even an index in the rear of the guide for quick searching through the massive book for a certain occurrence of an item or the like.

Perhaps one of the coolest things after all of that, is that the guide comes with access to a web-based version of itself, allowing you to essentially view your guide on the go (provided you have an internet connection).

I certainly recommend this guide for collectors and game enthusiasts, as well as any of those people who just want a guide for the game, it is very worthwhile with all of the information included and coverage of the DLC.
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on August 31, 2016
I purchased the Elder Scrolls V, Skyrim Legendary Standard Edition, game guide by David Hodgson for my husband. I bought the game for my husband as a gift and since the game itself is huge I thought this game guide would be great. First of all this book is amazing. It has everything in there to help you succeed with playing and accomplishing parts of the game. Since the game has a lot of quest and journeys this book really helps out and makes things a little easier to understand. The book itself is of good quality and is made and put together nicely. The wording is also easy to understand and is written well. If you are trying to play Skyrim then you most definitely need to get this book.
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on April 4, 2014
I'm a lore junky, I grew up in an era where you go out, buy a game and sit in the car for 10-15 minutes in the parking lot to open the game box, go through the inserts and read the manual. However, in a new era where 'print is dead', yet somehow we've still got tons of worthless magazines and tabloid newspapers being circulated on a daily basis; game publishers tout 'Going Green' as a reason for no longer printing actual manuals.(Lets not kid ourselves, they're saving money. Aside from the mere printing costs, they also don't need to have anyone actually DESIGN the manuals; which is ashame, because game manuals are now a lost art; they were truely a way to feel like you're holding an extra layer of the game in your hands depending on how well they were thought out, designed and written; and many 'back in the day' actually held secrets, hints/tips and extra lore that wasn't available in-game).

I'm not a fan of strategy guides, I feel like they somewhat cheapen the game; but again I come from an era where a strategy guide had nothing extra in it other than maps and area-by-area, step-by-step how to win plans; which basically made them worthless to me because I wanted to learn and experience the game on my own; not be TOLD how to win.

This masterpiece, however, is beautiful. You can ignore all the mission run-throughs and just absorb all the stats for weapons, armors, monsters, etc. I got lost in the crafting section just reading through the bits that I wasn't quite sure of, greeted by very nice pictures and information that made me go "A-ha!'.

Lore and history all over in this rather massive tome of knowledge, and it's a well-made one at that. I feel like I could stop a break-in with this, and I'd certainly not want this book to fall off my table and land on the cat. Hard-bound and beautiful, and some people complain that the 'chainlink' print should have been embossed, which would have been cool I feel like it would have suffered abit from wear and tear too easily.

If you've got Skyrim, I highly recommend this book.
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Amazon's product description of the Prima Official Game Guide doesn't even begin to do justice to the book. It's a massive oversize (11"x8"x1½") book weighing 5¼ pounds with 1,120 pages crammed with text, graphics, and maps covering every aspect of Skyrim. After being out of gaming for many years, I'm wading back in with Skyrim, and the Prima game guide is a virtual encyclopedia of useful information, including strategies to use on your quests. Much of this information can be found online, but to have such a comprehensive guide to Skyrim contained in a single location is a real convenience.

The authors have my deepest admiration for producing an invaluable resource for Skyrim gamers.
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on September 2, 2013
This covers almost everything you could ever want to know about everyone's new favorite RPG game! It's so thick and huge, you could kill someone with it!!! Comes with a huge, full color map of Skyrim and all the add on maps. My only complaint is that I wish it would include things like easter eggs and glitches. When doing the quest "No one Escapes Cidhna Mine", it glitched out and I expected to be able to open this book and see if there was a remedy for the glitch or what causes it, any info on it, etc. The book however, doesn't include that. It also includes CHECKLISTS for quests, side quests, items, etc., which I LOVE! Overall, the book is amazing, the price is AMAZING, because I would expect a book like this to easily be fifty dollars!!!
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on January 12, 2017
For such a massive sandbox world as Skyrim there is plenty of chances you won't get to see or do it all. As a completionist i found the book helpful in guiding me to the points I missed. The maps were subpar in some areas, but the biggest disappointment was the world map. I ended up printing my own.
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I bought this book for my son for Christmas as it was on his Amazon wish list. The first half of the book has a lot of useful information which is organized very well. He wanted the book to look at how the game was designed mechanically. The second half of the book is dedicated to a walk-through of each location in the world which he felt was unnecessary. He would have rather had more statistics, more thorough descriptions of the perks system. However, there were some really cool elements to it like the world map of this world Skyrim which was included. You can tear the map out of the book and display it on your wall he said. Another feature he liked were the walk-throughs of the quest lines. In sum, he was pleased with the gift.
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on September 21, 2013
TL;DR - the content is carefully arranged, comprehensive, and mostly easy to find. However, if you are a Skyrim fan who ALSO happens to value well-constructed tomes, you are likely to be a bit disappointed.

And make no mistake: this IS a tome - exceeding eleven hundred pages. I love books, and I love Skyrim. In a perfect world, I would want a clothbound hardcover edition that marries these two passions.

Instead, this volume is printed on magazine stock with glossy paper covers pasted over boards. In its construction, it more closely resembles a high school text book than a cloth-bound hardcover edition. I'd have gladly paid an additional $10-15 for a cloth-bound volume with sturdier pages - not magazine print, but I expect that I am in the minority.

BUT! Magazine print packs a lot of lore and game information in a much more compacted space, and in this regard, the book does not fail.

Skyrim fans will be ecstatic. Bibliophiles (who also happen to be Skyrim fans) will be merely pleased. For myself, I am glad I bought it, and would do it again if a more carefully constructed volume comes on offer.
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